The wait is over! Finally! (=^_^=) It's Japanese commercial time!! (◠‿◠) Are you guys ready? You'd better be, because this new compilation is full of the great stuff we all like! o(^▽^)o Please, have a seat and... welcome back to "that part" of YouTube!! (☆^ー^☆) ENJOOOY!!!

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Автор Caah Costa ( назад)
sou unica Br aqui???
entendendo nada mas to rindo

Автор Diaz Marche ( назад)
MatsuJun looking great in that first ad. 😍😍

Автор metalshider74 ( назад)
y todas las zombis o la mayoria eran occidentales

Автор wetbacktrash ( назад)
4:32 DAT EVANGELION DOE, and what game is that

Автор Momoko K. ( назад)
7:46 it's naomii!!

Автор No one care About your life ( назад)
Hentai is mean pervert

Автор rulian digus ( назад)

Автор Flower Kurosawa ( назад)

Автор joetri10 ( назад)
That first guy is Korean

Автор Ariel Lowenberg-cruz ( назад)
ass jet. :)

Автор VulpisFoxfire ( назад)
Oh hey, a movie about Erma's mom!

Автор NyanCat1907 ( назад)
What's the song at 6:19 called?

Автор Metamonkey ( назад)
That ghostbuster ad was funnier than the actual movie

Автор Blueberry Pancakes ( назад)

Автор Blueberry Pancakes ( назад)
Some are really meant to be funny XD I'm half japanese and understand
everything they say.

Автор Livetuber ( назад)
At 4:50 is that a commercial for porn?

Автор kawaii keira ( назад)
kyary yy! !!

Автор ashjya ( назад)
2:24 Ya

Автор Kalder 16 ( назад)
What's the song of gozilla and the one in 4:55?

Автор Kalder 16 ( назад)
What's the song of minute 3:15?

Автор TheKitty Kat ( назад)
Why cant we have these type of comercials in America?! THEIR AMAZING

Автор Jarkko Kankainen ( назад)
For anyone wondering why Rei Yasuda - Message single commercial seems
familiar. It's the ending title from Ace Attorney anime.

Автор keepsake327 ( назад)
Oh, Takeshi Kitano doesn't look too well.

Автор davidligre ( назад)
No entendí el último.

Автор Francisco Fuentes ( назад)
After the subs some spots still don't make sense hahahaha

Автор yinzhu jin ( назад)
last one is so funny funny . thx

Автор Baim Cruise ( назад)
6:23 who the artis?

Автор Wing Wong ( назад)
Awesome stuff. Watching these makes me want to visit Japan again on

Автор Kay :3 ( назад)
Diese UFO Werbungen werden immer komischer ;D

Автор Anime Evie Pri ( назад)
SONG please at 7:48

Автор Rainy Days ( назад)
matsumoto, pls. XD love seeing these guys come out of no where.

Автор shirazukki _2 ( назад)
the first one remind me of karamatsu..

Автор doggylicious o' dog ( назад)
People gonna say these Japanese commercials aren't sane, when really, these
commercial are so alike america's

Автор Jennifer Pocasangre ( назад)
what is the name of the commercial 5:18?

Автор thekazman5656 ( назад)
It's confirmed, my life has been meaningless before the glory that is
Japanese commercials.

Автор Sunny Kenny ( назад)
never expected tales of zestiria the x trailer appear

the show aired after macross Delta

Автор Dhimas Nur Ramadhan ( назад)
serizawa !!! hahah

Автор Villager!Jericho 村民!恵理子 ( назад)
9:33 Was creepy as FUCK!

Автор Jasonthehyperdude ( назад)
gotta love matsumoto (I probably messed up his name but still) doing the
part time thinger

Автор Paula Lee ( назад)

Автор SULEIO LATALIO ( назад)
Dont drink Kirin guys it tasted sooooo bad! When I was in japan there was a
poster saying if you will buy 4 kirin drinks you will get kuroko no baske
file and the file was amaxing but the drinks weren't :(

Автор Trisha Ghosh ( назад)
0:36 shinnosuke tachibana

Автор Beatlemania ( назад)
Oye bro de donde eres?

Автор ninjapistol ( назад)
hot cookie ! hot cookie !

Автор ninjapistol ( назад)
is this what they're actually saying

Автор ninjapistol ( назад)
you fow

Автор Patrik Záhonyi ( назад)
I just LOVE the Lumine comm!! :DDDDDDDD

Автор Omar Cardenas ( назад)
omg KPP at 2:50 she's so cute. her music is the best :3

Автор ลูกพระเจ้า ขอพระองค์ทรงอวยพร ( назад)
>_<" ~Cool !!

Автор Pinkyycerebroful ( назад)
4:32 Godzilla vs Evangelion!

Автор CREEP666999 O0O0O0 ( назад)
asuka soryu!!!

Автор sonia joseph ( назад)
who is the girl at 1:57 ?

