Girls Season 6 Trailer #2 (HD)

GIRLS returns for its sixth and final season on Sunday, February 12th at 10pm. Created by and starring Lena Dunham, the Emmy®-winning comedy series is a comic look at the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their 20s. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Girls season 6 promos in HD!

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» Starring: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Adam Driver

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Автор Silvera ( назад)
girls always have amazing songs in it! anyway, so excited for the new

Автор Arturo Castañeda ( назад)
i don't want jessa to die... she is just the best of the show.... NOOO NOOO
NOOOO please don't kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор miran x ( назад)
i do feel like i have to mention that many of these people have no lips.
where is everyone's top and bottom lips??

Автор miran x ( назад)
Why did HBO end this series?

Автор Lapis Lazuli ( назад)
what is the name of the music pls? ???

Автор Beste Karaca ( назад)
hannah is my spritual animal

Автор Lector Empedernido ( назад)
It's going to be an amazing season!! And they included Aurora in the
soundtrack! :D

Автор Ice Ice Baby ( назад)
The show is funny but gawd Lena duhnham is so ugly inside out

Автор dahliah mermaids ( назад)
fuck you Jessa.

Автор Official Filmilen ( назад)
I think this is going to be a good final season

Автор mono lyza ( назад)
i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор thebbaps ( назад)
Anyone know the name to the song in the trailer?

Автор Luigi Valentino ( назад)
Soooooooo Happy this is the final season of HBO "Girls." Hope the entire
cast is killed by an ISIS suicide bomber while standing in line waiting to
redeem their frequent flyer punch card at an abortion clinic.
This would guarantee the prevention of "Reunion Shows" or Horrible spinoff

Автор Tatiana Galvao ( назад)
GINA LINETTI LIVES!! Also, what is the song at 1:04?

Автор Deirdre Oh ( назад)
Aurora ❤

Автор LondonJamesZurich ( назад)
That moment when you hear LITTLE MIX during the Promo.. 🤘🏻 💜 #LittleMix
- can't wait to see this season. Have been waiting like forever. Thank you

Автор Nightengale NoxRose ( назад)
Can we have more Adam, Ray and Jessa please?! I actually like Adam and
Jessa as a couple better than Adam with Hannah. Can everyone stop bothering
Jessa about it yet? Ray deserves better than Marnie. I'm really excited for
this season! :D

Автор AidenDZN™ • Motion & Graphic Designer ( назад)
Guns from brooklyn-nine-nine. Spoiler, hope she didn't die.

Автор Faceless Storytime ( назад)
Oh, good. It got worse.

Автор creon potier ( назад)
This is gonna be the best season yet

Автор Justin Sigler ( назад)
the one thing I don't understand. Why would Girls allowed gay guys look at
them naked or watch them get undressed, but when a straight guy does a girl
just freaks out or thinks they're a perv. I just don't understand why
people treat gay people so special

Автор patricia Bermudez ( назад)
i never clik so fast

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