Ultimate Nightcore Mix ♥♥ 1 Hour

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http://api.ning.com/files/rpxMPl4k3ZctefMTcnrwaS8AIEh20FcUgwOktgpAXeD5xb*nH1rBWryTebpyRs*oBFlbX83s6-jDgPzC*sRq-2lDl-gKZW9z/F.U.L.jpg that´s the picture of my video

Tracklist ^^:

Song 1 = Moonlight Shadow
Song 2 = Angel of Darkness
Song 3 = Angel with a Shotgun
Song 4 = Calling all the Monsters
Song 5 = Anima Libera
Song 6 = Breaking the Habit
Song 7 = Castle in The Sky
Song 8 = Comatose
Song 9 = Disturbia
Song 10 = Everytime We Touch
Song 11 = God is A Girl
Song 12 = He´s a Pirate
Song 13 = Last Resort
Song 14 = Nobody´s Listening
Song 15 = Poison
Song 16 = Remember The Name
Song 17 = Whistle
Song 18 = Pika Girl
Song 19 = My Party
Song 20 = One Night in Ibiza
Song 21 = Whispers in the Dark

thank you for making me the list with this time things XD i don´t know how to call it in english

0:01 Moonlight Shadow 2:34 Angel of Darkness 5:24 Angel with a Shotgun 8:36Calling all the Monsters
11:29 Anima Libera 14:15 Breaking the Habit 16:49 Castle in The Sky 20:05Comatose
23:20 Disturbia 26:40 Everytime We Touch 29:47 God is A Girl 32:19 He´s a
Pirate 35:34 Last Resort 38:17 Nobody´s Listening 40:48 Poison 43:05Remember The Name
46:25 Whistle 49:40 Pika Girl 52:45 My Party 55:15 One Night in Ibiza 58:02Whispers in the Dark

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Автор TheZooTycooner14 (1 день)
Can anyone tell me what anime the picture is from? I'd really appreciate

Автор Priscillas Tail (8 дней)
Does anyone know of any video games where i could be a cute anime girl and
wreck shit?

Автор Tridon3 (8 дней)
Angel with a shotgun made my ears throw up....this is the only nightcore
song i hated. WHY YOUTUBE?

Автор Lexi Farr (10 дней)
i love angel with a shotgun, breaking habit, and remember the name (my top

Автор DovahProd (1 месяц)
When we play at LoL Ranked.

Автор mime King (1 месяц)
Nightcore Remix!!! 

Автор ლ(◕‿‿◕ლ) (2 месяца)
Thumbs up if you don't give a shit about nightcore and just come here just
to look at some anime chicks.

Автор 狼ⱲØĹɣζ狼|狼ζɣĹØⱲ狼 (2 месяца)
#NightcoreFTW t(-.-t)

Автор ryan ramos (16 дней)
Looks Like a Anime :3

Автор GianFRancoX Fontana (1 месяц)
anime character name? (its hatsune miku?)

Автор Rebel Hamster (2 месяца)
i wish i could download this

Автор GeGe8269 (24 дня)

Автор Winter Li (3 месяца)
If you want to find the url to the picture...

Press Crl and U (You will come to a page with a bunch of words.)
Then Press Crl and F
Type in ThumbNailUrl (<--- Exactly like that.)
Click the link...

Автор Itachi Uchiha (5 месяцев)
oh my god I knows all the musics in that mix. crazy!?^^

Автор tuomaala (1 месяц)
what is nightcore exactly?

Автор Vincent Twardzik (3 месяца)
Is this from a anime I haven't heard of?

Автор Speed King (3 месяца)
I like planes...

Автор Watson inc. (1 месяц)
Is Nightcore a genre of music or is it a band?

Автор AmazingHoffman (4 месяца)
Listening to this while writing my diary. Props.

Автор Vriska Serket (3 месяца)
I love almost every single song on this playlist! Especially the Linkin
Park one, they are my favorite 8and ever! ::::D

Автор Dark Bunny (29 дней)
i love nightcore...but am i the only one who hates angel with a shotgun? i
just hate how it sounds....sorry. am i the only one?

