Funny pre-flight announcement

A very funny safety brief

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Автор LadyTyger51ne ( назад)
Too funny!! 

Автор speedometer111 ( назад)
He obviously loves his job.

Автор Wyatt Earp ( назад)
i love this guy

Автор Wyatt Earp ( назад)
so if you dont liek the service you can kill yourslef at 30k feet real

Автор Air Fleet Training Systems ( назад)
Being a pilot is not always serious business… Funny pre-flight announcement

Автор Lazlow Rave ( назад)
oh noes. grammer polise! hahah!

Автор T Bragg ( назад)
Insert 25 cents for the 1st minute of oxygen. There are fees for
everything now.

Автор John Marston ( назад)
Once my pilot said "There's somebody out there who loves you........and you
can't do anything about it!"

Автор Jc Odle ( назад)
LMFAO! couldnt stop laughing

Автор Armando Aranda ( назад)
It would be fucking nice if you learn how to use correct punctuation before
you put up a fucking comment, dumb ass.

Автор Armando Aranda ( назад)
My fucking choice is telling your fucking dumb ass to learn how to use
correct grammar and punctuation before you put up a fucking comment.

Автор MrSrt4marine ( назад)
Southwest rocks... they make flying fun again

Автор Wexicanful ( назад)
Funny, but extremely unprofessional.

Автор Hexagonal10.2 ( назад)
Considered husband

Автор immcguyver07 ( назад)
Seat belts actually increase deaths in plane crashes bc ppl panic and can't
figure out how to get them off while high from adrenaline. Also most
survivors went wearing them on most crashes. Thank you for worrying about
our safety captain.

Автор YDoesLifeHaveLemons ( назад)

Автор Brendan2 ( назад)
La airport funny video

Автор Edgesyndrome ( назад)
Untrained husband xD

Автор Kenneth Froblon ( назад)
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Автор football11248 ( назад)
I think I have that flight attendant from mdw to sjc.

Автор PastTime777 ( назад)
Great. I guess they can add that the doors won't open mid flight, the
pressure is too great. Otherwise whack jobs actually try to open them.

Автор JuukezeBarbie ( назад)

Автор Mike Mcfall ( назад)
OMG I have had this guy as my attendant before!!! HE is HILARIOUSSSSSSSS

Автор Ahmed arif ( назад)
this guy's name is randel... known as tommy on westjet .. i bet .. u wanna
see his face search on youtube "HILARIOUS WESTJET FLIGHT ATTENDANT"

Автор tatiana peddington (1823 года назад)
Clever! One would actually listen to this safety briefing! LOL!

Автор Marcus_Mravik ( назад)
I take it he got bored LOL

Автор Leanne Strong ( назад)
We do have seatbelts. They're not as dangerous as they look! lol.

Автор emaildavinam ( назад)
If you don't like our service, the plane is equipped with 6 exits.

Автор nwvfd22 ( назад)
"Immediately stop screaming, let go of your neighbor..." What flight was
this on and when? Because with that quote, I strongly believe I was on this

Автор Hans Jürgen Würgen ( назад)
1:34 can´t stop laughing

Автор Guard13007 ( назад)
I'm gonna need to bring a lot of quarters on my next flight...

Автор Guard13007 ( назад)
That was awesome, I love that people actually clapped when he was finished.
xD All airline flights should have someone as entertaining as this guy for
the safety shit they say.

Автор michael douglas ( назад)
Untrained Husband ROFL

Автор michael douglas ( назад)
Can't believe it's not buttercup oxygen masks ha ha what a legend

Автор yoznfroogurt ( назад)
fake accounts are fake.....:-)

Автор MrHelidude ( назад)
So true........... :-)

Автор dapav96 ( назад)
Haha it helps people pay attention too! :D

Автор naji Jahvid looby ( назад)
Yeah it would. but then it wouldn't be as unique as this.. Maybe if each
flight attendant spiced it up in their own way

Автор Jaiboiz ( назад)
Example of Ground Control lol /watch?v=PkSh9JEDv50&feature=related

Автор Scroobscopes McGee ( назад)
"insert a quarter for every minute of oxygen"... Shit. I'm broke.

Автор sisterblique ( назад)
I cackled so much

Автор Broadcasting1996 ( назад)
I love the soun dof the engines spooling up when he begins saying how to
inflate the vest. it sounds so powerful :)

Автор Ingo Kuss ( назад)
designer oxygen masks......... *LMFAO

Автор cst1908 ( назад)
untrained husband? lol

Автор Aidan ( назад)
On a delta flight, (JFK-DUB on a 767-300ER) the flight attendant said that
if any laptops are in use during the flight they will be confiscated and
sold on eBay. All the people inc. me LOLOLOLOLOLolOlolOloed our asses off

Автор Jacob Berggren ( назад)
Funny #pre-flightannouncement ...

Автор TheModelmaker1 ( назад)
One of the best preflight announcements I have ever heard

Автор samspeed123 ( назад)

Автор Xilstealth ( назад)
This guy is great. Why can't we have more flight attendants like him?

