Poker Face - Line Dance

Poker Face - Line Dance
Poker Face
Choreographed by: Craig Bennett (UK) Jan 09
Descriptions: 64 count - 2 wall - Intermediate/Advanced level line dance

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Длительность: 3:54
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Автор clikonthis (4 года)
cool I like it : )

Автор flirtyfruity (4 года)
nice dance.

Автор Amador sandoval (4 года)
good work ladies....

Автор Slaikum (4 года)
lol this is cute

Автор Mariieeexx (5 лет)
i loke this song

Автор lando dahil (4 года)
nice move

Автор JoeyGraceffa1991 (4 года)
Good jod you guys that was awsome(:

Автор Lowell Feldhahn (4 года)
That was very cool! Keep up the good work :)

Автор LDanceAngles (4 года)
Thank you for watching.

Автор clikonthis (4 года)
cool I like it : )

Автор Samantha Reza (4 года)
good job ! I liked it :D

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