Don't Shit Your Pants: King Of Shitting!

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Просмотров: 6386832
Длительность: 8:4
Комментарии: 23829

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Автор Princess Kitten ( назад)
it beats bioshock? EXCUSE ME?!?!?!

Автор Christian Borak ( назад)
you always cheat pewds

Автор Koroxas Heart ( назад)
only time it's acceptation, babies/toddler and elder (if very weak).
If it by anyone that is not by ^ age acceptation, either forgot about it or
having medical issues.

Автор David Lee ( назад)
pewds s*#₩ his pants

Автор Toby Masters ( назад)
I went before I watched this video

Автор Lea Love ( назад)
I love u shit king

Автор Kat Allison ( назад)
Lol :D

Автор Jona Pollnitz ( назад)
i will for ever call him the shit king!

Автор Anime isinfinity ( назад)

Автор batgirl53 ( назад)
Ha!shit king.

Автор Lushoo Pena ( назад)
i cant believe this video was 2 years ago

Автор KeithFanatic19 ( назад)

Автор lilah j ( назад)
I take 10 minutes to shit

Автор blake signal ( назад)
yo shit king did you shit your pants shit king ok shit king bye pwedepie I
mean shit king

Автор Lucas Barnes ( назад)
shit for ten years

Автор JoAnne Warner ( назад)
okay shit king

Автор max turkot ( назад)
Text to Type sex looooolll

Автор Jennifer Quang ( назад)
His name is shittypie

Автор Gingerly Squash ( назад)
I shit 1hour

Автор Mr. Anonomous Anynonomous ( назад)

Автор Wolfy The Hell Wolf ( назад)
i wonder what will happen when you take pills, fart, remove pants, sit on

Автор Katelyn Goodyear ( назад)
At the "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" part I lost it XD

Автор princess taylor abe abe ( назад)
my face is not going to be red i never red my face all your videos i'm just
scared every you play horror

Автор Aaron Zapower (UnkownGuy) ( назад)
I had to poo... I DIDN'T POO MA PANTS THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Wandering Soul ( назад)
How about you're The king of shit. 😂

Автор Epic Hippo ( назад)
All hail the shit

Автор Covey Trimble ( назад)
fuck me

Автор Max Burton (1192 года назад)

Автор SpaceCupcake HD ( назад)
4:38 that laugh tho

Автор Amelia Cook ( назад)
lat was not scray it was crappy

Автор Amelia Cook ( назад)
hi guys is pewDewpie

Автор Funky Ninja88 ( назад)

Автор Luke Prescot ( назад)
Pewdiepie is the shit king

Автор Ron Bowlin ( назад)
sorry im shitty for that

Автор Ron Bowlin ( назад)
steve the shitty crafter

Автор Ron Bowlin ( назад)
its XD dumb asses

Автор Amy Lin ( назад)
just kidding pewdiepie

Автор Amy Lin ( назад)
hey shit king ha ha

Автор Jason Tenecela ( назад)
Hi shit king

Автор Anthony Nichols ( назад)
So the guy doesn't know how to remove his shirt at all. Are you serious!

Автор John Merc ( назад)
We can all agree that this is a "shitty" game.

Автор Skatepro 231 ( назад)
Poo king

Автор Captain Blitz And Games ( назад)
aND ok shit king

Автор Captain Blitz And Games ( назад)
ok i admit it. I HAVE TO TAKE A SHIT!!!!

Автор Cool Boy ( назад)
Lik if u cri evreytime

Автор Missy Angel ( назад)
how is this a horrer game

Автор FNAF Cat ( назад)
O my gosh r u seriuse

Автор Jodie Smullen ( назад)
Based of a true story

Автор blake wride ( назад)
Hi shit king your shit

Автор E1vish Gir1 ( назад)

Автор Karina Tejada ( назад)
well if u got to shit get a box and shit in it baaaatch

Автор Karina Tejada ( назад)
im taking a shit right now

Автор Nelly Rojas ( назад)

Автор tsstevensts (165 лет назад)
3:01 That IS the ending to Mass Effect 3.

