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I Feel So Unsure

As I take your hand

And lead you to the dance floor

As the music dies

Something in your eyes

Calls to mind a silver screen

And all it's sad goodbyes

I'm never gonnadance again

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should have known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I dancedwith you

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Автор Beba Alicea ( назад)

Автор kertenkele ( назад)
cok guzel

Автор Paulina Gonzalez ( назад)
dead pool :v

Автор Amaz0 Plays ( назад)
3:40 best melody

Автор i'm Adult Girl ( назад)
sorry i not even wish death upon people but why george michael,prince,david
bowie,freddie mercury,michael jackson,carrie fisher & christina grimmie
died and not troye sivan,lady gaga,katy perry,lana del rey,kesha,selena
gomez & meryl streep? well i hate troye,gaga,selena gomez,kesha,katy,meryl
and lana sometimes bc most of their fans are so disgusting always insults
other famous people 😤✌

Автор Danrley N ( назад)
Mais alguém em 2017??

Автор Willie Martinez ( назад)
George Michael for ever.....con él Dios y el cielo tienen un coro de voces

Автор BloodyDude - The Official Channel ( назад)
Best Song, RIP George

Автор MR Britt ( назад)
I miss it how he used to fuck my arse rip mick

Автор TriggeredCisWhiteEdgyNonBinaryTransBLMKKKMembr ! ( назад)
I knew he was gay before he came out.

Автор O Sem Vegonha Do Dia ( назад)

Автор Jungle R ( назад)
80s romantic hymn and ever , sure brings special memos for many of us...
George stills rockin

Автор munir manjarres ( назад)
wham! jajajajaaja

Автор PC how-to ( назад)
I feel bad for him because he died without kids. Thats what homosexuality

Автор Rogério Alves ( назад)
muito bom essa música

Автор 張紘齊 ( назад)

Автор Luc Luc ( назад)

Автор Weesky ( назад)
after his dead, there're 200,000+ likes in 2 weeks.

Автор ChrisRD ( назад)
A FUCKING LEGEND! idiots din see his talent! But his sexuality!

Автор Oliwier majowski ( назад)
Damn all say that george michael died but everyone

Автор daniele quacquarelli ( назад)
No one have write anithing for the dead of this artist, make me mainstraem

Автор Efren valadez ( назад)
one of my favorite songs

Автор yasmine nairat ( назад)
RIP ... I love you ♥ ...:'(

Автор Jill clark ( назад)
lives are spent....nothing...George M....will go down in music history....I
miss him

Автор moejr1974 ( назад)
My favorite song of his. Though I still consider this a wham song as he was
still in the group and it was released on a wham album

Автор Mikko Tuunanen ( назад)
rip george

Автор Isabelle Motionless ( назад)
is just me but does he look like mark Thomas from musicl.y

Автор tasnuva bithi ( назад)
who's here in 2017

Автор Darb Goff ( назад)
4:34 I bet he's right there on that balcony right now. Only he has good
company now.

Автор Eunice Peter ( назад)
I get goose bumps whenever this song is on Air, I wish I was there t see
him perform this song live. R.I.P

Автор ImBad :/ ( назад)
Deadpool brought me here

Автор Shane Murphy ( назад)
fuck Donald Trump was a good singer in the 80s -wil be a better president

Автор Shield S. ( назад)
the cheeeeese!!! it's dripping.... oh god

Автор Amir Vasquexx ( назад)
one the best song I have ever hear.... of all times

Автор Amir Vasquexx ( назад)
buddy of mine took my iPod this song play when he was with his girlfriend
he tougth he was in a porn scene.... lol

Автор Gudrat Guliyev ( назад)
View has increased by 70 m. from 121 million after George Michael died

Автор Rita Wells ( назад)
This song is in my head all the time. Miss you George Michael, you were a
great singer. Will never forget you. R.I.P. XXXOOO

Автор Chemaddicts ( назад)
Never gonna Dance With You ........ TEARS..............TEARS
.................... TEARS................... TEARS..................

Автор Brittanni “Britt” Lahey ( назад)
Oh and I dance for you so good.

Автор kjs dhs ( назад)

Автор Diana Pacheco ( назад)
Tan atractivo... ahora ya no está más pero nos ha dejado el testimonio de
su trabajo excelente en el arte de la música.

Автор Kelson Souza ( назад)

Автор Matty DeMayo ( назад)

Автор Andrew Yang Fishing ( назад)
Probably his best song. RIP to the legend George Michael

Автор Nicole Hayes ( назад)

Автор Ana Karoline Silva ( назад)
Essa música! <3

Автор Feifan Dai ( назад)
2017 from China

Автор Garysh Martinez ( назад)
Lo mejor

Автор Maryam 40 ( назад)
best 80s song GEORGE MICHEAL!!

