Ultimate Nightcore Mix ♥♥ 1 Hour

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http://api.ning.com/files/rpxMPl4k3ZctefMTcnrwaS8AIEh20FcUgwOktgpAXeD5xb*nH1rBWryTebpyRs*oBFlbX83s6-jDgPzC*sRq-2lDl-gKZW9z/F.U.L.jpg that´s the picture of my video

Tracklist ^^:

Song 1 = Moonlight Shadow
Song 2 = Angel of Darkness
Song 3 = Angel with a Shotgun
Song 4 = Calling all the Monsters
Song 5 = Anima Libera
Song 6 = Breaking the Habit
Song 7 = Castle in The Sky
Song 8 = Comatose
Song 9 = Disturbia
Song 10 = Everytime We Touch
Song 11 = God is A Girl
Song 12 = He´s a Pirate
Song 13 = Last Resort
Song 14 = Nobody´s Listening
Song 15 = Poison
Song 16 = Remember The Name
Song 17 = Whistle
Song 18 = Pika Girl
Song 19 = My Party
Song 20 = One Night in Ibiza
Song 21 = Whispers in the Dark

thank you for making me the list with this time things XD i don´t know how to call it in english

0:01 Moonlight Shadow 2:34 Angel of Darkness 5:24 Angel with a Shotgun 8:36Calling all the Monsters
11:29 Anima Libera 14:15 Breaking the Habit 16:49 Castle in The Sky 20:05Comatose
23:20 Disturbia 26:40 Everytime We Touch 29:47 God is A Girl 32:19 He´s a
Pirate 35:34 Last Resort 38:17 Nobody´s Listening 40:48 Poison 43:05Remember The Name
46:25 Whistle 49:40 Pika Girl 52:45 My Party 55:15 One Night in Ibiza 58:02Whispers in the Dark

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Автор Mãe do Davy (12 дней)
Nada pra fazer.. músicas <3

Автор YardenShay (7 дней)
Someone can give me the first song please?
"moonlight shadow"
I dont find it.

Автор Supguystv (2 месяца)
man, its too cute Q_Q

Why can't i be this Kawaii Q_Q

Автор Miss Rose Sso (1 месяц)
8:06 << Song, please ? Sorry i'm French c;

Автор Jerome Kazowsky (1 месяц)
Listen to this without killing yourself. All of it.

Автор Adrian Gonsalves (1 месяц)
sugei sugei keep up the good work ill get a good morning start

Автор judy ㄅㄅ (27 дней)
親愛的好友們~ 繼續再給它嗨 ~~下去吧~

Автор vin stu (28 дней)
hate mlp >:(

Автор Cherrychillz (9 часов)
Hello! You all probably hate people that self promote on other people´s
videos, but please check out some of my videos! I have some new nightcore
music out! :)

Автор Lazor Cat (9 дней)
could ever be considered a genre is beyond my ability of thought.

Автор El Burrito Boy (12 дней)
Tell me your top 5 anime. Mine are:
1. Naruto
2. Onepiece
3. Sword art online
4. Attack on titan
5. Highschool DxD 1st and 2nd season.

Автор Femke T. (1 месяц)
This is perfect homework music for me!

Автор Lê Xuân Thanh Khoa (3 месяца)
0:00 Name song please? 

Автор NightcoreKitty (8 дней)
Hi, i'm a fellow nightcore uploader but they keep removing my video's; how
can i stop that from happening.
I have one strike allready and i don't want them to remove my channel :(

Автор JazzMrlz (15 дней)
Meh, not my kind of music. But I can understand why people like it :)

Автор ryan rossez (16 дней)
what's the manga ? plz

Автор lps minecraft (10 дней)
whats the song at 36:32?

Автор Nebunie Reaper (2 месяца)
What is 50:00 ?!?!?!?!

Автор Abdurrahim Okuyucu (22 дня)
What is at 35:36 ?

Автор Aelita1234 (4 месяца)
I'm sorry, i don't understand how Nightcore is so popular, it's just music
that is sped up and pitched up. :/ 

Автор Aruem Choi (25 дней)
Whats the song at the beginning?! 

Автор Rex Ryzuki (1 месяц)
what is nightcore

Автор JustAnotherRandomFan (1 месяц)
Is there an actual Anime with Hatsune Miko ? :3

Автор David Nguyen (1 месяц)
I love the thumbnails for most of the nightcores!

