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Автор Skyla Bear (5 месяцев)
its not about u joel

Автор callie land (8 месяцев)
Jesus says, "deny me on Earth and I'll deny you in Heaven"

Автор Robyn Brownlee (7 месяцев)
You are just as bad! He did not deny Jesus at all. He follows Jesus
teaching. Judge not lest ye judged & with what judgement ye judge ye shall
be judged & with what measure ye meet it shall be measured to you again.
The hell fire& brimstone gospel is just as bad as the prosperity gospel! &
right after accusing him of changing the wording in the bible (he uses the
amplified bible, didn't have that one too look it up.) YOU CHANGED THE
WORDING OF THE BIBLE!!!!!! In Matthew chapter 5 Jesus said blessed are the
poor IN SPIRIT!!!!! You deliberately altered a scripture to accuse a
brother in Christ of altering scripture! I'm not saying Joel Osteen is a
perfect preacher, but how much worse have you just made yourselves! The
word of God is not to be manipulated against your brothers& sisters! You
should be paying for those you disagree with, not condemning them! so how
about both sides stop cherry picking the scriptures for what they like &
try to get closer to Jesus while we have time.

Автор katsrayoflight (5 месяцев)
Where do ya'll see or hear him Denying Jesus? All he he is saying is it is
not his place to judge others.... (on the Larry king show) LOL what are we
listening to the same video? He is saying with God , you can be free, even
if you hurt, or are sick, with god you will heal, and be free! .

Автор ScubaDude79 (5 месяцев)
"A little over 2000 years ago they crucified Jesus on the cross..."
He was crucified in 33ad which means it was a little UNDER 2000 years ago
you dummy

Автор Steve Mcintosh (5 месяцев)
Joel did not deny Jesus any where in this video!

Автор Malinda Smith (3 месяца)
Joel Osteen in making himself popular with "everybody" says he isn't going
to tell people that Jesus Christ is the way to God. An absolute denial of
Christ. "I am the way, the truth and the light. No man comes to the father
but by me." 

Автор Brother J (4 месяца)
Joel Olsteen is a 21century false prophet!

Автор Michael Gray (1 месяц)
Joel's the best tv evangelist I've seen.

Автор Missy G (6 дней)
"Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit.
You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there
are many false prophets in the world."

He is misleading the ppl-how dare you twist the truth? 

Автор Sonya Cueva (1 месяц)
Steve, they cut out...

Автор Cheezus Sliced (4 месяца)

Автор JunK (6 месяцев)
lol hes a people pleaser!
also Shveti is semi-right, people don't go to "heaven". they are
resurrected to the "new" (actually means renewed) heaven and renewed earth,
in the RENEWED Jerusalem, that is heaven, the millennial reign of Christ in
Jerusalem on earth.

you do not go to heaven when you die, God comes and lives with us after
you're resurrected.

Автор poplew (5 месяцев)
When someone speaks that you can get your reward of salvation and reap it's
benefits on earth is a false teacher, when someone says you are a creation
of God and belong to his spirit and that makes you like [g]od this is a
false teacher. those that preach mix half truth with lies of deceit. This
is to fool you into believing in the goodness of this world, Jesus said,
one must give up everything of this world and follow him to have salvation.
These half truths and lies are designed to take your money and to lead your
soul down the road of destruction. I trust no man's word if he tries to
change the definition of God.

Автор Madam Fragger (4 месяца)
You are either with the world or with God, make up your mind there, Joel.
Stop trying to please everyone, because you're looking a little wishy-washy

Автор Benjamin Israel (5 месяцев)
Stop stealing from the poor, lying to the poor, stop lying TO CHRIST, THE
FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT. Repent you counterfeit prophets wolves in
sheep clothing. 

Автор djdsfjdjd (2 месяца)
this guy is not also true christian nor a pastor. who know real gaspel of
jesus christ.

Автор Yang Jun Ho (5 месяцев)

Автор Woodson salesman (2 месяца)
joel is not a Christian period....his only way is evil.

Автор BlindManMark (6 месяцев)
His dad was an amazing preacher,the son seems to be preaching from a book I
know not of;some new agey bible?.I have recordings of his Dad,from way
back.He does not deny Christ here,but his language is very meelly
mouthed.That he is amassing a worldly fortune while his brothers and
sisters in Christ are dying by the thousands on the regular,I do have a
major problem with. Micro ministries most have never heard of,do far more
in charity work while the Osteens and Jakes of the world drive Ferraris and
Bentleys,and hobnob with trash like Piers Morgan,and racist pigs like
Oprah.Joel reminds me of the camel and the eye of a needle.

