The Truth About HHO - Does It Really Improve Your Mileage?

This video is for people who are brand new to HHO and thinking about buying an HHO generator. Some cold hard facts about what it takes to install an HHO generator in a vehicle. HHO is an amazing gas but using it can be tricky.

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Автор Lance Boil (1989 лет назад)
I added one of these systems to my 1965 Futura, 330 hp, modified 289 V8. It
did not help my mileage, however added to hp and helped smooth out the
rough idle from my aftermarket cam. It turned my accelerator pedal into a
hair trigger. I like it. Make sure you install a valve to prevent backfire
from going from the carb or fuel injection to your HHO generator.

Автор Mike Brink ( назад)
Good god...The bottom line HHO connected to an alternator won't work. The
only way would be solar powered HHO such as solar panels charging say a 4
deep cycle battery bank on a car. It's more efficient to run an electric
car off solar electric than use solar to produce HHO and run a gas engine.
I like how he says if nothing else it makes a great torch. Meaning don't
buy a bogus mason jar HHO kit that ur supposed to hook to your alternator.

Автор Steven Schultz (878 лет назад)
Can you get a pre onboard computer car such as pre 1986 and not have to
work worry about the computer screwing it up.

Автор Jacob Jones ( назад)
Sick sad scam. All talk no evidence. I peed in my gas tank and now i get

Автор Troll True ( назад)
I call BS on the ECU "learning and compensating". Whenever an O2 sensor
goes bad you *always* see a loss in mileage, and this is regardless of the
fact that the ECU monitors readings from the MAF, IAT, TPS, and MAP
sensors. Assuming what you said is true the ECU would ignore the O2 sensor
before any other sensor that actually monitors the intake air.

Автор Joseph Reinhart ( назад)
What would you say about using ammonia and 99% rubbing alcohol instead of
baking soda? And in proportions?

Автор Jim Mccoy ( назад)
I have done this. It will waste your money and time. I bought a basic
system from Ritchie "HydroClubUSA" and a basic system from "Green source"
in CA. It is useless. Cost me hundreds of dollars. Neither would refund my
money. proof its a scam! I even built my own HHO generator. It produces the
gas. The carberator is not set up to adjust for the flow of HHO. You can't
control the flow of gas and you can't reduce the fuel(gas) when needed. I
used the EFIE AND PWM it does not work. I bought two from green source. One
was DOA they would not refund them, "Amazon"! BEWARE SCAMMMMM.....

Автор enticed2zeitgeist ( назад)
I'm pretty confident HHO could only improves engine performance by simply
helping to burn more of the fuel already present. This is similar to a good
spark plug in theory. It's impossible to use energy from the engine system
to produce more energy. If that were true then you couldn't eventually
produce surplus power and it would over unity.

I'm not denying that over unity can exist, I think the Universe is powered
by over unity but I don't believe we here on Earth can achieve it with hho

Автор matthew gesell ( назад)
I don't take advice from those who aren't as qualified in the auto industry
such as myself

Автор John Wilgus ( назад)
Which is a better system water methonal injection or HHO...I have 2014 semi
and considering put one of these systems on my truck.

Автор Sagnik Basak ( назад)
What about a motorcycle? A 150cc Yamaha one?

Автор valveman12 ( назад)
Yes Yes Yes it's tricky! That is what all these scam artists who sell
these "HHO" systems say to people when they call saying it's not working.
That's very convenient.

Can you create separate water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis
and energy from your engine? Yes

Can you run a car on only "HHO" generated from the engine? NO
Stan Meyers never did either.

Can "HHO" improve your gas mileage? NO

Is HHO a scam? Absolutely YES!!!!!

Can you run a car on Hydrogen? Yes but it is either used in a Hydrogen
Cell producing electricity or stored in tanks. Both examples mean the
Hydrogen was generated and stored using an outside source of energy and
then put in the vehicle.

