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Автор ThatGamingShow ( назад)
I don't think this is real.

Автор nebulaoperator ( назад)
Seems Ridley chosen lesser demanding task, without actually diving into
analysis of engineers world. It has become repetitive with a slightly
different twist and decorations. For once I would love to see humans
kicking engineers ass and the later kicking aliens.

Автор AkulaSpawn ( назад)
Think I will wait for the video release.

Автор Asturian Cetorix ( назад)
Damm, a post apocalyptic Engineers homeworld. I´m hyped now as I was with
Prometheus, I really hope they don´t screw this up.

Автор Joan Evans ( назад)
I still like "It! The Terror From Beyond Space".

Автор irina1296 ( назад)
haha I'm glad Engineers are there too. This is the most anticipated film of
2017 in my personal book! Can't wait. Nice to see REAL locations here - not
those idiotoc green screens & 100 computer effects from Superhero movies

Автор Chameleon1616 ( назад)
Well the Engineers look screwed. If I find out that they killed the last
one in the universe in Prometheus I'm going to flip.

Автор brendan spain ( назад)
Feel like everyone just wants to know more about the engineers, I've seen
plenty of the xenomorph.

Автор pcrana1 ( назад)
0:20 That guy died eating ass.

Автор ShakeITyEA ( назад)
This gives me hope that the movie might be interesting. Give us some
fucking substance this time Scott, PLEASE

Автор AudioAndroid ( назад)
0:05 I really don't think that Donald Trumps United States Presidential
Inauguration is going to be that bad I think the Director over did the
Crowd at Attendance scene.

Автор Jack Ryan ( назад)
Overly dramatic music for fuck sakes

Автор eyeShockk ( назад)
glad to see that it wont be entirely CGI

Автор THEEND123321 ( назад)
that most likely was a super death weapon,. use on the
founders "themselves" as they were infected buy their own goo,...and use to
kill of the goo,....

Автор Kadir Baldan ( назад)

Автор Lawrance Ovarabia ( назад)
There's nothing here!

Автор Daniel Daniels ( назад)
Are they taking the Star Wars idea of remaking the same film and pretending
it's a sequel

Автор Brad Bradfordson ( назад)
The engineers sure knew how to die. Seems like their greatest
accomplishment was going too far and getting wrecked.

Автор dipojones ( назад)
I want an alien movie where Greys, Xenomorphs, Engineers and Predator
battle each other.

Автор HazzaPLAYZ17560 ( назад)
This is so fake

Автор XANDR “XACKE” KENSKI ( назад)
"Prometheus" was a bastard. disappointment of the year. and what do u want
from this shit ? it's sequel, bitches. sequels are always worse

Автор Lovely 1 Jett ( назад)

Автор Alex Babansky ( назад)
modern blockbusters SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, they SUCK!!!! Just a money-sucking
scam, every one of them.

Автор SpockMcoy Issmart ( назад)
the world of the engineers doesn't look inviting to colonize, or for them
to live on.

Автор BrandNewSongz ( назад)
I see we can't even trust the production staff with confidentiality
nowadays... Showing these footages are cool but man.. you guys are ruining
people expectations honestly. dick move.

Автор JR. Gilber't ( назад)
PROMETHEUS the Movie: (Happy Birthday David)
Dear Sir, Ridley Scott: Dr. Shaw! To have David go to who created us. David
can use the THESIS based on the Software, and Hardware being used
through-out the world today. The Patent 5,333,120 of the Inventor. The Chip
Speed is 21.2 for each Binary Number, “at” GB+ today, this will help David
to transmit to Earth. Not even Hollywood can challenge this., Technology...
at this Website... MY Google Profile... patentlaw120@gmail.com

Автор naDuL ( назад)
motherfucker die from big C with your spoilers

Автор WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C ( назад)
I'm pretty sure this is all stuff from original Prometheus that ended up
changing quite a lot.

Автор René Moncayo ( назад)
Lookin like Trump America

Автор Magnus Karlsson ( назад)
0:05 many humanlike creatures with bald heads and greyish colour looking
sick or is fighting. I guess that is what happens if you use a whole ships
worths of black goo as a weapon against the engineers, Shaw got her

Автор LiangHuBBB ( назад)
hype 2 stronk

Автор MisterSinister ( назад)
The story is a group of people are stranded on a ship with a rebellious
android and an scary alien. It's never been done before.

Автор Ilja Shebalin ( назад)
Just one question: why Ridley Scott doesn't engage in writing scripts for
his own movies? It means these ideas are not 100% his.

