Tornado in 4K UHD

The Wray, Colorado tornado from May 7, 2016.

2:29 Power-flash as the tornado crosses highway 385
3:34 Listen to the tornado's roar
3:57 Satellite vortex to the right of the tornado

Filmed and edited by Skip Talbot

With Jennifer Brindley Ubl

Killers Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Длительность: 5:16
Комментарии: 432

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Автор actarus eufort ( назад)
Merveilleux et Monstrueux à la fois... Superbe vidéo!!!

Автор Михаил Якунин ( назад)

Автор Dee Liteful ( назад)
How far away were you? Were those other cars storm chasers or random people who just happened to drive by?

Автор Wally Gator ( назад)
Nice Weather ! 😂

Автор Ben Pressentin ( назад)

Автор skate surreal ( назад)
alguem viu ou foi só eu aqui que viu comentem ai pessoal

Автор skate surreal ( назад)
3:15 uma coisa voa para longe do tornado ao lado do marcador acima da tela pareca voar rapido para longe ou é uma nava espacial ou uma coisa varrida pelo tornado vejam tres e quinze minutos exato no céu inacreditavel supreendente

Автор Mark StPierre ( назад)
Was it scary filming it? You got balls hanging around that!

Автор GEKKO 4K ( назад)
trop bien :)

Автор Mark Asher ( назад)
Whoa! That looks like Ten Commandments kind of stuff!

Автор Reemoun Hanna ( назад)
I watched the whole thing in 4k and my video didn't even stop once lol.

Автор Travel & Life with JoBo ( назад)
I must be one of a few Brits who actually have stayed on a Ranch in Wray Colorado with the Hutt family .They could not believe that I had never been on a horse,but I did take up their offer to lead me round the Ranch on one!The weather was not like this!Cheers to any of the family who still live there from Joe,the late Bob Marklands cousin.

Автор jimmymustardface ( назад)
I was on my way home from work when I heard the warning go out over the radio. It happened was only about twenty miles e so I turned and headed due n to meet it. Having the southwest sun at my back, it wasn't nearly as colorful as this, the sun shining through and all, but it afforded a perfectly safe position approximately 3 mi south of north easterly traveling twin vortices. Incredible. So glad I turned around that day.

Автор tokiesgalore ( назад)
Subbed for the mere fact it is 4K! Great footage and glad to see it shot in 4k.

Автор Jason Shorter ( назад)
That's extremely ballsy being in the vicinity of that huge tornado. Awesome job getting it as it developed!

Автор Marek Koralewski ( назад)

Автор Mike DeLange ( назад)
mesmerizing, amazing, wonderful...not enough adjectives.

bar, raised. again.

see you out there in 17 my friend.
-Mike D

Автор Yury Ghabryell Fonseca dos Santos ( назад)
1me deu ate medo kkkk

Автор Kari Gluth ( назад)
Would have like true sound and no music like in the end

Автор Kari Gluth ( назад)
I can't believe people stopping their cars like that

Автор laiyijie ( назад)
0:32~0:38 i see a ghost in cloud

Автор Brian C ( назад)
A 4k video has 4k likes.

*Mind blown*

Автор Нурдан Рыскулов ( назад)

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
one of the greatest tornado movie I have ever seen.

Автор CompilingInput ( назад)
GREAT VIDEO.keep posting ;)

Автор Matías Ávila Araya ( назад)
omg amaazing

Автор Yoda Troll ( назад)
So that's what happens when I drain my tub

Автор nameoo non ( назад)
amazing work. Thank you.

Автор José Gabriel ( назад)

Автор Steve Benson ( назад)
In the opening minute I'm seeing a ton of compression noise, and on other 4K videos as well, as of 3 days ago. Did youtube up its compression or what? Or is it just me? I'm watching this on a 1080p HDTV.

Автор Geoff Thomason ( назад)
You should pop out a version without music. I would love to see the same with just natural sound.

Автор Indrid Cold ( назад)
All are equal under the celestial finger of destruction. Its march of destruction does not discriminate against economic class, gender, or colour. Its horrifically simple mission is devastation, chaos, and the manifestation of mass mayhem. The cataclysmic demolition is brief and sudden. Then the celestial finger of destruction folds back onto its icy palm to be extended another day, in another place, on someone else's life.

Ye hath been warned.

Автор Vida Atomica ( назад)
Why would anyone give this a thumbs down, I don't understand. Amazing capture, thank you for sharing

Автор Mircea Costiniuc ( назад)
Frumoase filmari . Inspaimantatoare natura ! Felicitari

and people say god doesn't exist very silly

Автор Santo de Deus ( назад)
Cool... beautiful... powerfull... nature...

Автор Reddy G ( назад)
great footage, what rating of a tornado is it?

Автор Bill Rhynalds ( назад)
Absolutely fantastic in 4K ! Its all came a long way since I started . I used a Super VHS . Great editing, clear shot without a lot of debris in the air . Thanks for posting it !

