The Flash 3x10 Sneak Peek Season 3 Episode 10 Sneak Peek (720p HD)

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The Flash 3x10 Sneak Peek
The Flash 3x10 Sneak Peek /Preview HD
The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 HD

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Автор Point Dexter ( назад)
Barry is mad because Wally can't follow instructions. When the life of Iris
is on the line, there can be no surprises. The team must work like

Автор Parvez Khan ( назад)
HR: I drink coffee for centeries all flash team: GRRRRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHH HOW

Автор machir belizaire ( назад)
why can't they put iris in the prison where they put wally to prevent her

Автор John Louis ( назад)
Lol he mad

Автор Luke Gallo ( назад)
I know who savitar is

Автор KevinTheCharmander Playz Gamez ( назад)
Someone is jelly (The Flash / Barry Allen)

Автор Ian Cummings ( назад)
I kinda hate Wally

Автор John-Clement Gallo ( назад)
Barry is jealous

Автор Jeremiah reed ( назад)
Wally should race barry

Автор Kaden Liverman ( назад)
Wall west better not get it twised the flash is the man to save the day

Автор Bhuerta3213 ( назад)
wait.... who elses shipps Julian with Barry or Caitlynn?
Nope, just me? dang it..

Автор GamesAreMy Life ( назад)
I miss it when it was only Barry, Cisco, caitlin,and wells now everyone is

Автор Jarrod Watson ( назад)
If I was Wally I'd tell Barry to go fuck himself and then be a hero without

Автор Chassen Money ( назад)
Kill off wally west please

Автор ledesma alfa52 ( назад)
cuando sale este cap

Автор Ravenbabe321 ( назад)
I HATE Wally.

Автор CCJJ160Channels ( назад)
For people that think Barry is being a jerk remember a few things:
1.) In invasion he saw Wally get hurt badly by Supergirl;
2.) Jessie Quick didn't follow his instructions and he got trapped in a
3.) He got to see Wally almost die in Flashpoint;
4.) Velocity didn't listen to him and she ran herself to death in front of
him; and
5.) If you think Barry if tough, remember the training he got from Oliver!

I don't think he's doing it to be a d-ck, I think he's just seen enough
people get hurt

Автор hanifa m ( назад)
i wonder if iris will die

Автор Nabit Nabit ( назад)

Автор Brodini Got Magic ( назад)
Someone is jelly.

Автор JORDAN BOSS ( назад)
Barry salty as a motherfucker 😂😂😂🍚🍚

Автор Tracker - Agario ( назад)
if wally gets faster than Barry then I'm not watching anymore 😊

Автор Mr. Pugz ( назад)
plz follow my Flarrow fan account @flarrow_legends_is_life_

Автор Kakashi Sensei ( назад)
Return on January 24th to see Barry do his little bitch act in front of his
friends, only on CW

Автор Manoj Chauhan ( назад)
Barry such a fucking asshole

Автор Nicolas Harrison ( назад)
Ohhhhbarry is jealous .

Автор Floydandsome ( назад)
what is this ost?

Автор Ororo Monroe ( назад)
Show me the Caitlin Frost sneak a peek!!!

Автор VfxCater ( назад)
My name is H20 and I'm the wettest thing alive. When I was a puddle I saw
someone step on me while they were running. My particles were scattered on
the street. To the outside world I'm an ordinary street puddle, but
secretly I use my water to quench birds and other animals' thirst. And one
day I'll find whoever stepped on me and sent me flying though the air. I am

Автор Laaatrese ( назад)
damn it is knew this was going to happen ugh. .... yass iris queen slay

Автор Henrik kr Solvang ( назад)
wow barry became a dick after a vication

Автор speedster phantom1234 ( назад)
that's why wally a better flash

Автор IMO ( назад)
Barry observes the room and sees 10 seconds of peace and joy and then "hey
Wally, fuck you man"

Автор All or Nothin Crew ( назад)

Автор DeanWuTV ( назад)
Barry is salty.

