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Автор Moviepilot (3 дня)
Hey man! Love all your Spider-Man vids! If you'd like to share them with
more Spider-Man fans on Moviepilot let me know :D conor@moviepilot.com

Автор alex zenelaj (3 дня)
well nice but why u didnt do any wallrun?

Автор LaughLightLove (7 дней)
Some nice arses in this !

Автор Sergey Naruzhiny (9 дней)
i think its was really cool, i enjoyed it and the fight scene was awesome
if he could somehow make webs its wouldve been perfect 

Автор Joanne Riviere (13 дней)
this is parcore run2

Автор Vi (16 дней)
Whithout web this is not Spidey...

Автор Amr Eldin (1 месяц)
the music reminds me with old Nitendo video games , also the sound effects
for fighting , you should work more on it , but any way it's not bad , go

Автор Ben Tiley (1 месяц)
Happy we got over 7 million! :D

Автор Nathan Pearson (2 дня)
But the flips were cool

Автор D8Y1L3A9N3 (4 часа)
This was fucking awsome

Автор damon bourn (2 дня)
very good buddy , continue the road

Автор Marcel Jakab (2 дня)
Ste super chalani :P

Автор ulises valente (1 день)

Автор Krishna paudel (2 дня)
Its was fantastici!!!!! really enjoyed it;)

Автор Ruben Gonzalez (2 дня)
As you learn to do all those jumps and that age did you start to learn

Автор T Madison (4 дня)
Hey this video was great, i enjoyed it as much as my son lol. Thanks for

Автор spikepryor (4 дня)
Where did u get your spider man costume and how did u do the feet

Автор Darius Bulovas (4 дня)

Автор Richard Aitchison (7 дней)
that is funny

Автор Dominic Valentino (6 дней)

Автор Ryan Shilcock (9 дней)
2.53 had spider web on

Автор Bill Niu (9 дней)
Spider-Man's color should be more dark.

Автор thom hall (9 дней)
Great video,he could actually play Spiderman in the movies

Автор Marcel Jakab (2 дня)
you know what YOU ARE SPIDERMAN ! :D

Автор Ahmad Kashiri (10 дней)


Автор fcicSCHOOL SANDLER (18 дней)
that's life risking 

Автор Albert Dolor (1 месяц)
if he can throw a web then no need to fight anymore :D

Автор daniella grimaldi (14 дней)
I like seeing young people engaging in projects and hobbies like this. Is a
good start.

Автор alex herington (1 месяц)
Whats up with the jssht

Автор Raven Kirsten (17 дней)

Автор bobe oliveira (14 дней)
oi amigos

Автор Afrodit zonnetje (1 месяц)

Автор Thiefsh0w (22 дня)
1:20 you guys think fantastic!

Автор marwan abudiak (17 дней)
man you are the best man in the world in taekwondo kicks and fights you
are better than hwang jang lee

Автор Micky999 (20 дней)
not bad, but im sure u can do better!

Автор Bachir Bouchemla (1 месяц)
What is that kick called?!? 2:48 - 2:50
i want to learn it haha

Автор rein de vries (23 дня)
2:50 LOL!

Автор Erebus Dominus (1 месяц)
to him life is a great big bang up where ever there's a hang up you'll find
your spider maaaan

Автор Yuzuru Otonashi (24 дня)

Автор sonia gonzalez (16 дней)
I am also taekwondo green tip, but I am re surprised that if you do the
serious taekwondo serious fun Argentina best

Автор Galdino Sanchez (17 дней)
Pretty cool guys! What you are doing here is awesome! Don't mind those 2169
assholes that don't like this video. 

Автор Andrew Micallef (26 дней)
Wot do u even lift bro?

Автор TheDragonDoji (25 дней)
Welsh spidey for the win. He should be saving a chippy from being robbed.

Автор Lynn Bashir (1 месяц)
You are sooooooo goooood!!

Автор ricci fernando (19 дней)
i thought spiderman just in the movies, u make my hero comes true.

Автор gameplay e outros (25 дней)
Parkour XD

Автор Mark Elston (23 дня)
Great vid... My boys love it!

Автор Vratislav Frk (28 дней)
nice video :) most usefull trick in action movies is lilttle bit faster
videoscreen in fights. keep it up, peace :)

Автор Sebastian Villasenor (26 дней)
Freaking boss

Автор harley smith (1 месяц)
best spider man movie ever

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