Автор Blake Frost ( назад)
pewds the sh*t king I had a $H¡t at the start of the video so I sont need

Автор Madison Nash ( назад)
the shit king

Автор Sabrina Neocleous ( назад)
Guess what when he said to pause I shit in my pants

Автор roseta slover ( назад)

Автор DarkLightning1234567 ( назад)
*take off pants*
Holy shit i don't have a penis
That was hilarious

Автор Gracie Schlager ( назад)
I love his laugh so much 😂😂😂

Автор Anthony Nichols ( назад)
Shit like a king does it! XD

Автор LPSKat 101 ( назад)
I was eating chocolate ice cream while watching this

Автор Kathlyn Mellis-Roberts ( назад)
hey shit King

Автор Augustinas Mockus ( назад)
Hello shit king

Автор Jillian Nooner ( назад)
shit shit

Автор Agario Player ( назад)
So scary D:

Автор Final flash47 ( назад)
I pooped in vid

Автор Charlie Chiem ( назад)
The first 30 seconds I watched this I actually needed to go

Автор Haydn Sicilia ( назад)
I took a shit in the time I had in 15 seconds

Автор 🍓StrawBerry🍓 ( назад)
Wait a sec!

You forgot to close the door.......

Автор Darius Gadson ( назад)
That laugh thoe you sounded like a donkey

Автор Carter Groinus ( назад)
death poop

Автор Freddie Cook ( назад)
You are the shitter of all shitters

Автор McNoodleton * ( назад)
Back when his videos were actually entertaining

Автор Savior20061 ( назад)
All this time, I didn't know you could extend the timer like that. =D

Автор Reylene Arellano ( назад)
After watching this I needed to poop

Автор Donna Carney ( назад)
Release the kraken

Автор Thomas Bennett (1216 лет назад)
I wish he typed in: 1.) take pants off 2.) get in bed 3.) FART FURIOUSLY

Автор David Wright ( назад)
watching in #2015 lol

Автор NEFISSA AMMAR ( назад)
i love sh!tting

Автор Yandere Flora (1861 год назад)
''The goal is don't sh -- Oh shit''

Автор Tinkerbell1133 - ( назад)
Ok shit king

Автор Danish Rayyan ( назад)
u are makeing walkrough?

Автор Kelley Donnelly ( назад)

Автор 嘉鴻徐 ( назад)
survival horror lol

Автор Summer Sepe ( назад)
Oh hey the "shiz king" as poods wants us to call him!

Автор Summer Sepe ( назад)
Release the kraken?!!!😅

Автор Summer Sepe ( назад)
It's disgusting but hilarious at the same time!!! I don't need to shiz
tho... I gotta pee EWE TMI SORRY!!!!😂😂😂

Автор victoria jones ( назад)
All hail the shot king!!

also I love your videos so much! say hi to Maya and Edgar for me. oh and.
mardzia,sorry if I spent wrong I half asleep. 😔

random pig 🐷

Автор Taylor Lehman ( назад)
It takes me 30 min its to take a shit jk its like 2min its

Автор Ananya _xoxoxo ( назад)
😂😂funny but it was sooo scary this was an awesome horror game, the part
that scared me was when u took off his pants and he doesnt have a dick😨

Автор john gilbert ( назад)
all hal the king of shitting

Автор Andrey Cuvuliuc ( назад)
I love SOAD! And Pewds! <3

Автор ExoticWolfGaming ( назад)
PewDiePie - 5/5 FANTASTIC!

Автор Rex Ericson ( назад)
Play Leuage of Legends

Автор Toast ( назад)
I took two minutes and thirty-two seconds

Автор Calixto Arredondo ( назад)

Автор Jay Hart ( назад)
2016 I'm from future

Автор DarkDeathEverything ( назад)
This video made me have to poop

Автор Mystic Malachite ( назад)
Right now I'm eating ice cream with Carmel whipped cream and sprinkles you
jealous 😊😊

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