How to fix : "This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine"

Fix "This copy of Microsoft office is not Genuine".

1. Close all Office applications first

2. Go to :
C:\Windows\System32 or
C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder

and delete the following files
- OGAVerify.exe
- OGAAddin.dll

3.You are done.

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Автор Anthony Smith ( назад)
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price! Check my google+ profile for my entire product list and contact

Автор OreDragonPizza ( назад)
Guys there is a code under ur laptop so u can enter it in and it works

Автор Shereef Hisham ( назад)
Great! it totally worked for me
only had the OGAAddin.dll file and deleted it and it worked 100%
just make sure yo close all office apps as mentioned in video.
Thanks dude

Автор vovoneski mineskivovo ( назад)
does this works? i will not try to many bad comments got to search for a

Автор เรวัติ แสงสว่าง ( назад)

Автор เรวัติ แสงสว่าง ( назад)
WTF!!! What the fuck

Автор Kathy809RD ( назад)
did not work for me :( 

Автор Derek Cameron ( назад)
no such files exist

Автор Crazy7ee ( назад)
Will removing the fix make it in possible for me to update my PC? Or can it
still run the usual auto updates?

Автор Gvozdeni Buregdžija (mleka) ( назад)
for solution send me message: mleka(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Автор Gvozdeni Buregdžija (mleka) ( назад)
if u need activator, send me a message on facebook: /ironmastah

Автор Alan Heath ( назад)
I can't find the file OGAAddin.dll either. 

Автор Demus Johney ( назад)
thanks man!!

Автор Paul Suquet ( назад)
None of those files were in any of those folders... 

Автор HXP M ( назад)
I couldnt find those files,,,wat should I do? 

Автор KTVlog ( назад)
I was unable to find either of those two files. :(

Автор Pedro Cajueiro ( назад)
You Win. Perfect.

Автор Jack Patino ( назад)
Windows 7, Office 2007: I couldn't really follow the video much, but the
simple description under the video were more helpful than anything I have
run across. Checked out my Office and voila! All better now :) Thanks!!!

Автор Abdullah Farabi ( назад)
Wht do we do if we don't find any of these files???? any other way???

Автор MrBryran ( назад)
Nice work! First video that's legit!

Автор Manpreet Kaur Panesar ( назад)
thanks thanks it worked for me:) muahhh

Автор Ajay Parmar ( назад)
i HAVE NEITHER OF THESE FILES! someone please help me thanks

Автор zo6fan07 ( назад)
dont have either of them either!

Автор Tarun Malhotra ( назад)

Автор J0KKI ( назад)
I don't have the file?

Автор Jivan Hovsepyan ( назад)
@mishkatrishka check the description >.< it's dreamscape by 009 sound

Автор mishkatrishka ( назад)
song name please :)

Автор Greg Bednar ( назад)
@TilaTequila73 You can not edit anything, only read.

Автор Leo Rose ( назад)
Thanks a lot Works Great. Searched for both and only found one to be safe
and to see if it worked I moved the .dll to my desktop and reopened my
office XP and it didn't tell me no more.

Автор klazw ( назад)
i couldnt find any of the files :S

Автор yop ( назад)
windows vista ..work for me too :-) thanx alot.

Автор Nirmal Singh Rex ( назад)
really superb.. thanks dude.. 

Автор IAmThePumaMan ( назад)
Thanks for posting this vid. It solved the problem right away. I'm about
fed up with Microsoft at this point. I purchased the copy of Office I have
firsthand, so it's really irritating to get a BS error saying the version I
have isn't genuine.

Автор Sai Rakesh ( назад)
i dont have any of the files....i even checked if they are hidden....what
should be done???

Автор Bryan Modray ( назад)
i dont have any of the files and i have the message any ideas?

Автор awad sulieman ( назад)
thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu man ur good man

Автор awad sulieman ( назад)
thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu man ur good man 

Автор Harrison Nam ( назад)

Автор Sharwin Rodrigues ( назад)
Boss you Rock!! You made my day .....GRacias

Автор llJ613Pll ( назад)
I only had the OGAAddin.dll file, but I deleted it and it worked
perfectly!! Thanks sooo much! You dont know how much that damn notification
was bugging me lol

Автор nitin lunawat ( назад)

Автор rookie260 ( назад)
worked like a charm thanks allot mate, remember if you can't find one of
the files it doesn't matter coz that's what happened to me but it still
worked easy and safe method to use got to give props where it is due thanks
once again 

Автор Ivor Bedford ( назад)
Thanks it worked great for me !!!!

Автор Carly Torres ( назад)
thank youuuu

Автор Deepak Tiwari ( назад)
thanx ..........u rock dude it successfully worked for me thank u very much
nice work..... :-)

Автор Gavin ( назад)
i dont have it 

Автор Emil Groth ( назад)
worked perfectly thx mate ;D

Автор TornadoQuakeX ( назад)
My computer doesn't even have these files. Doesn't work.

Автор ricchardo ( назад)
I've see many different explinations of how to remove Genuine Advantage
Notification, yours is by far the most simple and the only one (I tried)
which actually worked!! Many Thanks :-)

Автор David K ( назад)
@bobby2731 alright, I did.. I think it's working, but we'll just wait and
see. Better than cracking.. Peace.

Автор David K ( назад)
@bobby2731 I updated windows, and now microsoft office 2007 pops up every
24 hours and say "This copy of microsoft office is not genuine." It doesn't
pop up all the time, but it pop up like every other day whenever I open up
microsoft office... In the description box, you said to delete
OGAVerify.exe on system32, but I don't have that file.. I only have
OGAAddin.dll. Should I delete that? If so, will it ruined Microsoft office
or the computer? Please reply..

Автор ikelvo ( назад)
im usein home preium windows 7

Автор ikelvo ( назад)
i am usein windows 7 home preium

Автор ikelvo ( назад)
i search full comp for these 2 files they not there :(

Автор Jack Li ( назад)
thanks :3

Автор hocknod ( назад)
That was easy. Thanks dude. But next time, choose a different song. :)

Автор Ashadowtotheworld ( назад)
Hi Vista user here and i cant find the files, please help. thanks

Автор Masood Wahizi ( назад)
thx it worked

Автор Gary Johnson ( назад)
worked well for me..thanks

Автор Edgardo Aponte ( назад)
works excellent...using windows 7 here

Автор samuelvic ( назад)
woow whats the name of the soundtrack!!???? awsome track!

Автор MAG NUM ( назад)
I culdent find OGAVerify.exe so i just delited OGAAddin.dll and it works i
got microsoft office 2007 enterprise eddition on windows vista thenx for
the vid helped allot :)

Автор brunofulup ( назад)
Please tell me are you using Windows 7 or windowsXP in the video because im
kinda worried about... Please awnswer fast!!!!!

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