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Автор nitrors4pr (3 года)
Nice, what club is this ?

Автор lovetolove221 (3 года)
Mmmm I hope they got raped. Mm I love being a black slut. Rape da pussy!

Автор Pree94157 (3 года)
@FlXmEfLeXiN23 tru.. but i kno alotta white bitches that don't got that n
they jus thick 2 they aint all fat lol n dat shit was jiggly dat aint firm

Автор lovetolove221 (3 года)
I wish more women would act like this. Legs and mouth spread open to please
men. That's all we good for anyway.

Автор bermudaguy03 (3 года)
@Pree94157 its suposed 2 jiggle on a GIRL dat wat makes it hot.otherwise
she a dude

Автор Carlos Bro (3 года)
gang bang....

Автор lovetolove221 (3 года)
Damn! These bitches need to hit me up. Got a bitch wet. This is how we
women should be treated. Sex objects - swingin pussy Mmm love it!

Автор nandi majette (3 года)

Автор Ika Jei (3 года)
another monkeys

Автор Jonathan Ford (3 года)
1:01 that is a ONE dollar bill soooo about those stacks on deck..

Автор Mixjive1 (3 года)

Автор lovetolove221 (3 года)
Would be in there spreading my cunt for all dem niggas. Legs open wide for

Автор King (2 года)
Boy I hate niggers. !!!

Автор theposhnosh1 (3 года)
I can just see a spoof video watchin this. Its actually hilarious. Black
women hanging on the bars like animal carcass and all these black boys goin
on about how they got chedda and stacks and they 'pop tags' LMAO 'hat to
tha side shawty' haha ..when are they going to act human?

Автор lovetolove221 (3 года)
Why look up these videos then??? You obviously are interested. Why bother
looking it up or even watching

Автор Jason Toulon (3 года)
Phwoarrr ....>3.07

Автор MsAngieBaby (3 года)
@Pree94157 Because white men have made them feel that being curvacious is
unattractive, black men like women to have big asses, big leggs, and big
breast. They don't want women who are hard and feel like a man. When white
girls are bigger than usual it really doesn't look bad unless they are
sloppy and out of shape, hell that doesn't look good on any race of women.

Автор Pree94157 (3 года)
ok y is it ok 4 da black bitches 2 be dat big n its hot but if it a white
bitch shes nasty n fat?? wtf?

Автор FlXmEfLeXiN23 (3 года)
@Pree94157 because most white women get love handles in the wrong places
its common genetics yes they was on the thick side of things but they was

Автор Justin0kay (3 года)
Big Booties. Deep base line. Catchy hook. Oh yeah can't forget the fish net
stockings :DDD

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