Far Cry 1.4 w/ 64-bit Exclusive Content Update and Advanced Graphics Mod Gameplay HD - Training

A short Far Cry gameplay video featuring the Exclusive Content Update (ECU) and the Advanced Graphics Mod (AGM). Far Cry was patched to version 1.4.

Settings are maxed out in Catalyst 10.7. Graphics can get a bit choppy even with modern computers due to the high detail level of AGM.

Should my system specs be of interest to you:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
ATi Radeon HD 5850
4 Gigabytes of DDR2-800 RAM

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Длительность: 8:39
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Автор GnGamer BR ( назад)
Sei que vários estão querendo saber onde baixa o clássico Far Cry 1.4 .
Abaixo o link que achei para baixar o jogo e acho q funfa direitinho e já
estou baixando :D Link : ziggi.uol.c0m.br/downloads/far-cry1-40

Автор AapjesCool ( назад)
where can i download 1.4 patch

Автор melomaniakjm ( назад)
Just replayed Far Cry and realised how bored I had been while playing
Crysis Warhead...FC rocks

Автор SeniorB ( назад)
Does this fix the terrain in the water reflection issue with windows 7?

Автор colbyaschwartz ( назад)
1 of my favorite games of all time just hated stupid gorilla mutant things

Автор Arnoud1987000 ( назад)
@NeoXF Crysis has to much vegetation, thats the problem

Автор NeoXF ( назад)
Also, why the hell is your car crosshair so oval.. the radar seems fine, is
your image aspect corect?

Автор NeoXF ( назад)
3 years after Far Cry came out, people were maxing it out with fps in the
hundrets... 4 years after Crysis came out, framerate still isn't 60-stable
with very modern hardare. Oh well.

Автор toxictoddy ( назад)
nice mod i can see a big change in the graphics , mainly the lighting and
textures compared to when the game first came out :)

Автор Jackington Infernus ( назад)
@RarelyHardcoreGamer 1.4 has been released.

Автор Jackington Infernus ( назад)
@zzboy27 You need 64 bit patch

Автор Roky ( назад)
omg first day in far cry? D: u r very nub :L

Автор zzboy27 ( назад)
i can't install it all it does when i click intall is goes to a black
screen then it crashes or closes

Автор RarelyHardcoreGamer ( назад)
64bit is only v1.33

Автор PcGamingRig . ( назад)
what does ECU add? and where can i get advanced graphics from?

Автор eraserheads78 ( назад)
I love this game, and I still play it (64-bit version)...

Автор vuckotadic ( назад)
hey nice video :) i have AGM too :

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