10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War I

The First World War saw atleast 20 million people lose their lives. Amidst the horrors, there were some pretty weird happenings. Here are 10 of the greatest mysteries from the Great War.

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Автор The13thEagle ( назад)
For number 6 it's true and false. Giant squids described actually exist but at extremely deep depths making the theory that one had surfaced highly unlikely

Автор Trystan A ( назад)
What the hell. The dude at the end is from all the soccer videos.

Автор soslothful ( назад)
"Unsolved mysteries" is a tautology. Avoid it.

Автор Dayuk ( назад)
Actually the war included 60 countrys in total.

Автор ultimomocha 4883 ( назад)
rhere were no b-27 bombers in WW1 only in WW2

Автор George Bennett ( назад)
While we don't know who killed The Red Baron we do know that he was buried with full military honours. Six RAF captains were his pallbearers as fourteen men fired a salute, many men paid their respects and wreaths were laid on his coffin one of which read '''To Our Gallant and Worthy Foe.'' There's something in that show of respect that I find quite moving and it makes me incredibly proud to be British.

Автор NiCiStHeK ! ( назад)
I heard Manfred Von Richthofen was brought down by flak.

Автор BEAR ( назад)
If you are going to make a WWI video, then don't show things like B-25's and A-20's, as they were used in WWII.

Автор Debomay Chatterjee ( назад)
The angel in white ;was no other than Griffith

Автор Dim Beam ( назад)
Number 6: No

Автор Stijn Verstrepen ( назад)
Hallo whats the name of the song you taken for present the angel of mons?

Автор Petter Lindgren ( назад)
Who else is here from altime gaming?

Автор drummer with attitude ( назад)
killing the tsar was a bad idea

Автор Motivation 4 U ( назад)
What about that battalion of soldiers that charged into mist and then vanished. I don't know the details but that is very basically what happened

Автор jurrasicslime ( назад)
This is world war one. Yet you put in world war two planes. It's not an easy mistake

Автор DarkWolf Gaming ( назад)
I feel like the Christmas truce should be in here

Автор The guy THE GUY OF NYE ( назад)
I think 💭 Ronold McDonald took down the Red Baron

Автор Andre Arabejo ( назад)

Автор kingashley7 ( назад)
my grate grandfather was in that fight and probable saw the Pearson who shot the red Barron doen

Автор Graeme Jarrett ( назад)
does anyone else see b 25s @ 1:51

Автор Hillary Blinton ( назад)
Very well made! Great editing and very Informative!!!

Автор Benjamin Smith ( назад)
The submarine was probly mistaken for a whale by a giant squid

Автор John Kern ( назад)
it's been confirmed that the red baron was killed by an Australian infantryman as he flew to close to the ground. this was verified by the ammunition found inside his body, only a few years ago.

Автор Silvicat Green ( назад)
5:15 **cough** **cough** cthulhu

Автор Frozen Tundra ( назад)
I wanna grab a slushie.

Автор JoJo4514 ( назад)
At 0:54 I thought it said, "To protect his country's ass." on the subtitle.

Автор Ggg Mmm ( назад)
thums down for clickbaiting

Автор The BlueGamerHD ( назад)
My initials = J.M.

Автор Paul Hart ( назад)
kimel park is no mystery, The Canadian soldoers were not sent home, after the war, as the ships were to busy making money else where, so they lived in cramped conditions, with rubish food and wanted to get home, there were several where this happened, and the deaths were in the thousands.

Автор FokkeWulfe ( назад)
Baron von Richthofen, on his last mission, was chasing a Sopwith Camel. As he did so, he was chased by another, briefly, then fired on by Australian AA gunners, and riflemen, on the ground. All firearms, that shot at the Baron, by sheer coincidence, fired the same sized round. Through careful research, it was determined a gentleman by the name of Snowy Evans, fired the fatal round. Mr. Evans died at 23, as a drifter, never knowing.

Автор Saber Fliper ( назад)
That music makes me proud. (At the start )

Автор BelgianVaffles ( назад)
:3 Belgium is a holy place I LOVE MY HOME COUNTRY

Автор L.A.Maddog MADDIN ( назад)
JM the painter was my grandfather. John Maddin. He would tell us all stories of the painting he did during the war.

Автор gert verhulst ( назад)
18 million deaths not 38?!

Автор Vaishnav Sawant ( назад)
what about thumbnail motherfucker ?

Автор Endeavour ( назад)
the Red Baron was killed by Roy Brown

Автор Varixx of the Last Phalanx ( назад)
Everything I've read about that creature attacking the U-boat was described as a crocodile that thrashed in the exploded British ship's wreckage before slipping back under the waves.

