The Truth About HHO - Does It Really Improve Your Mileage?

This video is for people who are brand new to HHO and thinking about buying an HHO generator. Some cold hard facts about what it takes to install an HHO generator in a vehicle. HHO is an amazing gas but using it can be tricky.

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Автор brown55061 (4 месяца)
I would never put an HHO cell on my EFI engine. The catalysts you guys use
contain sodium, which corrodes engine parts like mad. If you don't have a
lot of money and time to throw at this hobby you'll never get anywhere.

Автор Luke Woods (5 месяцев)
The honest truth about #HHO

Автор steelmesh (4 месяца)
Why doesn't anybody have an electrical generator that runs on HHO that
powers the HHO generator?? That is a way better invention than this car
gas mileage boost non-sense.

Автор MyJizz UrEye (5 месяцев)
Yes using extra fuel to turn your alternator to provide the power to
produce the less combustive HHO which in turn is fed back into you're
engine is not nutty at all.

You can also fly by pulling up on your shoelaces really hard.....

(sarcasm off)

The reason why your car gets good fuel economy the first week then bad
later is because the battery is no longer able to sustain the drain on it.

When they say combustion engines don't utilize the fuel fully they mean
most of the energy is wasted in heat.

No modern EFI car has shitloads of fuel going unburnt out the exhaust.

Plenty of companies are willing to pay cold hard cash prizes for any HHO
thats proven on a dyno. Wonder why they are not being claimed.....

Let me guess, its a conspiracy?

I'm no stranger to closed loop tuning tables, its not magic, the ECU is not
doing mystical things.

MAF or Speed density, this guy is talking bullshit.

Автор MyJizz UrEye (5 месяцев)
Adding HHO to try to "help with combustion" is like throwing green leaves
on a fire to help it burn hotter.

Автор Zekerias Varg (2 месяца)
I am interested as I think that the small amounts of H2 may increase the
pressure inside the cylinder ( and therefore the efficiency ) earlier in
the process but not as much so the fuel/air vill crack. 1 litre of H2 per
minute in an engine is really very litle compared to the big volume of air
going through so it must be some kind of radical catalysis helping to get
higher pressures in the stroke so ta say. The other thing that is
interesting inform about is to split the water by thermolysis e.g high
voltage and low amperes. Study plasma electrolysis. The problem is that the
cathode wear out. Reserachers have found that some nuclear reactions going
on in plasma electrolysis.

Автор Gabriel Neagu (2 месяца)
I can’t believe, these project really work, I didn’t know how to make the
installation because of my limited knowledge in this domain, but a friend
of mine mechanic, help me and now my Vw Golf 5 have a consumption with 40%
lower. After I saw how the installation is made it I didn’t believe how
easy is to build it. And it cost me 37$ the project 100Euro the
materials(the best I found) and a six-pack of beer to my mechanic friend,
ofcourse we drunk them together J. Here is the link for the project:
http://immgabriel.halfwate.track.clicksure.com?lp=5 enjoyt guys!!!!!

Автор Martin Lutteral (3 месяца)
"I'm not a mechanic" is the best and most accurate sentence pronounced in
this video. HHO doesn't work in a car.

Автор Bruce McBurney (5 месяцев)
I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per
gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or
suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and
the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now see at website (no
spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron
wine dot com Rex research dot com More than vapor but refining gasoline
into natural gas and methanol yes 200 mpg 4 cylinder

Автор eltouristoduo (4 месяца)
there is NO reason to think that H is providing ANY benefit. In fact, the
ONLY thing that would 'improve' mileage is leaning your gas mixture...NOT
something you want to do! The only conclusion that can be drawn is these
misleading statements are offered to try to sell the HHO equipment.
Advising to lean your mixture a little is BAD advice. The mixture is
already set at the best compromise of efficiency and longevity of the

Автор Hydrogen Power Systems, Inc. (5 месяцев)
Some great information about HHO! The Truth About HHO - Does It Really
Improve Your Mileage?

Автор rob0rat (2 месяца)
I'm a mechanic and I'm calling 90% bullshit on all this HHO stuff. If
you're gonna use hydrogen, why have the gasoline at all? If hydrogen is
more efficient then just use all hydrogen. If electricity is better than
gas, why not use all electricity? Gasoline is the best! Suck it up tree

Автор jellamae20 (5 месяцев)
hi sir can i make a gas stove using the hho??and can i store on a tank the
hho?? thankssss sir please answer it sir iil wait for it for your

Автор mohamed aljawder (5 месяцев)
please need help i have car running on benzene can i install hho kit on it
. or hho works for diesel engines only. another thing i cannot find
instruction about how to inject hho gas in to the chamber or the engine.