Автор Wayne Patterson ( назад)
4:54.Why does he has a pair of women's panties over his face?What the hell
was he wearing?What was that?What time of the day do they show such a
commercial and what channel?Like japan's commercials,but once again they
leave me dazed & full of questions.

Автор videofan77 -Louise ( назад)
i thought i can never get weirded-out but these ads surprise me every time
and they just keep getting weirder & weirder XD

Автор nightcoremixes ( назад)
Satomi Ishihara! <3

Автор Lugmillord ( назад)
That trashy UFO ad... first you cringe, then you love it.

Автор epic dante ( назад)
Jun Matsumoto Yay!!!

Автор Paula Lee ( назад)
episode 2

Автор looneyflight ( назад)
Anyone got a link to sadako vs kayako? I forgot it was already out

Автор Truman Lightfoot ( назад)
Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access:

Автор superninja252 ( назад)
What is the group at 7:48?

Автор Nara ( назад)
whats so cool about these japanese commercials?
they look like any normal commercials you see on tb

Автор Stephen Jankowski ( назад)
song at 3:17?

Автор Whbi-Senpai ( назад)
4:30 she mistaked with the commercial LOL

Автор Eduardo Barrezueta ( назад)
Más terror me dio el comercial de las uvas que el de los filmes de
horror... Oyyyyyy!!!

Автор Muhammad Frisky Alfafa ( назад)
I don'tg get it

Автор olga salinas ( назад)
of course kyary pamyu pamyu is in one

Автор Elisia Pangestu ( назад)
i love toshio & kayako

Автор Cheoleo ( назад)
The R point commercial at 2:02
I needed to see this in my life.

Автор Aldo Verdejo Von Rodt ( назад)
8:18 el tipo que esta en la peluqueria es el autor de Captain tsubasa
Yōichi Takahashi!! <3

Автор That Random Guyーさん ( назад)
Not gonna lie, the Sadako vs Kayako picture is gonna be badass.

Автор Lalilula Lullaby ( назад)
really like isshunboshi with momotarou and gang's ads

Автор TheGACKTfan ( назад)
+JPCMHD can you make a video of GACKT'S recent comericals please

Автор Miyamoto Roboto ( назад)
Damn that Kirin beer commercial reminded me of Hotei Tomoyasu's Onimusha 2
intro song Russian Roulette.

Автор ShikataGaNai100 ( назад)
KPP Sighting @ 2:50.

Автор Jim Jose ( назад)
2:03 was soo freaking cute lol :D idk something abt it makes me feel nice :d

ohh and am i the only one who liked that cat ad? :D

Автор Lamp64 ( назад)
need to get me a bottle of as shit

Автор azchtein ( назад)
i came for kyary chan only 2:46

Автор lσναвlє нαтѕυиє мιкυ ( назад)
I love the panda one.😄🐼❤

Автор gumisora ( назад)
I like the fist commercial accent is soo cute!, WTF in second! a gas?, in
the carvenic one! the husband have a dress too!! lol!

Автор Mathieu Leader ( назад)
good to see the oddness back

Автор Dayane Santos ( назад)
Amei ♡♥♡]

Автор izayoi sakuya ( назад)
Hentai KAMEN xD lolollololololololololol Abnormal Crisis SUPER xD

Автор Exodus 1981 ( назад)
Merci du partage, trop sympa.

Автор ghani natsu ( назад)
what the title of the song at 6:18 ? tell me please , onegaii

Автор S.M Seely ( назад)
10:11 AH SHIT! AH SHIT!!

Автор 、月 ( назад)

Автор SsAmu ShenSs ( назад)
Cannot wait for ToZ to come out >~<

Автор O3Ototally ( назад)
Someone pleaaaaase tell me or give me a link to the animated panda

Автор Dave Waithaka ( назад)
Awesome ✌👌👌

Автор moteados ( назад)
who is the girl in 6:11 ??????

Автор Yusuf Desta Eka Putra ( назад)
umm..question. in last ad, is that suposed to be a soul, that man soul?
like in the anime?

Автор Rahadian ( назад)
Who's 3:33 ?? She's so pretty

Edit: found the answer below. I hope there will be beautiful girl ads
compilation someday lol

Автор Lee Hunter ( назад)
can anyone help me find a commercial about a mosquito coil that have a
women singing at a festival,the song is so good but i'll can't find
it(sorry if my grammar is bad)

Автор Sebastian Ardila ( назад)
Ojala los comerciales de repelente fueran asi, aqui son todos diciendo
usalo o te dara el virus del zika

Автор dokidoki65 ( назад)
I like that they did a Ghost busters parody but still made them all guys

Автор Ateykwa ( назад)
7:34 Huh. Japanese Penn Jillette.

Автор TheGACKTfan ( назад)
JPCMHD can you do a cm complatition with GACKT in it please

Автор Elizabeth Torres ( назад)
enjoying it

Автор Elizabeth Torres ( назад)
enjoying it

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