Автор LokiTheSoulSlayer ' ( назад)
IM AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!! (P.S take the hint, I'm a nerd)

Автор Flirting with Zombie's official ( назад)
Im so impressed with this amazingly awesome video,,,,if this video was a
meal, it would be GOURMET,,,,,,,,???????? lol GAYYYYYYYYYYYYED UP VIDEO lol

Автор mrninninnin ( назад)
Umm... WE ARE THE ALIENS !👽 so why the Fuck do we keep looking for alien
life somewhere else? Life Fucked us by laughing and putting us on this
planet like some kind of sick joke... So let's get our fucking SHIT
TOGETHER, Solve the teleportation problem so we can start moving around the
building blocks of life floating freely and abundantly throughout space,
and start terraforming our play planets. Einstein was a fucking pussy and a
lier!!! Fuck the speed of light! It is a waste of time! Instead of moving
us through space let us move space. There probably going to take me away
soon so I love you guys very much and wish I could have masterbated ALL OF
YOU!!! Take care and eat more Beef Jerkey cause having fun and master
bating is the key to a long and healthy life! And while we're at it

Автор Darth Vaders Wang ( назад)
Potential spoiler alert!!!
David and Walter splice alien dna with their own synthetic genome which
inadvertently creates the xenomorph we all know and love today.
The end!!

Автор YO yo ( назад)
Is this post Prometheus movie

Автор DoctorMaxMoebius ( назад)
Any idea where they filmed this location? Ridley finds the best sites!

Автор MultiPoseur ( назад)
"Director Sir Ridley, there's that guy hiding in the bushes with the
telephoto lens again."

"Ahh, bollocks! Throw him a bag of crumpets! Just feed the bloody
nancy-boy, and he can release some pictures on YouTube and get us some free
publicity. Too old to quite understand this YouTube rubbish.

Автор Ryan Kearns ( назад)
So looks like the engineers had some type of massive civil-war

Автор cwrobinson6363 ( назад)
I just see a lot of ass!

Автор CSM101 ( назад)
Already has the stench of failure about it.

Автор Geoffrey Trader ( назад)
Well, those first impressions really look disturbing.

Автор Israfael D. ( назад)
I think this movie will fuck 2017 summer's ass.

Автор JamieCATALAN ( назад)
An out break happened. the engineers had a lab of perfecting the black goo
and evolution between cross species. they are not likely to be in a civil
war. The black goo itself evolved to evaporate within the air causing
damages to the locals and landscape sites. when the engineers became
grotesque and distorted some die some began beating the shit out of one or
another (evolution, survival of the fittest). the end of a civilisation, so
the covenant picks up where new crew arrvived n finds out about the entry
log I have just written about. sooner or later they get fucked by the
xenomorphs n neomorphs, the offsprings of evolution.

Автор Marius Bogdan Rujoiu ( назад)
It's gonna be a bad movie. I can tell. Giger had a vision. That's why Alien
was good. These guys tainted that.

Автор PD ( назад)
yeah destroy the excitement for the fans. cmon man.

Автор Pat Johnson ( назад)
it don't matter who is in charge it all boils down to the same shit aliens
humans still want to murder each other because governments are against

Автор vitto rio ( назад)
what is the music please?? thanks.

Автор Iain Ansell ( назад)
i vaguely remember some alien books in the 80's where the aliens were
created by the engineers to kill earth, and at some point in the series of
books, the aliens had indeed gotten to earth and ripley had to go get the
big queen, the queen which other alien queens bow to... and put it on earth
with a timed nuke under it...

Автор black crow1234 ( назад)
engineer vs predator who will win

Автор Chris Eisenhower ( назад)
Meh. It's going to suck.

Автор jockolong ( назад)
what is the music in the background? its beautiful

Автор Michal Slatina ( назад)
Is this Engineers homeworld,or another fucked-up world?Or Engineers
fucked-up homeworld,where all hell breaks loose(as I said,fucked-up,haha)?

Автор Ethan Moreau ( назад)
I'm assuming this takes place on the engineers homeworld. But it looks like
a post apocalyptic world.

Автор Christian Aguilar MEM ( назад)

Автор Alekzandro Varbis ( назад)
Hope its better than Prometheus.

Автор dean heckler ( назад)
I didn't mind Prometheus there were just too many fucking questions I had.
If I had Ridley Scott's number I would've had him on the phone all night

Автор Papuc Smen ( назад)
Who leaked this is a BADASS !!

Автор GhostOfRhurValley 1945 ( назад)
So someone was spying on a production team .

