I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review. This Gem of a Revolver is little know outside of South America but the quality of this little Pistol is superb.
Thanks for watching~

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Автор MrAlexzp70 ( назад)
Esse cara tem uma arma boa de fato!!

Автор ryelor123 ( назад)
I've got one with a longer barrel. Best gun ever.

Автор MrCavemanDon ( назад)
he's not kidding on it not being good to dry fire, I have broken twp firing
pins, one out of stupidity, the other testing the function after some work.

Автор Adalberto Pires ( назад)
possuo uma de tres polegadas cinco tiros,cabo de madri pérola.ótima para
transportar na cintura.

Автор subzeronaruto90 ( назад)
I bought this revolver earlier today and was wondering if the barrel is

Автор Joe Bucci ( назад)
I.N.A. 2" barrel will shoot high. I have a model #1, and I carry it with
snake shot loads while I am fishing. With 158 gr. lead bullets you can't
hit any thing out 30 yards with any consistently. But it kills rattlesnakes
very effectively ...... with the snake loads.

Автор Daniel Db ( назад)
minha mae tinha um ina realmente e muito dificil de achar hoje

Автор Daniel Db ( назад)
industria nacional de armas eu sou brasileiro esse revolver é uma raridade

Автор Leandro ruyter avelar ( назад)
De fato o revolver INA não é conhecido no Brasil sua produção e exportação
ocorreu em 1971. Outras fábricas (Caramuru, Chapina, Castelo) tambem
fecharam no inicio dos anos 70. Hoje temos como armas mais populares a
Taurus, a Rossi, Boito, IMBEL e CBC.

Автор gonfishin077 ( назад)
i have one that sats ina made in brazil. nothing about miami.fl also its a
2 in 38 spec

Автор Clever Reis ( назад)
INA is not a brand of popular weapon in Brazil, I conducted research on the
internet, discover that the National Arms Industry or INA, Castelo,
Caramuru, Chapina are trademarks of antique weapons, are now known by most
Brazilians taurus, rossi and Imbel.

Автор David Nagessar ( назад)
What is the difference between this and a Brazillian spesco 38 revolver or
are they basically the same?

Автор cramsa ( назад)
I saw one in 32cal at the gunstore used... for about $130

Автор Bruno Wolmer ( назад)
a marca nao e tiger e INA

Автор Samio do monte pereira ( назад)
nunca ouvi falar dessa marca tiger,mas ta de parabens,muito bom o revolver.

Автор Dimitrius Norbert (1067 лет назад)
I.N.A is rare here in brasil taurus and rossi become more famous at all,but
is always nice to see some south america gun reviwed...you talked about the
qualities of the gun this is because here 38 specias and 380ACP are the
most powerfull calibers a good citizer can buy :( of course the bad guys
have ak's,ar's and all kind o heavy guns(few years ago police find a 50 cal
with drug dealers,and a home made rocket launcher...and in 2011 they
started to throw grenades in the police)

Автор Henry Nguyen ( назад)
lol turn on captions and at like 5:15 it says something about retirement

Автор arvdaugii ( назад)
just to let you know INA did make a two inch version, because I have one.
By the way does your gun shoot high?

Автор rodrigomengaoBR ( назад)
dude, awesome review. but i'm brazilian, i live in brazil, and I know we
don't have pumas in rainforests. Here we have jaguars, and they're very
known in those rainforests beside this, the review is great and you said
industria nacional de armas preety right dude. Brazilian greetings.

Автор dylan caldwell ( назад)
looks very close to my rossi .38 model 68 made in brazil

Автор stekiwig ( назад)
I recently received one of these after my father passed away. He bought it
in the late 60's or early 70's. I took it and had it cleaned/serviced by a
local gunsmith. It is in great condition and a great little gun. It has the
2" barrel. It shoots great and it very accurate. Great for carrying in my
truck. Thanks for the review and take care.

Автор Aussie038 ( назад)
Why not show some groups??

Автор gadgetable64 ( назад)
Oh yea these guns do have a "Trigger blocking mechanism"...When the
inspection plate is removed it is the first moving part encountered..

Автор gadgetable64 ( назад)
I have the same gun although mine has a 2 inch BBl..What else is different
is the cylinder release latch..The one here appears to be a bit longer an
is tapered at the screw, whereas mine is oval with the screw slightly off
the center...The bluing on this gun appears to be superior then mine, but
I,m not complaining..the serial number on mine is 6 digits (008***)..My gun
was a gift..It does have similar action to the S&W model#36. but a little
more tension on the coil spring it would seem to me.

Автор susiekue55 ( назад)
where can you get parts for the 2" version snub nose 38 special

Автор jackassrazor ( назад)
dam tht is a nice gun i liv in the uk so havent got any ova here :( but ty
for shwin all the bits an the fireing of the gun :)

Автор USNERDOC ( назад)
Another great Sootch review! That is a sweet looking pistol.

Автор GitcheG75 ( назад)
That's a beauty, sootch00! Thanks for the post, man!

Автор Matthew Hawking ( назад)
Cool. That's a very interesting little revolver. Thanks for the video!

Автор Mr45Bullitt ( назад)
You amaze me Don.Always another great find. Great vid my friend as

Автор Dmajorproductions ( назад)
i love my .38, mostly because i can put the rounds in my .357 magnum and
reduce the recoil, its amazing!