Автор ale luia (Lx) ( назад)
you feed it directly to air intake.
no modifications. actually, two: alternator and timing. but just to try it
on, will not break your car. however, alternator is more prone to die first
if you end up pulling 30A continuously. and knocking, learn to listen for.
works better on injected-not only diesel. works less on carbureted,
although it works nonetheless, but off-timinig knocking might become
yes, it can work on hho alone.
no, it doesn't affect mixture. that lean mixture talk is false: you just
said they run the engines cooler in Africa, don't contradict yourself like
yes, it is unsafe. hho burns fast (way faster than gasoline, hence knocking
issue), hot and doesn't require air to burn(h-ho!). higher hho rate,
higher the chance to backfire. the hydrongen autoiginition is 500 Celsius,
dangerously close to combustion chamber(engine block). check those
Discovery clowns-my favorites, who ran a Mercedes on Mcdonalds oil and then
flashed themselves back with direct hydrogen intake. those youtube
flashback arrestors using brass wool are a bad joke.
there is no safe way to prevent a flashback. the only thing is if it
happens, that the expolsion is contained (again, check the Discovery
jokers) and the reactor (electrolysis chamber) looses the water to stop the
reaction that way. this is nuclear plant-style safety. bubbler or no
bubbler, this is the only way to stop a flashback: kill the reaction.
other than the issue of flashback, I consider the hho the godsend gift for
the poorman. we don't see it working because it doesn't work for the big
however, not much concern with flashback. it is possible that in reality,
nature worked out the safety for us.

Автор Jeff Carpenter ( назад)
but the math does not lie! you can NEVER produce more energy then it takes
to produce the hho. do the math. talk to a chemist

Автор Brian Smith ( назад)
Are you kidding wow I'm blown away how gullible people are. In no way shape
form or fashion will this improve milage and the simple fact they are
stating the vehicle must be tuned??? Exactly what software and hardware are
these people using? I would love to know of a tuning program that worked on
every brand vehicle and every computer from eprom to black box flash ecm.
Will a vehicle run on hydrogen yes. Can this produce enough no what a scam.
I have been a mechanic for 15 years. Worked for dealerships. Been factory
trained. And built numerous cars and wrote my own tuning software that I'm
a currently running on my race car now. Nothing about this works. It's
about as bad as e85. Yes e85 burns cleaner. Gallon per gallon to gas
Problem is you need 30%more in order to make the same power as regular
gasoline so by the time you drive the Same distance you have polluted more.
If it's too good to be true then it is 

Автор ipissed ( назад)
For those that want to know what an HHO generator will do on your car
without buying one open your hood, find a vacuum hose to your intake
manifold about size 1/4 inch, and unplug it.
The computer will start to compensate for the additional air, and who knows
you might get 1, or 2 extra MPG leaning it out like that, but the computer
will figure it out the best it can after a while, and oh also for the
amount the computer can't compensate for you will be damaging your motor.
Engineer/mechanic over 25yrs experience.

Автор Peter Grigore ( назад)
it would by a lot easier if an older car is used, one with a carburetor,
and play with it: it took Stanley Meyer 23 years to succeed, but paid with
his life. 

Автор micheals1992 ( назад)
HHO is a scam... it breaks the laws of physics

Автор Jordanhollowdistillers ( назад)
Had installed 2 wire style (poor quality) cells in a Saturn. Car had
200,000 kms on it. Drove car 535 km on $35 in fuel. At that time it beat
the EPA mileage rating of the car when new by at least 1 MPG calculated out
back and fourth because we are metric here. Installed on an escort with bad
head gasket. Drove 2 years on bad gasket, no air filter (remember new
filters are good for economy). Missing air filter is violation of "clean
air laws" even though they restrict. Parked outside a sandblasting
facility. Pulled engine down after 100 000 kms with hho, total mileage on
engine was 280,000 kms. Result, clean and still had crosshatch in bores.
Fixed head, drove till trunk floor fell out and tranny packed it in at
320,000 km. 1st digit of VIN was "1". Second Escort dropped a valve every
50k not due to HHO but VIN was a "3" (MEXICO)

Автор Victor Schlapper ( назад)
IF your SYSTEM Really WORKS then all you have to do is Contact “JAMES
RAINDI " and COLLECT the Million dollars Prise Money He is offering. The
Million Dollars goes to the first Person that comes upwith a divice that
works to save GAS with HHO.
IF yours works just a little bit then be the First to Collect

Автор Zawa Simone ( назад)
Would it better to get an older car model that does not have a computer? 

Автор Cliff Yablonski ( назад)
"after a week the computer has learned something is going on and your gains
go away".

Stop listening at that point folks, this guy's talking a lot of shit. 

Автор Top5overwatch ( назад)
Can you hook up more than one hho generator to one car battery ? so it will
be more hydrogen? :)

Автор Null Nullion ( назад)
So generally speaking, an HHO generator will work better with an older
model vehicle that doesn't have as much computer controlled systems than a
newer vehicle.

