George Michael - Praying For Time (Alternate Video)

Haven't seen this version on YouTube (with George Singing).. They edited in the wrong lip sync at 1:54 maybe that's why its not seen often?

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Автор Andrea Lima ( назад)
This is my favorite, since I was teenager in 80's. Now I'm 41, and this
music still actual. RIP, George!! You're awesome!

Автор MrMogwai85 ( назад)
Very interesting song writing style. I'm guessing this is the cut up

Автор Tony Ramdine ( назад)
dans mon monde george michael est toujours vivant

Автор phillip bonner ( назад)
Beautiful song, Maybe we all should be, Praying for time

Автор Moris F ( назад)
The best for ever RIP George

Автор Franck Gérard ( назад)
This one on Best George song @@ With Jesus to a Child
same like his voice come from heaven ...

Автор itscrucial ( назад)
Bro! thank you so much for sharing, I new I had saw this way back on MTV or
VH! and I was right, there was as studio version of this song. I hope they
don't take it down. For most I'm sure it's hard to mourn a celebrity but
for me not this one. This one hit home.

Автор leslieh48307 Hayes ( назад)
Wow! So beautiful! RIP George Michael 😔

Автор CHRISTIAN BOYCE ( назад)
RIP genius

Автор Sutileza ( назад)
I always think , i would like this song in my funeral.. I couldn't imagine
he will pass away so young. RIP George !

Автор ALEXANDRE René Sada ( назад)
des frissons partout ; quelle voix ; merci GM ; RIP

Автор Carlo Gabriele ( назад)
For the beauty of music, the wonderful voice and text other profound and
humane, this song is a masterpiece. Congratulations George, no matter if
you there is no more, this music cannot vanish, is too addictive and
emotional. Thank you

Автор David PEZET ( назад)
juste magnifique

Автор sarah carr ( назад)
one of the greatest songs ever written. RIP george ..❤❤

Автор CHRISTIAN BOYCE ( назад)

Автор Daniela Sollai ( назад)

Автор Jody Essers ( назад)
"Well maybe we should all be praying for George Michael" instead of praying
for time

Автор halym74 ( назад)

Автор Graciocillo :D ( назад)
This song is MASTERPIECE

Автор marco iannacone ( назад)
The most beautiful man, and a true singer legend, I will not forget you,
you will live forever, this song is so touching and amazingly beautiful,
ciao George, you can sing now above of us ☀️✨

Автор Simulation Virtue ( назад)
He is up there with the Gods : )

Автор Jane Doh ( назад)
This is the version I remember!

Автор romeo garcia ( назад)
Dedico esta cancion a todos los MEXICANOS!...Saben de que hablo...

Автор Jason Cole ( назад)
I...can't...believe...that I just found this song, and am hearing it for
the first time. Some things really are worth the wait.

Автор poorsofreign ( назад)
It's not a wrong lip-sync, it's just that the recording from tv (Vh1
Australia) has some pixelation or missing frames at 1:53, while the audio
stays untouched or has been replaced.

Автор halym74 ( назад)
This resonate to the chaos that was happening then and still happening now
in this temporary world. Sad indeed.

Автор Ivancho Andrade ( назад)
One of my favorite teacher George

Автор Dave Butterfield ( назад)
Never GMs greatest fan but this is a superb piece of music and its great to
finally see it live, well lip synched anyway. superb.

Автор Corien ( назад)
Most beautiful song, voice, artist and soul. RIP ❤

Автор LETIPUN1971 ( назад)
es impresionante....fantástico, sensible...eleva el alma..!!!

Автор Giuseppe Pappalardo ( назад)
una delle canzoni piene di magia e di poesia più belle che abbia mai
ascoltato in vita mia...ciao george...ci vedremo 😘

Автор Anastasia Mch ( назад)
one of the most beautiful songs ever...love you GM...

Автор Cristina Rossi ( назад)
My love

Автор Cristina Rossi ( назад)

Автор Diane Harrison ( назад)

Автор Ryne Secc ( назад)
great singer 😢

Автор Donna Dwyer ( назад)
rlp George Michael we will miss you you was a great singer I joyed your
music 😢

Автор Nora Amarouche ( назад)
quel souvenir j adors mes larmes n arrête pas de couler depuis ton décés
mon george je t aime

Автор Edd Brady ( назад)
R.I.P ..one of the best..

Автор Kemo Sisawo ( назад)
I love my home land the Gambia. If there is peace and stability I prefer to
stay there all my life.

Автор Giorno's Music ( назад)

Автор Mark Rennie ( назад)
his best song

Автор Godchild #1 ( назад)
I miss you and I love George Micheal. I cry as I listen to him and I kissed
his lips and his face as i cry to say good bye to a amazing artist and
talent. Thank You Jesus for giving him the opportunity to share his talent
with the world.

I love Mr. Handsome George Micheal Rest In Heaven.

My favorites are One More Try and Praying for time and So so many others.

I cry that's all I can say.

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
Τζορτζ θα ζεις στην καρδια μου. για μενα δεν εφυγες ποτε!😕😕😕😥

Автор Alexandre Pinto ( назад)
pure talent....now you sing to God

Автор Tricia Elizebeth Allen Bertrand Cook ( назад)
my fav song always has been

Автор Annmarie Lockhart ( назад)
More than just a pretty face. More than just an angelic voice. I've said it
before, but this is the first time I'm saying it in the past tense: George
Michael was an underrated songwriter. This is one of my favorites. <3

Автор Joel Vilca Garcia ( назад)
que gran tema lastima que no volveremos haberlo solo quedan sus grandes

Автор NEON KNIGHT ( назад)
Such splendid voice.....

