10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War I

The First World War saw atleast 20 million people lose their lives. Amidst the horrors, there were some pretty weird happenings. Here are 10 of the greatest mysteries from the Great War.

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Автор Terraria UnboxingVids101 ( назад)
Many sources, including a 1998 article by Geoffrey Miller, a physician and
historian of military medicine, and a 2002 British Channel 4 documentary,
have suggested that Sergeant Cedric Popkin was the person most likely to
have killed Richthofen.[46][47] Popkin was an anti-aircraft (AA) machine
gunner with the Australian 24th Machine Gun Company,

Автор I don't like making new accounts for a reason ( назад)
what if... the treasure was a machine that bring pokemon to life?

Автор r0bw00d ( назад)
Thanks for putting that circle in the thumbnail; we never would have known
what to look at.

Speaking of the thumbnail, allow me to express my gratitude for being lied

Автор Andy Revell (TheOnlyNerdInTown) ( назад)
Number 6 was Cthulu.

Автор Luna TiCC is Adam Sandler ( назад)
WWI contains so maní mysyeries, and one of the bloodiest battles. We never
know what happened because, anyone that was old died. And probably their
kids died.

Автор Jonathan Waké ( назад)
ugh how he said Maryland..

Автор Weslee Piercy ( назад)
The Cyclops wasn't a military ship, it was a commercial ship, en route FROM
Maryland TO Texas. I actually don't think it was even Maryland, and there
has been wreckage found. I've heard enough of this Brit's BS. Get your
facts straight, dumbass.

Автор Noah Madden ( назад)
how to fail at photoshop

Автор FreedomMonkeyz 395 ( назад)
My Gran Dad Was on the Axis (Im Japaneese)

Автор joeycoolbaws boudreault ( назад)
maybe a mutiny or mayeb well they eat ecah others which is horrible but
possible if they were dying of being starve look at african tribe that are
cannibal i mean its possible and it would be too much sinister i mean they
are soldiers and 15k of them eating each others its well very terrible

Автор Grammar Police ( назад)
The thumbnail is totally real.

Автор DUSTY the gam3r 1 ( назад)
and private jhon parr is my grandfather not joking

Автор Briseur De Lance ( назад)
Has anyone any idea about the music played during fact n°10, please?

Автор LordScrubMaker TheSecond ( назад)
Dont you mean 38 million casualties?

Автор Briseur De Lance ( назад)
01:26: Well, with modern techniques and means of research, we are able to
find "black boxes" of crashed planes, even after the boxes have stopped
emitting. So this should be feasible.

Автор Lord Voldemort and His Death Eater's Video's of Evil ( назад)
I thought either the Canadian pilot Arthur Roy Brown or Australian Machine

Автор ItsNick , ( назад)
Ehy did he not cover the UB-65?

Автор transpeter97 ( назад)
The angel of mons made me cry

Автор Devil Chaos ( назад)
Bela kiss be dead now am I right

Автор Farhan The Badass Scizor ( назад)
how about when a new zealand battalion assaulted a hill in turkey and
simply vanished?.

Автор Renshen1957 ( назад)
World War 2 airplanes?

Автор stuff and stuff ( назад)
10:10 quick start the X-files music!

Автор olivier dastein ( назад)
The presentation is truly excellent. Thanks.

Автор Rowhan The Man ( назад)
17 million people died not 38 mil

Автор Nick Worster ( назад)
nice clickbait image you douchebag. the image has nothing to do with the
story whatsoever

Автор Pak Huide ( назад)
Fuck you

Автор Reilly 228 ( назад)
On #1 he wrote "en route"

Автор Kathleen Schnell ( назад)
it is known now that the red baron was killed by an Australian infantryman
as he was being pursued by roy brown whom was in the rcaf not the raf, and
the angels of mons was a total fabrication made by a british newspaper man
to give the british the aura of god was on their side.

Автор ירדן לבב ( назад)
Unsolved mysteries!!?!? IT HAS TO BE THE JEWS, AMIRITE??? LETS BLAME THE

Автор John Statser ( назад)
The "theory" that Capt. Brown killed the Red Baron is NOT the most popular
one, and hasn't been since a few months after the event. Brown himself was
never insistent that he had killed or even shot down the Baron. Brown fired
from above and the left of the Baron. The autopsy showed that the Baron was
shot from below and the right, with a bullet of different caliber than
Brown's plane fired.. Several infantrymen, and anti-aircraft crews claimed
and were given credit at various times. A check of the autopsy report, eye
witness reports from the time, official maps, and placement orders confirms
that only one AA gun was in the right place at the right time to have fired
the shot. Sergeant Cedric Popkin of the Australian 24th Machine Gun Company
fired the fatal bullet.

Автор anony ( назад)
very well made video, good job

Автор Oรɱαɳ, Tɦყ Mαɠɳเƒเ૮εɳƭ ( назад)
Gotta find that Russian gold tho.

