Silver Bullet/Cougar Cutter Plotter - Print and Cut

Print and Cut using the Cougar Cutter from Black Cat Cutters now replaced by the amazing Silver Bullet!
Available from http://www.thymegraphics.co.uk in the UK
From http://thatsscrapinc.com/blackcatcutters.aspx in the US
From http://www.cuttingedgecraft.net.au/cougar_9.html in australia.

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Автор Graphicx100 ( назад)
whats the dpi in the program?.....when you print it out if its lower then
600 not worth it!!!!!!

Автор EsteeDarla ( назад)
does this machine print the images out too

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
It depends on the software you are using, but basically import your image
and vectorise the outline, then print through the software so you have
registration marks.

Автор Nibbler800 ( назад)
How do I set up the software to print and cut; do I import/place image

Автор PhoenixSilverBullet ( назад)
No, the adhesive used is a repositionable one that is strong enough to hold
the media in place but that also allows for removal of the cut media so
long as a little care is taken

Автор Nibbler800 ( назад)
Doesn't it pull apart intricate lace-like cut outs when removing them from
the sticky backing paper??

Автор PhoenixSilverBullet ( назад)
It doesn't print the image, but can be set to cut around an image that you
print through the included software. It is compatible with Illustrator via
a plugin that we have

Автор mufrfy ( назад)
Could I use this to cut Intricate designs In skateboard griptape?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
Yes, it will cut out as many multiple designs on a single page as you wish

Автор Tystarr2k2 ( назад)
Can the machine cut out multiple designs on a page? It would save us a lot
of money. 

Автор sojournes ( назад)
@mhb207 The imagine can do both BUT you are limited to images that you have
the cartridges for.

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
I have to disagree with you. There is no way that I would want uncut tags
on my finished work - it looks very messy. I much prefer a carrier mat.

Автор Jacek T ( назад)
the mats are quite idiotic. I am just using piece of plain cover paper
without any glue on the top to prevent the blade from scratching the cutter
and the cutouts are kept in place because cutting i am leaving 0.015 inch
uncut every half of inch or so. Using craft robo pro

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
@mhb207 You're very welcome

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
@BlackCatCutters Got it! Many thanks!

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
@mhb207 Yes it can draw with the addition of a pen holder which can be
purchased for £29.99

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
@BlackCatCutters Sorry. One more thing: can it draw?? Like the outline of
the images to be cut?

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
@BlackCatCutters Very well then and thank you

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
@BlackCatCutters Thank you but please do tell me, do you have any machine
that would do that? Because what I need a machine that would print and cut
on shrink plastic and i'm afraid it just seems like too much trouble to do
it with 2 different equipments. So, do you have one that can do both?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
@mhb207 I'm afraid not, machines that print and cut at the same time are
extremely expensive and we don't stock them as there is very little call
for them

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
BlackCatCutters Thank you but please do tell me, do you have any machine
that would do that? Because what I need a machine that would print and cut
on shrink plastic and i'm afraid it just seems like too much trouble to do
it with 2 different equipments. So, do you have one that can do both?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
@mhb207 That is correct. When it refers to print and cut, this is a feature
of the software that allows a printed page to be placed in the cutter and
the cutter will cut around the design - it doesn't do the actual printing
though, that is done on your normal printer

Автор Nikinik ( назад)
Ah! So this IS NOT a print-and-cut machine??? I know EVERYONE that owns one
of this is so very happy with it, I am ready to buy mine but I just read it
does not print, is that right?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
The one in the video is an 18" cut width. there are also 13", 15" and 24".
It won't cut any media of that thickness, you would need a laser cutter for

Автор Orla Cahill ( назад)
Hi, Just wondering what cutting size this Cougar is? And will it cut up to
8mm thickness of perspex or what is also called acrylic?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
There are You tube videos also showing it cutting metal and board. Yes it
will cut fabric and rubber, it will depend on the density and thickness as
to exactly what fabric and rubber it will cut. You can print your design on
whatever media you wish so long as your printer accepts that media

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
Thank you LFiers! Yes of course questions are okay, I am happy to help if I

Автор LFiers ( назад)
Thank you for this video, it's a great demo! I just got a Graphtex CE5000
plotter (I heard they were up there withthe best) & have no idea how it
works yet. But you seem like a farly helpful person so I favourited this
vid and will check out more from you if there are some. Expect some
questions from me soon if thats ok. Thanks again. :)

Автор paulin Lefilsdepaul ( назад)
stars wars lol

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
There are three registration marks printed at the same time as the design.
Then a laser light is positioned over each of those marks so that the
machine knows where to cut. If you watch the video very carefully you will
see that the carriage moves over three corners of the paper before it
starts to cut. That is me lining up on the reg marks

Автор macjsus ( назад)
Can anyone explain how this things works? Well what I really want to know
is how does it know where to cut? Is there some kind of electric eye, or
scanner or something?

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
either a printable vinyl, or two or three layers of a solid colour vinyl -
it depends on the type of design

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
Just standard copy paper, but you could use whatever media you wanted

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
The machine doesn't do the print part itself. You print out your design on
any printer and then put it through the machine to cut around the design

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
Yes you would need a bigger printer. You could use photoshop to create the
image you want to contour cut, but then it would need a vector outline
which you could do in Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape

Автор Pedro Balza ( назад)
what about if I have a design thats bigger than a regular paper size, do I
need an special printer that can print stuff bigger¿? does it use
photoshop??? i hope so cuase thats what i knowthe most...

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
Prices start at $699 in the US. I tried to post the links to the different
sites, but my comment isn't accepted with them so have added the sites
under the description. We use Inkscape and signcut, but it is also
compatible with Illustrator and CorelDraw. It can also be used with a mac

Автор Pedro Balza ( назад)
this is just great, do you know how much it costs in dollars? and what
software does it use? thanks :)

Автор BlackCatCutters ( назад)
The 13" is £499.99 with other sizes increasing in price.

Автор gmodesike ( назад)
how much does this cost?

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