GMOD - T-Rex VS Zombies

One T-Rex VS HUNDREDS (changed due to popular demand) of Zombies... Which will win?

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Длительность: 2:17
Комментарии: 245

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Автор Thor's Hammer ( назад)
what happened to this t rex model people don't use it anymore

Автор Games the Game world ( назад)
T rex

Автор Jacq RangiFoot ( назад)
i love t-rex's

Автор 王秋梅 ( назад)
T rex win hp good

Автор Bl00dy`BEAST 77 ( назад)
whats the ncp called

Автор Prinky Cruse ( назад)
zombies:OMG hacker
general zombie:ahh

Автор christofer Quevedo ( назад)
música Bowser boos Súper Mario 74 y 64

Автор Katrina Chicot ( назад)

Автор Ryder ( назад)
1:54 fite me 1 on 1

1:56 t-rex: ur just punching the air lol

2:00 t-rex: wtf u fly through me fukin haxer !!

1:04 ok this time im gonna focus and try to dodge your attacks.. GOOO- *GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE*

Автор BlackoutLP ( назад)
UlTRA LAG!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Curtis Evans ( назад)

Автор colmillo loquendero ( назад)

Автор Warhawk ( назад)
One poison headcrab could have ended the T-rex immediately. Also, most of the zombies beside the T-rex weren't even attacking due to glitched AI when zombies are attacking an Antlion Guard (which the T-rex is an edited version of).

Автор GiulianoGaming ( назад)
The Bowser Theme nice one :p

Автор HaloLoreNerd ( назад)
This video: the last seven or so chapters of Dead Beat in a nutshell.

Автор XxFulminexX ( назад)
Zombies and Zombiles the winner is Rexy

Автор Aurelion Sass ( назад)
T-Rex has a functional brain, so he wins xD

Автор Proffessor Genki ( назад)
^ Godzilla Link ^

Автор Essa conta não precisa de um nome ( назад)
T - Rex is Winner

Автор George Black ( назад)

Автор Joshua Weaver ( назад)
FUS RO DERP lol this is the best seeing zombies
getting FUS RO DAHD

Автор Pedro Bear ( назад)
he is holding a gaydar

Автор Adam Bussey ( назад)
you hope

Автор joana mayara ( назад)

Автор Frank Scott ( назад)
lol T rex is strong

Автор Aerilio ( назад)
I did it.

Автор GezerMC ( назад)

Автор Mecknavorz ( назад)
t-rex: FUS RO DAH!

Автор Nathan Nop ( назад)
T rex is th best

Автор Xzeralt ( назад)

Автор Oscar Antonio ( назад)

Автор sam martin ( назад)
1 zomebie vs 10 t-rexs

Автор dumb video making 101 ( назад)
don't mess with rexy

Автор ainrhon uy ( назад)
DUH OF COURSE.oh wat the comment is one year ago nvm

Автор LoweRider ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)
go on! Someday you will make it, I'm pretty sure!

Автор Obama Llama ( назад)
Z-Rex :D Great Idea sir, Ill get right down into the lab and start mixing the blood DNA extracts to make the- FUUU I CANT DO THIS TOO COMPLICATED!!!

Автор solarflight1237 ( назад)
or a zombie Spinosaurus?

Автор Christian Goolsby ( назад)
Its like nerds hording around an Xbox 1 XD

Автор SupacomputerRevolution ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)

Автор SaveCarmine117 ( назад)
Of curse than its a Z-Rex xD

Автор SpinoRexzillaEN25 ( назад)
t-rex always wins...zombies cant stand a chance

Автор Adam The Average ( назад)
Its not t-rex but Carn

Автор bizzclaw ( назад)
Fus Ro Dah!

Автор chejazzo ( назад)
jajajaja those stupids zombies

Автор Saint ( назад)
Dont spoil -.-'

Автор Saint ( назад)
T-rex: FUS RO DAH !!

Автор SaudDehan04 ( назад)
Lol T-Rex Attack By Zombies Of Fist

Автор wilkerman villegas ( назад)
wow motherfokcun

Автор Gustavo F. ( назад)
so long bowser

Автор joker9494949494 ( назад)
how do you do all this in this game?!

Автор Wulfe Black ( назад)
*The t rex looks at nearby zombie*
t rex : FUSH RO DAH!!!
*zombies fly everywhere*
Nearby zombie : Retreat!

Автор The Arctic Gamer ( назад)
Oh toybox how we miss you

Автор Chasman1457 ( назад)

Автор BigBoiXenny ( назад)
Fus ro dah

Автор exostel ( назад)
Lol i've seen you on LP XD

Автор DUTCHX360 ( назад)

Автор Lisa Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Mindanao Davao ( назад)
What the fuck, T-Rex can FUS ROH DAH, shit his Dovahkiin too? fuck..

Автор TheSpinoCraft ( назад)
LOLZ 2:08

Автор Metal Mario ( назад)
A strange game video thing O.o

Автор Happy RS ( назад)
what game is this?

Автор MrJamiedude ( назад)
2:04 * answers mobile phone* yep ? hello? yeah i just got killed by a dinosaur!

Автор Charles Barnes ( назад)
trex won

Автор Óðin Hentze ( назад)
Spinosaurus is much bigger

Автор Óðin Hentze ( назад)
That r-rex is meet dino ok get it f****r

Автор derockn00 ( назад)
dino from skyrim

Автор Estevão Souza ( назад)
if the rex must bite zombies....there's no risk of a zomdino?

Автор GreenPuma99 ( назад)
More likely HAVE lived vs. WILL live

Автор GoreHead ( назад)
This song bring back Memories

Автор I am Cancer ( назад)
is dinosaur born!

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
XD i dont care if u dislike my comment... that doesnt do anything

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
it happens to animals 2...

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
yes it would....

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
no the zombies only need 1 bite to spread the virus so the zombies won ^^

Автор Dave Harrison (582 года назад)

Автор bigj ( назад)
Amazing intro.

Автор Austin M ( назад)
Iam glad iam not that t-rex I would be anoud

Автор nutfant ( назад)

Автор 1984rockabilly ( назад)
omfg: can you imagine a fucking Zombie-REX??!!!

Автор Ebullient Prism ( назад)

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
no zombies win

Автор aceXXofXXhearts ( назад)
zombies win

Автор Fox hound ( назад)
the lag wins

Автор slipknot pow (777 лет назад)

Автор FrANubis ( назад)
Spoiler: the T-Rex wins.
Not big surprise.

Автор ETech ( назад)
where did you get the dinosaur??? please answer

Автор Notsuzpicious ( назад)
...You best be fuckin' joking...

Автор Not Noah ( назад)
u probly never played mario 64,know ur classics

Автор DVidu1 ( назад)
what da fuq is fus ro dah?

Автор A Duck From Paris ( назад)
Omfg ! T-rex use FUS RO DAH !

Автор The Elephant Man ( назад)
Not enough for yah Vlad?

Автор Evoferry ( назад)
Headcrab Zombies don't work that way.
You see these Headcrabs are aliens and can manipulate a human body by jumping on its head and seizing control over the brain.

Автор Deth Kun ( назад)
what if the t rex get bit? will it be a zombie?

Автор Владимир Козин ( назад)
fatality nah

Автор Rafael Lima ( назад)
Is that crash bandicoot music I hear?

Автор TheExpertGamer2 ( назад)
zombie bowling with mr. trex XD

Автор PremierGarageIsCool! ( назад)
How do you get hunter npc I can't find it anywhere

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