Автор Kevin Shaw ( назад)
Not at the end, bet what happened to princess Anastasia is number one.

Автор Abramus5250 ( назад)
That first thumbnail was so fake, CNN reported it as news.

Автор SkyeHawk89 ( назад)
Someone should make a movie.

Автор Nem a Tolvajkergetők ( назад)
"Kiss" is pronounced as "kish", not "kiss", as in snogging,

Автор Nem a Tolvajkergetők ( назад)
The death of the Red Baron is not a mystery any more. He was unfit for
flight after his head injury, but aviation safety rules didn't exist back
then. He was practically killed by the British machine gunner who hit him
several weaks earlier.

Автор Nem a Tolvajkergetők ( назад)
The banknotes in the opening are Hungarian milpengő notes. They were
printed in the hyperinflation after WW2, not WW1. The pengő as a currency
didn't even exist until after WW1.

Автор driveman ( назад)
All the answers to these mysteries can be found from one
source..................the Kraken.
Find the Kraken, you'll have your answers.

Автор Mads Veland ( назад)
Hey, I have a question. How can you use the music legal, how is the
process? But a little clickbait on the font image, it was not in the

Автор ThatGuy WhosThere ( назад)
50% stop using ww2 videos
20% Red Baron was shot by_*_*

20% Clickbait

10% do ww2 video

First of all there arnt many videos of ww1

Red Baron is a mystery there giving the title

It wasn't clickbait the video is revelent to the title

There's already a ww2 video

Автор Patrik Nessbo ( назад)
the fotage sucks

Автор GabrielKirov ( назад)
As long as a submarine has no windows or cameras, how cound the crew know
they were attacked by a monster with tentacles??????? This sounds like a
big bullshit

Автор GlenCharlesPovey ( назад)
I switched off at number 9. Why show Second World War footage of bombers?
What has that got to do with the Great War? Yawn......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор Aza AUS1 ( назад)
The Australians shot the Red Baron before the Canadian shot his plane down
(and when they found him he had these massive boots made of fur)

Автор elix901 ( назад)
The german U boat story reminds me of something my step dad told me. He was
a marine on a nuclear submarine and they where attacked by something in
Alaska that shook the submarine badly. They where debriefed and told never
to speak of the event again. He asked his commander who told him it was
Russian submarine. Except there boat was literally spun upside down and
rattled. I don't think a submarine can do that.

Автор Mr.Fluffy ( назад)
The kraken exsist

Автор j xandofar ( назад)
the RAF didn't exist in ww1

Автор MrTjhayes ( назад)
the red baron was in a basically a ''dog fight'' with 1 other person from
the RAF and the person who happened to be watching the battle saw them
dissapear into mist and then the RAF pilot flew out safe and sound, but it
is stated while he was being chased be the baron he was luring him closer
to the ground so it is very likely he got shot by a rifle man, but the
injuries he angle of the injuries he sustained would not have been possible
from the ground. note from the man who saw the body " noticed several small
punctures in his face apparently caused by small splinters off a bullet
which had probably hit the metal work of his plane and a larger wound about
the size that would be caused by a .303 bullet in the lower part of his
chest and travelling upwards in the direction of his heart but I did not
see any other injury. I do not think that the face wounds would have caused
even temporary inconvenience." a bullet from the ground would have to be
sideways not straight up.

Автор A Em ( назад)
Not even going to view! It's click bait! Try being honest.

Автор Icarus wingsofsteel ( назад)
a lot of the footage was not real world war one footage. with some its
obvious and i can understand why they do it. but with others like the
tactical bomber and submarine footage i don't, its just misinforming and
unnecessary. surely you could have found real footage of subs and world war
1 bombers.

Автор PumpkiNot ( назад)
The red Barron was killed by the red barren.

Автор a crazy drunk guy ( назад)
the real question is...who killed captain Alexi

Автор Mike Steeves ( назад)
didn't the autopsy photos prove that the red baron was shot from below?

Автор Strigon Wolf ( назад)
Is that the Liberators song?

Автор Allen Wingate ( назад)
i enjoyed it so much i had to watch it again. Beautiful

Автор Neon Vongola Primo Tsunayoshi Sawada ( назад)
meanwhile in the far Future People have created time machines and tried to
see on what actually happened

Автор ScarfyGoo ( назад)
*looks at number 6* Cthulhu you little shit😤.

Автор Sam Benton ( назад)
You used footage from WWII in your Red Baron segment.