Автор Anatak ( назад)
esse cara ai acho q já queimo a rosca 😂😂

Автор Birgitta Olivieri ( назад)
I tried watching one of the other versions, vulgar!

Автор Bruno Leite ( назад)
Brasil kd vc?

Автор joseerlanio Eg ( назад)
estava procurando esta música tava com saudades.

Автор Dark Lucario2017 ( назад)
Everyone, please Salute him for his hard work salutes R.I.P bruh

Автор AN GAMERS ( назад)
quem tá ali em 2017? curtidas

Автор Brandon campuzano 14 ( назад)

Автор tubeyhamster ( назад)
One of the first songs I ever owned. I had this on a 45 for my Fisher-Price
record player.

Автор Poofindi ( назад)
thanks autoplay

Автор abed32 muhsen ( назад)
he died from drugs 😳

Автор adevãr realã ( назад)
Never ganna dance again

Автор hmu_kayla ( назад)
George Michael sexy asf

Автор Marcusduck430 ( назад)
We miss you George Michael, You are always my favorite singer.

Автор Guilherme Harold Niccals ( назад)
RIP George

Автор Norma Iglesias ( назад)

Автор Fernando J.S ( назад)
FOREVER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Автор pedro aguiar ( назад)
This song is beautiful

Автор Chanetia Prophet ( назад)
This is forever!!! R.I.P. George Michael

Автор Cece Nunez ( назад)
Rip George your gonna be missed Dearly..I loved your music..

Автор Antonio IMa ( назад)
la gran cara de maricon,,,, pobre mula que lo vio.

Автор Edison CUICHAN ( назад)
Your music is amainzig ....
Thanks george...
See you in heaven ....see you or olimpo of God"s pop gods music ....
1980/2017 .....37 years or Great Man Great voice....I miss you ....Thanks

Автор Berndp1973 ( назад)
Ruhe in Frieden!

Автор Uber Reloader ( назад)
You will be missed George...one and only...Careless Whisper. You are in
better place now. R.I.P.

Автор Loik Vera cruz de Almeida Almeida ( назад)
Rip George 😕

Автор Matheus Henrique ( назад)
esse e o cara fez muitos jovens se apaixonar com essa musica e eterno
jamais esqueço

Автор Maria Do Rosário Carvalho ( назад)
espectacular o melhor de sempre passou pela minha aolescencia

Автор SuperSam70 ( назад)
My favorite song of all time. GM was an incredible singer w an amazing
voice. His death reminded me the loss of Whitney Houston. Grear singers w a
fragile mind and soul. RIP GM and WH

Автор monster monster ( назад)
im from iraq RIP

Автор johanna jimens ( назад)
:( :( R.I.P my George Michael, gone way too soon!!! :(

Автор Hansu ( назад)
It's so damn weird and sad how in the same month this song became to
describe my own experience almost perfectly, and then 16 days later he
died. I miss you George so much there are no words.

Автор Rolo Swagga ( назад)

Автор Lola Olarte ( назад)
rip lola

Автор Michael Martins ( назад)
Demais essa canção. ....

Автор Anh Dung Hoang ( назад)
Your music will always live with us. RIP Michael

Автор Pornhub ( назад)
on behalf of this family RIP George

Автор karinita cardenas ( назад)
Bello por la eternidad, así te recordaremos..Rip George Michael

Автор hamzah mirza ( назад)
Why is it that when artists pass away, their songs are valued at what they
were supposed to be valued at many years ago..

Автор ราเชน รุ่งศิริวิภาวงค์ ( назад)
( So I'm never gonna dance again ) i will remember song good night George.

Автор Kodakazi ( назад)
*put obligatory "Rip George Michael" comment to garner a fuckton of likes

Автор Mania28 ( назад)
Talk about having "come to bed eyes"


Автор claudionor do espirito santo espirito santo ( назад)
infelizmente não escolheu o caminho correto!

Автор Yisela Alejandra Melo Sanhueza ( назад)
gran gran voz ...después de freddie mercury

Автор Gary Hunter ( назад)
How can any one be unhappy with 100 million in the bank.

Автор Nikola Tesla ( назад)

Автор jasonninja55 ( назад)
he ded

Автор Sandra Hicks ( назад)
cant get this out of my head. rip😭

Автор Gunavathi Nanneti ( назад)
Miss you George♡

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