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Автор Katie Glasser ( назад)
(Bryan scores)
Matt: Finally😐😳😞😟☹️🙁😕🙄😶

Автор Katie Glasser ( назад)
I love the way that when Matt breakers the hoop, J-Fred still hopes to make
a basket off the wall.<3

I love watching ur vids!!!

Автор Spiritwolf194Gaming ( назад)
9:03 yeah I get it's for the video but seriously Matt do u have to destroy
everything, it's getting really annoying and since this was made a few
months ago, I have been watching ur vids and pretty much every video u
destroy something 😒😑😡

Автор Crazy Fun Kid ( назад)
I will always love ur channel

Автор Aleks L ( назад)

Автор XxxCorridorxxX Bruh ( назад)
I miss the old matt

Автор Spaceshark 707 ( назад)
9:43 lol!!!

Автор Wendy Carchi ( назад)
You are dumb dan den

Автор Melvin Santiago ( назад)
Amazing video I like it when jfred said the Matthias didn't put on

Автор Alicia Goss ( назад)
I love channel and this episode was so funny and if this was a try not to
laugh I lost because Mathias is so funny RAGE MONSTER

Автор SuperHelixCube ( назад)
team edge is the mature version of evantubehd

Автор Emily Penaloza ( назад)
You gays are so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Gaston Bustos ( назад)
you need to use sand for shuffleboard

Автор ccn8tor 021605 ( назад)
All u comments saying that they should have donated the stuff instead of
breaking it they can do what they want they are adults and some of u r like
what 9/10 so cut it out

Автор Alec Brown ( назад)
why did you break it why ;(

Автор Ben Kim ( назад)
This could have been a great video with 13 different sports (minus the
shuffleboard). But Matthias had to ruin everything. It really wasn't funny.

This isn't a hate comment. I will continue to watch Team Edge and continue
to enjoy them. I just feel like this was not one of their finest
challenges. It was like the Cars 2 of Team Edge, it you will.

Автор jaden tucker ( назад)
Love your vids

Автор Zsuzsanna Siklodi ( назад)
When you realise you're not subscribed :'-(

Автор Crystal Hall ( назад)

Автор Eythan zenou ( назад)

Автор Dylan Phelps ( назад)
do super hot in real life plz with Markiplier plz

Автор Jumanji TM ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Naif Alhuwaidi ( назад)
The blond dude is homosexual

Автор Amelie Racine ( назад)
This is the best video and try to make a challenge on a trampoline we're
you are jumping and you havo hit balls away and they cant touch the ground

Автор Conmon87 ( назад)
8:55 😂 im dying

Автор supreme machine ( назад)
love it lol

Автор Sam Fam ( назад)
Why don't you guys donate toys. Team Edge doesn't have too.

Автор Kyle Wilcox ( назад)
9:43 WWE cliche

Автор AsrielSaver Best friends with chara and frisk ( назад)
You are Toy Killers

Автор Nathan Sherman ( назад)

Автор Phantom Worksgaming ( назад)
Is this team edge or Wwe "put him through the table!"

Автор MeowPotatoLife :3 ( назад)
0:03 Me When Someone Insults Me With A Bad Roast 🙀😑

Автор Mathis Jacquet ( назад)
bande de enfoiré

Автор yousra jawed ( назад)
I laughed so hard when Matt broke the net

Автор Hayden Matsumura ( назад)
this is dumb

Автор EPIC Gamer ( назад)
+1 sub

Автор Grant's Gaming ( назад)
2:33 , indeed.

Автор Sydster K ( назад)

Автор Mad Man With A Gun ( назад)
I have a even smaller air hockey table

Автор IfiWasAPotato Unicorn ( назад)

Автор Chloe' Tremblay ( назад)
Lol its only funny when matt rages i LOVE how j-fred broke the hocky table
"Oh its made out of cardboard"says Matt. Well duh

Автор Damian r ( назад)

Автор Apple_ White_8 ( назад)
i keep replaying it fro 8:55

Автор Man Utd Fan ( назад)
I watched 9:00 to 10:16 6 times

Автор Plannet Man 04 ( назад)
they didn't do any of the sport emojis in the tittle

Автор Kraken Hunters ( назад)
out of everyone in team edge Bryan is my favorite

Автор TheEmoji King ( назад)
tlc 9:45

Автор Bubba X (TheCzarOfGaming) ( назад)
so do they own a company or they strictly just youtubers or what???

