How to: Install Exodus on Kodi v16.01 'Jarvis'

SImple how-to tutorial on Exodus for Kodi

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Автор Enrique Farias ( назад)
great info thanks mate

Автор Bobby Knock ( назад)
cheers,used this advice 3 times.can you please explain why exodus keeps
disappearing from my add ons .thanks

Автор Mucky B ( назад)
Hi Andrew...ur tutorial helped me with Exodus. Do you have a tutorial about
how to download live tv onto Kodi?

Автор Daisha Williams ( назад)
Thank you very much. Great video. Easy to follow and apply.

Автор Diana Lopez ( назад)
Thanks! U the bomb!

Автор iamsunflower2011 ( назад)
Well something went wrong

Автор iamsunflower2011 ( назад)
Thank you omg this was much easier than some of the others

Автор Lee Kyle ( назад)
I go back to your tutorial every time either kodi or exodus crashes on me

Автор Alivea Oenning ( назад)
Honestly i got this fire stick for christmas and me being stupid cleared
the data i've been on the internet an hour trying to find how to fix it
while having a panic attack and you just solved all my problems thanks so

Автор Jordan Davis ( назад)
how come after I do
install from zip file > fusion ...
there are no further options to select. I don't get the 3 things. it's just
a blue arrow pointing up with 2 periods

Автор Amanda fossum ( назад)
nothing pops up when I click add source. the wording just turns yellow. any
ideas? thanks

Автор Dai Matthews ( назад)
After adding fution to Files source it is saying Unable to Connect ?? Can
you help

Автор Steve Velasquez ( назад)

Автор Jonathan G ( назад)
I was a bit nervous as I was installing it on my amazon fire TV but it was
so quick and easy and i thought i would have to download a file or
something. Nice work

Автор renaja phillips ( назад)
thank you sooooo much, this really helped me out

Автор Kenneth McBride ( назад)
after addons install zip u lost me

Автор SethZPro ( назад)
THANK YOU SO MUCH, this was very helpful

Автор seral altidor ( назад)
Quick simple and straight to the point. Thanks!

Автор Vendetta X ( назад)
Thanks bro, really helped a lot !!

Автор David Foster ( назад)
Great tutorial, but constantly having to pause as you were not allowing
time for installation to complete.

Автор bobalazs ( назад)
ag stands for argentina?

Автор sky ryder ( назад)
Thanks! Great video

Автор Max James ( назад)
Hi Andrew, great video, however I had a problem with exodus so followed
your lead of removing & reinstalling up until I got to the exodus
repository. I only have something called kodi respository, clicked on that
and it's say it cannot be enabled so can't get to exodus repository now to
select video add ons...help?!

Автор Kenyetta Lightbourne ( назад)
Thank you so much. Very detailed & easy to follow. You are the man!

Автор FireBlaster11 ( назад)
Thanks man your the best Thanks you so much!!!!!!

Автор ThatBritDad OXO ( назад)
yay had to do a hard boot on my box but it wiped off everything managed to
get kodi back but still it was blank by accident realised i needed exodus
and this now has be back on thanks for the help :)

Автор Freddie Smith ( назад)
Perfect tutorial, not too much unnecessary jabber...I followed along
without a hitch, and installed successfully... Thank You...

Автор xX Crosscuts Xx (Crosscuts514) ( назад)
very helpful thannk u

Автор John Ulepich ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор PLANE JAIN ( назад)
Great video!!! but for the love of Danny Devito. .Sllllllooooowww dooown:)

Автор Akeem Brown ( назад)
every time I try to install plugin.add-on.installer or any add-on period I
get a "failed to install add-on" notification

Автор Dane Brand ( назад)

Автор Travis Jones ( назад)
this helped alot.do u have anything for sports other than sportdevil.its
been acting up and need something for sports like exodus is for movies and
tv shows

Автор Kyle Reyes ( назад)
Thanx man, definetly subbed and liked. Enjoy ur day

Автор mike hermenet ( назад)
It worked great!!!
Very understandable instructions,
Thank You so much,

Автор lee ward ( назад)
Thanks for this mate

Автор Infamous Dago ( назад)
youre awesome. ive put kodi and exodus on 2 phones and im waiting on a tv
box. thanks so much for the tutorial.

Автор Chris Beaumont ( назад)
works great thanks for sharing the vid

Автор Fraser Coffield ( назад)
Cheers for that!

Автор louisecarlto ( назад)
Hello Andrew,

I used this tutorial on my Sony android tv and it worked perfectly. I have
recently tried using it on my firestick and cannot get it to work. Exodus
will open and allow me to get through to the 'genres' section, however once
I click on a genre, it loads and then stops. It won't show any movies/tv
series. Have you any idea what could be wrong? One thing I noticed
different is that I don't have the option to select xbmc-repos, instead it
is called Kodi-repos. Thanks

Автор roddy2body ( назад)
Doesn't let me install from zip file..

Автор Adam Slaney ( назад)
brill cheers

Автор Greg Herman ( назад)
Excellent video. Thank you for the clear step-by-step

Автор AndroidGameplay ( назад)
When you cant fall asleep so you make a YouTube video at 4:00 in the

Автор Ricardo Spears ( назад)
I like the video but I keep getting an error message and everything is
typed in correctly, I had no idea why it keeps saying something about my
connection when it's actually just fine, if it were not, I would not be
able to type this or to have done even watched the video.

Автор Riley Smith ( назад)
great tutorial. not so good video quality. but you did help me out with
this. thanks dude

Автор Laura LM ( назад)
Thank you very much for the detailed description; I tried to install it
according to some tutorial but they really skipped essential steps and I
got very frustrated.

