The Truth About HHO - Does It Really Improve Your Mileage?

This video is for people who are brand new to HHO and thinking about buying an HHO generator. Some cold hard facts about what it takes to install an HHO generator in a vehicle. HHO is an amazing gas but using it can be tricky.

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Автор Blake Hoffman ( назад)
Many of the people's (or computers') Comments listed below and possibly
above, misinterpret this technology to mean Overunity, or Breaks the Laws
of Thermodynamics etc. I did not see anywhere in the video that he claims
it produces more energy than it consumes. The point of this technology is
to use the energy already produced by the vehicle (electricity from the
alternator) to make the vehicle burn more of the fuel (through extra oxygen
and hydrogen being introduced) that is already put into it (thus being more
efficient). OBVIOUSLY, it doesn't produce free/unlimited energyExample of
situation. Diesel Locomotives in high altitudes. With less air pressure
(thus less oxygen), the locomotives have much less horsepower. By
introducing an explosive gas along with more oxygen the burning process's
fuel efficiency is brought up, because the vehicle can breath better. By
burning more of the fuel that is already taken in anyway, the overall
efficiency goes up.Analogy Breathing through a straw. (Most cars
today)Pressurized Gas Mask. (Having a car with a HHO generator)Many of you
who say he comes across like a snake oil salesman are not using your own
discernment. If he is trying to sell you something, you can resist. If you
call giving you his ideas (even though they are free) sales to you that is
your decision.I believe this guy is just trying to share what he knows and
encourages you to experiment with this yourself. Please also just realize
at what time this is produced.

Автор Lance Boil (1987 лет назад)
I added one of these systems to my 1965 Futura, 330 hp, modified 289 V8. It
did not help my mileage, however added to hp and helped smooth out the
rough idle from my aftermarket cam. It turned my accelerator pedal into a
hair trigger. I like it. Make sure you install a valve to prevent backfire
from going from the carb or fuel injection to your HHO generator.

Автор Mike Brink ( назад)
Good god...The bottom line HHO connected to an alternator won't work. The
only way would be solar powered HHO such as solar panels charging say a 4
deep cycle battery bank on a car. It's more efficient to run an electric
car off solar electric than use solar to produce HHO and run a gas engine.
I like how he says if nothing else it makes a great torch. Meaning don't
buy a bogus mason jar HHO kit that ur supposed to hook to your alternator.

Автор Steven Schultz (877 лет назад)
Can you get a pre onboard computer car such as pre 1986 and not have to
work worry about the computer screwing it up.

Автор Jacob Jones ( назад)
Sick sad scam. All talk no evidence. I peed in my gas tank and now i get

Автор Troll True ( назад)
I call BS on the ECU "learning and compensating". Whenever an O2 sensor
goes bad you *always* see a loss in mileage, and this is regardless of the
fact that the ECU monitors readings from the MAF, IAT, TPS, and MAP
sensors. Assuming what you said is true the ECU would ignore the O2 sensor
before any other sensor that actually monitors the intake air.

Автор Joseph Reinhart ( назад)
What would you say about using ammonia and 99% rubbing alcohol instead of
baking soda? And in proportions?

Автор Jim Mccoy ( назад)
I have done this. It will waste your money and time. I bought a basic
system from Ritchie "HydroClubUSA" and a basic system from "Green source"
in CA. It is useless. Cost me hundreds of dollars. Neither would refund my
money. proof its a scam! I even built my own HHO generator. It produces the
gas. The carberator is not set up to adjust for the flow of HHO. You can't
control the flow of gas and you can't reduce the fuel(gas) when needed. I
used the EFIE AND PWM it does not work. I bought two from green source. One
was DOA they would not refund them, "Amazon"! BEWARE SCAMMMMM.....

Автор enticed2zeitgeist ( назад)
I'm pretty confident HHO could only improves engine performance by simply
helping to burn more of the fuel already present. This is similar to a good
spark plug in theory. It's impossible to use energy from the engine system
to produce more energy. If that were true then you couldn't eventually
produce surplus power and it would over unity.