Автор Gabriel Motta ( назад)
@arriscado13 no problem. no offense taken

Автор SgtBooker44 ( назад)
Nice review. The Spanish accent wasn't bad either.

Автор berryjs140 ( назад)
gotta find one...

Автор fidgetingfinch ( назад)
That's a cool little pistol! I wouldn't mind having me one of these some
time. Great review as always Sootch! Have a nice day.

Автор chunkiemuffin ( назад)
great review on this video

Автор SouthernComfort ( назад)
Sootch, nice vid, never heard of I.N.A before tonight. Another good low
cost piece comparable to this one is the S&W model 10. Maybe not as pretty
as this one but there are millions of them floating around and the ones
I've seen in my neck of the woods in good condition are priced below 300.
(non-V post war models)

Автор thisvigilantguardian ( назад)
What a beauty

Автор chordize ( назад)
Scootch, I LOVE the reviews, but I cannot stand the song. lol

Автор ThePHENOMZ24 ( назад)
Great review as always 5*****

Автор bfgguns ( назад)
As always very good review and nice explanations.

Автор CatemacoRock ( назад)
beautiful gun

Автор biguy525 ( назад)
Nice review.

Автор Gabriel Motta ( назад)
dude, im from brazil. It´s not like we have a giant war and people are
geting shot every second.

Автор Michael Tefft ( назад)
I have a six shot Rossi revolver in .357 magnum with a four inch barrel.
Very similar looking to the I.N.A Tiger. Great shooting gun.

Автор nathshoots ( назад)
Awesome review!! I always look forward to your new stuff! That's a pretty
little revolver. I'm currently on the hunt for a .38 caliber for my wife.
I'll take this one into serious consideration if I can find one. Very
informative. Thanks sootch!

Автор shananagans5 ( назад)
I love the finish on that. With all the diff materials they have made guns
out of and things they have plated them with, I must say, a quality blued
finish is still my fav. Rugged, pratical, beautifull, you just can't beat

Автор 360steven ( назад)
good video sootch keep up the good work

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@toyotrust Thank you my friend~

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@sae1095hc You may be right. I didn't check to see if it had a trigger
block. Thanks~

Автор stealthyshooter ( назад)
Beatiful gun!

Автор sae1095hc ( назад)
Great review! Are you sure they didn't copy the S&W, trigger actuated
hammer block? When you start to release the trigger, after pulling it all
the way back, you'll see the hammer forced back a millimeter or so. That's
the hammer block being forced between the hammer and frame, preventing the
firing pin from getting close to the primer of a loaded round. That would
be a good home defense gun for someone on a tight budget.

Автор barracuda546 ( назад)
Its a very nice looking gun

Автор Carlos Caldero ( назад)
Great review sootch and interesting gun. I recommend all your videos to my
friends here in Puerto Rico.

Автор Springr1911 ( назад)

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@Springr1911 Yeah, the S&W is a better pistol...I paid $420 for mine and
only $160 for the INA. Why not have both? : )

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@LongRangeRifle It's a talent I have! Lol! Ofcourse with a Southern Accent~

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@TheGrayman1234 All revolvers started out with that type firing pin. It
wasn't until they started making a floating Firing pin that Revolvers
became safe to carry with one in the chamber. They were stilled carried,
but if dropped they could discharge. Thanks Bro~

Автор Springr1911 ( назад)
I would have gone for the S&W too. Not much of a choice there.

Автор gnashings ( назад)
Great vid as always, love the fact that you find all these uncommon guns
and give the interesting background stories on them as well. Really cool.

Автор krazy45cat ( назад)
5 *

Автор TheGrayman1234 ( назад)
Doesn't every revolver ride on a loaded chamber if fully loaded? If you
have a problem with that then just take one round out and let it ride on an
empty chamber.

Автор msamour ( назад)
Hey sootch, thanks for the review. I was wondering if moon clips can be
used with all revolvers. Also, How can you tell when a revolver is double
action versus single? I'm from Canada, don't know much about hand gun. The
only one i take care of are the Sigs p225 we have at my unit. Cheers. Mike.

Автор LongRangeRifle ( назад)
Lol I like it when Sootch speaks Portuguese :-)

Автор pukkepop ( назад)
I like these styles of revolvers :) Very nice ! Enjoy ! :)

Автор Gary Jordan ( назад)
Another great review! I use to have a FIE Titan Tiger .25acp, 6 shot. That
was a nice little back up gun.

Автор BroPaul ( назад)
Great review and beautiful revolver! -- Just wondering...if you carried it,
would you be afraid to have the hammer riding on a loaded chamber?

Автор MadBadVoodo ( назад)
Great review!! ★★★★★

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@Jrhoney Excellent Choice and a good buy. I love the 586 and that's the
better Revolver. Thanks ~

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@dopeskis Thanks for the kind words. I have a Mossberg 500 that I'm
planning to do a review video but I would suggest the Model 590. You have a
lot more options with the 590. Take care my friend~

Автор JRhoney ( назад)
I saw one of these for sale a few weeks ago but the guy was calling it a
Rossi and he wanted $300 for it o.0 I got a S&W 586 instead for $450
instead ^^

Автор sootch00 ( назад)
@Elweenieloco Thanks Bro~

Автор Elweenieloco ( назад)
great vid

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