If you're a filmmaker considering purchasing the Zoom R16, you need to watch this video before purchasing that product

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Автор sound massage (3 месяца)
you call yourself a pro but you're filming vertical?!?! this is basic

Автор Alejandro Oseguera (7 месяцев)
Nice review, and really thanks for saving me time of experimenting, I was
going for the R24 anyway, but now im more sure about it
I have a doubt and maybe you can help me out with it. maybe a noob question
but i rather clear my doubt.
does it internaly record 4 simultaneous individual track files for each XLR
input for pos production sync or it mix the recording into one audio?
I have heard reviews, download the manual, and it says it does, but is not
specific if it internally does it.
Thank for taking the time to make the review and hope you get time to help
me out

Автор Peter Kuttner (4 месяца)
thanks for sharing with us. 

Автор MusicianWebMediaProjects (11 месяцев)
Thanks for the heads up on the R24!

Автор Dez Durham (11 месяцев)
Very helpful. Great advise, glad you brought this point to the forefront.
Thank you! I'm doing a shoot on Monday with the r16. I think what I'll do
is log every take by logging the recording start time & be sure to record
the audio of the slate sound for each take. The shoot is an 8 part dialog
of about 12 minutes each segment so I'll make each segment a new project
and all the takes will reside in each project. Thanks for the heads up!

Автор Baron Morris (1 год)
I found the following on the sweetwater site. "Q: is it possible to record
multiple takes on the same track on the Zoom R16?" "A: Yes, this is
possible. By switching the file selection for the track to “NOT ASSIGN”,
you can record a new file. The recorded files are saved separately for each
project, and you can later select the file to be played for a specific
track. This allows you to lay down several vocal or guitar solo takes and
select the best take later. For details, see page 23 of the Operation

Автор Wyme Wruscel (3 года)
The R16 is more than capable of recording location audio. Filmmakers more
intuned to the use of NAGRA or DAT field recorders have no issues using the
R16 as bad takes can be audio slated and all are seperated by clapsticks on
the sound wave. The R24 feature may be nice to have on the R16, but it far
from cancels it out for location recording. The R16 works well as a film
recorder and it is better on batts then the R24! The best COMBO is the R16
and the H4N (Handheld cam mounted with shotgun)

Автор magoyimmaster (3 года)
Thank you very Tons for this video, I was about to buy the Zoom R16 or R24,
you are great, I appreciate your video.

Автор Sam Mitchell (1 год)
Please bare in mind that you can internally switch form 4/6 channels of
phantom power in the zoom r24 to conserve battery power , there is also the
on going great debate about pre amps ect - I have found that the pre amps
are more than adequate - the only issue is that the footprint compared to
the zoom h4n is a little cumbersome , however - Bang for buck , the zoom
r24 is a great unit and having had a focusrite unit , (which is great ) as
a musician , the zoom allows you to get back to basics

Автор Wyme Wruscel (3 года)
@WymeWruscel When using the feature described the sound recordist will
usually not AUDIO SLATE the takes as good or bad. So the result could be
100+ clips that you still have to find the audio slate for, then send it to
Pluraleyes. There is no difference to it being one long recording as a
project on the R16. The R16 makes the process easier and more like classic
film recording and sound editing. What is to stop you on the R16 from
creating a new project after every GOOD take as well as scene.

Автор frederbury (2 года)
Hello I have the r16 and audio work has been incredible, practical and
light. if the idea is to overwrite a bad shoot, oprims rewind and record
again, and if you shoot it out well, you record each point. the r24 is more
robust, besides having built patrons of drums, as you can create rhythms.
with r16 also i can able to make my record and mix the music of my film, so
it's a great tool. regards

Автор Sam Mitchell (1 год)
Sorry 2/6 channels

Автор Wyme Wruscel (3 года)
@WymeWruscel Having the MICS on different tracks is the key to why the
R16/R24 are so good for film recording. The ability to SOLO them into the
editor one at a time is amazing. The issue you describrd does not really
factor in as long as the sound recordist is organized and competent and
LOGS EVERY TAKE. An art that is lost in todays HAVE IT NOW world....Keep up

Автор Sam Mitchell (1 год)
Thanks for your efforts - very interesting x

Автор Sandopictures (2 года)
I agree with you that it's a great tool in the way you're using it, however
for filmmakers, it's different. It's not just about losing your file, it's
about saving time looking for take after take of a full production day.
It's better when separated into individual files.

Автор Sandopictures (2 года)
It is safer to mistakenly erase the last take of the day, then to erase the
entire day. I'm not saying that the R16 doesn't work or isn't good for
filmmakers, I'm simply saying know what you're getting into before you make
the purchase. The beauty of DSLR filmmaking today is the instant
gratification of your files being available for viewing and separated
everytime you hit stop or record. You can have the same with your audio. I
hope I made sense, if not, lets agree to disagree.

Автор Sam Mitchell (1 год)
As an interesting footnote , be mindful with the r24 that you can adjust
your recorders phantom inputs from two to six , which can make the
difference in power consumption

Автор Wyme Wruscel (3 года)
@WymeWruscel The competent use of the 99 location points are key to not
deleting your stuff with the R16. Tell me more about how this feature from
the R24 helps you!

Автор Sandopictures (3 года)
You're welcome mago

Автор Sandopictures (2 года)
Location points slows down production and time in Post. It's not just about
losing your files, it's more about work flow and time management. Having
individual files is better when you have hundreds of takes from a feature
film. The takes are easier to find and editing them is also easier. The R24
provides individual takes and the R16 doesn't, which makes the R24 a better
device for filmmakers.

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