I'm not denying that over unity can exist, I think the Universe is powered
by over unity but I don't believe we here on Earth can achieve it with hho

Автор matthew gesell ( назад)
I don't take advice from those who aren't as qualified in the auto industry
such as myself

Автор John Wilgus ( назад)
Which is a better system water methonal injection or HHO...I have 2014 semi
and considering put one of these systems on my truck.

Автор Sagnik Basak ( назад)
What about a motorcycle? A 150cc Yamaha one?

Автор Salar Ali ( назад)
hi mike, i have made an hho gen for my car, it worked very well for some
time, but after some days, the hho gen started producing less hho and it
started making the engine jerk despite the fact that i have used oxygen
filter and just pump hydrogen into engine. what could be the problem?

Автор valveman12 ( назад)
Yes Yes Yes it's tricky! That is what all these scam artists who sell
these "HHO" systems say to people when they call saying it's not working.
That's very convenient.

Can you create separate water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis
and energy from your engine? Yes

Can you run a car on only "HHO" generated from the engine? NO
Stan Meyers never did either.

Can "HHO" improve your gas mileage? NO

Is HHO a scam? Absolutely YES!!!!!

Can you run a car on Hydrogen? Yes but it is either used in a Hydrogen
Cell producing electricity or stored in tanks. Both examples mean the
Hydrogen was generated and stored using an outside source of energy and
then put in the vehicle.

Автор ale luia (Lx) ( назад)
you feed it directly to air intake.
no modifications. actually, two: alternator and timing. but just to try it
on, will not break your car. however, alternator is more prone to die first
if you end up pulling 30A continuously. and knocking, learn to listen for.
works better on injected-not only diesel. works less on carbureted,
although it works nonetheless, but off-timinig knocking might become
yes, it can work on hho alone.
no, it doesn't affect mixture. that lean mixture talk is false: you just
said they run the engines cooler in Africa, don't contradict yourself like
yes, it is unsafe. hho burns fast (way faster than gasoline, hence knocking
issue), hot and doesn't require air to burn(h-ho!). higher hho rate,
higher the chance to backfire. the hydrongen autoiginition is 500 Celsius,
dangerously close to combustion chamber(engine block). check those
Discovery clowns-my favorites, who ran a Mercedes on Mcdonalds oil and then
flashed themselves back with direct hydrogen intake. those youtube
flashback arrestors using brass wool are a bad joke.
there is no safe way to prevent a flashback. the only thing is if it
happens, that the expolsion is contained (again, check the Discovery
jokers) and the reactor (electrolysis chamber) looses the water to stop the
reaction that way. this is nuclear plant-style safety. bubbler or no
bubbler, this is the only way to stop a flashback: kill the reaction.
other than the issue of flashback, I consider the hho the godsend gift for
the poorman. we don't see it working because it doesn't work for the big
however, not much concern with flashback. it is possible that in reality,
nature worked out the safety for us.

Автор Jeff Carpenter ( назад)
but the math does not lie! you can NEVER produce more energy then it takes
to produce the hho. do the math. talk to a chemist

Автор Brian Smith ( назад)
Are you kidding wow I'm blown away how gullible people are. In no way shape
form or fashion will this improve milage and the simple fact they are
stating the vehicle must be tuned??? Exactly what software and hardware are
these people using? I would love to know of a tuning program that worked on
every brand vehicle and every computer from eprom to black box flash ecm.
Will a vehicle run on hydrogen yes. Can this produce enough no what a scam.
I have been a mechanic for 15 years. Worked for dealerships. Been factory
trained. And built numerous cars and wrote my own tuning software that I'm
a currently running on my race car now. Nothing about this works. It's
about as bad as e85. Yes e85 burns cleaner. Gallon per gallon to gas
Problem is you need 30%more in order to make the same power as regular
gasoline so by the time you drive the Same distance you have polluted more.
If it's too good to be true then it is 

Автор ipissed ( назад)
For those that want to know what an HHO generator will do on your car
without buying one open your hood, find a vacuum hose to your intake
manifold about size 1/4 inch, and unplug it.
The computer will start to compensate for the additional air, and who knows
you might get 1, or 2 extra MPG leaning it out like that, but the computer
will figure it out the best it can after a while, and oh also for the
amount the computer can't compensate for you will be damaging your motor.
Engineer/mechanic over 25yrs experience.

