mu golden girls, christmas dance 2008

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Mizzou Golden Girls perform at USA Collegiate Dance Championships
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Open House
MU Golden Girls, Eye of the Tiger
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Golden Girls dancing to Eye of the Tiger during Marching Mizzou's pregame performance.
Marching Mizzou & Golden Girls Halftime Show Sept 12 2009
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On September 12 Mizzou had its football home opener against Bowling Green State University. This is Marching Mizzou, Golden Girls, the Guard and...
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Mizzou Tiger Golden Girls at a pep rally in Lincoln, NE in 2008. Mizzou went on to trash the Corn Chucks
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Annalise Lyons
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Hilarious moments where Dorothy makes sarcastic remarks everytime Rose asks stupid questions.
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A continuing look at some of my personal favorites of Sophia Petrillo! from the entire running of "The Golden Girls." Here is the second and final...
2009 Texas Bowl Halftime: Marching Mizzou, Golden Girls, Navy Midshipmen D/B Spirit Band
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Marching Mizzou and the Golden Girls performed their final 2009 football halftime show at the Texas Bowl on New Years Eve 2010. After bussing from...
MU Golden Girls Conga
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University of Missouri Dance Team 2004
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2nd place here. Nice job, ladies!
The Golden Girls: The Best of Sophia - Part 1
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Golden Girls Interview- (Merv Griffin Show 1985)
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Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty join Merv in 1985 when their show "The Golden Girls" was a runaway hit. He talks to each...
Mizzou Spring Football Scrimmage 2009 Pep Rally
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University of Missouri Spring football intersquad game (the Black and Gold game) was April 18, 2009. Before the game, Marching Mizzou, the Golden...
CNN Official Interview: Betty White: Bea Arthur was not fond of me
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HLN's Joy Behar talks with Betty White about being last surviving "Golden Girls" and how Bea Arthur did not like her.
Golden Girls Dance
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Golden Girls Showcase
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Marching Mizzou, Golden Girls & Guard Parade Sept 12 2009

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On September 12 Mizzou had its football home opener against Bowling Green State University. Just before the game, Marching Mizou, the Mizzou Helmet...
just me dancing around
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a dance I made up... to Grace by Saving Jane.
The Golden Girls do Christmas....Tranny style
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The Golden Girls All Drag Smash Hit is back for The Holidays and Progressive Pulse's Kevin Thomas caught up with the darling foursome to dish on...

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