Автор Timothy Kubsch (4 месяца)
Thats why Honda came out with a car on Water

Автор Shawn Engstrom (4 месяца)
People don't listen very well. HHO improves the combustion of the fuel. Gas
engines are inefficient because they use tremendous amounts of unburned
fuel to cool the motor. Which is why you have to "tune" your car which is
nothing more then adjusting the voltage coming from your O2 sensors. When
HHO burns you get water. That excess water is what will keep your EGT's
down instead of the Un burnt fuel. Tuning your O2 sensors will lean out
your air/fuel mixture which will give you better fuel economy along with
substituting HHO for gasoline.

When your engine is running it is not using your batteries...it is using
your alternator which is turning all the time whether you are using the
power generated from it or not. A hydroelectric dam is still producing
power even if consumers are not using it all. It is essentially wasted
power that is being used to produce to HHO.

Автор 230outlaw (3 месяца)
You will not get MPG gains by generating HHO using your cars engine, and
then feeding the gas back for the engine to run on. This would imply you
have created a perpetual motion machine which, by the laws of physics,
cannot exist on the surface of planet earth. However, if you could generate
the HHO elsewhere, store only the Hydrogen in a Metal Halide storage
container (can be bought online) and run this to your engine it probably
would be significant. In fact, you could run a gasoline (spark ignition)
engine without any gasoline this way. Hope this helps anyone lost out

Автор ama89peach (3 месяца)
Someone should ask the GreenGT H2 le mans race cars how its done.

Автор Greg Lansley (5 месяцев)
Please people do not believe this rubbish! There is a reason this isn't
seen in any production car. If it worked then every car company would be
making these systems.

Physical laws point out it takes more energy to create the gas. In other
words, the system's energy output is less than the energy it takes to
convert water to HHO gas. Add in factors such as heat loss and sound; and
the amount of kinetic energy gained is far less than electrical energy used
to make the gas in the first place.

The electric energy used to create the gas comes from the alternator which
in turn is driven by the engine. The extra current needed from the
alternator means the engine has to work harder and thus more fuel needs to

Автор metroice1 (3 месяца)
hi mike, youre an idiot. i am a mechanic and have been for 16 years. this
heat hes talking about would only happen if you pump in a huge amount of
Hy. on top of that, theres a cooling system now a days that keep it cool.
also, there are hydrogen cars that were made just for this reason, look it
up, been around the last couple years. also energy conversion? lol you have
no clue. it takes 3 amps of 12v to run a hy maker, then take the hy coming
out of it and compare. hy will be more energy, you just have to harness it

Автор Shawn Engstrom (4 месяца)
This has absolutely nothing to do with energy conversion. It has to do with
harnessing wasted energy sources and making the engine more efficient.
Haters need to go hate somewhere else. 

Автор hhoconnection (1 год)
Yes in both cases but it requires a lot of DC power and probably is not
cost effective.

Автор Lakmal Udayanga (1 год)
thank u! how does engine run only hho?

Автор Dave Lennard (1 год)
Hello my friend would it be safe to install the hho unit in my 1989
mercedes 560sel petrol ?Regards Dave, from Spain

Автор bikr1975 (9 месяцев)
every engine varies as far as condition and displacement goes. how much
money you put into the vehicle. a setup on a honda civic wont work the same
on a toyota rav4. the point is to re-invent the stanley meyers water car
with less money. fun project but if youre learning with these setups, you
could be doing a great deal damage to your cars engine! something to think
about in the long run when you have to ride the bus to work? :(

Автор Màrio Manuel ocirrac (1 год)
atençao: o Hidrogenio so e perigoso em altas concentraçoes,mas a
explosao,nao e poluente.o Hidrogenio e como o oxigenio,sao os dois gazes
que existem mais na Natureza.

Автор hhoconnection (1 год)
Yes, you should definitely see an increase in power.

Автор Hammad Malik (1 год)
hi mike. Can i Run small 50 cc gasoline engines only on HHO or use it as
heating source.

Автор varun tindwal (1 год)
hello sir can u tell me that wt should we use to produce hho from water

Автор Tank Commander (1 год)
Please consider providing stochiometric Santilli carbon arc rod plasma
generated HHO and recycling the exhaust through a heat exchanger and back
into fuel generating chamber. Ceramic vessels are inexpensive no/none/zero
weld and DIY rust-proof. Such have flight, fuse, field expedient high
explosive militia applications and sch fuel has been used by Special
Forces. NWO oil & pollution war monger tyrant
Zionist/Christian/Muslim/Banker/royals will not like such a green
sustainable HHO solution...

Автор Mr3wheeledbike (1 год)
well i appreciate the help and hopefully i have one of mine own to show off
soon :)

Автор pigletjt (11 месяцев)
looking to add HHO to a 99 Ford Ranger 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, hopeing to add
some power and also improve gas mileage, will the o2 sensor on my truck
compensate for the fuel leaning that should be necessary? Ford runs a
pretty lean mixture anyway and my truck seems to ping a lot when it is
under stress.

Автор hhoconnection (1 год)
Watch my video called HHO Installation Frequently Asked Questions. I can't
put the link here YouTube won't let me.

