El Tigre Manny Rivera : Lucha por Frida

Lucha por Frida is a Webgame for Nickelodeon´s Show : El Tigre can be played online at www.mundonick.com

developed by Batoví

music and sound design by Espectral

Просмотров: 348125
Длительность: 4:8
Комментарии: 29

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Автор Keith Stewart Jr ( назад)
I remember this game

Автор MrROCKMUZK ( назад)
@Nichimoon they also have a ps2 version, i'm getting that ONE WAY OR

Автор superedgar113 ( назад)
porque todos los comentarios estan escritos en ingles WTF

Автор Andy Warhol ( назад)
Manny Rivera sure is our double tiger. no hookers allowed in this game.

Автор Nichimoon ( назад)
I found out that they made a El Tigre DS game. Im gonna get it. and if i
dont, ill kill somone. >XD

Автор cyborgTECNO ( назад)

Автор debbylouisvb ( назад)
and Mary Vogt evince imagination. I saw this film free @ MovieWatcher (.) US

Автор sinaycire66 ( назад)
hola este video esta de poca

Автор ElTigreMaster ( назад)
I just realized that El Tigre has super strength, so why is it very hard to
beat those cowboys and zoey oves when in the episodes, he defeats them in
like a second.

Автор Rozleenda Roslan ( назад)
Wow. You are AWESOME!!! It is so hard to play that game. I don't understand

Автор Rozleenda Roslan ( назад)

Автор MrJrFr ( назад)
i pass the wholle game

Автор Rozleenda Roslan ( назад)
That game was hard when you go to level 2 and level 3.

Автор Rozleenda Roslan ( назад)
I love that game although I don't understand Spanish.

Автор malasius13 ( назад)
la otravez derribe a 3 tipos con una patade e hize 12 combos XD

Автор Albert Quint ( назад)
it's look's more Final Fight than El Tigre o_O

Автор ileanaerives ( назад)
yo ya juge a eso y en el nivel 2 me derribo en oso

Автор luyirou ( назад)
charrito noqueo al tigre

Автор Albert Quint ( назад)
this game reminds me of "Dad n' me" for some weird reazon

Автор danielloboRPD ( назад)

Автор Tedikan Bakuhatsu ( назад)
en este juego casi iva a derrotar a sartana

Автор Leeshy2233 ( назад)
es un juego online esta en la pag de nick

Автор EDFRAGOSA ( назад)
donde puedo comprar el juego y para que plataforma es?

Автор maniacbug ( назад)
se puede usar a la cuervo en algun juego de el tigre?

Автор duzze12 ( назад)
hey i can beat the game with white pantera or puma loco and i beat it 59

Автор MysticArksRevenge ( назад)
This game does look like one of those old games from KONAMI back in the
1990's. Awesome!

Автор Rotceh Jaguar ( назад)
wow un juego de golpiar mexicanos

Автор 11kelnozz11 ( назад)
dude, you suck playing

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