..Time to see if I can hunt down one of the old 40horse diesel generator
engines my shop instructor had and monkey around.

Автор Bravo Nighthawks ( назад)
Please consider augmenting HHO production by means of ozone generator at
the instant of INTAKE immediately prior to combustion. Shalom.

Автор markspc1 ( назад)
Wow, those cheap low cost engine computers are now equipped with AI
(Artificial Intelligence), what a snake oil sales man approach!
The fact is that HHO generators uses more energy than it produces, so do
your research and please stop misleading the public.

Автор wheel-thieves ( назад)
200 - 300W vs 50HP and higher HP is less then 1%, but only if you make the
H from Tesla+Ethero-Magneto-Perpetuorium device from another dimension,
precisely. As long you makeing it from the same engine you fueling it, here
you go, you just discoverered a perpetum mobile, running on water, just add
about 100 jars to the engine and here it goes forever.

Автор Selsley01 ( назад)
1....get a fucking car without a computer
2.... rig one onto your gas cooker and cook for free

Автор Wendell Ferrell ( назад)
COMBINATION of a BIG GASOLINE VAPORIZER (made from 4" ABS plastic pipe with
end caps-as many as needed), & forcing exhaust gas from the vehicles
exhaust system-maybe put a hole in the muffler & connect an iron pipe to
this & run this HOT EXHAUST into the GASOLINE VAPORIZER. This would force
gasoline vapor out & have an outlet of the same size as coming in. If you
will add to this a HYDROGEN GENERATOR then you can turn off the fuel pump,
run gasoline powered vehicles on JUST GASOLINE VAPOR, & HYDROGEN GAS WITH
THE OXYGEN GAS TO HELP THIS BURN BETTER! Why not check these out on
www.youtube.com? Why not try this COMBINATION? Of course one CAN use JUST
HHO GAS, BUT IT IS EXPENSIVE & COMPLICATED (to me anyway), if you can do it
& have the money to spare & drive a lot, you might want to try it. How?
Details on www.youtube.com! SEEK (enough) & YE SHALL FIND! I'm the
inventor of an AMAZING MACHINE that converts torque into thrust that would
make vehicles MUCH SAFER when the roads are slick. NO traction is
required-I call it a MECHANICAL JET! It also can build up an amazing
amount of kinetic energy that can be released to help take off so one would
not need such a BIG engine as otherwise be required-thereby help mpg! It
can be used to accelerate or slow, & stop a vehicle WITHOUT TRACTION!
After all, it's a MECHANICAL JET! All simple physics! It uses the
formula: force is directly proportional to the radius, times the mass,
times the angular velocity SQUARED! 

Автор Arduino & Co ( назад)
Question: I've seen a lot of hho rigs on youtube but most of them seem to
be simply hooked up to the car battery... Ans so the produce a constant
amount of hho. But don't you need more hho when you are revving the engine?
So your % of hho in the air fuel hho mixture doesn't drop down too much? My
idea was hooking the cell up to an alternator where you get more voltage
when revving the engine and therefore making more hho when it's going at
higher rpms? Is my theory correct?

Автор Vitatta ( назад)

Автор Anisa Shahab ( назад)

Автор Malachi Sippel ( назад)
Please email me i would like to get with you on the phone and talk about
the dry vs. wet cell HHO system

Автор Jim W ( назад)
About 4,000 miles ago, we installed a Hydrogen-Generator Kit (HGK/HHO =
hydrogen-gasoline-air fuel mixer) to a 2009 Camry Hybrid. Initially, with
engine retuning, we saw a marked increase in ICE (Internal Combustion
Engine) output (about 10% HP increase) & fuel economy (averaging 47 to 49
MPG from a previous 35 to 38 mpg). To keep the HGK/HHO's power source
independent of the Camry Hybrid's electrical system, we installed a 12-volt
gel battery and a roof solar panel generation system (modified from a
Toyota Prius). However, there are still issues: (1) the Camry's "check
engine" light was constantly "on" and (2) the hydrogen generator runs
constantly, even when the Hybrid Synergy Drive's (HSD) electric
motor-assist is engaged. Alas, can anyone suggest a work-around for the
problems associated with (a) controlling the ecu/02's/maf/map and (b)
disengaging the the HGK/HHO when the ICE is the sole drive?

Автор Gwion Healy ( назад)
I'm guessing that if you have an old car (non-computerised) then happy
days, a lot more straight forward.

