Amazing Spider-Man Fights Crime | Parkour, Flips & Kicks

Spider-Man Fight scenes and cool flips. We had a lot of fun making this so I hope you like it and please don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe :) Thank you :)
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Spider-Man Training- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF_H2oOFn10
Tekken Fight Scene- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrd5HVb_lZQ

Special Thanks to -
Ben Tiley - http://www.youtube.com/parkourbentiley
The Sheep Diaries - http://www.youtube.com/TheSheepDiaries

The songs are all by NoseyUK1 and are all royalty free :) Here's a link to his channel :)

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Автор carey reynolds (3 месяца)
My five year old wants me to say, "How did you DO that? How can you fight?
And how can you CLIMB??? And how do webs come out of you??" He clearly
thinks this is real, so I played along. :) he is eagerly awaiting your
response. Lol 

Автор Ciaran Mcloughlin (3 месяца)
This guy would be an awesome stunt double.

Автор anastasia mitchell (1 месяц)
I really loved the stunts!

Автор Melanie Knickerbocker (2 месяца)
Go Spidey! Get those bullies! So cool! Melanie K

Автор ConanCimmerian (1 месяц)
Not many bystanders saw this...Most of the times of this video streets look

Автор Chad Barris (2 месяца)
That was worth my time

Автор afj777 sport videos (24 дня)
Cool video!! Nice Job Spidy!!

Автор Trollapodz (12 дней)
I just amagined him hitting his face on the ground. 2:58

Автор Rainbow Rivine (11 дней)
Join Americas Ninja warrior or be a stunt double :) Like if u agree

Автор Mervin Pineda (11 дней)
Spiderman rescued kurt cobain

Автор Ghostface (22 дня)
nice fightings skills, very enjoyable

Автор Jonathan God (16 дней)
This wa actually better than the spider man movies in the 70's

Автор Tonindra Da Silva (9 дней)
This is what happens when you eat hot chicken vindaloo

Автор Renee Difiore (26 дней)
nice thatwas amaizing 

Автор Ara Escudero (10 дней)
My 3 year old daughter love spiderman and I have no idea how she ended up
with your video when she's watching play doh. Lol. She keeps watching this
over and over again. 😄

Автор Timppa8000 (8 дней)
Like seriously dude, you must have done some gymnastics typo training or
something before you took up taekwondo, ur just so amazing :D

Автор sodner marcelin (1 месяц)
that was awesome i love spider man

Автор WICHOTAX --(human_ghoul)-- (28 дней)
this is awesome *-* i want to do things like that, i should practice xD

Автор Sammy Salgado (26 дней)
This was fucking hilarious XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор xCroSs LuMiNouS (2 месяца)
Spider-man goes out to town and randomly kick walls.
Stranger: That guy is fucked up

Автор Greyhat Infiltrator (6 дней)
10,880 dislikes. You people must be on fucking drugs to dislike this video.

Автор Darius Cool (1 месяц)
That's funny how the guy fell when he shot his web out and the music
stopped right after that

01:06 awesome..👌

Автор Gunrunking (16 дней)
This is like Bollywood now owns Spider-Man not MCU and Sony

Автор SuperFlash75 (13 дней)
This real footage of the real Spiderman, great acting.I love Spiderman
since I was little.That was bad ass

Автор Ulices Cervantes (7 дней)
Holy Shit

Fuck Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire

This dude is the real Spider man 

Автор Ignacio Cortorreal (18 дней)
1:36 nice timing with the bird

Автор tykeisha smith (7 дней)
That was amazing you could break your neck

Автор Wynne Begley (27 дней)
this was hilarious and ridicules at the same time XD

Автор Shadow Heart (6 дней)
van damme did your stunts 

Автор Aurora Walker (29 дней)
people always to back flips for no reason dont know why

Автор daniel smirnov (19 дней)
Hey whats the name of the song ?

Автор DasGamerBen (14 дней)
Really Cool Parkour And TaeKwonDoe But The Quote at 2:35 Was Stolen
Straight Out of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Still Realy Cool Though

Автор guna poojary (20 дней)
You are real spiderman how you do that 

Автор Koda McArthur (17 дней)
Spider man saves kurt cobain 

Автор bob bobbly (1 месяц)
cringe aside from being cheesy this guy has some moves, i should know

Автор BloodWolfVids (2 месяца)
Dude that's some EPIC parkour right there.Keep up the good work!

Автор GreedySkipper21 (12 дней)
this is so cheesy lol

Автор haytham ferjaoui (21 день)
I wish I can do that

Автор TinyFriken Teddy (9 дней)
sick flips brah!

Автор Rhys Baldwin (1 месяц)
Fair play epic skills, had me and my friend in stitches whilst watching.
Good to see its locally filmed in south wales region. i have seen your
tutorial videos and Tae-Kwon-Do seminars i used to compete my self. Do you
have your own classes as its a sport im willing to get back into but cannot
find a club thats striking the balance between hard training but also
enjoyable as i would be looking to compete. Once again good work hope to
see more

Автор DANIEL OMING (1 месяц)
my favorite spider dude ever

Автор Ignacio Cortorreal (18 дней)
2:47 great kick there

Автор Ričards Banga (25 дней)
Hes got skills

Epic parkour

Автор tiffanie irving (20 дней)
How did u do that

Автор InformationIsTheEdge (1 месяц)
You even got in some web slinging! I totally loved this! I tried to make
one of these when I was a kid. My skills were not anywhere near this and
the tech for film/edit was too inaccessible. You have no idea how bad I
wanted to be Spider-Man. This video woke up a part of my childhood I'd
nearly forgotten. Thank You!

Автор JustSomethingToWatch mac (14 дней)
Are you seirous??

Автор Zraxxor (1 месяц)
The climbing part is cool, is it the camera sideways, lol!

Автор john xiong (1 месяц)
ive analyzed your movements and came to the conclusion that your movements
and chosen path from point A to point B is not very efficient- end of

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