Автор TheDCA gamer ( назад)
ive followed all the steps correctly but when I go into exodus repository
and click video add ons there is nothing there
what am I doing wrong

Автор Pj Golden ( назад)
great video mate thanks so much

Автор Ninjassasain129 ( назад)
Thank you for the quick and easy tutorial~

Автор noxomox ( назад)

Автор Dan Botto ( назад)
I told my girlfriend I could jailbreak the fire stick she got for my
sister. Then I realized I didn't know how to get Exodus. Then I watched
this video and got it to work. Thank you for saving Christmas.

Автор Bobby Head ( назад)
Thanks for this. Great help.

Автор Kimeka Gallier ( назад)
thank you

Автор Patrick Cruse ( назад)
How do I watch movie after I download it?

Автор Christian Costello ( назад)

Автор Jk Medina ( назад)

Автор roblx time ( назад)

Автор Apersonthingy Yt ( назад)
Thx so much!

Автор Jake Zieroff ( назад)
When i go to download exodus is fails everytime

Автор kelvyn s ( назад)
quick and easy, thank u

Автор Joanne Lopez ( назад)
Hi. I'm trying to install, but I get all the way to where I'm suppose to
press start here or begin here and there's nothing there to press. Please
help, I appreciate it all. Thx

Автор Jarrett Reeves ( назад)
when i try to install from zip it just says failed to install. searched
everywhere and cannot find a solution.

Автор carlo curiel ( назад)
thanks buddy great video 😎

Автор leah king ( назад)
Thank u for helping me add Kodi to my laptop :)

Автор Peggy Newcomb ( назад)
THANK YOU THANK YOU. Great instructions, got it loaded!

Автор Andrew Brackenbury ( назад)

Автор Del Boyo ( назад)
great vid bud, worked perfect. im having problems with my shortcut (system
- settings - appearance - skin settings - add on shortcut) whenever i put
something in the add on menu, it appears under the video menu as norm, but
when i exit and open up kodi, the shortcut disappears. have you come across
this before? if so could you advise. thanks bud

Автор olga mendoza ( назад)
thank u:)

Автор Shari Curry ( назад)
awesome tutorial!Thanks!

Автор Tricky Dicky ( назад)
Somehow my Exodus keeps deleting itself, thanks this video help me get it
back 👍🏼

Автор Destinyatk ( назад)
OMG!! Thank you for this super easy tutorial. I now have this on my Android
Samsung Galaxy. Happy watching. Woooo whoooo:):):)

Автор Mr 850 ( назад)
Tv 💛💛💛

Автор Derrick Mosley ( назад)
great work. thank you.

Автор Liam Corish ( назад)
Hi Andrew, many thanks for sharing the video. Although once I've installed
Exodus and I need to 'install from repository' I'm not actually getting
that option... the only options I'm getting are:

Disabled add-ons
Enabled add-ons
Get add-ons
Install from zip file

Where do I go from here - if anyone can help much appreciated.


Автор bryan betancourt ( назад)
doesn't ask let me press OK when I go to fusion

Автор MatahariOO1 ( назад)
This was amazing! Thank you!

Автор kevin keck ( назад)
how did you get from addons > install from zip file, I don't have that

Автор Shelley Gosselin ( назад)
out of everyone on utube I tried to download this u made it so easy and I
finally got it ..thank u..😀😀😀😀

Автор Rocky Elorde ( назад)
THANK You!!!

Автор Tricia Mearns ( назад)
I have been watching kodi videos for hours and you are the first one that
expalined it so a dummie like me could do it. so how do i get genesis and
also ares tv

Автор The Collyblobs ( назад)
so when i go on my kodi the layout is different and i dont know how to add
exodus what should i do someone help plzz

Автор Aj Dimitrov ( назад)
tnx bro

Автор Trace M ( назад)
THANK YOU! I had a dead link and you helped me fix it with this.

Автор T_N_Christ ( назад)
Thanks, your video helped me install Exodus yet again. This is my second
time installing Exodus. For some odd reason, it keeps uninstalling itself,
I have no idea why. Do you know why?????

Автор Debra Dunn ( назад)
Thanks so much....very helpful tips

Автор sicda lanmi ( назад)
Thank you bro 👍

Автор Eyewitness1980 ( назад)
Ta mate :)

Автор Terry Ford ( назад)
Evening we are trying to install but when we get to the zip file add on
installer we get an error message? please help.. dependancies not met?

Автор Veronica Heredia ( назад)
I have tried everything and I still cannot install phoenix. I cleared my
cache, and purged , and still nothing. It is the only one that will
download. I continue to get the "add on installer error, check the log for
more information". I go to the log viewer for kodi and it is blank

Автор brooklyn gamer ( назад)
thank you

Автор Suzy ( назад)
I just bought a Amazon Fire and installed google playstore, then Kodi. Had
Kodi on my cell... since then it appears that they have made updates to the
app... so it's not matching up with your instructions anymore =\

Автор Yaya Jones ( назад)
Thank you. Your video was very easy to follow and didn't confuse me like
the websites I was looking at.

Автор KEITH C ( назад)
Can you hook up a wireless mouse so you don't have to move the remote all
over the place..... If you can, is there a setting somewhere on Fire
Stick/Fire TV for a mouse or keyboard ?

Автор Maureen Charlong ( назад)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! My Bro told me this was "super hard" to do
and I should wait for him to come home to do it for me. It just took me
exactly five minutes to do this myself (with your help!) and Exodus is
working like a charm. Amazingly concise video even for someone who is not
tech-savvy like me!

Автор Christie Hardee ( назад)
This was made so easy and straight to the point. Lovely accent. Thank You!!

Автор thatonekid ( назад)
Thank you so much, very clear and straight to the point :)

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