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Автор maryamsm (4 года)
im scared of returning...i haven't done anything good.

Автор ubtough (6 лет)
MashaAllah, this brother Shari Rashid has blessed with a very beautiful

Автор sufisophic (7 лет)
perfect nasheed with a perfect video, amazing.

Автор alhindi101 (6 лет)
Ayyuha-al Mab'uthu feena Ji'ta bi-al amru muta' Ji'ta sharafta-al Madeenah
Marhaban ya khayra da'

Автор silentelegy (6 лет)

Автор H. Danon (1 год)
May Allah (swt) grant him the highest level of Jannah with rasool Ullah (s)

Автор sabz670 (7 лет)
its lovely

Автор HUMPY SMITH (5 лет)
propagating what?

Автор Roy rocks (3 года)
NNice #

Автор Muslimah09 (5 лет)
i've been looking for this nasheed for who knows long, jazakallah khayr

Автор samtron77v (6 лет)
lyrics plz

Автор HasbiAllah (7 лет)
just have faith in God, the way to islam will be easier for you. you seem
like you will be a good muslim somday. we are praying for yu

Автор sag nicht (7 лет)
toppp :D

Автор humarani (7 лет)
i think it means that the ppl who came at the end, left all their wordly
deeds and bad way of living and ended up at the right path. i guess at the
end they were all walking towards the 'good'... although i didn't like the
fact that the sheikh is leading them, he should've been walking WITH the
ppl not ahead of them... because then it looks like they're following him
and not the Deen. who knows.

Автор Mazy Ali (3 года)

Автор sesuatu melastikelangit (7 лет)
Assalamu Alaykum... can anybody send mp3 for this song?

Автор 1godis1 (7 лет)
actully bro/sis it means oh the white moon rose over us from the valley of
wadaa and we owe it to show great full ness in gods way ,O you who were
raised amongst us coming with a work to be obeyed You have brought to this
city nobleness Welcome! best call to God's way

Автор Seher Moosa (7 лет)
I pray that Allah swt will make it easy for you InshaAllah. Welcome Brother
and Allahuakhbar.

Автор Wafae Younsi (4 года)
please my brothers and sisters, my brother passed away, his name is naoufal
younsi, please pray god to bless him with his rahma and to reward him
paradise. thank you wa jazakoum allaho khayran

Автор rayanbachiri59 (10 месяцев)
Talaa al badro

Автор HTDz (6 лет)
what do you mean, identify the soldier o_O, he's just an actor afaik.

Автор anumsiraj (7 лет)
can anybody send me mp3.vedio is ver nice

Автор maryamsm (4 года)
of course i have Hope that i'd be forgiven but also fear that i wouldn't be
forgiven. They are my two wings of Fear and Hope that will help me fly in
this spiritual journey. :) Thanks for the advice, May Allah [swt] forgive
us both.

Автор Tarekonline (7 лет)
May ALLAH unite all muslims and make us return back our glowry and rule the
world again under JUSTICE .... great nasheed, asif i hear it for the 1st
time !!

Автор islam0my0way (3 года)
words ....like no other voice....like no other mashaallah god bless whoever
shared inthis & in uploading it....

Автор atd4life (5 лет)
subhanallah.. very very very touching .. i wish i cud get the translation
from anyone.. if u guys have it .. plz send it i wana underestand wat he is
sayin.. jazakallahu khair

Автор hareth190 (6 лет)
بارك الله بك و بصوتك و جزاك الله كل خير

Автор humarani (7 лет)
oh, i wasn't translating what he was saying but rather what was happening
in the nasheed video :)

Автор muhsina4live (5 лет)
the prophet is the nour of this nation from allh,with out him the
continents would be covered with cloud of dark smoke till the judgement
day,allahuma salli alla muhaamad aallaa

Автор korsamulla (7 лет)
1 of da best ... but not da BEST!!

Автор NightAngel (4 года)
Just added number 300 5starts :D!!!

Автор abdalla banabilah (3 года)
mashallah tubarka allah

Автор bzulqarni (3 года)
@wafaeoun May Allah Subhanahu-wa-ta'ala have mercy on your brother and
forgive his shortcomings and grant him mughfira and a great place in Janna,
insha Allah. Allah is Ghafoor al Raheem.

Автор TheSiradj (4 года)
MachaAllah jazakAllah kayran dear brother Machari

Автор El halaoui Ramzi (5 лет)
MashaAllah quelle belle voie l'islam dans toute sa splendeur

Автор Ramdhan Wahyudin (5 лет)
amazing voice and video ..Subahanallah

Автор WowiLuvUTube (7 лет)
MASHA'ALLAH! THE best voice i've ever heard! I'm addicted...did you get a
chance to listen to his Qur'an recitations! beautiful, brings tears to your
eyes...he is blessed with a beautiful and PURE voice...

Автор rachayusuf (5 лет)
vraiment c'est extraordidaire a chaque fois de plus belle image de l'islam
je ne sais pas quoi dire , que que allah tout puissant vous aident pour que
l'islam sois de plus en plus connu et que les convertis sois de plus en
plus nombreux grace a vous merci

Автор Wakeupamerica222 (7 лет)
a pure voice. Spectacular. Subhanallah

Автор Afreen Rangoonwala (6 лет)
i really like the way the video is made... its conceptual and kinda deep...

Автор oniconex (4 года)
nice nasyeed. tears on the eyes...make me think of the judgement day.

Автор calipacc (3 года)

Автор munirahbb (6 лет)
does anyone have the mp3 version?

Автор emad misr (3 года)
اللهم صلى وسلم و زد وبارك على سيدنا و حبيبنا محمد الرسول النبى الصادق
الأمين الكريم المبشر وعلى آله الصالحين

Автор AllahBlessUsAll (2 года)
@Wakeupamerica222 Wish I could understand what he is saying, I would love
to shed some tears in remembrance and fear of Allah. Masha'Allah it's a
great Anasheed. Shokran to the uploader!

Автор AbdulhamitHan (7 лет)
Congratulations brother/sister! As far as I know there is nothing wrong for
u to hide this from your family until you find the right time! Allah is so
great that he guides us to the right path. May Allah help you!

Автор jamsadam (6 лет)
Such a beautiful nasheed from a special man! May Allah grant him a long
life and Paradise! Amîn!

Автор Rami Aboumahadi (5 лет)
Hearing a wonderful nasheed like this one (and generally all of Alafasy's
recitation of the Quran) cements me believe that Muslims will (insha'a
Allah) reunite again and re-emerge as the a super power. Proud to be
Muslim. Kol Aam wan Antum be'khair. Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims

Автор hably (7 лет)
ameen, inshallah :)

Автор elattarin (4 года)
يشرفنى زيارتكم لقناتى وجزاكم الله خيرا

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