Автор Coelho Bilada Cino (12 дней)
Nada pra fazer.. músicas <3

Автор MSgamergirl (20 дней)
Angel of Darkness and Angel with a shotgun doe 0,0

Автор Karrl. TF (1 месяц)
nightcore is not my thing, but I am glad you people like it :)

Автор Adiță Crafterul (3 месяца)
0:01 Moonlight Shadow 2:34 Angel of Darkness 5:24 Angel with a Shotgun 8:36Calling
all the Monsters
11:29 Anima Libera 14:15 Breaking the Habit 16:49 Castle in The Sky 20:05
23:20 Disturbia 26:40 Everytime We Touch 29:47 God is A Girl 32:19 He´s a
Pirate 35:34 Last Resort 38:17 Nobody´s Listening 40:48 Poison 43:05Remember
The Name
46:25 Whistle 49:40 Pika Girl 52:45 My Party 55:15 One Night in Ibiza 58:02Whispers
in the Dark

Автор Kian Wessel (3 месяца)
What was the song at 43:20?

Автор Senih Okuyucu (2 месяца)
what was the name of the song at 12:00?

Автор I don't care (1 месяц)
this guys got a sub because of the great music and most of all because he
told what the songs where

Автор XxRain ForeverxX (2 месяца)
+PainKillerScar Toarah thought you'd like this.....

Автор Priscillas Tail (4 месяца)
Does anyone know of any video games where i could be a cute anime girl and
wreck shit?

Автор Callie cat (3 месяца)
whats the name of the first song

Автор Miguel Flores Rocher (2 месяца)
26:50 music?

Автор kody111011 (2 дня)
+Aelita1234 its not just the fact its sped up if it was just sped up it
would go under copyright....its anime style music (what music sounds like
in an anime world!) its just the its diffrent and sounds cool amen to all
my anime brethren!!

Автор Shintaro Kisaragi the only Add of Elsword (3 месяца)
most of the songs I know +Momo Kisaragi don't ask =.=

Автор Nebunie Reaper (2 месяца)
what's the song at 43:09

Автор Slender Man (2 месяца)

Автор ★ᴀɢɪʀʟɴᴀᴍᴇᴅᴛᴀʟʟʏ★ (3 месяца)
the link for the picture didn't work for me..

Автор Apple Man (6 дней)
0:00-2:34 - Moonlight Shadow
2:35-5:25 - Angel Of Darkness
5:26-8:35 - Angel With A Shotgun
8:36-11:27 - Calling All The Monsters
11:28-14:12 - Anima Libera
14:13-16:47 - Breaking The Habit
16:48-20:03 - Castle In The Sky
20:04-23:19 - Comatose
23:20-26:49 - Disturbia
26:50-29:45 - Every Time We Touch
29:46-32:17 - God Is A Girl
32:18-35:35 - He's A Pirate
35:36-38:15 - Last Resort
38:16-40:49 - Nobody's Listening
40:50-43:04 - Remember The Name
43:05-46:25 - Whistle
49:39-52:44 - Pika Girl
42:45-55:14 - My Party
55:15-58:01 - One Night in Ibiza
58:02-1:00:51 - Whispers In The Dark

Автор Baruhan Cebe (8 дней)

Автор Thief Sxper (22 дня)
im sitting here eating popcorn enjoying the picture in the background of
this track.... I have no life ._.

Автор Henrik Borovšak (15 дней)
im listening to this video when ever i draw girls :3

Автор Faith Zuke (22 дня)
People keep saying Nighcore is for retards is it?

Автор bornsky (4 дня)
can you please give me mp3 file? 

Автор Pikapower Kirby (2 месяца)
LOTS OF NIGHTCORE!!! If you like Nightcore remixes, this is for you!
DISCLAIMER: All credit goes to the respective owners. ENJOY!

Автор CallMeKat (2 месяца)
I love nightcore but I hate how people just take a random picture without
saying who made the picture that's called copyright and its illegal

Автор Antonio andonov (7 часов)
14 song o.o epic lol

Автор trevor vanhaitsma (18 дней)
well you might just be jesus
;-; makin muffins with n o one to eat dem with 

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