GMOD - T-Rex VS Zombies

One T-Rex VS HUNDREDS (changed due to popular demand) of Zombies... Which will win?

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Длительность: 2:17
Комментарии: 245

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Автор Thor's Hammer ( назад)
what happened to this t rex model people don't use it anymore

Автор Games the Game world ( назад)
T rex

Автор Jacq RangiFoot ( назад)
i love t-rex's

Автор 王秋梅 ( назад)
T rex win hp good

Автор Bl00dy`BEAST 77 ( назад)
whats the ncp called

Автор Prinky Cruse ( назад)
zombies:OMG hacker
general zombie:ahh

Автор christofer Quevedo ( назад)
música Bowser boos Súper Mario 74 y 64

Автор Katrina Chicot ( назад)

Автор Firstname Lastname420 ( назад)
1:54 fite me 1 on 1

1:56 t-rex: ur just punching the air lol

2:00 t-rex: wtf u fly through me fukin haxer !!

1:04 ok this time im gonna focus and try to dodge your attacks.. GOOO- *GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE*

Автор BlackoutLP ( назад)
UlTRA LAG!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Curtis Evans ( назад)

Автор colmillo loquendero ( назад)

Автор Warhawk ( назад)
One poison headcrab could have ended the T-rex immediately. Also, most of the zombies beside the T-rex weren't even attacking due to glitched AI when zombies are attacking an Antlion Guard (which the T-rex is an edited version of).

Автор GiulianoGaming ( назад)
The Bowser Theme nice one :p

Автор HaloLoreNerd ( назад)
This video: the last seven or so chapters of Dead Beat in a nutshell.

Автор XxFulminexX ( назад)
Zombies and Zombiles the winner is Rexy

Автор Aurelion Sass ( назад)
T-Rex has a functional brain, so he wins xD

Автор Proffessor Genki ( назад)
^ Godzilla Link ^

Автор Essa conta não precisa de um nome ( назад)
T - Rex is Winner

Автор George Black ( назад)

Автор Joshua Weaver ( назад)
FUS RO DERP lol this is the best seeing zombies
getting FUS RO DAHD

Автор Pedro Bear ( назад)
he is holding a gaydar

Автор Adam Bussey ( назад)
you hope

Автор joana mayara ( назад)

Автор Frank Scott ( назад)
lol T rex is strong

Автор Aerilio ( назад)
I did it.

Автор GezerMC ( назад)

Автор Mecknavorz ( назад)
t-rex: FUS RO DAH!

Автор Nathan Nop ( назад)
T rex is th best

Автор Xzeralt ( назад)

Автор Oscar Antonio ( назад)

Автор sam martin ( назад)
1 zomebie vs 10 t-rexs

Автор dumb video making 101 ( назад)
don't mess with rexy

Автор ainrhon uy ( назад)
DUH OF COURSE.oh wat the comment is one year ago nvm

Автор LoweRider ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)
go on! Someday you will make it, I'm pretty sure!

Автор Obama Llama ( назад)
Z-Rex :D Great Idea sir, Ill get right down into the lab and start mixing the blood DNA extracts to make the- FUUU I CANT DO THIS TOO COMPLICATED!!!

Автор solarflight1237 ( назад)
or a zombie Spinosaurus?

Автор Christian Goolsby ( назад)
Its like nerds hording around an Xbox 1 XD

Автор SupacomputerRevolution ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)

Автор SaveCarmine117 ( назад)
Of curse than its a Z-Rex xD

Автор SpinoRexzillaEN25 ( назад)
t-rex always wins...zombies cant stand a chance

Автор Adam The Average ( назад)
Its not t-rex but Carn

Автор bizzclaw ( назад)
Fus Ro Dah!

Автор chejazzo ( назад)
jajajaja those stupids zombies

Автор Saint ( назад)
Dont spoil -.-'

Автор Saint ( назад)
T-rex: FUS RO DAH !!

Автор SaudDehan04 ( назад)
Lol T-Rex Attack By Zombies Of Fist

Автор wilkerman villegas ( назад)
wow motherfokcun

Автор Gustavo F. ( назад)
so long bowser

Автор joker9494949494 ( назад)
how do you do all this in this game?!

Автор Wulfe Black ( назад)
*The t rex looks at nearby zombie*
t rex : FUSH RO DAH!!!
*zombies fly everywhere*
Nearby zombie : Retreat!

Автор The Arctic Gamer ( назад)
Oh toybox how we miss you

Автор Chasman1457 ( назад)

Автор BigBoiXenny ( назад)
Fus ro dah

Автор exostel ( назад)
Lol i've seen you on LP XD

Автор DUTCHX360 ( назад)

Автор Lisa Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Mindanao Davao ( назад)
What the fuck, T-Rex can FUS ROH DAH, shit his Dovahkiin too? fuck..

Автор ApexxxSpino ( назад)
LOLZ 2:08

Автор Metal Mario ( назад)
A strange game video thing O.o

Автор Happy RS ( назад)
what game is this?

Автор MrJamiedude ( назад)
2:04 * answers mobile phone* yep ? hello? yeah i just got killed by a dinosaur!

Автор Charles Barnes ( назад)
trex won

Автор Óðin Hentze ( назад)
Spinosaurus is much bigger

Автор Óðin Hentze ( назад)
That r-rex is meet dino ok get it f****r

Автор derockn00 ( назад)
dino from skyrim

Автор Estevão Souza ( назад)
if the rex must bite zombies....there's no risk of a zomdino?

Автор GreenPuma99 ( назад)
More likely HAVE lived vs. WILL live

Автор GoreHead ( назад)
This song bring back Memories

Автор I am Cancer ( назад)
is dinosaur born!

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
XD i dont care if u dislike my comment... that doesnt do anything

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
it happens to animals 2...

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
yes it would....

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
no the zombies only need 1 bite to spread the virus so the zombies won ^^

Автор Dave Harrison (582 года назад)

Автор J ( назад)
Amazing intro.

Автор Austin M ( назад)
Iam glad iam not that t-rex I would be anoud

Автор nutfant ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)
omfg: can you imagine a fucking Zombie-REX??!!!

Автор Ebullient Prism ( назад)

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
no zombies win

Автор Mephistopheles ( назад)
zombies win

Автор Fox hound ( назад)
the lag wins

Автор slipknot pow (777 лет назад)

Автор FrANubis ( назад)
Spoiler: the T-Rex wins.
Not big surprise.

Автор ETech ( назад)
where did you get the dinosaur??? please answer

Автор Notsuzpicious ( назад)
...You best be fuckin' joking...

Автор Not Noah ( назад)
u probly never played mario 64,know ur classics

Автор DVidu1 ( назад)
what da fuq is fus ro dah?

Автор A Duck From Paris ( назад)
Omfg ! T-rex use FUS RO DAH !

Автор The Elephant Man ( назад)
Not enough for yah Vlad?

Автор Evoferry ( назад)
Headcrab Zombies don't work that way.
You see these Headcrabs are aliens and can manipulate a human body by jumping on its head and seizing control over the brain.

Автор Deth Kun ( назад)
what if the t rex get bit? will it be a zombie?

Автор Владимир Козин ( назад)
fatality nah

Автор Rafael Lima ( назад)
Is that crash bandicoot music I hear?

Автор TheExpertGamer2 ( назад)
zombie bowling with mr. trex XD

Автор PremierGarageIsCool! ( назад)
How do you get hunter npc I can't find it anywhere

Автор pokefan548 ( назад)
tries to do this w/ keep corpses:
T-rex killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie
Ragdoll killed zombie

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