Автор ManBitch (2 месяца)
Sounds like anally ravaged rectum.

Автор Totoc Josiha (1 месяц)
I tried to turn the speed up to 1.5... I was not dissapointed.

Автор xX4w3s0m3Xx (2 месяца)

Автор TheMikeReloaded (3 месяца)
the totles all by themselves are nice to have, but not that useful. because
a lot of those songs are NOT the original versions.
Moonlight shadow for example. the song in here is not the original by Mike
so ... could someone tell me where to find and maybe download (or "buy" ^^)
those songs? because it'd be a lot of effort to cut a 60 minutes file down
to seperate songs

Автор jorgelgamergarcia (1 месяц)
anyone like this "music"?

Автор Francisco Rodríguez Mendoza (2 месяца)
Anybody has the picture of the video?

Автор Jack Kulacz (1 месяц)

Автор Rebekka Webber (1 месяц)
What's the song called at 20:30

Автор Xemanius (3 месяца)
So I just searched for Nightcore on Youtube cause I kept hearing about it
and...wow this sucks.

This shit is just a Chimpmunk remix with a random Anime picture...yeah wow

Автор mspmakerandlover (2 месяца)

Автор KittyCatsGaming (2 месяца)
4:24 1. i LOVE ANGEL OF DARKNESHHH 2. it actually sounds like hatsune miku
singing in english..... /)

Автор iNyxx (2 месяца)
Pfft i'm a guy and I like Nightcore.

Автор FuzzyPandaGamer (1 месяц)
35:38 what song?

Автор erreotorre (2 месяца)
As if nightcore wasn't fast enough i put it on 2X speed

Автор jasper nog wat (2 месяца)
Uhm, so basically this is just taking a song, make it a little faster and
make the voice higher? >.>

Автор Airmed Ginsberg (2 месяца)
*I'm in love with it* .w.

Автор squid881000 (2 месяца)
I remember... I remember the comment... with 70000 thousand likes...

Автор Alli Harrison (2 месяца)
i love nightcore

Автор KROWZIN88 (1 месяц)
what is 16:50

Автор The Trio Project (2 месяца)
know what I doubt anyone is going to read tis but I really need some No
more heroes nightcore like its songs are great just as is and it would be
great to see if it could get any better since I love that game so any
artist reading this do me a favor as a gamer please make some no more
heroes nightcore there is only the main theme and philistine which is kinda
not done too wel

Автор Adrian Stadler (1 месяц)
I thought alngel of darkness was anus balls for a second XD
(not hater just thought it was sorry!)
NO! go to ur room bobby! but, I was just making a youtube commen- NO!!!!
BED! now! everyone thinks u be a hater! ;-;

Автор marko andjelkovic (2 месяца)
12:00 what song?

Автор Danielle Fischer (2 месяца)
Ones I liked: Angel Of Darkness 2:34, Angel With A Shotgun 5:24, Calling
All The Monsters 8:36, Breaking The Habit (I have never heard this song
before in my life) 14:15, Castle In The Sky (Never heard this song either)
16:49, Combatose (I swear I haven't heard this before either)20:05,
Disturbia 23:20, Every Time We Touch 26:40, He's a pirate (Cuz of the beat)
32:19, Nobody's Listening 38:17, Remember The Name 43:05, Pika Girl 49:40,
Whispers In The Dark 58:02. This is why I like this video so much...

Автор Barış Karsavuranoğlu (2 месяца)
whats the name of the song 9:00 ?

Автор DarKSun (1 месяц)
can you fix your link for the picture its "not found"

Автор Kevin Karro (2 месяца)
Thumbs up if you like Nightcore :D

Автор Rinny Ribbons (1 месяц)
Love it~ ^_^

Автор nejiten hyuga (1 месяц)
what is 20:08- 23:20 song called

Автор Maksymilian Szymanski (2 месяца)
Nightcore is... strange and cute xD too mutch Kawaii!!
Hardstyle still better :P 

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