moko kahan dhunde bande .. kabir das ji

Sant Kabir says The best place to look for God is in the heart of your heart.
Lyrics :-
moko kahan dunde re bande
main to tere pas mein
na tirath mein na murat mein
na kanth nivas mein
na mandir mein na masjid mein
na kabe kailas mein
main to tere pas mein bande
main to tere pas mein
na main jap mein na main tap mein
na main kriya karm mein rahata
nahin jog sanyas mein
nahin pran mein nahin pind mein
na brahmand akash mein
na mein prakuti pravar gupha mein
nahin svasan ki svans mein
khoji hoye turat mil jaun
ek pal ki talash mein
kahet kabir suno bhai sadho
main to hun vishvas mein......
main to hun vishvas mein
About Sant KABIR DAS JI :-
Sant Kabir Jayanti is observed on the Purnima or full moon day in the month of Jyeshta (May June) as per traditional calendar. It is believed that Sant Kabirdas was born on this day. The birth anniversary of Sant Kabir is observed in India and around the world. Meetings, satsangs, and recital of Sant Kabirs poems are held on the day. In 2009, the date of Sant Kabir Jayanti is June 7.
Sant Kabir was a revolutionary saint and poet and religious reformer who refused the tag of a particular religion by accepting all religions and by propagating that the same Supreme Being appears in all religions. Kabirdas called himself the child of Lord Ram and Allah. He is believed to have lived during the 15th century AD.

A weaver by profession, Sant Kabir wrote numerous poems extolling the greatness of the oneness of the Supreme Being. He was able to weave simple philosophical thoughts into his Dohas which were easily digestible by the common man who was always kept aloof by the scholarly class from philosophical discussions.

Al-Kabir ("the Great") is also one of the 99 names of God in Islam. For a complete disambiguation page, see Kabir (disambiguation)

kabir das ji :-
Born 1398
Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
Occupation weavers
Kabīr (also Kabīra) (Hindi: कबीर, Punjabi: ਕਬੀਰ, Urdu: کبير‎ (1398—1518)[1] was a mystic composer and saint of India, whose literature has greatly influenced the Bhakti movement of India.

Kabir was raised by childless Muslim weavers named Niru and Nimma, who found him near Lahara Tara lake, adjacent to the holy city of Varanasi. [3] But his birth is surrounded by legends. The most popular belief is that being the supreme power, he appeared in form of a baby. He was never "born" as such.

He was a Bhakti saint, who sang the ideals of seeing all of humanity as one, his name, Kabir, is often interpreted as Guru's Grace. He kept himself away from the fundamentalism of all the religions and explained the root philosophies of spirituality.

A weaver by profession, Kabir ranks among the world's greatest poets. In India, he is perhaps the most quoted author. The Holy Guru Granth Sahib contains over 500 verses by Kabir. The Sikh community in particular and others who follow the Holy Granth, hold Kabir, a Bhagat, in high reverence.

kabir das poems :-
kabīrā jab ham paidā hue

jaga hańse ham roye
aisī karanī kara calo
ham hańse jaga roye
chadariyā jhinī re jhinī
he rāma nāma rasa bhinī

aṣṭa kamalā ka carkhā banāyā
pañca tattva kī pūnī
nava dasa māsa bunana ko lāge
mūrakha mailī kinhī
jaba morī chādara bana ghara āyā
rańga reja ko dinhī
aisā rańga rańgā rańgare ne
lālo lāla kar dinhī
cādara oḍha śańka mat kariyo
yeh do dina tumko dinhī
mūrakha loga bheda nahi jāne
din din mailī kinhī
dhruva prahlāda sudāmā ne oḍhi
śukadeva ne nirmala kinhī
dāsa kabīra ne aisī odhī
yoń kī tyoń dhara dinhī


1) Poet Kabir Das says, When I was born, the world smiled and cried. However, I will do such deeds that when I leave, I will be the one smiling and the world will be the one crying. This life is like a very thin transparent shawl which should be drenched in the holy name of Lord Rama, the Reservoir of Pleasure.

2) The eight lotuses is the spinning wheel using the five earthly elements to make the chadar (the body). In nine of ten days, the chadar is completed; however, the fools will destroy it.

3) When the chadar is completed, it is sent to the dyer (the spiritual master) to color it. The dyer (the spiritual master) colored it as such that it is all red (the color of self-realization).

4) Do not have doubts or fears while wearing this chadar. It is only given to you for two days and it is temporary too. The foolish people do not understand the temporariness of this chadar, and they day by day destroy it.

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Автор sureshrana108 ( назад)
Forever forever forever..true ąš death IŠ true same this is pure...n...true

Автор mastkalandr ( назад)
Truly said.., things are changing, Thanks for sharing.

Автор Salim Zaffar ( назад)
very truth need to think beyond our thinking we are stucked in something
which was made good for us, but see today teh religion of picture is
completely changed

Автор Tony Samara ( назад)
Very nice. Thank you.

Автор mastkalandr ( назад)
Nice comment .. While spiritual delusions lure us into thinking that
enlightenment brings the elimination of all suffering, spiritual realism
helps us love the world as it is.. Thanks for sharing this divine song.

Автор Tony Samara ( назад)
We understand... the TSHA team "As we become more aware of our spiritual
heart we realize no delight equals the delight of freedom. When you
sacrifice the desire of the ego and practice deep devotion and
selflessness, freedom opens your heart to true spiritual delights that
nourish the deepest part of yourself." - Tony Samara

Автор mastkalandr ( назад)
@rajeshkumar750 ..Friend!.. Well said.. Thanks for sharing this spiritual
song bhajan by Gr8 SPIRITUAL MASTER..

Автор rajesh k ( назад)

Автор mastkalandr ( назад)
@spsdadhwal .When you don't have words n you become speechless.., that
means your soul is effected .. Thanks my dear friend ! for sharing this
spiritual Song / bhajan

Автор Satpal Singh Dadhwal ( назад)

Автор mastkalandr ( назад)
@panjdrya ..Thanks for sharing ...

Автор Sarvjit Singh ( назад)
i think ,,,mannay dey sahib is sing ,,,wahhhhhhhhhh

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