Match Game - Skirt Too Short

Contestant on the old 70s Match Game accidentally flashes her panties on TV.

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Автор cell pat ( назад)
I don't think thats anything shocking anymore. women know it and it seems
to me it doesnt bother them anymore. I've seen it happen so much here in
NYC that I dont even flinch anymore. I've actually seen a few of them laugh
out loud and walk on.

Автор Sydney Carton ( назад)
Lovely granny panties; very!

Автор Lord Fisty Cuffs ( назад)
At least she wasn't wearing granny panties! Or stained......

Автор kpcollex ( назад)
Great upskirt. Agstring would have made it better

Автор Joe Kline ( назад)
didn't have Thongs in those days. 

Автор ericou812 ( назад)
wish it was a thong

Автор Yondris Ferguson ( назад)
R.I.P. (regular panelists, host, and producer/s) Eugene (Gene) Rubessa
(Rayburn) Dec. 22, 1917- Nov. 29, 1999 Audrey (Brett) Johnston (Somers)
Jul. 11, 1924- Sept. 15, 2007 Charles Nelson Rielly Jan. 13, 1931- May 25,
2007 Colin (Richard) Lionel Emm (Dawson) Nov. 20, 1932- Jun. 2, 2012
William S. (Bill) Todman Jul. 31, 1916- Jul. 29, 1979 Mark Goodson Jan. 14,
1915- Dec 18, 1992

Автор Keith Evers ( назад)
I think the ratings just went up! She needed to stay!

Автор johncfl ( назад)
Bless you.

Автор John Duffy III ( назад)
Wow! Very nice bikini panties and a hot ass in this Match Game classic!

Автор boomerlesterok ( назад)
Your wrong but what does that have to do with Ken MacMillan's comment?

Автор Dixie May ( назад)
Posted twice & still misspelled UNDERWEAR lmao

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
So was I. Finished high school in 77. 

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
So what ever gave you that idea? 

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
Nope. 60s. 

Автор hobokenplayboy ( назад)
Miniskirts became common in the 1960s. The late great Sharon Tate was one
woman who wore them. Sharon was trained to know fashions by her mother.
Many women are sadly untrained these days...

Автор dvdfrnzwbr ( назад)
I seen her shit, piss, and period stains.

Автор Caitlin Schmo ( назад)
she's now raising grandaughters who have evolved to short skirts and no
undies, after her daughters evolved to thongs and shorter skirts or dresses

Автор phluva2 ( назад)
I'll take real panties over thongs anyday! She is sexy. I miss those days

Автор spartus ( назад)
GRADMA !!! before the 5 secound rule thanks Jnat J> for the loss!

Автор MrUndieslover ( назад)
Wonder how old she is now?

Автор Kayocean2 ( назад)
I remember that show, (70's). Sorry there was no (thongs), only granny

Автор vgustavo23 ( назад)
beauty lady, I love that color and of course her nice underwere

Автор vgustavo23 ( назад)
beauty lady, I love that color and of course her nice underware

Автор alan1963 ( назад)
Nice short mini dress skirt with bikini underwear!!

Автор BeeGees78 ( назад)
I remember seeing this on GSN....I think they were satin!

Автор SuperGamer7 ( назад)
@dickie2501 Ah, the GREAT NEW DAYS!

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