Автор Skyla Bear (5 месяцев)
joel the way is his way thru jesus not u 

Автор ScubaDude79 (5 месяцев)
This is basically "The Secret" painted with Christianity. I'm not saying
God wants you to be broke and starving but what Osteen preaches isn't
"Christianity" it's "How to use Jesus to get rich quick". I don't know
that Osteen "denies Jesus" exactly, however "there are many paths to Jesus"
is a pretty suspicious phrase to me and is honestly more odd than "there
are many paths to God"

Автор Yang Jun Ho (5 месяцев)
God is more than a champion, a star, though no men are stars; it is said
they'll shine like the stars when we seek him, acknowledging there is none
who does good all have been lead astray. He could make children for Abraham
from rocks.

Автор jay harris (6 месяцев)
a rich man want get into heaven 

Автор Samuel Mercado (6 месяцев)
Carbon dating...
nuff said

Автор jojomellon (8 месяцев)
By all means, keep sending Mr. Olsteen your money folks. His wife needs
another plastic surgery or maybe that hundred million dollar arena needs
fixing up. I'm sure he could use a few more 3,000 dollar suits as well or
gel for that hair-do. You sheep don't even know what's in the very bible
that you claim you believe is the word of god. If you did, you wouldn't
need some scam artist with a fake smile to explain it to you and would also
realize that in it, the savior, the protagonist of the story, condemns the
rich (eg. JOEL OSTEEN), to hell. If anything, it proves how much more
devoted to god muslims are than christians. Muslims actually know the
Koran and follow its' laws, they dont just say they do when it's convenient
like 99% of Christians do.

Автор Arthur Adamson (7 месяцев)
I believe we all have the ability to tell if a person is lying or not
because our gut instinct tells us. My gut instinct tells me that Joel
Osteen truly believes in his heart that he is doing God´s work. And I think
he is. His message is simple and uplifting and I honestly do not see what
harm there is in that. We have no choice to be born. IIt is not Joel
Osteen´s fault if he was born into a good family. If some think that he
seems to good to be true it is only because they themselves find it hard to
be good. What would his critics have him do? Give his entire fortune away.
Live a life of poverty like a monk. What would that achieve? The guy is
simply using his gifts as Jesus tells us all to do. Joel Osteen will have
his faults and sin just like everyone else but he clearly believes in a
loving forgiving God rather than a condemning one and that is the God I
think people prefer to believe in. Temptation is powerful but if you have
Jesus in your heart then reward is that you have more strength to resist it
because you are not alone in the battle. Perhaps Joel Osteen really does
have Jesus in his heart and therefore has extra strength to resist evil.
But honestly if Joel Osteen is a fake then he is the best the world has
ever seen and his message of hope is the strangest con trick in history.
Personally I think the guy is a breath of fresh air in world of full of
judgers and condemners.
He who is without sin cast the first stone.

Автор John Doe (5 месяцев)
Also there's only one way to Jesus not many. Jesus said in John 14:6 Jesus
answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the
Father except through me. I not "WE or US"....

Автор Taelyn Smith (7 месяцев)
The woman caller is an Idiot.. Does she not understand thatb not ALL people
are Christians..Its also one of thje newer faiths so she should understand
that other faiths think different.. I agree with Joel. If a Person is
RAISED under a different faith Its natural that they would believe as they
do.. As Joel said.. GOD will be the Judge and will decide who enters into
heaven. God wont hold their upbringing, If they were raised in some poor
country unable to travel under a different faith, and thats all they know..
How could a Loving God Turn them away .. Refuse them for not knowing
something.. It wont happen.. God has a plan for ALL of his children.

Автор mohammed omar (8 месяцев)

Автор Andrea Knupple (6 месяцев)
I do not agree with the way Joel preaches and I know that Jesus Christ is
the ONLY way to God but the verse you put at the end 1 Timothy 4:3-4 is
also incorrect, it is 2 Timothy 4:4 

Автор Scott Q. (6 месяцев)
Joel Osteen is wrong, there is a way to judge the heart of someone else and
we as Christians and even those who do not believe can and should follow
the words of Jesus and be able to determine what is in a persons heart.
Read Luke 6:43-45

I wonder if Joel ever read that part and ignored it or he has never really
read the bible?