Автор Peter Grigore ( назад)
it would by a lot easier if an older car is used, one with a carburetor,
and play with it: it took Stanley Meyer 23 years to succeed, but paid with
his life. 

Автор micheals1992 ( назад)
HHO is a scam... it breaks the laws of physics

Автор Jordanhollowdistillers ( назад)
Had installed 2 wire style (poor quality) cells in a Saturn. Car had
200,000 kms on it. Drove car 535 km on $35 in fuel. At that time it beat
the EPA mileage rating of the car when new by at least 1 MPG calculated out
back and fourth because we are metric here. Installed on an escort with bad
head gasket. Drove 2 years on bad gasket, no air filter (remember new
filters are good for economy). Missing air filter is violation of "clean
air laws" even though they restrict. Parked outside a sandblasting
facility. Pulled engine down after 100 000 kms with hho, total mileage on
engine was 280,000 kms. Result, clean and still had crosshatch in bores.
Fixed head, drove till trunk floor fell out and tranny packed it in at
320,000 km. 1st digit of VIN was "1". Second Escort dropped a valve every
50k not due to HHO but VIN was a "3" (MEXICO)

Автор Victor Schlapper ( назад)
IF your SYSTEM Really WORKS then all you have to do is Contact “JAMES
RAINDI " and COLLECT the Million dollars Prise Money He is offering. The
Million Dollars goes to the first Person that comes upwith a divice that
works to save GAS with HHO.
IF yours works just a little bit then be the First to Collect

Автор S Simone ( назад)
Would it better to get an older car model that does not have a computer? 

Автор Cliff Yablonski ( назад)
"after a week the computer has learned something is going on and your gains
go away".

Stop listening at that point folks, this guy's talking a lot of shit. 

Автор Kira ( назад)
Can you hook up more than one hho generator to one car battery ? so it will
be more hydrogen? :)

Автор Null Nullion ( назад)
So generally speaking, an HHO generator will work better with an older
model vehicle that doesn't have as much computer controlled systems than a
newer vehicle.

..Time to see if I can hunt down one of the old 40horse diesel generator
engines my shop instructor had and monkey around.

Автор Bravo Nighthawks ( назад)
Please consider augmenting HHO production by means of ozone generator at
the instant of INTAKE immediately prior to combustion. Shalom.

Автор markspc1 ( назад)
Wow, those cheap low cost engine computers are now equipped with AI
(Artificial Intelligence), what a snake oil sales man approach!
The fact is that HHO generators uses more energy than it produces, so do
your research and please stop misleading the public.

Автор wheel-thieves ( назад)
200 - 300W vs 50HP and higher HP is less then 1%, but only if you make the
H from Tesla+Ethero-Magneto-Perpetuorium device from another dimension,
precisely. As long you makeing it from the same engine you fueling it, here
you go, you just discoverered a perpetum mobile, running on water, just add
about 100 jars to the engine and here it goes forever.

Автор CO M ( назад)
~30 Amps x 12v = 360W taken from Alternator -> taken from Engine to break
the water to O and H minus losses in the process, then to fuel it back to
the same engine, to get fuel economy sounds like a Perpetum Mobile.
Did anyone here skipped primary physics classes...
Even if you have the H in a tank produced in the Bsmt overnight, and you're
fuling the intake with same rate, you put in 360W (let's say ...) into and
engine running at minimum 40HP (as on a motorbike small engine) which is
29KW, you could get 1.2% gain (300W vs 29000W). What about on an engine
100HP and up. This is all cowboy engineering.