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)

Автор Rob Saunders ( назад)
A beautiful song and such an accurate portrayal of life today. Rest in
Peace George Michael.

Автор Ti Martin ( назад)
this piece is the most beautiful piece he composed.....

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
σε αυτο το βιντεο κλιπ το ενιωθε το τραγουδι! αξεχαστος θα εισαι Τζορτζ. με
τα τραγουδια σου μεγαλωσα!😟😰😩

Автор Botafogo City ( назад)
Oh, George, its so sad ❤ R.I.P X

Автор Georgia Duran Duran ( назад)
αθανατος Τζορτζ! με τα τραγουδια σου θα εισαι διπλα μας! σε ολους σου τους

Автор ipodee78 ( назад)
So much more meaning to this with his passing. Sob.

Автор cobrakai84 ( назад)
I'm glad so many people are enjoying this version, hopefully it never gets
taken down. RIP George Michael an amazing talent, a true artist.

Автор RememberToday4ever ( назад)
R.I.P. George Michael, you are the soundtrack of my life. From
first hearing "Wham Rap" in 1982 when I was 13, to "I'm your man" to "Jesus
to a Child" to "Faith" to "Carless Whisper" to "Fast Love" to "Last
Christmas" to "Freedom 90". I could go on and on and on. Thank you for your
uplifting music and getting me through some bad times. 💔

Автор Emerald Diamond ( назад)
kind of sounds like John Lennon deep and thought-provoking

Автор Emerald Diamond ( назад)
Wow so glad to catch him recording this live thanks for the upload RIP
George Michael

Автор Rhino Black ( назад)
1 of his best joints r.i.p. GM..Let's hang on to hope...

Автор sammy mingeroet ( назад)
Im on shock one of best icon !! so sad thanks.... George for that music....
RIP !!!

Автор Gary Devores ( назад)
My fav by George Michael....praying for time...i will miss u..R.I.P

Автор Marie Beaudouard ( назад)
I love sont much😙

Автор sammy mingeroet ( назад)
Im in Schok so nice icon .....Thanks for your music George Rip

Автор Marcelo S ( назад)

Автор Marcelo S ( назад)

Автор Rene Castillo ( назад)
Amazing!!! He will be Greatly Missed! RIP George Michael! Thank you for the

Автор bolitasgonnagatya ( назад)
damn what great voice and lyrics. crazy how one can be gone from 1 day to
another" maybe we should all just pray for time".

Автор Thomas brunn ( назад)
such a shame great lost this song was done so good by him hum god rest your
soul Mr. George Michael

Автор David Deutscher ( назад)
This song is impressive. One of my favourites.

Автор Ana Molina ( назад)
My all time favorite George Michael song. David Bowie, Prince , Pete Burns,
and now George Michael, my 80's soundtrack. Rest In Peace George Michael,
you were such a talented man with so much still left in you. Such a
recognizable voice and you were taken away far too young.

Автор Olivia Ann Ornelas ( назад)
RIP George Michael! You are now at peace and one of God's angel. You will
truly be missed but your music will live on.

Автор misttikka ( назад)
una plegaria para ti tambien mi querido George, qepd

Автор Rachel Q ( назад)
These words speak so truthfully of today, who we've become and who we are
and it's so sad. Look in the mirror, folks. R.I.P.

Автор Dan Pearce ( назад)
Not a massive George Michael fan but this song is beautiful. Rest in peace

Автор badmattam ( назад)
2016...you heartless bastard! You've wiped out most of my biggest iconic
stars...the music of my youth/life. It wasn't enough taking Bowie, Lemmy
and Prince from me (us) you had to put the boot in and take Rick Parfitt
and George too (amongst others)...No more..PLEASE!!

Автор RossBayCult ( назад)
I always thought he was such an underrated songwriter. Really when you read
the lyrics to his songs there's a lot of feelings and depth.

Автор Linda Holbrook ( назад)
Such a sad day!!! I loved his voice and his hair. RIP George Michael. You
will be greatly missed.

Автор Regina Kovacheva ( назад)
That was unexpected. RIP....:( :(

Автор E Rodriguez ( назад)
I LOVE this song.....

Автор SKOGLUND65 ( назад)
I just love this song, George <3

Автор Ray Jong A Lock ( назад)
touched by this song every time it's played- and even if played so many
times in a day, it remains magnificent

Автор D Nice ( назад)
This has been a very sad year. So many have died. RIP George

Автор Dee Dee ( назад)
"You cling to the things they sold you" so true.
Goodbye, angel

Автор Denis Soroka ( назад)
Rip. Thank you for the great songs. They will remain in our hearts.

Автор Hannah Smith ( назад)
his best song to date

Автор luzia salgado (coleoptero) ( назад)
R.I.P. :(

Автор René Martínez ( назад)
Q.E.P.D. #GeorgeMichael Tu música tendrá eco en Eternidad 😥😥😥

Автор Roxanne Henare ( назад)
So many of us grew up with him and his music, he will be sadly missed, let
us remember him through his videose here oin YOUTUBE and celebrate his
music and what he stiood for, his life; when he came out as a gay man in a
time where it was unsafe to do so. RIP George the world loves you. We
mourn the loss of a good soul..

Автор Amg65ish ( назад)

Автор multigrooves ( назад)

Автор Alex Akritidis ( назад)

Автор DLR TRANCE ( назад)
how booze destroys everything, even a wonderful man, RIP

Автор Alina Dee ( назад)
R. I. P ❤

Автор aldo clares ( назад)
OMG no more prayers for time

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