Автор GoingAgainstTheGrain ( назад)
Just a thought and idea for all the people saying the alternator makes the
motor work more and there for you loose any gains made.... Well I do know
that when you put an alternator under load it does require bit of torque to
keep turning it as I have one mounted to a 5HP motor and when you connect
it up it almost stalls the motor(this setup is used as fast charge while
I'm camping)😎......... BUT....... What about wind turbine
generators......... A lot less torque needed to drive one of those....... 

Автор RightHandPossession ( назад)
run an engine purely on hho lol...that was actually funny...only I'm not
sure he's joking lol

Автор Paul Whitehead ( назад)
will it work with cars that dose not have computers such as early 70's cars

Автор Michael Mcfarlane ( назад)
Is the concept of this system not to use gasoline but to replace it with
hydrogen gas into the intake system, which will then mix with the regular
air that is ignited by the spark plugs to create a greater explosion in the
engine combustion chamber? Additionally, Is the pump in the engine
compartment used solely to circulating water to the hydrogen cell
generator, and how often do you add water. 

Автор D' ARTICULATE ( назад)
excellent info thank you!

Автор Habibur Rahman ( назад)
DHL TRUCKS saving fuel

Автор Jagannath Mukherji ( назад)
to-many question, please contribute

friends, i have prepare dry cell ranging from 2" X 2" (20 mm width) to 6" X
12" (650 mm width) but i have some question, which i have put below.

i have also build 6" X 6", 6 cell, 4 stack HHO generator for my car
(it's a 1.2 ltrs suzuki petrol engine)
my unit is consuming 12 - 15 amps @ 13 - 14 Volt producing around 600 ml pm

my car is running very smooth
CO & HC has gone down by 90%
average initially increased upto 30-35 %
but now it giving me gains of 12-15% only
i don't want to do any trick with my electronics
thus i want to prepare generator which can give me separate Hydrogen &

can anyone contribute ?

Автор louiethepitt ( назад)
what really bugs me about this technology is that it does produce H2
gas...and this gas can be used as energy....this technology doesn't say
that is a perpetual machine...it is stating that lowers consumption....I
have tried to create both cells...the dry one ant also the one submerge in
a container....and it worked it delivered a great deal of gas...but then
yes, no one ever goes into a detail of actually connecting it to the car
and tunning it or changing the computer configuration with an efie....and
that is when it all came crashing down....this system is composed of 4
basic stages....
1-the fuel cell=checked.....
2-bubbler with flash-port=checked
3-electrical/and gas installation= checked
4-foolling the computer to actually change the mixture of air(mixed with
H2) and fuel ratio...keeping those values and not reverting those gains.
this is done with an efie.
And the Efie is the big problem....rarely any video on how it works...no
guaranties if it works...low compatibilities of some that are sold by a few
companies...and this is the heart of this system to reduce the gas/air
ratio...that's how you save money....you could be pumping H2, methane, etc
etc but if you don't change that ratio fulling the computer with an
efie...it all comes crumbling down....you find your self with a lot of
aterial...awesome designs for dry cells and bubbler but...No gains....
they should be making more videos about this point in specific than the
various designs of cells...because without that...don't even bother to
invest in this...until you are certain that there is an efie for your
specific car. When someone comes up with an universal solution for this
problem....thats when you'll see this technology really take off....it may
even become mandatory just to save more gas....but still at the end what
big petroleum will do if it senses a drop in their gains is to adjust the
prices....so we may save for a while but just like the car computer reverts
it self and looses the gains without an efie....big petroleum corporations
at the end will revert the gains of the H2 cells by just adjusting the
price of oil making it mandatory for the rest of the world to use this H2
systems...the will essentially make the same money they are making today
but actually selling and extracting less oil...the real winner at the long
run would be the environment with a 30% drop on emissions....but we all
know Man made global warming is false anyway, but at least the air would be
a little bit cleaner.

Автор bob stout ( назад)
Will this work on a carbureted vehicle without a computer, lets say a
1960's or 70's vehicle?