Автор Tommynski ( назад)
If Wally keeps bitching around, he is gonna end up stuck in the speedforce

Автор Christyler Saintil ( назад)
Yeah wally just wanted to say don't let anyone control over you as kid
flash just be the hero you want to be that's why you got your powers ⚡⚡⚡

Автор Devaughn Conyers ( назад)
I can only think of two reasons why Barry would be mad.

1.) he's jealous that Wally is faster than him get getting faster than him
and kinda stealing his thunder. Or

2.) he's thinking about what savitar said about someone dying and Barry is
conserved that wally's heroic actions will cause him to be the one to fall.

Автор gurdit johal ( назад)
ooh Barrys jealous

Автор Tina Mayo ( назад)
Low key love if Barry would become A dick

Автор Manv 3775 ( назад)
what is the channel number for cw?

Автор Ahniela Gilchrist ( назад)
Jealousy does not look good on Barry

Автор Adam .A ( назад)
January 24th!!! Noo! That far away

Автор Zombiesize ( назад)

Автор SNGS ( назад)
So many people hating on wally in the comments when they haven't even
watched the episode yet smh

Автор Stephen Jay ( назад)
This Wally has ZERO charisma. Terrible casting choice.

Автор John Gaines ( назад)
flash was just jealous

Автор JJ G ( назад)
Barry is being silly

Автор HajtheCompass ( назад)
I don't think Barry is jealous, he seems more overprotective

Автор Marcus Lopez ( назад)
I don't like Wally with powers. Dangit man I hope he loses them somehow.

Автор Earnestine Davis ( назад)
Barry just realized that kid flash is wayyyyyy better than him n that y he
is red with jealousy!

Автор tobi-sempai kawaii ( назад)
Something that really annoys me is the fact that everyone treats wally like
he was his flashpoint counterpart. Ok, i know at first he was obsessed with
powers but to be fair alchemy was messing with him but since he got his
powers he asked for trainning, he wanted help to control his powers and the
only times he rush into danger was to save barry because he was getting his
ass kicked.

Автор killerwolf387 ( назад)
wtf barry

Автор Fernando GL ( назад)
cuando sale y a que hora ?

Автор johny1220 ( назад)
Saw this trailer already it was a cw app exclusive lol I still want it to
be all about Barry tho

Автор DRose MVP ( назад)
Barry give Iris that speed dick, vibrate that shit. Trust me, it will make
you less grumpy.

Автор iDenzy ( назад)
Am I the only one who hates wally?

Автор ManicG18 ( назад)
*Enter pun regarding Barry's bitchyness here*.

Автор Daniel Mayes D.M ( назад)
Barry is just jealous of Wally

Автор JustDealWithIt😎 ( назад)
Barry turned into a piece of shit after he altered the timeline

Автор Karl Thornton ( назад)
Yeah Barry is starting to turn into Oliver now...

Автор Valeria Jules ( назад)
I don't know, I kinda don't like Wally or the idea of a second "Flash".
Especially the fact that this Flash is Wally and he's still naive and
unexperienced and ugh, I don't know how many times I already thought that
he couldn't get any more childish when he was jealous of Barry and his
powers. Yes, I know, Barry was childish at the beginning, too, but he had
Oliver and the other people at STAR Labs. Wally got them, too, but he
doesn't seem *willingly* to learn anything. He's like "yo, I'm gonna rush
over there, save those people here, defeat the villain of the universe,
while I'm drinking Starbucks coffee, cuz I'm da boss cuz I got speed and
you not and you won't tell me anything cuz I'm awesome af!" To me, he seems
to be like that. And I understand how Barry's reacting, because we all know
how it ended in Flashpoint when Wally didn't listened to Barry.

Автор Maurick Martinus ( назад)
Barry maybe jelly

Автор Potato Slapper ( назад)
Wally thinks he's the shit now that he has super speed.

Автор Sapphire237 ( назад)
Barry wasn't hating, he was more like don't wally to be killed like in
flashpoint. Cause wally didn't do what he did..wally got hurt real badly.
Cause it could happen who knows that's why barry like wally chill out.

