Lord of the dance

The song is "lord of the dance" from the Celtic Dreams CD!

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Автор HelloGirly ( назад)
What is this a Song 2:44 ?

Автор zahrao hosein ( назад)
i m morrocan girl and really o love this dance for a long time

Автор Sabrina Steinberger ( назад)
Whats the Name of the Song at 2:34min ?

Автор Евгений Гавриленко ( назад)

Автор bertieboy100 0 ( назад)
It is coo

Автор mabelxxxbsb ( назад)
This is one of the reasons I favor Irish music! It's full of spirits
,imagination, joy, and happiness!!!

Автор Argon Bear ( назад)
Какой то пимдарас-жалкая пародия на Флэтли.... Фу бля отстой!! 

Автор szmin liu ( назад)
good song~~~ thanks for upload ^ ^

Автор cahbarnes ( назад)
Love this song :) I my Irish dance teacher uses this :)

Автор fraa Astat ( назад)
Your comment is very, just stronger good!

Автор James Williams ( назад)
whats bloody mean, im american, and i also know this song because im 50%

Автор James Williams ( назад)
whos that

Автор James Williams ( назад)
and ill lead you all where ever you may be, and ill lead you all in the
dance said he

Автор Claire McKenzie ( назад)
Amazing! I will never forget this. They have inspired me in soooooo many
ways. Thank you. 

Автор Gil Gur-Arieh ( назад)
who else sees Mairead Nesbitt at 1:31 ?

Автор TOM C ( назад)

Автор fabolouschrissyb ( назад)
i guess this show toured all over the world once but of course this was
just the first show as far as i know up to now there are some following
shows with certain themes in them...

Автор James Williams ( назад)
what country is this show located in, because im playing this in a concert

Автор Edanargu ( назад)
Lo interesante del video es el tema músical, no es exactamente el original,
si no que es un cover de Lord Of The Dance.

Автор azucena diaz ( назад)
no me gustó el video, porque son todas fotografías, lo bueno sería que se
viera la danza en sí. No me pareció para un destacado.

Автор Геннадий Тафаев ( назад)
Ирландские танцы - танцы от бога. Очень красивые,подвижные и музыкальные. 

Автор sh9683 (969 лет назад)
dance dance whereever you may be, i am the lord of the dance said he, 

Автор undermine28 ( назад)
yeaaaa im playing this in my orchestra 

Автор Daniel Bednarski ( назад)
podoba mi sie lubie ten klimat 

Автор mojdragiluka (1159 лет назад)
In Albanija this dancers called Dervisch. Boys dance to delirium. L

Автор Row White ( назад)
<3 lord of the dance went to see it. It was bloody brilliant !!!

Автор Natalia Estefanía Fernández Kilowatt ( назад)
presentación de Lord of the Dance en Buenos Aires merece dos
felicitaciones: a sus artistas, que brindaron un excelente show, y al
coraje de la Productora que apostó e invirtió en la temática
Celta-Irlandesa, trayendo un espectáculo desconocido para él publico
argentino, demostrando con ello un conocimiento de las nuevas tendencias de
arte mundial, (aunque hablemos de una de las culturas más antiguas de la
historia universal). 

Автор Kato Jakura ( назад)
this is what i've been looking for. this is the song. this version. i
wonder if theres a video of the second half only. 

Автор Sarah Buxton ( назад)
I'd agree with you on any other youtube video, but this isn't a VIDEO they
are still images - if I wanted stills I would search google images, not

Автор Chevron704 ( назад)
prob because the dancing is beautiful but the main guy dancer (michael) is
a turd.

Автор Iamyourdoggie ( назад)
I saw his group in Albany 4 weeks ago, and it was great! Not the plot--it's
inane--but the dancing, the gorgeous dancing.

Автор easybullet3 ( назад)
i wanted to see the VIDEO of the dancing!! not photos!!! whats so good
about that? waste of time ^^

Автор adnama107 ( назад)
i see... mmm :D thanks

Автор KrautGoesWild ( назад)
2 things I wanna know! First: Who is the new Lord? Second: When do they hit
Germany again???