Автор Selsley01 ( назад)
1....get a fucking car without a computer
2.... rig one onto your gas cooker and cook for free

Автор Wendell Ferrell ( назад)
COMBINATION of a BIG GASOLINE VAPORIZER (made from 4" ABS plastic pipe with
end caps-as many as needed), & forcing exhaust gas from the vehicles
exhaust system-maybe put a hole in the muffler & connect an iron pipe to
this & run this HOT EXHAUST into the GASOLINE VAPORIZER. This would force
gasoline vapor out & have an outlet of the same size as coming in. If you
will add to this a HYDROGEN GENERATOR then you can turn off the fuel pump,
run gasoline powered vehicles on JUST GASOLINE VAPOR, & HYDROGEN GAS WITH
THE OXYGEN GAS TO HELP THIS BURN BETTER! Why not check these out on
www.youtube.com? Why not try this COMBINATION? Of course one CAN use JUST
HHO GAS, BUT IT IS EXPENSIVE & COMPLICATED (to me anyway), if you can do it
& have the money to spare & drive a lot, you might want to try it. How?
Details on www.youtube.com! SEEK (enough) & YE SHALL FIND! I'm the
inventor of an AMAZING MACHINE that converts torque into thrust that would
make vehicles MUCH SAFER when the roads are slick. NO traction is
required-I call it a MECHANICAL JET! It also can build up an amazing
amount of kinetic energy that can be released to help take off so one would
not need such a BIG engine as otherwise be required-thereby help mpg! It
can be used to accelerate or slow, & stop a vehicle WITHOUT TRACTION!
After all, it's a MECHANICAL JET! All simple physics! It uses the
formula: force is directly proportional to the radius, times the mass,
times the angular velocity SQUARED! 

Автор cab3 ( назад)
Question: I've seen a lot of hho rigs on youtube but most of them seem to
be simply hooked up to the car battery... Ans so the produce a constant
amount of hho. But don't you need more hho when you are revving the engine?
So your % of hho in the air fuel hho mixture doesn't drop down too much? My
idea was hooking the cell up to an alternator where you get more voltage
when revving the engine and therefore making more hho when it's going at
higher rpms? Is my theory correct?

Автор Vitatta ( назад)

Автор Anisa Shahab ( назад)

Автор Malachi Sippel ( назад)
Please email me i would like to get with you on the phone and talk about
the dry vs. wet cell HHO system

Автор Jim W ( назад)
About 4,000 miles ago, we installed a Hydrogen-Generator Kit (HGK/HHO =
hydrogen-gasoline-air fuel mixer) to a 2009 Camry Hybrid. Initially, with
engine retuning, we saw a marked increase in ICE (Internal Combustion
Engine) output (about 10% HP increase) & fuel economy (averaging 47 to 49
MPG from a previous 35 to 38 mpg). To keep the HGK/HHO's power source
independent of the Camry Hybrid's electrical system, we installed a 12-volt
gel battery and a roof solar panel generation system (modified from a
Toyota Prius). However, there are still issues: (1) the Camry's "check
engine" light was constantly "on" and (2) the hydrogen generator runs
constantly, even when the Hybrid Synergy Drive's (HSD) electric
motor-assist is engaged. Alas, can anyone suggest a work-around for the
problems associated with (a) controlling the ecu/02's/maf/map and (b)
disengaging the the HGK/HHO when the ICE is the sole drive?

Автор Gwion Healy ( назад)
I'm guessing that if you have an old car (non-computerised) then happy
days, a lot more straight forward.

Автор GoingAgainstTheGrain ( назад)
Just a thought and idea for all the people saying the alternator makes the
motor work more and there for you loose any gains made.... Well I do know
that when you put an alternator under load it does require bit of torque to
keep turning it as I have one mounted to a 5HP motor and when you connect
it up it almost stalls the motor(this setup is used as fast charge while
I'm camping)😎......... BUT....... What about wind turbine
generators......... A lot less torque needed to drive one of those....... 