Автор Dr.Arbiter26 ( назад)
barry is just butt hurt because wally moves faster than him lol

Автор Z Serbs ( назад)
Not really feeling Season 3 so far. Didn't like season 2 much either but at
least everyone wasn't pissed all the time. Season 1 was best.

Автор Kenneth Effects ( назад)
Can people also stop saying Wally is faster cause he is really not that's
what he thinks and Barry is jealous much

Автор Michael Roberts ( назад)
What a cry baby lol

Автор Kenneth Effects ( назад)
Wow I have never seen Barry this mad wow

Автор daizzyify ( назад)
I don't know if I'm the only one that thinks that since everyone is
congratulating him Wally probably didn't do something wrong, the reason why
Barry is mad is cuz the guy they caught is the guy that was in the news
when Iris was being killed so he's agitated. So I know guys want them to
fight (me excluded) but I'm sure it's just a tiff and they'll be fine. I
think it will be fun seeing them work together cuz I love both Wally and
Barry 's characters.

Автор Balder 8472 ( назад)
kid flash be like I'm not a sidekick I'm hero support

Автор 4-Star Pokèball 3605 ( назад)
Barry the glory hog

Автор Katniss Everdean ( назад)
why are they trying to make us hate barry

Автор 2forDufour ( назад)
Feel like if someone was a speedster and they were angry at someone, like
they were arguing. And they run off really fast from the situation.
Everyone else would be like "Oh shit he must be REALLY mad"

Автор Jhaneil Grey ( назад)
Barry jelly 😂😂😂 and did just see Caitlin and Cisco hold hand and walked
off yesssss

Автор GQ daddy ( назад)
Wait Wally had to save Barry again? Who is really kid flash Barry... who is
REALLY kid flash now! (In the tone of Eobard Thawne)

Автор ULTRA GAMING74 ( назад)
I seen this before a week ago with e emergency awesome

Автор Beast206 ( назад)

Автор The Gamer ( назад)
Barry is salty not because he is jealous it's cause he doesn't want Wally
to be killed just like in flashpoint

Автор Marius Wang ( назад)
Barry's been such a dick lately, kind of hate his personality after season

Автор Abari Calamari ( назад)
The things] that annoys me the most is that Joe and Iris kept getting
annoyed when Wally pursued this, and told Barry not to encourage him. Now
Barry wants him to exercise caution and not run headfirst into danger, Joe
and Iris get annoyed with Barry.
Like shut the fuck up you were like this last week.

Автор Alladin Batman ( назад)
I wonder if they're going to introduce Menos Y Mas, The Spanish speedster

Автор Seve Hynes30 ( назад)
Barry god dam it ur becoming Oliver, all mean and stuff

Автор ItzCount ( назад)
WTF?! JAN 24TH?!

Автор TheFlash ( назад)
woah looks like I got mad at wally

Автор west somalia ( назад)
If Barry screw this, is over for iris

Автор FMSArrow ( назад)
i like watching barry get butthurt

Автор Promit Saha ( назад)
This looks exactly like the current Flash comics, Barry teaching Wally ways
of the speed force

Автор Fly In My Soup ( назад)
I want Wally to loses his speed, move to Keystone City, or just die. His
character is a whiny bitch and his speed being more than Barry is just
going to make this show into "Speedsters" instead of "The Flash"

Автор Sarah Talmage ( назад)
If I were in Barry's place, I would be pretty annoyed too. It would suck to
know that your girlfriend is going to die and there is nothing you can do
about it. Two, some other person walked into your life, and is getting a
whole lot of attention compared to you. Wouldn't you already be defensive
because of the Iris thing? Just add Wally's disobedience and bragging
rights and boom, you've got an upset Barry. I actually feel bad for Barry;
he has been through more than any other character on the show. Hopefully he
remains the fastest on the show...

Автор bigmaxcc ( назад)
still think Caitlin is hotter than iris

Автор Lauriane MBAKI ( назад)
"Kid Flash, LET THEM KNOW !"

Автор potato jedi ( назад)
Maybe barry got whammied

Автор Larry Reavis ( назад)
So late

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