George Michael - Praying For Time (Alternate Video)

Haven't seen this version on YouTube (with George Singing).. They edited in the wrong lip sync at 1:54 maybe that's why its not seen often?

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Автор sarah carr ( назад)
nobody writes songs like this... masterpiece 💗

Автор Dan Gamble ( назад)
Favorite George Michael of all time! So profound! Still fits in today's uncertain world. Praying for peace!

Автор Lisa Lynn ( назад)
good bye beautiful man who sang from his soul

Автор Anna Kcmb ( назад)
love this

Автор annetekoul ( назад)
The passion in his expression says it all.A great musician who sang with feeling!!!!!Love u forever George!!!!!!!

Автор Tiago Ferrera ( назад)
valeu, Michael.

Автор I calichica ( назад)
he accomplished what every great artist strives for. that their music can pass the test of time. this song was written over two decades ago and it's still relatable. r.i.p. sweet George Michael...I will never forget you. thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Автор Galina Ligar ( назад)
Обожаю Praying For Time!!! Это гимн жизни !!! Повторить Джорджа невозможно!!!

Автор Maureen Nowlin ( назад)
Well, this is a close second place winner.. George was not only a sexy man but his voice was absolutely just as sexy... But now my friend we can finally release to the the our Lord... RIP my friend.. Gone but not forgotten

Автор Anna Kcmb ( назад)
God never turned His back. He was always there... but He did let us all out to play.

Автор Eleonova1976 ( назад)
another great song of  George Rest in peace great man.

Автор Jaimes Soto ( назад)
this was the best singer ever rest in peace G.M...May God give u light luv u

Автор islndgrl ( назад)
Thank you George Michael for shining your star 🌟 on the world. So sad to see you gone and never hear your beautiful voice live. I'm thankful to have enjoyed your music and masterpiece songs throughout your beautiful career as a brilliant songwriter and singer. I am fortunate to have witnessed your amazing singing growing up in the 80's and listening to one of the most amazing and prolific singers and songwriters of our generation. Thank you. I will always miss you and love you. God Bless 💗

Автор Christina Richards ( назад)
I keep praying for time to go back so George was still here X

Автор Sepia Lover ( назад)
I'm 22 and I'm already praying for time.

Автор violettrojo ( назад)
and he was singing this in the 90"s... things are not getting any better...
what a soul, what a man...

Автор carrroad ( назад)
Is this his best moment in pop history?

He had many superlative pop songs but this one struck a chord with its powerful lyrics that still resonant to this day.

Автор Walter Matuda ( назад)

Автор Trevor Larn ( назад)
pray for time and stop time for you George. as time is so sad and cruel as it takes the ones we love away from all of us all x

Автор Laurent Corona ( назад)
Quelle voix superbe chanson et très grand artiste.

Автор sun light ( назад)
See ya

Автор David Collet ( назад)
Surely one of the greatest George Michael's song ✌🏻

Автор Kajal Kurd ( назад)
I definitely like this version the most,... We have lost a pure genius, Tears are running... love from USA.

Автор Mandy Graham ( назад)
it just goes on and on endless life changing songs from george. he hasnt gone, hes still here in our souls. forever.

Автор TheNajain ( назад)
Escuto todos os dias GM!!

Автор AlabamaPowell ( назад)
Been listening to this and hearing what he's saying. I guess that's what he wanted us to do was really listen. With everything he's saying I came to see this video and see this beautiful man in the booth singing.

Автор kanał 5 ( назад)
I am crying...

Автор Simone Guizzardi ( назад)
E' un grande......grande............ grandissimo talento, grazie di tutto George..........

Автор Hunter Martinez ( назад)
It's funny it's what's going on right now the world is now in chaos and he made this song ahead of his time...it's Ironic. .....

Автор Jay Whyman ( назад)
Yes I Agree Totally....The best song I have ever heard.

Автор Raju yadav ( назад)
एक्स एक्स एक्स वीडियो कोमल

Автор Maria Brown ( назад)
Love it. He believed in what he was singing about. Outspoken humanitarian.
What an artist, what a man. I am heartbroken.
Forever GM fun.