Автор jelwjelw ( назад)
You can run the car using between 2.7% and 4% of engine capacity of H2 per
cycle (4-stroke).
Dingel only used 120 Watts 0.5 LPM HHO = approx 0.33 LPM or H2, but I think
I had a chemical reaction of caustic soda with aluminum standing before to
increase the production of hydrogen, he mentioned that filled aluminum,
this is very simple with 1 gr. Aluminum + NaOH + H2O 1.48 you can generate
1.8 liters of H2.
The required for Toyota 1600 cc 32 cc of hydrogen per cycle or two
explosions or 2 rpm; 800 rpm requires 32 x 800/2 = 12,800 cc per minute =
12.8 LPM of hydrogen.
As 1 gram of aluminum = 1.8 liters of H2 required for one 12.8 x 60 = 778
liters of hydrogen, and produced 0.5 LPM with 120 Watts, then the actual
output requirement with aluminum would be 778 to 0.5 * 60 = 748 liters of
hydrogen per hour, thus requiring alumionio 415.5 g / hr. NaOH and 615 g /
hr and 2.3 liter of H2O / hr.
A special oil is required and change the explosion time of the spark.

it fucking works

Автор Bernard Danev ( назад)
ok any gasoline engine is inefficient at producing propulsion from fuel.
more than 70 percent of fuel energy is released as heat energy. a lot of
heat energy travels out the exhaust. there is a solid state inexpensive
device which produces electricity from heat called a peltier device or TEG
thermo electric generator , stick a bunch of these along your exhaust pipe
and some heat sinks on the other side of them, they work from temperature
differential from one side to the other side to produce current. use
electricity generated from these TEG cells to power the HHO cells. then you
will be reclaiming the heat energy from the exhaust to energize the H20 and
not waste fuel to crank the alternator for the HHO unit. you will not
escape using petrol but you should definitely get a more efficient engine
as you are reclaiming the heat energy. you cant get enrgy from water you
can only put energy into it to get it back out again. you can reclaim the
heat energy electrically this way and for shure get better mileage.maybe up
to 20 percent saving on fuel. modern engines have a oxygen sensor so should
automatically reduce fuel flow from the injectors as hydrogen reburns with
the oxygen . this will depend on how many TEGs and how efficient your HHO
cells are designed

Автор Bernard Danev (421 год назад)
listen to this please. the water is oxidised hydrogen like the exhaust
which is oxidised fuel hence h20 + co2 as the combination of hydrocarbon
with oxigen is the end products. hence like the standard exhaust the water
is already at a lowered energy state. hence to energise the water you are
using electricity from the alternator which is using the petrol to turn it
in the first place. so you are not going to gain much basically batting 0.
how ever there is an answer to this. my next post will say

Автор Maulerw ( назад)
The computer starts compensating because you are effectively leaning the
mixture, it then compensates by adding more fuel so you dont burn a hole
through your piston crown.

Автор saltyseascott ( назад)
Is it possible to run 2 Honda 2000 watt generators on an HHO fuel cell?

Автор D Chan ( назад)
all it does is fool your car computer. You might get .5 miles to the gallon

Автор Nethmee motores ( назад)
have the bad effect to engine

Автор Harold Geodesic ( назад)
Does the water temperature effect the HHO output ? 

Автор MrHighpressure ( назад)
could you use plain hydrogen,and not have to retune your engine.

Автор Joe Shmoe ( назад)
Not all engines run with computers. Duh.

Автор fred gilbert ( назад)
what about using a older natrually asperated engin 

Автор Eblimp ( назад)
in your opinion, hho works. Your opinion is wrong. its a scam.