Автор Mary Britzman (6 месяцев)
You do not teach the word of God and if you do not repeat and start
teaching the truth you will also be judge and the blood of everyone that
ends up in Hell because of your false teaching their blood will be on your

Автор Grant Roos (7 месяцев)
Bible clearly states, judge not lest you be judged. Christians dont condem

Автор inspire:) (7 месяцев)
this is crap, Jesus freed us from everything, He said we can do ALL THINGS
THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS ME...ALL!!! not some things, im very sure
whoever made this video has no faith in what God can really do, do not go
around saying this guy denied Christ when he clearly quoted things from
God's word, seriously be more concerned about making sure you are not
denying God's word first 

Автор watherby29 (6 месяцев)
Omg it is actually the first time I hear any preacher to say it right.
Jesus's death is not the point. His resurrection is. He showed us that
death is nothing, that we can either "crucify" ourselves all our lives and
eventually die or learn from Him and join his resurrection. The total
victory over the world. Jesus said: "In the world you shall have
tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

Автор cheesy wheeler (7 месяцев)
God is not real

Автор Jennefer Raley (3 месяца)
The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. There are not multiple
paths. There are people defending Joel Osteen but he is a teacher of
worldly things, not godly things. Vanity and wealth are not eternal things.
But humility and forgiveness don't fade unlike the things he preaches
about. God wants us to be humble not beautiful and rich. God wants us to
forgive and treat others the way we would want to be treated. Go back and
listen to his sermons and tell me where do you hear about these things? 

Автор kendall carol (6 месяцев)
Jesus is not God!peace and blessings be upon him,honor Jesus worshop
God,there is only 1 God you people need to stop twisting what the bible
says,besides if you study hard enough God will reveal the truth.

Автор Tebogo eeg (8 месяцев)
1 John 2:22 Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?
This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son

Автор Rende Brockwell (5 месяцев)
for crying out loud. he didn't deny Jesus. I am a christian. I am not
anyone's judge. Jesus told me to love my neighbors and NOT to judge them.
my generation of christians is thinking more with our God given ability to
reason. if we judge our gay community, then we will lose them. if we
judge the people in our lives that are of other religions, atheists, etc.,
instead of making friends with them, as JESUS would, then we will lose
them. Joel is smart. to call someone a racist pig is neither loving nor
non-judemental. LOVE PEOPLE. if JESUS is coming, then we need to pay
attention to what HE ACTUALLY SAID. not something someone else wrote
because they had an agenda. and by the way, I LOVE GAY PEOPLE. so does
your LORD, JESUS CHRIST. put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Автор Randy Sitzer (8 месяцев)
Thank you pastor Joel Osteen for preaching the truth of the gospel of Jesus
For those who want to live in lack and slander God's children let them be
mislead by the spirit of this world. Jesus said we should not judge. He
also said the truth shall set you free and he said I am the Truth, the life
and the way.

Автор Azariel Malach (8 месяцев)
I understand the whole judgement thing... but if we are afraid to stick up
with what God says like WARNING people of the CONSEQUENCES of their sin...
then the blood is on your hands. we aren't suppose to preach happy happy
all the time - with all due respect 

Автор D0PEAUDI0 (7 месяцев)
Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the quran. 

Автор jay harris (6 месяцев)
you got to keep the laws and commandments of the most high if not you know
the rest

Автор jojomellon (8 месяцев)
Joel is clearly conflicted because his 'aw shucks' attitude doesnt jive
with a hateful book like the bible which does say that being a jew means
you are going to hell. Then again the bible also says rich people are
going to hell too so Joel himself is going to hell. Enjoy it Joel.

Автор Shane Kuhn (2 месяца)
Lady on the phone: "...The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus is The Way,
The Truth, and The Life and the only way to the Father is through Him, and
it's not really a message of condemnation but of truth."

Joel: "Yes, I would agree with her. I believe that."

Автор Gen martinsjr (6 месяцев)
People can't see what is happening this Illuminati devils are bringing
Christian leaders to come and publicly deny Jesus as the only way. Larry
king is a demon, Joel Osteen is selling out, how will you spend years
preaching something you call "your truth" it's either "the truth" or
there's something wrong with your belief.

Автор Cally Trask (3 месяца)
I like Joel

Автор Mgwps63 (2 месяца)
Ear tickler

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