Автор RightHandPossession ( назад)
run an engine purely on hho lol...that was actually funny...only I'm not
sure he's joking lol

Автор Paul Whitehead ( назад)
will it work with cars that dose not have computers such as early 70's cars

Автор Michael Mcfarlane ( назад)
Is the concept of this system not to use gasoline but to replace it with
hydrogen gas into the intake system, which will then mix with the regular
air that is ignited by the spark plugs to create a greater explosion in the
engine combustion chamber? Additionally, Is the pump in the engine
compartment used solely to circulating water to the hydrogen cell
generator, and how often do you add water. 

Автор David BT ART ( назад)
excellent info thank you!

Автор Habibur Rahman ( назад)
DHL TRUCKS saving fuel

Автор Philip Leonardo ( назад)
I have mine for a year but I dont see any gain on mileage I even install an
electronic device to trick the engine that too does not work...well the
only thing while its there they say it boost gas octane level to 120
octane??not sure about that eighter

Автор Peronimous Pratt ( назад)
start playing with your car, yeah right

Автор bighum70 ( назад)
Just buy a civic.

Автор ilovetheusers ( назад)
Looks like the money in vs the savings may be nice if used over a long
time, but a question. Since the alternator is already pushing out energy,
if one used a generator that didn't pull a ton of electric, wouldn't the
net gain still be worth it? I'm asking if the gain in MPG might be worth it
vs fuel (gas) consumption. I think that the creator of the video is right
and that this might not be a great idea unless you're really knowledgeable
or unless the vehicle was designed for this.

Автор vijay soni ( назад)
hi this is Vijay for india i m using soudium hydroxide for banking soda
when i start my dry cell(12 plates connection with battery ) in my car with
in a 10 min distil water color become a brown so plz ans me sir

Автор 1965ace ( назад)
There are so many snake oil salesman out there claiming a closed system of
HHO generation and "free" energy. HHO is great as long as people understand
it's just converted energy and it has to come from an original source.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
Nobody is trying to prove over unity here, it is just a supplement to help
with combustion.

Автор 1965ace ( назад)
HHO is the product of energy conversion but it always takes MORE energy to
produce than it provides, see the LAW OF CONSERVATION.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
I have not done it but others have. Search YouTube for "vapor carbs".

Автор Shaun Long ( назад)
Now how much do you know about running a vehicle on fuel vapors eliminating
the injectors all together.

Автор Timothy Tim ( назад)
HHO would be even more efficient if the HHO generator was not running off
of the car's battery therefore using some of the engine's horse power. 2/3s
of the gasoline that is burned in a engine is turned into wasted heat that
could be recaptured to be reused. How ? with either a Stirling thermal heat
engine or T.E.G. thermal electrical generator. If TEGS were to be made more
efficent you would not need the car's battery and tap into the 2/3s of that
wasted heat from the exhaust or cooling system

Автор perry adams ( назад)
The applications like to heat your home and fuel for your car is unreal.
Some families could save. $500 a week. They power brokers can't stop this
technology and one more reason they want to kill millions of us.

Автор perry adams ( назад)
Get rid of computer cars. Get one that was built before shoulder restraints
and use regular motor.

Автор perry adams ( назад)
It would seem many companies would be using this

Автор vijay soni ( назад)
hi this is Vijay for india i m using soudium hydroxide for banking soda
when i start my dry cell(12 plates connection with battery ) in my car with
in a 10 min distil water color become a brown so plz ans me sir

Автор Jerry Ryberg ( назад)
Thank you, hhoconnection! You're a straight-shooter who seems to know what
he's talking about. Very informative.