Автор greenseaships ( назад)
Southwest. Figures. Only an airline with happy employees can do something
like this. You gotta go over to American to get "It won't be my fault when
the plane crashes!" from your flight attendant. However, it might be fun to
help restrain a flight attendant with the air marshals, so I might just
take American next time.

Автор Emmerssun ( назад)
Why can't all pilots be like that? xD People might actually listen to the
safety announcements then.

Автор Mvinaround ( назад)

Автор meRyanP ( назад)
@bajesus666 You're an idiot again, Southwest doesn't hire people without an
ATP. You also have to get your own 737 type rating. I'm not sure why you
bring up the safety record, a good safety record can be achieved by any
airline pilot, it comes down to MX 9 out of 10 times. Southwest is the only
airline to have the same major incident happen twice within two years (top
of the plane coming off). I like Southwest, but you are over glorifying the

Автор meRyanP ( назад)
@bajesus666 You're an idiot, they don't hand select the nations best
pilots. You act like they have some extreme selection process. A Southwest
pilot is no better than a United pilot or a jetBlue pilot.

Автор 91assad ( назад)
your shoes fit the outfit haha

Автор Joshua Sutherland ( назад)
@bajesus666 true true

Автор Joshua Sutherland ( назад)
@bajesus666 jet blue is the same

Автор circusboy90210 ( назад)
@bajesus666 who cares rap is talentless.

Автор gbgbgbgb 2234 ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHHA beautiful yellow life vest, very fashionable

Автор kinluc06 ( назад)
i wish this guy was on my last flight we more people like this on every

Автор dragonheart1947 ( назад)
You gotta love SouthWest, I have traveled with them many times, great
pilots, and the flight attendant's make the flights humerous. They deserve
kudo's for some of the flight prep stuff they come up with for the
passengers. I will only fly Southwest.

Автор ginnoveffect ( назад)
i think i had this guy on my last flight.

Автор squiddy820 ( назад)
Stop screaming long enough to pull down the mask and place it over your

Автор DJ Crookz ( назад)
'Already you look beautifully fashionable' LOL

Автор Mitchellpilot909 ( назад)
@bajesus666 I know man. Every southwest flight I go on the flight attendant
says something funny!

Автор King Hua ( назад)
omg.. This guy is so Fucken funny

Автор Chris Agatep ( назад)

Автор Lazlow Rave ( назад)
"Sit back, relax. Or lean forward all twisted up the choice is really
yours... " LMAO

Автор donbigotone34 ( назад)

Автор Samuel Tracey ( назад)
Has anybody got the exact words he says?! I'd like to have a read :L

Автор Radek Raczkowski ( назад)
someone plz call Hollywood and give him a job!

Автор 19dec1981 ( назад)
why all the passengers that tape from inside airplanes are sitting near the

Автор Yuri ( назад)
omg i watched this like 14 thousand times!!!

Автор Systematic (607 лет назад)
@rahmanroni Most of them on Southwest are usually funny.

Автор Wizzle Master ( назад)
"Insert a quarter for each additional minute of Oxygen." Ha ha ha!

Автор MrHelidude ( назад)
Well done. Wouldn't that be nice to hear something like this on all
airlines ............... :-)

Автор FireyAfterburner ( назад)
I see a promotion in his future

Автор Sdunny73 ( назад)
i love southwest airlines

Автор GHILLIExSnipez ( назад)
sounds like robbin williams

Автор Starlingswings ( назад)
"Untrained husband"!

Автор Starlingswings ( назад)

Автор rüdiger thomsen ( назад)
@Zethux mind me sending the transcript? could use it for teaching EFL but
couldn't work out all that is said

Автор shh071 ( назад)
"Already you look beautifully fashionable" roflmao

Автор yoyoyoyoshua ( назад)
@kumasan727 how is he a loser?

Автор zencon340 ( назад)
the 27 people who dislike tried to jump out the plane ...

Автор Seb Halikias ( назад)
only on southwest!!!

Автор kumasan727 ( назад)
fucking loser. Just do your damn job!!!!

Автор Wimpoman ( назад)
That's epic!

Автор Justin Bivins ( назад)
"So sit back relax, or lean forward all twisted up... the choice is really
yours!" BHAHAHA!!

Автор Sunny CHRiSTUDAS ( назад)
This guy missed his call in becoming a comedian xD

Автор TheYoyobeast ( назад)
Caboose from Red Vs Blue? XD

Автор Matthew Schneider ( назад)
These instructions are Super!

Автор highlo3517 ( назад)
1 quater for a minute of air??? dude can you break a 20?

Автор Harrison O'brien ( назад)
When your on the plane don't stir or cus. Have some fun on this AIRBUS,

Автор thirteenfingers ( назад)
Does this guy remind anyone else of Mr Leo. the "fashion consultant for the
army" as done by Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam? Especially the bit
about life vests, looking beautiful and making sure your shoes match your

Автор Vaughn Beaulieu-Mercredi ( назад)
@7john7cena7 LMFAO X100!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cenathon123 ( назад)
what airline is this it is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 4471548nwn ( назад)
@4crevis lol same did I!!

Автор mikon222 ( назад)
Flight instructor is gay for sure...

Автор Outlaw_Gamer ( назад)
Lol, if you dont like our service..

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