Rigs of Rods 0.36.1 (Old Version Now)

A Video about the physics in the Game Rigs of Rods.

Ein Video welches die Physik in dem Spiel RIgs of Rods zeigt.

Version 0.36.1

Download at www.repository.rigsofrods.com

Video by www.gmg-clan.de (Site Down)

Newest Version is 0.38.37!!!

Просмотров: 261826
Длительность: 4:37
Комментарии: 113

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Автор Pawlooo16 ( назад)
whats is song?

Автор MCGaming ( назад)
Can you please send me a link to the cat at 2:32.

Автор Rompin Romper ( назад)
were can i get the tractor

Автор Alec Carlson ( назад)
whats terrian called?

Автор jdschryer12 ( назад)
can u send the link to me plz

Автор Jesse Kohler ( назад)
Me too Plz

Автор nik corey ( назад)
how do you get the offroad terrain for the game?

Автор chevycamaro2174 ( назад)
where can i get the tractor at 2:32

Автор niklas richter ( назад)
den bilen är cp=((((((

Автор Skylar Fidom ( назад)
@BigChomp3rs go to sourceforge,com and search rigs of rods

Автор JoNniixD ( назад)
lol this song is cool xD

Автор BigChomp3rs ( назад)
Where can u download the 36 version. Anyone?

Автор SilverDragon893 ( назад)
how did you get the hazard lights?

Автор Alex Rose ( назад)
I can not tell you how sick of this song I am.

Автор DIRT JOCKEY ( назад)
My favorite song! These models are incredible, Im a truck driver/heavy
equipment operator and you've nailed it. The loader was impressive because
of the actual physics, when u move the bucket down it appears heavy and
lifts the back end up. Very impressive. I noticed the hydraulic cylinders
looked more like chains though. And the Semi Tractor had every detail
except airlines from what I saw. Very impressive overall.

Автор DIRT JOCKEY ( назад)
My favorite song!

Автор Henrik .B ( назад)
you can change the song.... use any (ANY) other song from the audio swap!

Автор TheGoodLife ( назад)
why that music every time

Автор Jaso4444 ( назад)
how to u get that 2:25

Автор Befindox7 ( назад)
ive been trying to get rigs of rods for so long, but it will never work.
how do i get 0.36.1 to run properly/or download properly? PLEASE HELP!!!

Автор ronit arora ( назад)
whats the name of the song???

Автор ronit arora ( назад)
whats the name of this song.....can anyone tell me please!!!

Автор waddlerobloxxxx (982 года назад)
OMG GUYS!!11!!!oneone USE . AND , FOR TURN SIGANLS!!!11!1!11!!!!one

Автор waddlerobloxxxx ( назад)
lolwut??Welche Taste ist den fürs blinken

Автор Sweet Memes For Sweet Teens VIII ( назад)
What are the controls for the turn signals? Anybody?

Автор Ernst askø ( назад)
@IndianaJones772 Haha! Yeah indeed :D

Автор Tadas Armonavičius ( назад)

Автор kenneth witt ( назад)
@thsajmon672 if it dont work either try to update your software or try a
smaller vertion of the game

Автор thsajmon672 ( назад)
I wish my rigs of rods still worked.

Автор Fellowslothb ( назад)
@00herpderp00, lol, i know it doesnt make sense but each are different is
what i meant so out of 100% of tutorials 20% have the music and 80% of gta
vids out of 100% have the song, but still its a good song

Автор 00herpderp00 ( назад)
@fellowslothb That doesn't make ANY sense at all, so now 140% of videos on
youtube use this song? NO

Автор subhan ayyaz ( назад)
i have rigs of rods 0.37.1

Автор cadalate ( назад)
where do u get that game?

Автор winston393 ( назад)
I love this fucking song so much!!!!

Автор BuXTYP ( назад)
shit again fucking 009 sound system i hate it i cant watch that video

Автор fatboik11 ( назад)
i dont mean to bother you but, where can i get the first map in this video?

Автор Fellowslothb ( назад)
i know the song is good but its used on 80% of gta vids and 40% of
tutorials and 20% of normal vids, and to be honest and fair its getting

Автор Ernst askø ( назад)
Thumbs up if you are pretty tired of this song!

Автор Manzikret ( назад)
@bloodman348 no demo , just full and freeware

Автор Manzikret ( назад)
@GMGClan thanx for the replay , i have the latest version , should i
download the old version to add the mods ?? and do you think the old
version are stable more than the new one ?

Автор Manzikret ( назад)
how you put the cargo on the truck at 2:04 ??

Автор counterguy1 ( назад)
i mean 37.113 ups :-

Автор NOTREPASSION2 ( назад)
c quoi le nom de la chason je croi que je l ai

Автор Cute Neko ( назад)
I loved Version 0.36.1 but i up dated so i could play the newer map's and
thing's wish i didn't tho. ;~;

Автор FordLover4311 ( назад)
how do you get morre cars on here

Автор bloodman348 ( назад)
is this the full version? or demo?