Автор jcr65566 (1 год)
Thanks Mike I got a lot out of your YouTube videos. I was going to make one
of these my self a dry cell using the disk out of an old computer hard
drive as there all platinum coated. but decided to buy a kit for $455.00
off some one else I wish I come across your video I would have bought one
of of you.. I will be makings a video about how my HHO unit working after I
putt it in my 80 series petrol land cruiser and on how it going my kids
will need one so contact you later RJ

Автор lucky258i (1 год)
When did you start noticing mileage gains? I've put a 6x6 21plates cell at
35amps into a 2007 gmc 6.6 litter turbo diesel truck - drove around 80
miles (also have the volo fs2 installed) and I'm not seeing any changes...
any advice?..

Автор Mr3wheeledbike (1 год)
ok i have a 1987 ford escort and this system intrigues me, however i am not
really in it for better fuel mileage i want it because it neat and possibly
a bit of add performance? so thats my question if i keep the same fuel
settings and it being and older throttle body car do you think i gain even
the smallest bit of power?

Автор James Van Eynde (10 месяцев)
I like the work yous are doing but running two fuels is not the way to go
the engine will run to rich, if you run LPG you use just the LPG or just
fuel, not fuel and LPG so just like LPG use a gas converter yous have to
look in to a sort of a gas regulator . don't give up keep up the good work.

Автор Staytheredoggy (1 год)
Does the battery drain after a week? These generators would be SO useful if
their electric current came from solar panels, or a steam generator on
board. Does this age your cat-con? What about manufacturer warranty?

Автор ionizdgrunt2 (8 месяцев)
Then you have done something wrong... I've seen people go from a measly 21
MPG's to 33 with a 288 plate HHO Generator in a pickup truck.

Автор hhoconnection (11 месяцев)
Look, I have been hearing all these arguments for years now. If you don't
believe in this technology, fine. Make your own videos saying so and stop
trying to prove to us how smart you are, we don't care. There are much
smarter people than either of us who know for a fact HHO works IF you know
what you are doing.

Автор bighum70 (5 месяцев)
Just buy a civic.

Автор chopitjohn (10 месяцев)
I learned this in my Ford by burning up piston

Автор colonius12 (1 год)
billy, since hho is only a suppliment, ur normal lubrication system is
still in force and with the heat in your combustion chamber HM water or
even watervapour do you reallythink could remain in there and cause rust
and were rustthe problem you have been told it will be why did saab produce
water injection for the saab 99?. hho doesnt destroy ur engine. ur smart u
can reason out my reply.

Автор Max Jordan (8 месяцев)
That's exactly correct..the people who push HHO devices claim that as an
example they are able to produce 15hp from burning 1.5hp of hydrogen...that
would be a 900% increase..clearly impossible The problem is you cannot
create energy..energy is purely transforned from one medium to another..ie:
electrical to mechanical...or in the case of HHO..electrical to chemical
then mechanical..you lose energy in the transformation process and the
devices don't produce anywhere near enough HHO to begin with

Автор waketheoblivious (7 месяцев)
I just returned from a trip to Iowa from Phoenix with my 1986 Volkswagen
Vanagon. Despite some installation issues, averaged 38.6 mpg with a
combination of 2 drycell generators that combined to generate 5.5 - 8
Liters/minute. Gas milage was impacted by the limited space available for
the main water resevoir and the need for the dry cell units to be mounted
below the resevoir. Ultimately, my dry cells were too close to the exhaust
system which negatively affected the system performance,

Автор hhoconnection (10 месяцев)
Do some research into using HHO to improve combustion.

Автор loles09 (1 год)
1. Hello, u have say in the video that by some peoples run ok, without
adjusting the exhaust sensor, and by some not so. Maybe is the proble, the
place for to take the gas inside. Have see by peoples here in germany, that
they drill in they drill in the middle of tthe airintake by a 4 zylinders.
When now runns the engien, then flow the fresh air from the side, and take
the hho only by the last two cylinders, but the firts two becomes only
regular fuelmix.

Автор Solomon Cobb (8 месяцев)
Awesome. Can you send me a message exactly how to do that with a small
motor please. I would like to do this to a scooter myself. I want to try
first with a 50cc four stroke, and see how that goes, and learn from there.
Thanks, and good luck with your own.

Автор Captain Woof (10 месяцев)
It can still make enough... yes, you have many cylinders wanting air and
fuel every second, but its still not that lot, since every RPM, each
cylinder uses just a very little of the fuel. Otherwise after you started
your regular gasoline car, after a few seconds, the fuel-tank is empty.
Nowadays, there are HHO generators which can easily create 8-10 Litres of
HHO every minute, more than enough for a car!

Автор Matt Carrell (1 год)
Obviously there is more HHO being produced than gas lost to "alternator
drag" or you wouldn't see people claiming upwards of double the MPGs on
this or that vehicle, nor would you see a certain police department in SC
which converted their entire fleet to run HHO still running on it I
suspect. Do your research before you beat the old dead horse "less than
unity" line please. HHO does produce more than unity gain.

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