Автор Ti Amo ( назад)
Che ricordi *-* questa canzone è stata la colonna sonora del mio saggio
migliore e ora mi mancano i miei pattini :(

Автор Serghei Mizil ( назад)
in urma cu ceva ani 7, 8 cand i-am vazut prima data dansand la tv am crezut
ca este ceva facut de calculator ... am ramas uimita aam crezut ca este o
persoana ....uluitor no coment 

Автор stan raoul ( назад)
foarte tare 

Автор Walter Simpson ( назад)
@RustyRazor2010 Actually is an Irish song predating shaker melodies. 

Автор Iwona Rogowska ( назад)
Tego typu muzyka mogłaby być w przerwach na Mistrzostwach np.ale nie w tych
negliżach bo psuje to smak.

Автор pierre durand ( назад)

Автор adnama107 ( назад)
@Satanize88 thanks! im completely happy now!

Автор Saty Elfaron ( назад)
@adnama107 actually, the name of this song is Lord of the Dance

Автор adnama107 ( назад)
pleaseeeee let me know the name of the song!!!!! pleaseeeeeee!!! 

Автор Lemonade145 ( назад)

Автор lilyfleur69 ( назад)
un enchantement !!! 

Автор Leny Cpunkt ( назад)
Das ist das schönste, was ich je auf der Flöte gehört habe. Ich freue mich
schon auf die Show wenn sie im April in Hamburg sind. Das kann ich den
ganzen Tag hören. Vielen Dank dafür!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Damir Koprivanac ( назад)
Kao i irsko pivo tako je i glazba odlična za bogove

Автор Ippon Power ( назад)
@Starfalcon399 sounds celtic enough to me though, Good job mate.

Автор 9Ratsel9 ( назад)
Try dancing to this tune.......oh wait....

Автор Macthew Da Vincent ( назад)
Very Nice! 239 have 2 left legs. 

Автор Alison Orr ( назад)
i've started doin riverdance and were dancing to this song it is amazin :D

Автор ZDdisturbed ( назад)
@ManMadeGod4 Thnx :)

Автор Kate Brannen ( назад)
I saw them yesterday in Flensburg, Germany. It was awsome!!!!!! I want to
see them again! It was so impressing!

Автор Robin Rustler ( назад)
Played this 100 times on my trumpet :D

Автор ZDdisturbed ( назад)
@Sephoraholic07 i would also like to know the name of the song. in case you
want it on your ipod you can download free youtube to mp3 player and you
can download any song from youtube you want. just a friendly advice :)

Автор El Silvas Rios ( назад)
¡ Maravilloso ! I dont speak English... 

Автор 11luvgreen ( назад)
I love the pictures and the show. This is very billiant and incredible.
Always do keep it up alive. "ALIVE" 

Автор thebuckrogers22 ( назад)
@irish89055 no not feet of flame. this wasnt made by michael, it was made
by another guy with dark brown short hair and he had two lead women. one
was the nice girl with light brown curly hair and the other was the bad
girl with short straight dark brown hair and wore purple leather pants.
when i recorded clips of it i never paid attention to it's name years ago.
this was around 2001 or so on pbs

Автор irish89055 ( назад)
@thebuckrogers22 feet of flames??

Автор thebuckrogers22 ( назад)
can someone help me. i know michael flatley did the river and lord of the
dance and i seen it on pbs. but also on pbs they had another irish dancing
show with another man. and he had a lead female with purple leather pants.
anyone remember the name of that show?

Автор rotrage ( назад)
this got me into this sort of dancing, eversince i were little

Автор galaxything ( назад)
That flute instrumental of lord of the dance at the start.. Is there a full
version of that or something please?

Автор Star13570 ( назад)
I went to this as an extra credit thing for my Ethnomusicology class back
in my hometown at the Gallo Center, and I fell in love with it. I literally
wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. I love river dancing and
celtic music. Makes me happy. 

Автор LaskaSkywalker ( назад)
2:40 I danced to that once, it's been freakin awesome *_*

Автор meatballsub1 ( назад)
2:32 is when it gets sexy.

Автор LCxCZ ( назад)
@hansfordelena What are you talking about? You are free to bitch about
anything you want, anything at all. And you are also welcome to gtfo. I've
simply informed you.

