Don't Shit Your Pants: King Of Shitting!

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Длительность: 8:4
Комментарии: 23603

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Автор Amrita Nair ( назад)
Hi shut king:-D .you're vids are so funny

Автор Blake Crass ( назад)

Автор Kurious Citten ( назад)
I was sh#tting when watching this

Автор Ashly Ross (984 года назад)
All hail the king of shit! 😂💩

Автор Snowy Gaming ( назад)
I was already shitting

Автор davies pratama (48 лет назад)
(3:44) that's makes me laugh so hard. lol!!!

Автор Wubsy Whitt ( назад)

Автор Chany Grech ( назад)

Автор Tyler Martin ( назад)
All hail the shit king 😛

Автор Spencer Howard ( назад)
Like ten minutes 

Автор Luke Combs ( назад)
Pediepie play lego jurasic world 

Автор Logan Mansfield ( назад)

Автор Lorena Fuentes ( назад)
Ok shit king

Автор Arely Millan ( назад)

Автор Craig Newman ( назад)
5secs to tack a kracker 

Автор Anne Milassin ( назад)
all hail the shit king yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Автор Ben ( назад)
Like fi you're wtching in 2015

Автор Jesus Almanza ( назад)
Oh Hail the s*** lord

Автор Liam Rudberg ( назад)
I was taking a crap while watching this

Автор Kevin Gear ( назад)
(5:06) 2 hours later(!o!)

Автор Alyssa Sadowski ( назад)
Why isn't this video working for me

Автор Katrina Omalley ( назад)
Hello my lord shit king

Автор Maurice slaughter ( назад)
This wasn't horror at all!

Автор Nazifa Hussain ( назад)
Umm I don't think this is a horror game.....

Автор Killer Komodo ( назад)
That is amzing... He doesn't know how to dance.

Автор visid prism084 ( назад)

Автор Msp Gamer ( назад)
Now I want to shit my pants

Автор name: kevlar ( назад)
Hey shit king good job lol

Автор Nathan Bernard ( назад)

Автор Lashonda Smith ( назад)
Love you shit king

Автор Lashonda Smith ( назад)
Mr shit king

Автор PyroFire ( назад)
5:15 I'm already on my toilet O_O

Автор GamesHacker1000 ( назад)
This is actually the first game that I know of that I played before poods
did ;D

Автор Arnoldo Flores ( назад)
Ha shit king

Автор joshua saseve ( назад)
When U finish the game ur wearing a crown in the game

Автор Rainbow Gamer ( назад)
Hi shit king

Автор Isabella Valenzuela ( назад)
This is not a survival horror game

Автор Andrew Moore ( назад)
all hail shitking

Автор Krishne Ware ( назад)

Автор Krishne Ware ( назад)

Автор Creeper God ( назад)
All hail the shit king!👑👏👏👏

Автор Jopster 5231 ( назад)

Автор Robby Temple ( назад)

Автор Misho Pruidze ( назад)
You should have tried: Remove pants, Pull door, sit toilet, CLOSE THE DOOR.
Because normal people shit privately, they close their doors!😂

Автор Bryant Bennett ( назад)

Автор Julia Renee ( назад)
actually I don't have to shit, I just have to pee lol! hope I didn't make
it awkward!

Автор Dylan Demoss ( назад)
Hey pewds this is dylan demoss and I am just starting a channel my first
and please on one of ur videos can u mention me but first can u watch one
of my videos pls and thank you

Автор Hendrik Fourie ( назад)
All hail the shit king!!!

Автор Matt64 ( назад)
I took a dump before I watches now I'm happy

Автор Brianna Wilcox ( назад)
Hhahahahahhaha.lmbo 😂😂

Автор Isabel Nel ( назад)

Автор veronika Mirkin ( назад)
I bow to you my shit king😂

Автор amy paw ( назад)
This is my moms account

Автор amy paw ( назад)
I was shitting while watching this its not complicated I'm 17 doe I'm a boy

Автор amy paw ( назад)
You should have closed the door XD

Автор Dennis West ( назад)
I hour

Автор Ken Wootton ( назад)
Hi shit king

Автор Eriq Dreamowner ( назад)
I miss this pewdiepie and I want him back

Автор Corey Tucker ( назад)
I shit for five minutes

Автор Kris Rickey ( назад)
Pewds you are the best thing on the internet right now and when im sad i
watch your videos and you pick me back up thank you and brofist

Автор Frentzen Javierto ( назад)

Автор Love Ramos ( назад)

Автор Kamerin Howe ( назад)
Please watch my vids and suscribe to me plz and thx

Автор Debbie Willoughby ( назад)
Oh hail the shit king

Автор laura violis (963 года назад)
System of a Down <3

Автор Anabel Quiroz ( назад)

Автор Anabel Quiroz ( назад)
i shit my pants 

Автор SUPER SLAYER ( назад)
Hey shit king

Автор XxxxXsongnamexxxX songnamesongname ( назад)
this is the first SHITTY game Pewds has played on camera :D

Автор Austin Brill ( назад)
All hale the shit king

Автор Jonny Shumake (truth is told) (206 лет назад)
ok shit king

Автор Çılgın Minecraft Oyuncuları ( назад)

Автор Çılgın Minecraft Oyuncuları ( назад)

Автор Jaquan Realniggashit ( назад)
Hello shit king

Автор flamejojo ( назад)
The shit king

Автор rosalio eNerio ( назад)
Ummm hello

Автор rosalio eNerio ( назад)
Hi am Jelian

Автор Layla Gardner ( назад)
Behold the shit king

Автор Xiah Steffen ( назад)
All hail the shit king!😂

Автор the crasy leader (519 лет назад)
Q with am shitting

Автор luke binns ( назад)
all hail the shit king

Автор Ethan Obbagy (1493 года назад)
You r da best shit king

Автор Red Murp ( назад)

Автор Lily Harrison ( назад)
I'm shiting 

Автор TheCarelessVoice ( назад)
This video made me shit my pants.

Автор Matthew Coburn ( назад)
He is the shit king

Автор Robert Terrazas ( назад)
Watching this on my phone while taking a shit (2015)

Автор Jacklyn Simmer ( назад)
Hi sh** long

Автор Hannah Chilton ( назад)
Shit king you are amazing shit king

Автор xX_1337MLGSOMTHINGOROTHER_Xx ( назад)
the outro picture...
that panty shot doe

no homo

Автор Brandon Gamerz ( назад)
I have to take a shiiiiiiiiitttttttt😬

Автор Bret Fitzgerald ( назад)
btw im not human

Автор Bret Fitzgerald ( назад)
I need this vid to help me

Автор Bret Fitzgerald ( назад)
I shit in 10 min I take my laptop and watch you while I do it

Автор cheer kinz ( назад)
all hail the shit king!!

Автор Aiden Zolliecoffer ( назад)
Poop king

Автор Logan Ghost ( назад)
my name jeff

Автор Nicholas Gonima ( назад)
yay shit king

Автор Alexandra Kriley ( назад)

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