Автор Sanjay Pratap ( назад)
Beautiful song ...

Автор Kritika Angdembay ( назад)
I have no exact words to explain...But all I can say is.. He is just amazing. Every lyrics talks real.....Such a beautiful voice...everybody can feel his words.💗

Автор hotglassmcnash ( назад)
Yes Georgios...please don't leave us. We love you. My fellow empath. I feel you. All of you. I know my love. Everything in you, is in me. Until next time my lovely 💕💖💞💋😘😥

Автор Θανάσης Σπαγγούρος ( назад)
he ll be an angel among us love you george!!!!!

Автор uno gor ( назад)
can t stop listen n watch this video ...the way he sing, his voice, the voice of god!

Автор Indrid Cold ( назад)
The words are absolutely prophetic. When he wrote this, the planet was doing fine. Now the words seem to hit home really hard, a little too hard.

Автор Daisy Taylor Jones ( назад)
16 people who disliked this song have no taste in music probably Justin Bieber fans

Автор roshani roy ( назад)
i can see there's crowd in the end of the video as same as the profile pic of Twitter and instagram of George Michael !?

Автор Junior Flims ( назад)
i have always like this song. today 2017 i am staring at the sky above . George will always be with us

Автор Babeolicious777 ( назад)
Was this an actual OFFICIAL video he made? As in, was this created to be his music video meant for rotation on TV? If so, why did they scrap this version (which is wonderful) for that horrible/boring one with nothing but lyrics??! Anyone know the story?! I am so sad to see that THIS is what we could have had ALL this time! Thank you for uploading, this was GREAT to get to see...

Автор Andrea Lima ( назад)
This is my favorite, since I was teenager in 80's. Now I'm 41, and this music still actual. RIP, George!! You're awesome!

Автор Tony Ramdine ( назад)
dans mon monde george michael est toujours vivant

Автор phillip bonner ( назад)
Beautiful song, Maybe we all should be, Praying for time

Автор Moris F ( назад)
The best for ever RIP George

Автор Franck Gérard ( назад)
This one on Best George song @@ With Jesus to a Child
same like his voice come from heaven ...

Автор itscrucial ( назад)
Bro! thank you so much for sharing, I new I had saw this way back on MTV or VH! and I was right, there was a studio version of this song. I hope they don't take it down. For most I'm sure it's hard to mourn a celebrity but for me, not this one. This one hit home.

Автор leslieh48307 Hayes ( назад)
Wow! So beautiful! RIP George Michael 😔

Автор CHRISTIAN BOYCE ( назад)
RIP genius

Автор Sutileza ( назад)
I always think , i would like this song in my funeral.. I couldn't imagine he will pass away so young. RIP George !

Автор Carlo Gabriele ( назад)
For the beauty of music, the wonderful voice and text other profound and humane, this song is a masterpiece. Congratulations George, no matter if you there is no more, this music cannot vanish, is too addictive and emotional. Thank you

Автор David PEZET ( назад)
juste magnifique

Автор sarah carr ( назад)
one of the greatest songs ever written. RIP george ..❤❤

Автор CHRISTIAN BOYCE ( назад)

Автор Daniela Sollai ( назад)

Автор Jody Essers ( назад)
"Well maybe we should all be praying for George Michael" instead of praying for time

Автор halym74 ( назад)

Автор Graciocillo :D ( назад)
This song is MASTERPIECE

Автор marco iannacone ( назад)
The most beautiful man, and a true singer legend, I will not forget you, you will live forever, this song is so touching and amazingly beautiful, ciao George, you can sing now above of us ☀️✨

Автор Simulation Virtue ( назад)
He is up there with the Gods : )

Автор Jane Doh ( назад)
This is the version I remember!

Автор romeo garcia ( назад)
Dedico esta cancion a todos los MEXICANOS!...Saben de que hablo...

Автор Jason Cole ( назад)
I...can't...believe...that I just found this song, and am hearing it for the first time. Some things really are worth the wait.