Автор Sun Mai ( назад)
St.George was a angel or ghost that the British troops says they saw him and its in a book,St.George was a dragon fighter or dragon hunter,when the British troops saw him he had a flaming sword and a white horse like the Angels of mons.

Автор pabmusic1 ( назад)
A bit of fact-checking would have helped. The name Charteris is really quite well known. It's "Charteriss", not "Charteree". (Check Leslie Charteris, who wrote "The Saint" books.

Автор Jesse Womack ( назад)
anddd Flippp

Автор Joni Menges ( назад)
c'mon you can't talk about ww1 airfights and show a ww2 bomber...

Автор Vice Man ( назад)
2 English subtitles for a man speaking clear English?

Автор Mees Banning ( назад)
nobody should go through the bermuda traingle, its misty, has rocks just under water and mountens coming out of nowhere, planes and ships arent able to survive the place

Автор PrinsMaandag ( назад)
a sea monster, nice way to burn the credibility of this video to the ground

Автор Hunter Beltran ( назад)
Senior soccer prefer moral top.

Автор Alfred Woodward ( назад)
Maintenance run out forest metal chin healthy.

Автор Hector Gramatica ( назад)

Автор amtdesign ( назад)
Biggest mystery is why we all can't live in peace?

Автор CDRaccoon ( назад)
Mystery 10: meh A treshure legend, plaussible, but very vague.
"Mystery" 09: This is not a "mystery" it's basically weather he was hit by, a rifleman, a machine gunner, or another pilot. -LAME
Mystery 08 : well, simple, for instance, being tossed around in a storm could have made the sailors abandon ship (not washed overbord, you fucking moron, i mean really all of them?) they could also simply have mutinied and left the ship where it stranded, to not get prececuted.
Mystery 07: ... ... ... wow that's lame one. got a REAL mystery for me or not?
Mystery 06: See! thats more like it! hmm if the sub was indeed attacked by a giant octopus then that would be amazing! however could also be that they're full of shit.
Mystery 05: You know what typically follows a mutiny? especially a failed one? fireing squads. also, if there indeed was a riot, then they might hqave died during the supression of said riot. Again you dissappoint me with your pleb-a-tude
Mystery 04: Wtf... this is actually a real good one, a serial killer who got drafted, then discoverd, then manages to evade capture in the chaos? see thats a treat of a mystery right there.
mystery 03: Missing artist eh? not a terribly exciting one, but a small mystery none the less. Most likely the painter either didn't know his paintings had survived, or he was otherwise indisposed. again you are as shallow and vague as humanly possible...
Mystery 02: wow an easy one here. They were retreating, and the enemy halted their persuit. EZ. keep that supernatural shit where it belongs (in church)
Mystery 01: it sank... wow, and again what a mystery :-| but while the theories of how and why it sank is interresting, the fact that it happened in the "bamuda triangle" dossn't have anything to do with anything, it is only a vague attempt to conjure up an idea of somthing supernatural, meh, interresting, but, nothing more id say.

Автор Wykletypl ( назад)
The autopsy of Red Baron's body showed that he was killed by one bullet fired from the ground. Since the bullet hit him right below his right lung, then exited above his left lung, it's clear he was killed by an infantryman, not Roy Brown. One of the Discovery Channel's docummentaries concluded the most likely infrantrymen to shoot him were Cedric Popkin or Snowy Evans, who had the best chance to shoot him from their AA positions.

Автор In Juri ( назад)
waiting bf1 easter eggs

Автор Viktor György ( назад)
6:30 Sorry but it's Kiss Béla..and Kiss means small... :D

Автор North Sentinel Island ( назад)
music / theme please

hello this is a bad video how CPU assembling the nearest income structure engineer engineer engineer

Автор Motsognir ( назад)
Perhaps the Imperium decided to send their regards with the military angels. Now, if only they were wearing power armor...

Автор Brooklyn Cowan ( назад)
f*ck kiss

Автор Mark Solarz ( назад)
Interesting!......well done considering the lack of good photos from the Great War.....nice editing!.....good story telling!

Автор TheOnlyRealJohnson ( назад)
it's funny, that you call Belá "Kiss". kiss is hungarian for "small" and it sounds like "kish"

Автор Stephen Carroll ( назад)
I find the page turning extremely irritating. I find the page turning extremely irritating

Автор Tay Ande ( назад)
if you snipe a pilot out of a plane with one shot with a gun back then, then you have skills, especially if the pilot you shot was the best pilot in the world at the time.

Автор 乍巜リ工刀丁口山乇尺 ( назад)
Maybe the german ship was swallowed by the Megalodon since it was alive at that period.

Автор Poatina46 ( назад)
The Angel of Mons was pure fiction. Written by Arthur Machen in 1914 & entitled "The Bowmen" it was taken as fact by over enthusiastic clergy and passed off as fact. See Wikepedia for the whole story.