Автор MadYarMadYar ( назад)
Have you tried to reproduce Stanley Meyer's efficient HHO generator based
on high voltage impulses and resonance? His car was powered 100% by it. He
was opressed, and finally poisoned. But he has left some info (remove
spaces): siriusdisclosure . com / hydroxy / theorionproject . org / en /
documents / Stan_Meyer_Full_Data . pdf /watch?v=StV4jkJPnDY

Автор Mark Nechvatal ( назад)
I have a natural gas inline 6 engine. will it run on hho?

Автор rdlineberry ( назад)
Not only complete burn, but a rapid burn that travels faster than the speed
of sound until it reaches the cylinder walls and top of the piston. More
energy is converted to kinetic energy due to the speed of the expanding
gasses. The proof is in the temperature of the engine. My engine runs at
just over 200 degrees where it used to run at 230. Before I had HHO, my
tailpipe was black. Now the inside of my tailpipe is a rust color with no
trace of black.

Автор M D ( назад)
Has this been done for Boat Outboard motor?

Автор Bruce Matichuk ( назад)
Great video but your explanation for why it works is completely wrong.
Hydrogen addition to the air intake works because hydrogen causes complete
fuel burn. There are commercial devices that use this technique and plenty
of research has gone into the science of why it works.

Автор waketheoblivious ( назад)
Hydrogen generators and burning HHO gas instead of gasoline was not new to
Iowa. One of the people who viewed my system compared it to the forklift
conversions his company had done 5 years ago. They converted 30+ propane
forklifts to run entirely on water/H20 - Hydrogen five years ago. Forklifts
using hydrogen generated HHO as fuel is now the rule not the exception. His
company saves an incredible amount of downtime by burning hydrogen and not
having to constantly refill propane cylinders.

Автор waketheoblivious ( назад)
I just returned from a trip to Iowa from Phoenix with my 1986 Volkswagen
Vanagon. Despite some installation issues, averaged 38.6 mpg with a
combination of 2 drycell generators that combined to generate 5.5 - 8
Liters/minute. Gas milage was impacted by the limited space available for
the main water resevoir and the need for the dry cell units to be mounted
below the resevoir. Ultimately, my dry cells were too close to the exhaust
system which negatively affected the system performance,

Автор waketheoblivious ( назад)
Learning how to make hydrogen gas (effectively 120 Octane) from H2O (water)
is 9th grade science, selling inferior 87-91 octane gasoline for $4.00/gal
is an art. Refining crude oil to make gasoline is ludicrous in light of
the simplicity of generating superior hydrogen. HHO exhausts Oxygen &
harmless water vapor, while burning gasoline exhausts poisonous carbon
monoxide. Crude oil refined to gasoline is an inferior 87-91 octane
product, compared to generating 120 octane Hydrogen from H2O.

Автор blob darkass ( назад)
I do not have my mind made up about alternative energy experimenters and
have done it myself and have other plans to continue. It is when anyone
make unfounded claims and supporting the fraudsters that are absolutely
ripping people off where I am negative. I have posted a million times just
provide a simple dyno test and if it proves to work I will invest. So yes I
remian skeptical. I won;t bother asking on the very forums that are run by
those making claims they refuse to prove.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
If you really want to be convinced go to HHO Forums and ask questions
there. I am a rookie compared to a couple of the members there. After
seeing all of your negative posts on many other videos I have absolutely no
desire to spend the energy or time to argue with you . You obviously have
made up your mind about all alternative energy experimenters. I don't have
all the answers, I just know that HHO is amazing and needs to be explored
more by people who are much smarter than me.

Автор blob darkass ( назад)
Why do I need a camera to express my views? Back when I was testing HHO
systems I did not video it. But I got zero results. So now when I see
others the claim they got all these great results I want to see proof
because if I see proof I am willing to invest into it. Talk is cheap but
the burdon of proof does fall on the person making the claims. You seem to
imply it does work but can be tricky. So is there any video proof of anyone
who figured out the trick? That was not rude just a question.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
Look, Ive been down this road many times with doubters and I have no
problem until you get rude. I suggest looking into Mark Dansie, the
alternative energy skeptic. He spent a couple of weeks with Central Valley
HHO including dyno testing and he finally admitted that it does work. There
are many variable though, it's for people who like to tinker and tune and
by no means a sure thing on any engine. Now stop ragging on everyone and
contribute! Do your own videos expressing your views. On camera!

