Slow Motion Bowling Styles of the Melbourne Tenpin Cup

Congratulations to the winners Jason Belmonte and Dena Buxton!

Featuring the slow motion swing and releases of Jason Belmonte, Glen loader, Daan Wijker, Ryan Edgar, Michael Little, Chris Watson, Chris Castle, Craig Nevatt, Kate Pilkington, Dena Buxton, Matt Watson, Stephen Cowland.

This tournament was held at Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park, on the WTBA Atlanta (38') oil pattern.

The music is Never Never by Australian band The Ambients, from their album Into Red Dust (2013), and the song has been used with permission.


And you can check The Ambients out on Facebook here:


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Автор 2hands Bowling Junky ( назад)
Wow the belmo ball go far on the lane before it hook. Possible he play pin

Автор daniel Gordon ( назад)
I find the exaggerated and forced arm swing/rocking to be really annoying.

Автор Tracey Manton ( назад)
I aim down the middle. If I I try bowling from the outside in my ball would
go in the gutter. 

Автор Penonton Setia ( назад)
The music is great.. thnx bro

Автор Dylan Jones ( назад)
Can any one tell me If that's the punch out

Автор Liquid ( назад)

Автор SC PSO ( назад)
Guy @ 2:18 has the best form. Balance hand forward, thumb down, throw hand
lined up with his head, cupped to un-cupped, throw hand follow through up
towards his head. Perfection.

Автор SC PSO ( назад)
That song is awesome! Might have to use it next time me and the wife get
busy.... ;)

Автор الحياه حلوه ( назад)
Thanx a lots for your job

Автор SoraRoxasKHII ( назад)
I really wish I knew how to bowl like this 

Автор Ezequiel Pignataro ( назад)
Man, I really appreciate this video, it's hard to find slow-mo bowling
videos! Thanks!

Автор Virgil Washington ( назад)
She t f g

Автор Hockey Kyle ( назад)
Very nice music

Автор Pete Raids ( назад)
Great video mate ... it goes straight into my collection

Автор VirginiaGuy1967 ( назад)
I like this video. You did a nice job of showing hand positions at the
point of release. I recently bowled a pro-am and met a few touring pros,
Parker Bohn III, Patrick Allen, Kelly Kulick, Jake Peters. I would love to
meet Belmo. 

Автор c.c. keiser ( назад)
Nice choice of music. Thanks for the up-load! 8)

Автор Dean Champ ( назад)
Most the pros and top amateurs cup then collapse their wrist to generate
revs, you just don't see it until it is viewed in slow motion. When it is
executed with a muscle free arm swing, there is no physical stress on the

Автор Dodgybr0 ( назад)
Years upon years with this release; no dramas. Averaged 216 in this

Автор Shayne Melton ( назад)
Good. lol

Автор matt fryer ( назад)
hhmmm not one left hander in that video :-(

Автор niketas koniates ( назад)
2:00.. it would be a full roller track..

Автор BrianTheDuke ( назад)
Digging this jam. I should start wearing earbuds while I bowl so I can
listen to this.

Автор Naz Jk ( назад)
this music make me calm and really enjoy watching this video, great job! :)

Автор Naobee ( назад)

Автор Dean Champ ( назад)
The camera is the Canon PowerShot SX220 HS, and it cost me AU$200. It also
has 240fps, but at that rate it strobes with the fluorescent lights.

Автор TheDeder57 ( назад)
Love the music. Guy at 4:34 has the most Revs which explains the
gutter-lofting. Personal Favorites is the guy at after Belmo who swings
like Mike Fagan and the guy at 5:18. Though his ball checked hard and went
through the nose, he's working the ball up the back like a pro. A true

Автор TheDeder57 ( назад)
Whoops, meant to type more. Great video; your camera must be high-end to
have that high of a frame rate. I think I speak for all of us when I say
"Thank-You" for using it to capture this kind of thing.

Автор TheDeder57 ( назад)

Автор jjk ( назад)
helpful stuff thanks dude

Автор Nick D III ( назад)
Followed by 1:46 which is the worst

Автор Nick D III ( назад)
1:18 is definitely the best release

Автор thegdoat1 ( назад)
Great video man. And the music too.

Автор Gary Stevens ( назад)
This video has been more helpful on learning how to hook more efficiently,
than every other how to video I have seen on youtube, and I have watched so
many... -.-

Автор Brandon Davis ( назад)
Thank you. Haven't seen many bowling style videos. 

Автор TenpinBowlingShow ( назад)
We made many requests to Brendon Stanton from Schweppes to sponsor the show
back in 2009 & 2010 but were turned down ever time. Would make sense as
Schweppes have now signed up to a further 4 year deal with Oztenpin for the
cup to at least have the Schweppes name on TV. If I was a Schweppes share
holder there would be some serious questions regarding lost advertising
potential. Tired of beating my head against a brick wall so have now 100%
given up attempting to raise the Tenpin profile in Oz. 

Автор Dodgybr0 ( назад)
Michael Little

Автор Gez ( назад)
It's a shame the Ten pin bowling show was'nt there anyway good vid Dean

Автор rickthequick1 ( назад)
You got anymore of jason belmonte clips

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