Автор Tim Riggins ( назад)
National Treasure 3 Search for the Czar's Gold

Автор Ziren Wn ( назад)
heres a fun conspiracy:
in ww1 more ppl died of the span flu (almost 250 MILLION people died, learnt in my lecture today :^))
lizardfolk bioengineered this disease to eradicate all humans and used the war to cover it up and let the war remain long enough to drag the attention away from the important problems

trust me you cant prove me wrong :^)

all jokes aside, your vids are pretty fun to watch

Автор Ante 914 ( назад)
Red Baron was killed by a Australian AAT

Автор STU's CODE ( назад)
Zabrina = LSD they all tript out and was beached to test the weapons coverage.

Автор Tanja Beier ( назад)
A very interesting video and very well made, thank you.

Автор NinjazAre Drunk ( назад)
stories are that the canadians were shot by the british troops for stealing food rations how i know this? i was in cadets at wales and went to kimel camp and heard the stories

Автор Sandra Russo ( назад)
An Australian shot down the Red Baron. His boots are in the Australian War Museum

Автор PkNightStar Chosen ( назад)
Hello everyone have a great day.

Автор Kyle McMahan ( назад)
#6, how about a giant squid, those are known to exist

Автор ender reaper ( назад)
Music ID please?

Автор dbeatham ( назад)
The red baron was shot down by an austrailian machine gunner named White, though little is known about him and no pictures exist, the history channel before it became what it is now, did a scientific study and found the only one who was in position to take the shot in the time frame that allowed him to land and die on the ground as witnessed by allied troopers is that gunner

Автор Mr Scrubadoodles ( назад)
Wait this video is about ww1... How come no.8 is during ww2

Автор Mason Holt ( назад)
My Great Grandfather was in WW1 and WW2 as apart of the German Army

Автор Creeper Wave ( назад)
OMG... this was an awesone video! Keep on doing you're videos as good as this one. :)

Автор Samuel Schönenberger ( назад)
Really cool design of the video, but the number 1 was about the Bermuda Triangle, not in the World War, that never took place near america.

Автор Armando Sabre ( назад)
Very good. Brazilian hugs !

Автор Zeeko4Realz ( назад)
I don't know why, but is just makes me feel proud of my country, proud of Britain

Автор Callum Joyce ( назад)
Australian AA fire got the red baron

Автор kenji harima ( назад)
nuke the bermuda triangle and see what happens

Автор lucas dominique ( назад)
bonsoir un peu de sous titre français aurait été la bienvenue ;)

Автор Danksy Arts ( назад)
Every zombie player got excited at 1.46 when you hear Richthofen

Автор The Blue Lieutenant ( назад)
Wait, so Canada has the balls to fight, but Ireland dosen't?

Автор WhiteShadow Gaming ( назад)
anyone else see the richtofen easter egg?

Автор Terraria UnboxingVids101 ( назад)
Many sources, including a 1998 article by Geoffrey Miller, a physician and historian of military medicine, and a 2002 British Channel 4 documentary, have suggested that Sergeant Cedric Popkin was the person most likely to have killed Richthofen.[46][47] Popkin was an anti-aircraft (AA) machine gunner with the Australian 24th Machine Gun Company,

Автор I don't like making new accounts for a reason ( назад)
what if... the treasure was a machine that bring pokemon to life?

Автор r0bw00d ( назад)
Thanks for putting that circle in the thumbnail; we never would have known what to look at.

Speaking of the thumbnail, allow me to express my gratitude for being lied to!

Автор Andy Revell ( назад)
Number 6 was Cthulu.

Автор Luna TiCC is Adam Sandler ( назад)
WWI contains so maní mysyeries, and one of the bloodiest battles. We never know what happened because, anyone that was old died. And probably their kids died.

Автор Jonathan Waké ( назад)
ugh how he said Maryland..

Автор Weslee Piercy ( назад)
The Cyclops wasn't a military ship, it was a commercial ship, en route FROM Maryland TO Texas. I actually don't think it was even Maryland, and there has been wreckage found. I've heard enough of this Brit's BS. Get your facts straight, dumbass.

Автор Noah Madden ( назад)
how to fail at photoshop

Автор FreedomMonkeyz395 ( назад)
My Gran Dad Was on the Axis (Im Japaneese)

Автор joeycoolbaws boudreault ( назад)
maybe a mutiny or mayeb well they eat ecah others which is horrible but possible if they were dying of being starve look at african tribe that are cannibal i mean its possible and it would be too much sinister i mean they are soldiers and 15k of them eating each others its well very terrible

Автор Grammer Nasi ( назад)
The thumbnail is totally real.

Автор DUSTY the gam3r 1 ( назад)
and private jhon parr is my grandfather not joking

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