Автор Shawn Clashes ( назад)
of course the one that look likes a school shooter is the best at shooting

Автор Ryan Thomas ( назад)
At 9:42 when u broke it I laugh my ass off

Автор Farrel's Channel ( назад)
you are crazy

Автор Edit King ( назад)
These guys are like boot leg dude perfect and it's awesome 😂😎

Автор Joel Lopez ( назад)
Matthias I can smell you from here💩💩💩😂

Автор Keddrick's Toys! ( назад)
and 🔫 nerf

Автор Keddrick's Toys! ( назад)

Автор KEWWY Lollipop ( назад)
whats the bigger version of Pool?

Автор ThePugTDM ( назад)
"That wasn't count" Matts grammar tho

Автор Jase Pee ( назад)
Matt cheeted at the edge games he flenched with Bryan

Автор John Dobres ( назад)
Omg when he broke the table I fell out of seat crying and I hit my head

Автор Blue Wolf ( назад)
I love how Matt was just an angry smol bean throughout the whole video.

Автор Aiden Plays ( назад)
Matthias rage much

Автор Peanut Butter ( назад)
0:01 0-0

Автор Jayli Rodriguez ( назад)
J-Fred has a big butt 😄😃

Автор Lady Fox ( назад)
I miss the wheel..

Автор Hugo Alvaro Jazid ( назад)
I wish they do the basketball

Автор Theophane Cheong ( назад)
+Team Edge where did u by those mini sports equipment?

Автор I am the fluff the fluff 7 ( назад)

Автор Seany Delight ( назад)
R.i.p board

Автор Savannah Loyd ( назад)
pause at 3:35 hahahahah😆

Автор RobloxLumberduper Lucaamato12 a ( назад)
They changed the title

Автор Kaden Mosher ( назад)
more nerf battles pls

Автор Antoine Keo ( назад)
the human eyes of yours so mad when you do a backflip into the underwear

Автор Mr Guy ( назад)
YouTube hates me right now I can't do anything

Автор Mr Guy ( назад)

Автор Shane Dillon ( назад)
Was Joey in chorus

Автор Tamina Sarwari ( назад)
good video

Автор Donkey Corn ( назад)
was it barbie or bobby at 0:23

Автор Gavin Prieto ( назад)
Mathias is chetening

Автор Peter Petty ( назад)
Mattathias is a bit of a sick sometimes no offense

Автор TASK 881 ( назад)
Jfred has a butt of steel

Автор Katie Carmignani ( назад)
are j fred and matthias brothers?

Автор Baiey Oswald ( назад)
he could be a teacher

Автор Leanna Burcham ( назад)
I cried at the ending

Автор Exotic Butters ( назад)
Hey team edge, I like the way you play nicely and Matthias is better at
raging than Leopold Slikk and Harold Slikk.

Автор MeMyselfAndMC Gaming ( назад)
I got that mini sports table for Christmas when I was in 4th grade and my
brother decided to use it is a coffee table and he ruined the wood

Автор C K L E m l Parker ( назад)
Do you guys just destroy crap?

Автор V3N0M ( назад)
I love how Mathias pouted

Автор Ty_Guy2003 ( назад)
Matt and J-Fred are gay

Автор Lukas Milana ( назад)
j Fred your funny

Автор Hope Fetes0000 ( назад)
5:36 Bryan can't laugh he did a LOT worse

Автор Cupcakegirly 117 ( назад)
Now I understand why mike is the mic person cause mi(ke)crophone

Автор Evan Skroch ( назад)
I /\/\ /\/\atthias
\ /

Автор Marie K ( назад)
u guys rock 💪😍💕

Автор Nahbila Guzman ( назад)

Автор Nahbila Guzman ( назад)
J-jokes aré the best

Автор serious tacos ( назад)
I had that thing!

Автор Kyle Williams ( назад)
Matt is cool customers hßssghhhhhhassssassasasasas

Автор vr_nur0tixin ( назад)
Nerf bullets are called darts

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