Автор LCxCZ (1765 лет назад)
@hansfordelena You are always welcome to gtfo if you don't like something.

Автор MsRadagast ( назад)
Nagyon tetszik a zene, valahogy a szívem is nevet, én meg mennék az

Автор elmo4486 ( назад)
now why would any one dislike this? if you do not like it just move on to
something else! 

Автор john smith ( назад)

Автор jenkzkh ( назад)
i still after almost 20 years i still get chills

Автор Mark Haastrup ( назад)
Dans da, kom med i dansens leg, kom som I er, kom og dans med mig! Jeg er
dansens Herre, og jeg vil vise vej i mit riges dans skal I følge mig!
(Danish translation of the chorus :b)

Автор Sven W. (415 лет назад)
Amaaaaaaaaazing :) einfach wundervoll ♥

Автор Domhnall Mac Auliffe ( назад)

Автор DK8700 ( назад)
One of my goals in life has become to visit Ireland and listen to live
irish/celtic music. It is so fantastic - I salute all irish singers and
dancers!! May the Lord take good care of you all. To Edanargu: Thank you
very much for sharing - it's a great tribute you've made.

Автор nik7890123 ( назад)
absolutely amazing!

Автор hillary foltano ( назад)
This sucks 

Автор ZiplineShazam (159 лет назад)
@GIRLxxOFxxMUSIC I Love drinking with the Irish !!!

Автор serge9520 ( назад)
When i listen this music, it's as if i have a second life and in this
second life, i am Irish !

Автор idoGutman22 ( назад)
what "cat" means?

Автор lissardbreath ( назад)
I am also proud to be Irish. Only problem is that I've never been there...

Автор juanes rivers ( назад)
I love looking at that women,,, I love 'em,,I don't know whether they're
irish or not,,, I just love 'em,,, and I'd marry one of them,,,,

Автор fatbaldandover40 ( назад)
@McGurkin1 LMFAO

Автор Starfalcon399 ( назад)
dance now wherever you may be. i am the lord of the dance said he, ill lead
you all, wherever you may be and ill lead you all in the dance. said he! 

Автор Anto2705cro ( назад)
I have seen this in Stuttgart! It´s the fucking Best Live Show i´ve seen!

Автор patchesdf ( назад)
@sorryi4got You're WELCOME. 

Автор sorryi4got ( назад)
@patchesdf Great. Why don't you take an inspiring, spiritually uplifting
song, and ruin it? That is not clever, nor funny.

Автор Redas Kukanauza ( назад)
god bless the Ireland Dia na gaeilge

Автор Srdjan jovanovic ( назад)
Serbia loves Irish music and coulture! Listen to the Serbian version of
this beautiful music. "Ortodox Celts"!!! God speed to all!

Автор patchesdf ( назад)
Someone played this in a bar ages ago and a bunch of drunks put lyrics to
the hook part of the score Hey mon Put your penis on I'm the son of an
Irish cunt I fuck And I fight And I fuck you in the ass 'Cause I just can't
take it anymore bum-bum

Автор Birdmanondaweb ( назад)
We sing this song in my church sometimes. :)

Автор Katiera Donnelly ( назад)
i love irish dancing, one of the best things that has ever happened to me
<3 i'd never go to any other kind of dancing,the respect you have for your
teachers is amense, the skills and stamina and friends you gain from it are
unbelievable and the oppertunity to compete at world level is out of this
amazing xxx

Автор omg5501 ( назад)
@SuperMusicfreak17 if you feel irish then u are

Автор andreizuerch ( назад)
I played that song once in a string ensemble. I liked it very much. The
violin part is quite difficult to play.

Автор Pierre Poirier ( назад)
I wonder if one of the violinist here is the same tht plays with the Celtic

Автор TheGuider ( назад)
I love Irish people :D

Автор pintopony101 ( назад)
@SuperMusicfreak17 r u Irish american, english etc? that means that u have
irish blood in u, if u know wat i mean ^^

Автор Mark Anstead ( назад)
I really like this piece and would like to play it. Does anyone know where
I can get the sheet music and/or backing track?

Автор PiperGalvao ( назад)
@MeTaFoXDoPB Boca de porco

Автор tynntarm ( назад)
@TheAquarius1978 no..the humans :-)

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