Автор poorsofreign ( назад)
It's not a wrong lip-sync, it's just that the recording from tv (Vh1 Australia) has some pixelation or missing frames at 1:53, while the audio stays untouched or has been replaced.

Автор halym74 ( назад)
This resonate to the chaos that was happening then and still happening now in this temporary world. Sad indeed.

Автор Ivancho Andrade ( назад)
One of my favorite teacher George

Автор Dave Butterfield ( назад)
Never GMs greatest fan but this is a superb piece of music and its great to finally see it live, well lip synched anyway. superb.

Автор Corien ( назад)
Most beautiful song, voice, artist and soul. RIP ❤

Автор LETIPUN1971 ( назад)
es impresionante....fantástico, sensible...eleva el alma..!!!

Автор Giuseppe Pappalardo ( назад)
una delle canzoni piene di magia e di poesia più belle che abbia mai ascoltato in vita mia...ciao george...ci vedremo 😘

Автор Anastasia Mch ( назад)
one of the most beautiful songs ever...love you GM...

Автор Cristina Rossi ( назад)
My love

Автор Cristina Rossi ( назад)

Автор Diane Harrison ( назад)

Автор Ryne Secc ( назад)
great singer 😢

Автор Donna Dwyer ( назад)
rlp George Michael we will miss you you was a great singer I joyed your music 😢

Автор Nora Amarouche ( назад)
quel souvenir j adors mes larmes n arrête pas de couler depuis ton décés mon george je t aime

Автор Edd Brady ( назад)
R.I.P ..one of the best..

Автор Kemo Sisawo ( назад)
I love my home land the Gambia. If there is peace and stability I prefer to stay there all my life.

Автор Giorno's Music ( назад)

Автор Mark Rennie ( назад)
his best song

Автор Godchild #1 ( назад)
I miss you and I love George Micheal. I cry as I listen to him and I kissed his lips and his face as i cry to say good bye to a amazing artist and talent. Thank You Jesus for giving him the opportunity to share his talent with the world.

I love Mr. Handsome George Micheal Rest In Heaven.

My favorites are One More Try and Praying for time and So so many others.

I cry that's all I can say.

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
Τζορτζ θα ζεις στην καρδια μου. για μενα δεν εφυγες ποτε!😕😕😕😥

Автор Alexandre Pinto ( назад)
pure talent....now you sing to God

Автор Tricia Elizebeth Allen Bertrand Cook ( назад)
my fav song always has been

Автор Annmarie Lockhart ( назад)
More than just a pretty face. More than just an angelic voice. I've said it before, but this is the first time I'm saying it in the past tense: George Michael was an underrated songwriter. This is one of my favorites. <3

Автор Joel Vilca Garcia ( назад)
que gran tema lastima que no volveremos haberlo solo quedan sus grandes temas

Автор NEON KNIGHT ( назад)
Such splendid voice.....

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)

Автор Rob Saunders ( назад)
A beautiful song and such an accurate portrayal of life today. Rest in Peace George Michael.

Автор Ti Martin ( назад)
this piece is the most beautiful piece he composed.....

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
σε αυτο το βιντεο κλιπ το ενιωθε το τραγουδι! αξεχαστος θα εισαι Τζορτζ. με τα τραγουδια σου μεγαλωσα!😟😰😩

Автор Botafogo City ( назад)
Oh, George, its so sad ❤ R.I.P X

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
αθανατος Τζορτζ! με τα τραγουδια σου θα εισαι διπλα μας! σε ολους σου τους θαυμαστες.😥😦😩😢

Автор ipodee78 ( назад)
So much more meaning to this with his passing. Sob.

Автор cobrakai84 ( назад)
I'm glad so many people are enjoying this version, hopefully it never gets taken down. RIP George Michael an amazing talent, a true artist.

Автор RememberToday4ever ( назад)
R.I.P. George Michael, you are the soundtrack of my life. From first hearing "Wham Rap" in 1982 when I was 13, to "I'm your man" to "Jesus to a Child" to "Faith" to "Carless Whisper" to "Fast Love" to "Last Christmas" to "Freedom 90". I could go on and on and on. Thank you for your uplifting music and getting me through some bad times. 💔

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