Автор Carlos Takahashi ( назад)
I can feel the power of the tornado

Автор Rafael Petines II ( назад)
That's incredibly spectacular,Holy cow,Nice film great video

Автор DaytonaHkk ( назад)

Автор kaneki x ( назад)
Awkward music But good job

Автор james bower ( назад)
like watching my girlfriend first thing before she has coffee

NASA COMPOSITE! Fake! HOLLYWOOD MADE! The earth is flat! Tornadoes are CGI! It's the finger of God!

Just thought I would get all the stupidity out of the way first. Very cool video!

Автор Videos Random |ramonisai ( назад)
Todo termino señores es el fin

Автор Cody Hill ( назад)
4:15 thats insane. There's blue sky in the background and a massive tornado right in front of you

Автор Game3d ( назад)
wow you Stormhunters became so good that you are were the tornado is about to begin before it happens. thanks for capturing and uploading.

Автор Shachar Petrushka ( назад)
can a tornado pick up a car?

Автор Farhad Obaid ( назад)
would like it without music..natural phenomena natural sound

Автор MAJORMORRIS ( назад)
Must of watched thousands of you tube clips over the years and this must be the first that's made me genuinely go"WOW".

Автор Robin Beukeman ( назад)
Mother Nature is the noble, fierce & very formidable queen of this planet & the very second we forget that and forget our place, she has zero qualms or hesitation in spanking our arrogant butts back into humility. Just amazing footage of truly raw power on display!! Great job! Loved the music too.

Автор alastair john ( назад)
you must be over the moon with this stunning footage.

very awesome......!

Автор Mark H ( назад)
4K is nice!

Автор Samuel Engwall ( назад)
another great video, Skip. Thanks man.

Автор Alen Vrdoljak ( назад)

Автор Alen Vrdoljak ( назад)

Автор Jakub Iwiński ( назад)
Do you have version without music? I really like to hear wind and other natural noises.

Автор ASMR Destiny ( назад)
Wow.....pretty crazy - thanks for the 4K quality.

Автор Nixatra Nyxatra ( назад)
This is some seriously awesome footage!

Автор Gustavo Perez ( назад)

Автор TT ( назад)
Epic - must be a good feeling when you get home, download it onto your computer to see that you got it

Автор PEGASUS GRUP ( назад)

Автор Mari Rojas ( назад)
that tornado was very cool

Автор Инкубус ( назад)
that was pretty epic!

Автор Sean Kethcart ( назад)
the single most well formed, gorgeous, photogenic twister ever seen. she really is beautiful.

Автор Tham Soon Yew ( назад)

Автор Werbeson Albuquerque ( назад)

Автор 100 subscribes without vids ( назад)
That cloud is actually scary

Автор David Heller ( назад)
Move car there is a tornado!

Автор David Wood ( назад)
i need to buy a 4k monitor now

Автор Johnsonwonson ( назад)
How close is the contrast to what the real eye see's?

Автор BringThePizza Gaming ( назад)
The tornado gets good at 3:00

Автор Livereater00 ( назад)
...pretty cool!

Автор maki b ( назад)
Wow ! SF

Автор SB chun ( назад)
evil yet beautiful.

Автор Avet Manucharyan ( назад)
Woooow its Amazing

Автор Deive Silva ( назад)

Автор vahid saiyad ( назад)
Run Forrest Run

Автор Sumedh Dorwat ( назад)
Put it at 2X speed and watch from 01:00

Автор TheSpectralReview ( назад)
Astounding footage !!!

Автор Alejandro Bocskor ( назад)
Que fantástico es verlo en un vídeo, por la tv,..perooo..., estar ahí,,,.te lo regalo...ja..!!!

Автор Arnold Contreras ( назад)

Автор lovemysw ( назад)

Автор CodeTech ( назад)
This is the first video I've ever watched on YouTube that actually elevated my heart rate. Awesome shots!

Автор Thibault J ( назад)
It's both terrifying and beautiful, SPECTACULAR!!

Автор Joan Maurice ( назад)
Como será cuando Dios decida que es hora de traer el Armaggedon... va a ser tremendo, ojalá este muerto para entonces

Автор Stewart Savage ( назад)

Автор Dave Atkinson ( назад)
Lovely footage.... but why oh why did you put that awful music over the sound of the tornado :(

Автор bangem andleavem ( назад)
I saw the face of Jesus in one of the frames.

Автор MeMad Max ( назад)
You got balls of steel man...


Автор Roc Surgeon ( назад)
You know where I would be in this situation? I'd be in one of those vehicles hauling ass in the opposite direction! Great capture. Thank you.

Автор totalgamer001 ( назад)
el dedo de Dios

Автор MrRatafla ( назад)
...Be humble when you face power of nature...

Автор Daniele Carmona ( назад)
Fortunally I live in Europe

Автор Paul Andrew ( назад)
2:30 blue flash?

Автор Leo King ( назад)
thanks. this is just like sex

Автор Mike Boland ( назад)
was hoping it was gonna chase em....and then helen hunt would appear....and bill paxton too.....pullman, whoever...

Автор HitAndMissLab ( назад)
Has anybody tried to fly "disposable" quadcopters, loaded with instruments, into the funnel of that tornado? I bet that would yield some great science.

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