Автор 1emanres ( назад)
There are so many regulations for a street legal engine that I gave up
designing and building one especially for HHO. My design was a public
services vehicle made to use bottled hydrogen compounds or bottled
hydrogen, but modified to generate its own hydrogen fuel while parked
unused. The problem with this is storing the hydrogen rather than using it
immediately. Storing hydrogen is the problem. It leaks out of anything
unless stored as a compound. Hydrogen powered grocery store floor polishing
machines use bottled hydrogen but right away, as it would be hazardous to
park it unused in the bottle. Some hydrogen storage systems burn off the
leaking fuel using double walled or triple walled bottles with the leaked
gas vented into the fuel line and burned off with a pilot jet until the
remaining fuel in the bottle can be offloaded when the machine is in
storage. As you can see, the problems with hydrogen are not its useability
as a fuel--that's solved--the problem is safety. Of course, HHA generators
that pretend to run an engine on water alone are concealing the fact an
electric power source is required other than a generator run by the
hydrogen powered engine. You might build an HHO generator with a properly
designed and adjusted engine and have it work well, but it's going to
require a battery much like that of an electric car, which is more
expensive than acquiring hydrogen as a compound or bottled from a master
cylinder of gas. The benefits of public vehicles using hydrogen is largely
political. I haven't tracked down the complete cost to savings data for the
entire supply system from the factory to the application, but I suspect any
gain is entirely due to efficiencies of scale plus have other markets for
the hydrogen besides engines. A hydrogen factory might sell hydrogen for
use in public vehicles and indoor utility machines, but I doubt it would do
so except to widen its customership. It certainly makes no money in the
long run, as it is selling it at a loss in the long run.
I'm looking at hydrogen fuel cells and ways of converting hydrogen to
electricity rather than the other way around. I'm not impressed despite the
impressiveness of the available technology for converting gases directly to
I'm disappointed and I'm not even pretending there is any such thing as
a perpetual motion machine. We just don't have the means yet to convert
water to hydrogen and oxygen cheaply and efficiently in a small portable
affordable system suitable for an automobile. One is always dependent on
supply and energy usually not mentioned by frauds.
I like this video. It's still too positive thinking for my taste, but it
does admit hydrogen generation is only for supplementing a conventional
fuel, not for replacing it.
I should think more would be accomplished simply leaning the mixture of
gasoline until the engine is running on vapors, then building engines that
can withstand the heat and safely contain the gasoline vapors without
blowing the car and oneself, one's garage and/or one's traffic jam to
flying bits and fireballs a mile high. one cup of gasoline in vapor form
igniting above a highway would light up a lot of souls.
Is there anything I've missed?

Автор dadiizua ( назад)
hi. I bought an HHO generator from this Company called Green Source that
doesnt work. I noticed how u wired urs and its different from the 2 screws
Green source attached through the ends of the generator. there is no
current passing through the generator. and its burning my wires and fuses.
can u suggest what i should do please.? Green Source has been of no
assistance at all. Buyer be ware. 

Автор Bernard Woodbury ( назад)
You are best to go strictly hho. Not as a supplement for other fuels. And
by the way, the comment about sodium in the hho corroding the engine is
bull. Sodium is used as a catalyst in the electrolysis part of the system
that is why we use high-grade stainless steel plates rather than copper or
what have you, it is not in the gas produced. Once you add the catalyst you
don't keep adding it. The catalyst is to make the water more conductive and
dose not come out in the gas. Baking soda is not the best catalyst to use
either. KOH (potassium hydroxide) is much better. The best metal to make
the plates out of is platinum. But it is very expensive. Next best is 440
stainless steel.
Never try to get monetary gains from this tech. Remember, We are in this
mess because of the greed and corruption money brings. If you discover
something pass it on.
Good luck
Stay safe.

Автор vachon644 ( назад)

Автор Thomas Moran ( назад)
Hi Mike,

Where can I purchase bubblers like you have in this video?

Автор Nomad Orion ( назад)
What are my chances to get my Viper to run solely on HHO ? I have a 1992
RT10 ? And who can do it for me ? And who knows how to tackle the problem
with temperature increase.

Автор Philip Leonardo ( назад)
I have mine for a year but I dont see any gain on mileage I even install an
electronic device to trick the engine that too does not work...well the
only thing while its there they say it boost gas octane level to 120
octane??not sure about that eighter

Автор Peronimous Pratt ( назад)
start playing with your car, yeah right

Автор Zekerias Varg ( назад)
I am interested as I think that the small amounts of H2 may increase the
pressure inside the cylinder ( and therefore the efficiency ) earlier in
the process but not as much so the fuel/air vill crack. 1 litre of H2 per
minute in an engine is really very litle compared to the big volume of air
going through so it must be some kind of radical catalysis helping to get
higher pressures in the stroke so ta say. The other thing that is
interesting inform about is to split the water by thermolysis e.g high
voltage and low amperes. Study plasma electrolysis. The problem is that the
cathode wear out. Reserachers have found that some nuclear reactions going
on in plasma electrolysis.

Автор RoboRat ( назад)
I'm a mechanic and I'm calling 90% bullshit on all this HHO stuff. If
you're gonna use hydrogen, why have the gasoline at all? If hydrogen is
more efficient then just use all hydrogen. If electricity is better than
gas, why not use all electricity? Gasoline is the best! Suck it up tree

Автор Gabriel Neagu ( назад)
I can’t believe, these project really work, I didn’t know how to make the
installation because of my limited knowledge in this domain, but a friend
of mine mechanic, help me and now my Vw Golf 5 have a consumption with 40%
lower. After I saw how the installation is made it I didn’t believe how
easy is to build it. And it cost me 37$ the project 100Euro the
materials(the best I found) and a six-pack of beer to my mechanic friend,
ofcourse we drunk them together J. Here is the link for the project:
http://immgabriel.halfwate.track.clicksure.com?lp=5 enjoyt guys!!!!!

