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...baixei o mod farcry 2010 e deu nisso. Gostei! Deu uma ressuscitada no jogo, porem o Fraps causou uns lags. Mas acho que vão melhorar este mod...
Far Cry - Multi Cry (Vehicles Pack Mod)
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Playing the Vehicles Pack Mod for Far Cry with Boats and much Stunts :)
I Broke Far Cry 3
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White Text - Me Yellow Text - Banzaii Blue text - Trumr Rock Throwing song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Uhi-kCXM8 Cybertreffen song -...
Far cry Mods Part1
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High quality view recommended
Evant3k - Unnoticed Far Cry 2
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Me using dart rifle and being unnoticed by enemy AI. System Specs: Manufacturer: ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300...


Автор NeoXF (2 года)
Also, why the hell is your car crosshair so oval.. the radar seems fine, is
your image aspect corect?

Автор realflow100 (1 год)
DUDE! What the heck! even with all these mods the game still looks very
similar to the default very high graphics options All I see is a way to
make the game lag a lot more maybe only a tiny bit better graphics just a
tiny bit Not sure why it would lag at all on something like ati radeon HD
5850 Doesn't lag on very high with an ati xpress 200 so ati radeon HD 5850
should be smooth as silk even with all the mods LOL!

Автор NeoXF (2 года)
3 years after Far Cry came out, people were maxing it out with fps in the
hundrets... 4 years after Crysis came out, framerate still isn't 60-stable
with very modern hardare. Oh well.

Автор melomaniakjm (1 год)
Just replayed Far Cry and realised how bored I had been while playing
Crysis Warhead...FC rocks

Автор GnGamer BR (8 месяцев)
Sei que vários estão querendo saber onde baixa o clássico Far Cry 1.4 .
Abaixo o link que achei para baixar o jogo e acho q funfa direitinho e já
estou baixando :D Link : ziggi.uol.c0m.br/downloads/far-cry1-40

Автор Gr1mmReap3rT2 (1 год)
Does this fix the terrain in the water reflection issue with windows 7?

Автор Halo2loverboy (3 года)
How did you get it to work? I installed it with the mod and everything
worked fine until i tried setting the graphics to very high and then after
restarting the game, all I got was a black screen "not responding"...Help?

Автор Jackington Infernus (2 года)
@RarelyHardcoreGamer 1.4 has been released.

Автор Arnoud1987000 (2 года)
@NeoXF Crysis has to much vegetation, thats the problem

Автор PcGamingRig . (2 года)
what does ECU add? and where can i get advanced graphics from?

Автор colbyaschwartz (1 год)
1 of my favorite games of all time just hated stupid gorilla mutant things

Автор roky148 (2 года)
omg first day in far cry? D: u r very nub :L

Автор zzboy27 (2 года)
i can't install it all it does when i click intall is goes to a black
screen then it crashes or closes

Автор realflow100 (1 год)
this video is shitty quality that's why ;)

Автор toxictoddy (2 года)
nice mod i can see a big change in the graphics , mainly the lighting and
textures compared to when the game first came out :)

Автор eraserheads78 (3 года)
I love this game, and I still play it (64-bit version)...

Автор vuckotadic (3 года)
hey nice video :) i have AGM too :

Автор AapjesCool (1 год)
where can i download 1.4 patch

Автор RarelyHardcoreGamer (2 года)
64bit is only v1.33

Автор Jackington Infernus (2 года)
@zzboy27 You need 64 bit patch

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