Top Tumbler - Gymnastics Training Aid from T2K

Top Tumbler is a multi use gymnastics training aid and development tool. Helping with correct development of the handspring and as a Junior Vault the Top Tumbler aids in development of correct technique. It can also be used in training of tumble sequences.

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Автор GymnaSticks ( назад)
nice equipment!

Автор Mindrolling ( назад)
I wish all of these amazing training aids had been around when I was a gymnast.

Автор just another gymnast ( назад)
my gym has this 😀

Автор Britney Templeman ( назад)
will u ship in usa ?

Автор Milli Rogers ( назад)
Or can't you buy them

Автор Milli Rogers ( назад)
Do you send them to Lanzarote

Автор DashingLPS ( назад)
how much is it

Автор Manuela Goes Manu ( назад)
emcrivel achei maravilhoso beijos

Автор Kuwai8y4u ( назад)

Автор Lily Jones ( назад)
zray12, I think you'll find that the girl at 1.28 does know how to do a backhand spring since I believe she is current british espoir floor champion. This looks a good teaching resource.

Автор disandro Fit ( назад)
waoo q fino :D

Автор Isabel Silva ( назад)
I wish I'm a gymnast

Автор Michele Schottenbauer ( назад)
Thanks for the video!

Автор The4EyedGriever ( назад)
where do u get it

Автор Flora Spencer ( назад)
This teaches incorrect technique forcing the athlete to pike down in their bhs.

Автор Cathy Chen ( назад)

Автор The Sniper ( назад)
Do they have any for teens....how much was it

Автор zoekathryn ( назад)
We have this at my gym. It's harder than it looks!

Автор Norma Wencelaus ( назад)
Pls buy for me

Автор RoxanneD ( назад)
Where do you get it? And how much are they?

Автор Karly ! ( назад)
1:12 was definetly not correct technique

Автор xoxoblonde523 ( назад)
That's already at my gym

Автор Emily Davies ( назад)
They are £525 from T2K website!:-)

Автор Harvzz.spence ( назад)
How much ar they and where do you get it from Harvey Spence

Автор BTS Trash ( назад)
I have that at my gym

Автор OldSkool ( назад)
oh and....you brand force as "child abuse". man....come to china....see how people train here. slapping a kid to get him to behave and concentrate isnt child abuse here. its a part of training. you guys will always remain at the bottom because you brand everything. e.g....15 years ago you had to dislike gay people in your schools to survive. these days you have to love them so no one brands you as "homophobic". ridiculous people.

Автор OldSkool ( назад)
you brits are always baffled at how other nations do better than you. you renew your equipment to the most recent stuff, and try so hard to find other gadgets like this. but In the end you still don't come close to say....the russians or the chinese. they train with very old equipment and are hardly funded and still perform better than you. the reason is.....they are concerned with only ONE THING....TRAINING. you brits are concerned with your bullshit social life (getting drunk)...school...etc

Автор lost girl ♡ ( назад)
Me too @zray12

Автор Caitlin Hart ( назад)
Hi I'm Caitlin u r better thn mh

Автор Dalahu01 ( назад)
Nice Yurchenko girls!

Автор The Pihla ( назад)

Автор mary lewis ( назад)
i have these at gymnastics

Автор Kris Freitas ( назад)
LOL A Little? They Said It 6 MONTHS AGO LOLOL

Автор Spencer Gaming2k17 ( назад)
how much are they

Автор yungdras09 ( назад)

Автор Kelsi Husted ( назад)
i hope i can get that stuff

Автор Christina C ( назад)
Adding to my Christmas list.....

Автор 7623214 ( назад)

Автор Kawaii Potato ( назад)
OO I wnt a booster block

Автор Triadian ( назад)


Автор Nia Foster ( назад)
Tumbl trak .com

Автор caroline taloni ( назад)
Where can I get this? Please answer soon! :)

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