Автор Wordavee1 ( назад)
The fact is these systems don't work, using the engine to produce the
hydrogen uses more power than the fuel created. Also the amount of hydrogen
produced is tiny compared with the fuel usage of an engine, which draws in
at least 500 litres of air per minute, and at the ideal mixture of 14:1
that means you use about 35 litres of atomised fuel just at idling speed
and much more on the move!
These generators produce hydrogen and oxygen, no system is 100% efficient
so splitting the water then recombining it uses power, and you'd need a
huge system to make enough hydrogen to make a difference to the fuel
consumption, which takes more power from the engine etc etc etc.
in addition you can cause problems by leaning the mixture which can cause
overheating and possible hydrogen embrittlement of the metal which shorten
the life of your engine.
In short, these systems don't work.

Автор ama89peach ( назад)
Someone should ask the GreenGT H2 le mans race cars how its done.

Автор Martin Lutteral ( назад)
"I'm not a mechanic" is the best and most accurate sentence pronounced in
this video. HHO doesn't work in a car.

Автор Shawn Engstrom ( назад)
This has absolutely nothing to do with energy conversion. It has to do with
harnessing wasted energy sources and making the engine more efficient.
Haters need to go hate somewhere else. 

Автор Shawn Engstrom ( назад)
People don't listen very well. HHO improves the combustion of the fuel. Gas
engines are inefficient because they use tremendous amounts of unburned
fuel to cool the motor. Which is why you have to "tune" your car which is
nothing more then adjusting the voltage coming from your O2 sensors. When
HHO burns you get water. That excess water is what will keep your EGT's
down instead of the Un burnt fuel. Tuning your O2 sensors will lean out
your air/fuel mixture which will give you better fuel economy along with
substituting HHO for gasoline.

When your engine is running it is not using your batteries...it is using
your alternator which is turning all the time whether you are using the
power generated from it or not. A hydroelectric dam is still producing
power even if consumers are not using it all. It is essentially wasted
power that is being used to produce to HHO.

Автор eltouristoduo ( назад)
there is NO reason to think that H is providing ANY benefit. In fact, the
ONLY thing that would 'improve' mileage is leaning your gas mixture...NOT
something you want to do! The only conclusion that can be drawn is these
misleading statements are offered to try to sell the HHO equipment.
Advising to lean your mixture a little is BAD advice. The mixture is
already set at the best compromise of efficiency and longevity of the

Автор brown55061 ( назад)
I would never put an HHO cell on my EFI engine. The catalysts you guys use
contain sodium, which corrodes engine parts like mad. If you don't have a
lot of money and time to throw at this hobby you'll never get anywhere.

Автор steelmesh ( назад)
Why doesn't anybody have an electrical generator that runs on HHO that
powers the HHO generator?? That is a way better invention than this car
gas mileage boost non-sense.

Автор Greg Lansley ( назад)
Please people do not believe this rubbish! There is a reason this isn't
seen in any production car. If it worked then every car company would be
making these systems.

Physical laws point out it takes more energy to create the gas. In other
words, the system's energy output is less than the energy it takes to
convert water to HHO gas. Add in factors such as heat loss and sound; and
the amount of kinetic energy gained is far less than electrical energy used
to make the gas in the first place.

The electric energy used to create the gas comes from the alternator which
in turn is driven by the engine. The extra current needed from the
alternator means the engine has to work harder and thus more fuel needs to

Автор mohamed aljawder ( назад)
please need help i have car running on benzene can i install hho kit on it
. or hho works for diesel engines only. another thing i cannot find
instruction about how to inject hho gas in to the chamber or the engine.

Автор MyJizz UrEye ( назад)
Adding HHO to try to "help with combustion" is like throwing green leaves
on a fire to help it burn hotter.

Автор MyJizz UrEye ( назад)
Yes using extra fuel to turn your alternator to provide the power to
produce the less combustive HHO which in turn is fed back into you're
engine is not nutty at all.

You can also fly by pulling up on your shoelaces really hard.....

(sarcasm off)

The reason why your car gets good fuel economy the first week then bad
later is because the battery is no longer able to sustain the drain on it.