Автор blob darkass ( назад)
Okay I give you credit for allowing that comment to go through. All i was
going to do was ask if you knew of a dyno/emission/fuel flow test to prove
HHO can save any gas in real world driving. Will you approve this and
answer the question?

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
This is exactly why I approve comments. Everyone take note, this is what we
call a TROLL. I looked at his channel and does not have a single video. If
I was a scammer I would be telling everyone that HHO works 100% of the time
and it's easy to do. You will be hard pressed to find a more honest opinion
of HHO. Now, why don't you put your face in front of a camera and express
your opinion to the world instead of hiding behind your keyboard and
trolling others. You are the real coward!

Автор blob darkass ( назад)
Scammer is a PUSSY COWARD HOAX with this BULLLSHIT "Comments may be held
for uploader approval" crap. Why even allow comments at all? Oh I can
answer that. You are a big fat lying coward fraud and of course will prefer
not to have comments posted on your video that easily debunk it. Fucking
LOSER con man I WILL find another way to get this bullshit exposed and you
KNOW THAT ! Pussy con man bitch ripoff scumbag.

Автор Solomon Cobb ( назад)
Awesome. Can you send me a message exactly how to do that with a small
motor please. I would like to do this to a scooter myself. I want to try
first with a 50cc four stroke, and see how that goes, and learn from there.
Thanks, and good luck with your own.

Автор jason c ( назад)
Yall are crazy or doing something wrong to say it doesnt work? Now I may be
lucky I havent blown myself up, but the little setup I made using stainles
meshwire (2 pos. 3neg. 9 nuetral) in an old pool filter pump housing off 2
12v mower batteries hooked with the magneto deal. it was enough to run my
ridding mower using only that for fuel! So if it can run my mower, it has
to help them cars? It was a fun experiment too! saved me approx. 3 gallons
five times now= about $60 saved so far!

Автор Reed Hall ( назад)
dc is a much harder, faster drain..that's why 20amps ac will shock you and
20 amps dc will kill you. .you're not doing anything wrong..it's just
doesn't work....

Автор starcraft protoss ( назад)
what if i go from peanut butter to electrical to hho, that would not work
no. it goes from peanut butter to bread to mouth

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
first of all you only need a around 10 amps not 70, you only need to
produce around 2 litres a minute with 1 unit, hho is not a fuel, it helps
to burn fuel thats wasted it also cleans the carbon buildup, also helps
reducing emissions

Автор Max Jordan ( назад)
That's exactly correct..the people who push HHO devices claim that as an
example they are able to produce 15hp from burning 1.5hp of hydrogen...that
would be a 900% increase..clearly impossible The problem is you cannot
create energy..energy is purely transforned from one medium to another..ie:
electrical to mechanical...or in the case of HHO..electrical to chemical
then mechanical..you lose energy in the transformation process and the
devices don't produce anywhere near enough HHO to begin with

Автор Jim How ( назад)
Interesting, the computer changes the car so this won't work. Of course the
auto companies wouldn't deliberately do that now would they? Well, they
still have us using the 137 year old Otto engine. So what does that tell

Автор ionizdgrunt2 ( назад)
Then you have done something wrong... I've seen people go from a measly 21
MPG's to 33 with a 288 plate HHO Generator in a pickup truck.

Автор S Messer ( назад)
First of all i ran 1 LPM of propane in my 7 hp generator with the HHO.I do
not know what it is but for some reason DC pulls harder than AC.I have 100
amper powermax power and it takes 120v AC at 8 ampers to push out 12v DC 70
ampers and kills my 7 hp generator.Now i can take the same generator and
the same amount of propane and turn on my skill saw that pulls 10 ampers AC
and it is fine.What am i doing wrong.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
This is exactly why I say that it can be tricky. If you want to find out
how to do it right go to the HHO forums and ask some of the members who
have done many successful installations. Again, just because it did not
work for you does not mean it does not work at all.