Автор Seekarr ( назад)
The one who killed the Red Baron is actually known: "At the time, the Baron
had been pursuing (at very low altitude) a Sopwith Camel piloted by a
novice Canadian pilot, Lieutenant Wilfrid "Wop" May of No. 209 Squadron,
Royal Air Force.[44] In turn, the Baron was spotted and briefly attacked by
a Camel piloted by a school friend (and flight commander) of May's,
Canadian Captain Arthur "Roy" Brown, who had to dive steeply at very high
speed to intervene, and then had to climb steeply to avoid hitting the
ground.[44] Richthofen turned to avoid this attack, and then resumed his
pursuit of May.[44]
It was almost certainly during this final stage in his pursuit of May that
a single .303 bullet[g] hit Richthofen, damaging his heart and lungs so
severely that it must have caused a quick death."

The reason why no one acknowledges this is because the so-called "Canada"
hasn't been proven to actually exist.

Автор sami imas ( назад)
#war never changes

Автор tenchimuyo69 ( назад)
The mystery of Tokugawa's swords comes to mind. Not so much for the war, as
it is from the second world war.

But similar in style.

Автор Carlos Fernando Apinaye Asto ( назад)
it was 17 million deaths but in total 38 million casualties

Автор Jacob Flores ( назад)
#10 would be the perfect subject for the next Uncharted... if it ever

Автор Moonman ( назад)
2:23 is that Matthias Schweighöfer???

Автор TheReal JuliusCaesar ( назад)
6 could have been a giant squid

Автор Eric McClarnon ( назад)
hello, I saw you mention the loss of the uss cyclops. My friend's deceased
uncle was a sea captain and treasure hunter who claimed to have located the
cyclops off the coast of Miami in 300 feet of water. I have actually seen
the charts and research of it with my own eyes. Was said to have been

Автор The Eighth Doctor ( назад)
0:14 wales map cameo.

Автор worldwanderer91 ( назад)
Angels of Mons proved that God was on the Allies' side

Автор AllTheMemes AlltheMemesm8 ( назад)
....Britons...... 4:54

Автор sistematic1 ( назад)
cool ww1 video!

Автор Émil Ouellet ( назад)
K, this is weird. Its a canadian that took down the red baron

Автор Ramz Empire ( назад)

Автор zareena m ( назад)
heart touching add

Автор Bob Kamachi ( назад)
#6, a Giant Squid probably confused the Sub for a spermwhale

Автор wierdlifedude ( назад)
i like the music you put in to your videos about the war, reminds me of the
good old school documentary videos.

Автор Mega TheVo ( назад)
I saw this in the recommended section while I was watching a Battlefield 1

Автор Trebor Zelaznog ( назад)
j.m is John Morioraty

Автор II DIRECTx II ( назад)
Number 4: whatever happened to Bela Kiss, would make a very interesting

Автор AnotherBoringWeek ( назад)
We know now that the Red Baron was killed by a Rifle shot and Not a Vickers.
Therefore it could only have been a shot from the ground.

Great Video.
Spot on good production, mate.

Автор David Jensen ( назад)
Everyone knows that Snoopy shot down the Red Baron

Автор Parikshit Beatbox ( назад)
the music in the background was very pleasing

Автор 3LightningBolt ( назад)
Holy crap this channel has blown up! I remember just when there was only
200k subs!

Автор FireXDESTROY Gaming ( назад)
Lets all get ready for WW3

Автор kuyanatnatdkrx7 ( назад)
Giant Squid should be a easter egg in Battlefield 1 as Megalodon was in BF4

Автор Patrick Grænge Hansen ( назад)
number 9 is solved

Автор jeffrey mcfadden ( назад)
the solution to all 10 of these events is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
drum roll please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Автор Naj Kraemer ( назад)
tells us of the red baron and who he was *shows images and films from world
war 2*

Автор Trevor Coleman ( назад)

Автор Slavic Pride ( назад)
I know you're an American, but at least try to pronounce foreign names
correctly. Most of us can say American names the correct way, so it also
works the other way around if you put some effort into it.

Автор FawkesMuldarr ( назад)
"Bela Kiss" is a common name?!

Автор TimIgrok ( назад)
The Red Baron had the german title 'Freiherr von' but There is no
translation for that. As a english pilot wrote a book about him he got his
name Red Baron and kept it until today

Автор Christian Brooks ( назад)
r.i.p 20 million soldiers

Автор Warrior Wombat ( назад)
Did you know that both English, Belgium and German forces all reported
seeing the same thing? obviously the English and Belgium forces could have
spoken to each other, but not with the Germans, so how do you think that

Автор Doumaham Igah Ila ( назад)
not 38 million people 17 million

Автор Fernando Labdácida ( назад)
Why do you use WW2 footage to explain events of WW1? To many people that
could be very confusing.

Автор Otter of Toast ( назад)
Angels? Fascinating! I'm a very faithful person, so I don't doubt angels
were at play in the war. Lots of stories from WW2, just as well.

Автор EYE Watcher2005 ( назад)
But a megadalon attacked a ship called big bertha ww1 or so called big

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