When they say combustion engines don't utilize the fuel fully they mean
most of the energy is wasted in heat.

No modern EFI car has shitloads of fuel going unburnt out the exhaust.

Plenty of companies are willing to pay cold hard cash prizes for any HHO
thats proven on a dyno. Wonder why they are not being claimed.....

Let me guess, its a conspiracy?

I'm no stranger to closed loop tuning tables, its not magic, the ECU is not
doing mystical things.

MAF or Speed density, this guy is talking bullshit.

Автор jellamae20 ( назад)
hi sir can i make a gas stove using the hho??and can i store on a tank the
hho?? thankssss sir please answer it sir iil wait for it for your

Автор Bruce McBurney ( назад)
I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per
gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or
suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and
the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now see at website (no
spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron
wine dot com Rex research dot com More than vapor but refining gasoline
into natural gas and methanol yes 200 mpg 4 cylinder

Автор bighum70 ( назад)
Just buy a civic.

Автор ilovetheusers ( назад)
Looks like the money in vs the savings may be nice if used over a long
time, but a question. Since the alternator is already pushing out energy,
if one used a generator that didn't pull a ton of electric, wouldn't the
net gain still be worth it? I'm asking if the gain in MPG might be worth it
vs fuel (gas) consumption. I think that the creator of the video is right
and that this might not be a great idea unless you're really knowledgeable
or unless the vehicle was designed for this.

Автор Dj Wale Babu ( назад)
hi this is Vijay for india i m using soudium hydroxide for banking soda
when i start my dry cell(12 plates connection with battery ) in my car with
in a 10 min distil water color become a brown so plz ans me sir

Автор 1965ace ( назад)
There are so many snake oil salesman out there claiming a closed system of
HHO generation and "free" energy. HHO is great as long as people understand
it's just converted energy and it has to come from an original source.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
Nobody is trying to prove over unity here, it is just a supplement to help
with combustion.

Автор 1965ace ( назад)
HHO is the product of energy conversion but it always takes MORE energy to
produce than it provides, see the LAW OF CONSERVATION. 

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
I have not done it but others have. Search YouTube for "vapor carbs".

Автор Shaun Rupp ( назад)
Now how much do you know about running a vehicle on fuel vapors eliminating
the injectors all together. 

Автор Timothy Tim ( назад)
HHO would be even more efficient if the HHO generator was not running off
of the car's battery therefore using some of the engine's horse power. 2/3s
of the gasoline that is burned in a engine is turned into wasted heat that
could be recaptured to be reused. How ? with either a Stirling thermal heat
engine or T.E.G. thermal electrical generator. If TEGS were to be made more
efficent you would not need the car's battery and tap into the 2/3s of that
wasted heat from the exhaust or cooling system

Автор perry adams ( назад)
The applications like to heat your home and fuel for your car is unreal.
Some families could save. $500 a week. They power brokers can't stop this
technology and one more reason they want to kill millions of us.

Автор perry adams ( назад)
Get rid of computer cars. Get one that was built before shoulder restraints
and use regular motor.

Автор perry adams ( назад)
It would seem many companies would be using this

Автор Dj Wale Babu ( назад)
hi this is Vijay for india i m using soudium hydroxide for banking soda
when i start my dry cell(12 plates connection with battery ) in my car with
in a 10 min distil water color become a brown so plz ans me sir 

Автор Jerry Ryberg ( назад)
Thank you, hhoconnection! You're a straight-shooter who seems to know what
he's talking about. Very informative.

Автор MadYarMadYar ( назад)
Have you tried to reproduce Stanley Meyer's efficient HHO generator based
on high voltage impulses and resonance? His car was powered 100% by it. He
was opressed, and finally poisoned. But he has left some info (remove
spaces): siriusdisclosure . com / hydroxy / theorionproject . org / en /
documents / Stan_Meyer_Full_Data . pdf /watch?v=StV4jkJPnDY

Автор Mark Nechvatal ( назад)
I have a natural gas inline 6 engine. will it run on hho?

Автор rdlineberry ( назад)
Not only complete burn, but a rapid burn that travels faster than the speed
of sound until it reaches the cylinder walls and top of the piston. More
energy is converted to kinetic energy due to the speed of the expanding
gasses. The proof is in the temperature of the engine. My engine runs at
just over 200 degrees where it used to run at 230. Before I had HHO, my
tailpipe was black. Now the inside of my tailpipe is a rust color with no
trace of black. 

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