Автор S Messer ( назад)

Автор kf4dcy ( назад)
6 cylinders at 2000 rpm's is 12000 cylinders every min. divided by 60
seconds is 200 every second. if you had a cell that can generate enough hho
to satisfy the needs of an engine at speed. then yes you can run an engine
on hho alone. the real question would be is how much hho will satisfy each
rpm, and how big of a cell would it take to satisfy the engine at speed.
then all you need to do is build a system that ramps that hho demand to
meet the rpm's.

Автор kf4dcy ( назад)
can a car be made to run on hho alone. if it can. then how much
differential of hho as to cylinder displacement would it take to do it. i
know the faster the engine runs. the more hho you will have to produce for
that rpm or cfm per rpm. given the size of the engine. smaller engines will
require less hho at the same rpm.

Автор ThinkingBetter ( назад)
Actually there are such fraudsters.

Автор blob darkass ( назад)
Does anyone have ANY sanctioned documented proof that an onboard HHO kit
gives any increase in MPG at all? Well other then those who were killed.
Seems the only inventers who were killed are the ones that claimed over
unity but they let the scammers live....strange.

Автор bikr1975 ( назад)
your engines oil will be as clean as the day you had it changed but like
everything, the question is, can you afford the setup?? you cant just slap
a tank of propane in your car and run it to your intake manifold and off
you go, theres a setup with a regulator that should be installed by a
certified technition for safety purposes. otherwise, might be a great
equation for BOMB!! and can you afford the propane in the first place? plz
be careful ok?

Автор bikr1975 ( назад)
every engine varies as far as condition and displacement goes. how much
money you put into the vehicle. a setup on a honda civic wont work the same
on a toyota rav4. the point is to re-invent the stanley meyers water car
with less money. fun project but if youre learning with these setups, you
could be doing a great deal damage to your cars engine! something to think
about in the long run when you have to ride the bus to work? :(

Автор BestBritishColumbia ( назад)
Essentially you guys must be saying that when that 1.5hp worth of hydrogen
is burnt in the engine, it produces much more energy than 1.5hp. ( I saw a
claim of 15hp). So what you are really saying is that you can use 1.5hp to
generates 15hp. What you are really claiming is that you are getting
something for nothing. By now we all must surely know that nothing is free
in this world! Alley

Автор BestBritishColumbia ( назад)
Far as I can tell, what all you guys that are pro hho seem to be saying. Is
that the alternator needs to produces the extra power of about 1.5 hp (This
1.5 horsepower is not free energy of course, More gas needs to be burned to
turn the alternator to generate that 1.5 hp. Actually a lot more because
the engine is so inefficient in general) worth of power to create the

Автор BestBritishColumbia ( назад)
I am sorry if my comments appear more than once. I actually have never made
any comments before. If things were not perfect before, in some cases
perhaps adding the small amount of hydrogen could improve the overall
situation much more than you would expect normally and that is why some
people see so much better millage than before.

Автор Ian Momberger ( назад)
Do you think if you converted a motor to liquid propane and a HHO system in
a old male truck . How affiant do you think will it be?

Автор claudiomar santos ( назад)
Because manufacturers do not bring their cars to HHO??

Автор James Van Eynde ( назад)
I like the work yous are doing but running two fuels is not the way to go
the engine will run to rich, if you run LPG you use just the LPG or just
fuel, not fuel and LPG so just like LPG use a gas converter yous have to
look in to a sort of a gas regulator . don't give up keep up the good work.

Автор hhoconnection ( назад)
Do some research into using HHO to improve combustion.

Автор Jarek07 ( назад)
I don't understand fully what you are getting at with this? You change
water into energy. There is no creating or destroying anything..

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