Автор TheThomasTT ( назад)
My 0.36 is so slow. i got normal computer windows 7 and 300gb free space:S

Автор Kuchen90000 ( назад)
Das spiel ist einfach amazing wenn ihr es wollt ganz wichtig läd euch den
Installer runter! der beinhaltet neuste version und noch extra fahrzeuge so
könnt ihr online spielen

Автор pyramyde1 ( назад)
@GMGClan can u plz tell me if u know how to put mods on game cause i dont

Автор pyramyde1 ( назад)
@techdeck261 yes its already out

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
@pyramyde1 no

Автор pyramyde1 ( назад)
@0xeyx0 do u know what to do to put a mod on game?

Автор 1JZvvti ( назад)
is there going to be 0.37.0 rigs of rods

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
idk how to play it online i preciate that u helping me : i got llitle bad
english im from the : netherlands

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
i got 0.37.72 :S how do i go online i need older version

Автор mageac ( назад)
i love this game, but what i don't get is when making a rig, why can't you
just change the strength/thickness of the rods...

Автор Taatuli ( назад)
Rigs Of Rods

Автор Taatuli ( назад)
RIgs Of Rods

Автор Strelok ( назад)

Автор Crawlerz246 ( назад)
is this a game?

Автор Ziom925 ( назад)
what's the game ?

Автор Andrew Young ( назад)
Cool dude!

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
it was part of the anti-virus..... it was a damn program from RoR that was
duplicated and it didn't work until i deleted the copied file.... and the
copied file had a "suspicious cloud" my Norton detected....

Автор TheDominik1803 ( назад)
sterowanie klawiaturą?

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
i couldn't even play single player cuz of it.....

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
well, RoR fucked up on the NEW version that supports the multiplayer and i
couldn't play any of it.... i uninstalled it reinstalled it... nothing. i
even tried downloading 0.35.0 and nothing..... so i surched and surched and
i couldn't find any RoR files..... so i checked my anti-virus and it says
"whoa!! this thing is fucked up!" so it blocked it... i unblocked it.... i
never bothered trying to install again.... you think i should try again?

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
i have a question. when i get ANY kind of mod, all of my terrain and all of
my vehicles that came with ROR when i downloaded it disappear except the
mods i downloaded... i save my mods in the packs like i should. but
everything disappears anyway! anything i that can stop that?

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
i have the 0.36.3 version XD

Автор PotatoadZ ( назад)
idiot, it says when dayn'n'night when the video starts.....

Автор HTIDEREM ZTAEB ( назад)
@0xeyx0 kid cudi - day'n'nite:D

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
no wrong its a remix the originnal is diferent

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
the song?

Автор xregizorx ( назад)
can u help me ? i dont know how to attach a trailer to a truck. what should
i press ?

Автор Piparkakkumauste ( назад)
Can be found from rigs of rods repository.

Автор Tephra ( назад)
@farmingsim2009 me 2, Please! :)

Автор farmingsim2009 ( назад)
What recording softwere did you use can you give me the link?

Автор InQQQ ( назад)
i like the front end loader at 2:20 where can i download it?

Автор ZZombyWooff ( назад)
I would of watched this but the music... -.- stuttering black loser turned
me off. great game still.

Автор Sut Mig ( назад)
how do you put mods into ror 0.36.2?

Автор z0mger999 ( назад)
kid kudi vs crookers day'n'nite

Автор Martin Trofimov ( назад)
what is that song name?

Автор Gerardo Rodriguez ( назад)
como haces para que el juego se te vea asi ?????

Автор Sut Mig ( назад)
what is the different on ror 0.34 and 0.35 and 0.36?

Автор Argon165 ( назад)
Versuch ne ältere verwsion...

Автор horsmiaolcom ( назад)
whats the site

Автор hardstyler232 ( назад)
bei mir geht das spel nicht was kann ich machen

Автор yamamushi ( назад)
Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Night (Crookers Remix)

Автор Gerardo Rodriguez ( назад)
What´s the name of the song man ?:

Автор Michael Undsoweiter ( назад)
würd ich auch gern mal wissen also auf der offiziellen page hab ich ihn
noch nich gefunden

Автор dirthuegel2 ( назад)
wo kann ich den: 2:25 downloaden ??? how i can download the truck : 2:25 ???

Автор 0SxK0 ( назад)
midnight club ^^ xd

Автор Scotishboys ( назад)
i know were the game is but when i go to load the map it closes and says
that there is an error

Автор Silent Alarm ( назад)
If i remeber correctly, you gotta do it yourself. If you don't know where
the game is, use the search for "my computer"

Автор Scotishboys ( назад)
doesnt work...

Автор Scotishboys ( назад)
i downloaded it but no short cut came up... so i cant play it...

Автор MazdaBass971 ( назад)
I hate this DAMN SONG

Автор Philipp X ( назад)
Oh yeah it rocks!

Автор miked9372 ( назад)
day n night crookers remix

Автор Daniel Owczarek ( назад)
Kid cudi - -day 'n' nite

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