Автор Literis ( назад)
I can't believe they delayed Neill Bloomkamps alien movie for this piece of

Автор General Zod ( назад)
Good so they will have the engineers partially in the movie. Because it
makes zero sense to show a few and say they were the creators and say hey
let's go to their planet but don't show them. I want to see the home planet
of the engineers. I already know what the aliens look like. There has to be
an explanation of why they created humans and how they created the goo.
Ridley Scott dropping the ball you can't start a story then skip to another
different story.

Автор TheMothman001 ( назад)
Watched Alien on bluray the other night. Can't believe it was made in 1979
on a small budget, it still looks amazing and the Alien is scary as hell.
Less is more when it comes to horror, so I hope we get a proper scary 'shit
your pants' tight movie. Giant budgets don't always mean great movies.
Alien was made on a small budget, so was 'The Terminator' back in 1983;
it's not about the money you throw at the sfx, it's about how well the
movie is constructed. Ridley did a great job with 'The Martian' and I hope
we get the proper Alien movie we've been waiting for for sooo long!
Make me jump and make me scared again Ridley!!

Автор kyle sanchaze ( назад)
wooow somehow the midday Z grade movie music ruins the whole atmosphere of
it all.. but what the hell

Автор BadmashFactory ( назад)
I cannot wait for conspiracy theorists to make a video on this or take
photos from here and saying Aliens are REAL! lol

Автор chewface ( назад)
What the fuck?

Автор farsensor operant ( назад)
Promethius was so bad , the plot was....weak and stupid. Nothing an save
the sequel.

Автор Eric Mason ( назад)
Thanks for the pictures! Odd choice of music though...

Автор Tuatha Dedanann ( назад)
2 words: WOW

Автор Michael ( назад)
I hope it will have the same majesty and awe of the first Prometheus film,
which people blame for being confusing and not having a clear plot. Though
it was all interpretation,

Автор MilkGames 4 ( назад)
The black goo...

Автор DDT0030 ( назад)
I would love to see the xenomorph go on a race like the fast and furious

Автор Francisco Muñoz Berrios Berrios ( назад)
Adwoa aboah

Автор Watford Herts London News Events TV ( назад)

Автор IdleWild999 ( назад)
Wake me up when they finally get James Cameron back to direct one of these

Автор eileen owen ( назад)

Автор Triadlateralus ( назад)
What a waste... 95% of the movie will be CG these show nothing of the end

Автор Flavio Sousa ( назад)
It's going to be amazing!

Автор 312vandal ( назад)
this can't be real this has to be fake....they filmed this on earth 😐

Автор Frankie Lerma ( назад)
I still don't see how this new story fits into the lore that the previous
Predator and Alien movies have established.

Автор DR.NEGA ( назад)
this going be another billion dollars like star wars movie...due to one
actor is back on the movie set...even production like this massive in scale
and with technology is exact same for latest star wars this will work in
their advantage

Автор Dinco422 ( назад)
maaan... I cannot wait for this movie!!! I have to rewatch all of them!!

Автор Dwight Vader ( назад)
theres some fuckin nuking going on in this movie

Автор 7777777fresh ( назад)
cant wait.

Автор ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose ( назад)
It's a shitty arrogant idea to think the creaters of life in the universe
would look like muscular superheros. Fucking hate that shit.

Автор Alpha Draconis ( назад)
Oh brilliant more zombie things created by blatantly ripped off from the
X-files black goo instead of Xenomorphs . But with that imbecile Lindelof
away from the script duties this may be better than Prometheus and actually
feel like a prequel to Alien as opposed to the incoherent mess wrapped up
in a half brained religious philosophy that was Prometheus

Автор Don Balt ( назад)
i hope this is fake, cuz it looks so bad!

Автор History Man ( назад)
I sure hope they'll make a sequel to Alien after this Alien prequel.

Автор Euthanazor larry ( назад)
they got no balls, see :D well it cant be our makers hahahaha

Автор серега клипин ( назад)
декорации какие то показали!

Автор Pawaa OfPozativaty ( назад)
way behind in the bushes

Автор simon mcdonald ( назад)
.....mind you..... a question must be asked.....??!!? is the weuland -
Yutani company... got some competition with,..... covenant now..... world
terraforming things...!?!?

Автор simon mcdonald ( назад)
....looks like a mix betwixt races of that guardian type fellow... (huge
psycho giant with procedures of unknown somethings.... - yet almost mud
wrestling alien monster type stuff....)... and some other biped....... good
news for the colonists upon the new planet...!?!?!!?....... NOOOT....

Автор Kenneth Monfil ( назад)
Wow, just "photos" instead of "footage"?

Автор AlienGoBoom ( назад)

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