Amazing Spider-Man Fights Crime | Parkour, Flips & Kicks

Spider-Man Fight scenes and cool flips. We had a lot of fun making this so I hope you like it and please don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe :) Thank you :)
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Spider-Man Training- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF_H2oOFn10
Tekken Fight Scene- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrd5HVb_lZQ

Special Thanks to -
Ben Tiley - http://www.youtube.com/parkourbentiley
The Sheep Diaries - http://www.youtube.com/TheSheepDiaries

The songs are all by NoseyUK1 and are all royalty free :) Here's a link to his channel :)

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Автор Jess the Dragoon (7 месяцев)
British Spider-man w00t!

Автор Ben Robutka (8 дней)

Автор ThommWolf (1 месяц)
This is Epic, You won a Like xD

Автор childrenofworld2014 (1 месяц)
good job

Автор Moviepilot (3 месяца)
Hey man! Love all your Spider-Man vids! If you'd like to share them with
more Spider-Man fans on Moviepilot let me know :D conor@moviepilot.com

Автор alex zenelaj (3 месяца)
well nice but why u didnt do any wallrun?

Автор Vi (3 месяца)
Whithout web this is not Spidey...

Автор Aprime (3 месяца)
With moves like that, this guy should dress like Spidey on a regular basis

Автор RareDagger (2 месяца)
Why so many dislikes?

Автор Samuel Kung (2 месяца)
dude... amazing 0_0! THUMBS UP!! awesome!

Автор Charlotte Mckenzie (1 месяц)
I just wanna know how do you do flips like that, just what 👌👌👌

Автор ToughBeFun (1 месяц)
Why would you break into a martial arts studio... why....

Автор Sergey Naruzhiny (3 месяца)
i think its was really cool, i enjoyed it and the fight scene was awesome
if he could somehow make webs its wouldve been perfect 

Автор Callum McInerney (3 месяца)
Where exactly do you live in the UK?

Автор SonicFan77 (2 месяца)
Amazing!! u earned a sub from me!

Автор Ronildo rp (29 дней)
muito bom

Автор JoshysProdution (6 месяцев)
Love this so much flips the skills perfect, just when doing fight scene try
to add some more impact to it, or like when you guys fight try to do them
fast, other then that so much fun to watch! :)

Автор Valelectro95 (5 месяцев)
Batman now!! :D

Автор OddRevelation (3 месяца)
Some nice arses in this !

Автор GICking (3 месяца)
I can't do any of your parkour moves- I'm an armchair critic. But I felt a
few less parkour moves and a few more fake wall climbs would have made it a
bit more Spiderman-ish. The fake wall climb was very realistically filmed
1.16-1.20- your climbing movements were perfect. Spidey doesn't do parkour
somersaults. You have the landing on your feet with one hand behind your
back down pat though! :)

Автор Izayic Raccoon (4 месяца)
Awesome camera angles and flips! pretty funny and really well done! the
only thing is maybe if the fight was a bit faster and had more of a spidey
style to it (besides the flip kicks of course). but other than that it was
very well done!

Автор Amr Eldin (4 месяца)
the music reminds me with old Nitendo video games , also the sound effects
for fighting , you should work more on it , but any way it's not bad , go

Автор Nick Brand (7 месяцев)
For something that's obviously low budget. Most of these action shots were
actually very well done. 

Автор DylpickleA (6 месяцев)
In a good way

Автор KaizerZord (2 дня)
where is your web? only the real spider-man can shoot web. :D

Автор emma kerr (2 дня)
Aw man he hit him right directly in the fucking dick XD

Автор HoodedGamer (6 дней)
OMG that was Awesome! I want to do that... Still practicing though and
Please watch and Subscribe This guy!!!

Автор Makoto Itou Kun (6 месяцев)
0:36 WTF?

Автор George Cox (7 месяцев)
please do free running compilation!!!!!

Автор Judah jarrett (7 месяцев)
SSSSSWEEEETTT 1:17-1:27 how did u do tht man?????

Автор DerZeppterdesAldi (7 месяцев)
Amazing skills dude. Where do you learned to move like that. Did you visit
any special school or something? And How long did it take for you to become
that good? How many hours do you train a day?

Автор Mr.Nice Guy (5 месяцев)
Spider-man exists and he does taekwondo.

Автор DBZloverPNK (7 месяцев)
Dude u got some skills! I wasn't gonna watch at first but I'm glad I did!
Man I wish I can do that!
Great job!
Subed! :D

Автор maggie p (6 месяцев)
Spiderman is so cool ;)

Автор CFLOWCEO tm (2 месяца)
That wall climb was about the realest thing, good video though

Автор DIGITALK101 (21 день)
lol why not web sling off a skycrapper

Автор aleks Klopcavar (6 месяцев)
way did they psh! wan dey kickd or punched

Автор David L. (5 месяцев)
please please tell me how you was walking on the bilding

Автор Demir Sarajlic (6 месяцев)
Why are some many dislikes this is a great parkour skills.

Автор Beaùtfiul (7 месяцев)
dat ass xD

Автор joeyhcmc (4 месяца)
Amazing...Action movies should be done this way from now on. Enough with
the CGI stuff. What you see is what you get. Job well done!

Автор Derek Logsdon (5 месяцев)
whats the kick called on 2:48? 

Автор TheNewRiflemanBob (6 месяцев)
You are the chosen one to be Spiderman haha. But seriously, this was an
amazing video. You have great skill! I've never seen any parkour feats
nearly as good as yours. Plus your a real daredevil since you can get
seriously hurt doing this.

Автор GRIZZLY1214 (4 месяца)
Wow! Love it just need better suit

Автор NovaGaming (8 месяцев)
Those moves, good work!

Автор Fred Dand (1 месяц)
Epic kick at 2:48

Автор Mumu Madzwanya (6 месяцев)
Amazing tricks and professional moves , I enjoyed that. Try using the
environment for your advantage like Jackie chan and having more enemies
around you like batman

Автор Marcel Jakab (3 месяца)
you know what YOU ARE SPIDERMAN ! :D

Автор Slamdoxicalz (4 месяца)
New York sure isn't what it used to be, not enough high buildings for some
proper webslinging :(

Автор David Manzanera Q. (1 месяц)
where are you from? are you live on England?

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