THE LAST TEMPLAR: Templars of Armenia - SPEAR OF CHRIST 1 of 5: Holy Lance


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Автор artchilles (7 лет)
Thanksgiving day is my day to MATAX TURKEYS and give thanks to the Gods for
giving us the power to survive.

Автор 613bo (4 года)

Автор VAN Armenya (6 лет)
So true! So true! it is like calling the eastern part of the northern
hemisphere "Virginia!" So true.

Автор psychogingerbeer (3 года)
@MrBeastwaa Like all true non believers you suffer from the same narrow
tunnel vision as do the people you choose to criticise all I can say is I
pity your children or friends who will lack the ability to make their own
decisions because of your own adverse biased opinions that you obviously
foist upon everyone. I also have studied Otto and Eliade at great length &
other works, who says they are right or wrong all works are subjective

Автор VAN Armenya (4 года)
Jesus did not mean this sword to be understood metaphorically? Sorry,
idiot, but I cant let your really silly statement slip by. Of course Jesus
was speaking metaphorically. Is there evidence of any sort that Jesus was a
sword-wielding inciter of the violent engagement by the sword with anyone?
By the way, the metaphor is troubling enough. Muhammad was a sword-wielding
NUTCASE! From KORAN: "Idolatry is worse than CARNAGE!" (So go slice and
dice people!) lol

Автор MyRiseToHonor (4 года)
Saint Maurice is the prototype for all knights that followed! Oddly enough,
maybe not so oddly enough, we don't hear much about him here in the West
where Eurocentrisim and Heroification has been the practiced ideology for

Автор yatyas02 (7 лет)
Thebes was close to the Nubian frontier, and large numbers of Nubians
served in the Roman army. They fought with Constantine at the Milivian
Bridge, and are depicted on his triumphal arch. The statue of Saint Maurice
in the Cathedral of Saint Maurice, though dating from the medieval period,
is negroid.

Автор ararat123457 (3 года)
@mark12345678965 & because of that we should kill them all !!! Now what's
the difference between you & a 12th century imam

Автор asnuffer5001 (4 года)
Knowledge is Power! Read a book, or 50,000! Learn something! This is all
truth and the more you read the more you will learn!!! Yahshua- Salvation
through Yahweh- Christ Yahweh is GOD! !

Автор 613bo (4 года)
jesus also said you live by the sword you die by the sword then he says i
have come to bring a sword so shut the fuck up! jesus isnt all lovey dovey

Автор ramzyisbad (4 года)
@MrBeastwaa i see you're already controled by american media about shitting
on religion

Автор 613bo (4 года)
because we are all equaly retarded on this we are all one.

Автор Melisende Baldwin (3 года)
@MrBeastwaa These are exact words of lenin, stalin and the communizm
regime. I can award you with medal of KPCC. Melisende

Автор VAN Armenya (5 лет)
Jesus was about love and the triumph of freedom over the tyranny of the
laws of immoral humans. Jesus allowed us to learn about love and
forgiveness, generosity and calm. You Turkish "Muslim atheists" all are
about murdering Christian Armenians. Jesus was so Holy and triumphed over
his killers so thoroughly that the spear represents a non-weapon...and
anyone who kills in the name of religion is a Turk Muslim, not a Christian.
Read the Quran: "carnage being better than idolatry." GOSPELS? LOVE :)

Автор daibreaker (4 года)
i know where the spear is! contact me for details!! 100 million! direct

Автор Roselle (4 года)
Feel free not to believe in a God or religion, as both are indeed man made
and self-serving. Instead, look and call for the heavenly FATHER who loves
you and wants you to return to him. If he doesn´t answer THEN you will
indeed be able to really say there´s nothing beyond this world.

Автор Gregory10000000000 (6 лет)
Sevana01,it's no good telling them to read.They can't read!

Автор VAN Armenya (5 лет)
The MUSLIMS were doing the killing, buddy. The ARMENIANS were murdered
during the Arabic and Turkish conquests. Christians do not kill--they

Автор tab1977 (4 года)
Adolf Hitler , believed in the power of the " Spear of Destiny " and
Exterminated millions of Jews in an attempt to keep the AntiChrist from
being born since he is predicted to be of Jewish origin !!!

Автор asnuffer5001 (4 года)
Everyone gets what is coming to them. Yahushua Through Yahweh. Salvation of
mankind. KORAN IS DEVIL! SURAH 4: 119!!! Surah 5: 2 Read something, your
own religion tells us you are satan! Allah= Deceiver!!!

Автор Samvel1221 (7 лет)
when did this show aired?

Автор ArmenianPatriot (7 лет)
Fuck off you git, I saw hat spear myself, two years ago! What's your
problem. It's not like we've got Mohammed's turban or something, lol. Why
do you doubt that the spear isn't in Armenia, the first Christian country
in the world?

Автор GEE (5 лет)
why cant we settle our differences and be friends!

Автор ArmenSarkissian566 (7 лет)
iam going to Armenia in like 4 days so ya

Автор VAN Armenya (4 года)
You are DEAD WRONG! Matthew 26: 52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again
thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish
with the sword. Notice that Jesus didnt say, live by the sword. He said,
take the sword. Some versions render this line as, draw the sword. There is
a big difference. Living by the sword is a lifestyle. Drawing the sword is
a one-time act. Do not corrupt what he said, ignoring the context in which
he said what he did.

Автор loverofrunescape32 (5 лет)
6:24 nigga legion

Автор kvikkurin (5 лет)
TRUE VAN Armenya! And now we have to defend ourselves again! From Muslims!
Try to search for 'Islams plan for Europe'! here on youtube. And notice
what Moammar Ghadaffi is proclaiming!

Автор windlikejoe (5 лет)
I am not a Turk haha XD

Автор Sevana01 (6 лет)
screw, your head is really screwed!!!you are such a dumb!! Armenians have
plenty History. From Armenia life started after Noas ARK, europe is
descenters of Armenia. Read the History before u open ur mouth, at least
don't show how stupid u are!!! And stop stealing our History and making ur

Автор j0vlad (6 лет)
believing that recognizing it officially in Congress would damage relations
with Turkey is just a very shallow, ignorant reason for a highly elected
official of the United States of America. he doesn't deserve in the
congress. America should support the first Christian country in the world.
God Bless us all.

Автор ArmArmy88 (5 лет)
There is a place in hell for people like you. You're talking about a
Christian country conveniently located in the Muslim crescent belt and, not
to mention, immediately south of Russia. And you're talking about
evolution? Try evolving when your number one priority is survival. Also,
Armenians do have significant accomplishments. The development of the MiG
fighter airplane (by Artem Mikoyan), the MRI (by Raymond Damadian) are just
a few examples. Go educate yourself, imbecile.

Автор VAN Armenya (6 лет)
Did you see part 2-5?

Автор Chuck.Raney Raney (3 года)
at 3:30 the lady is saying the name Maurice harkens back to the Greek for
black....then mumbles, THEN mumbles again next sentence ..so in Christian
iconography Maurice is often referred to as a Black mmmmm. is she saying
Black MAN ? or?

Автор HyeThugz (7 лет)
TurkishSpartan: theres no such thing as a turkish spartan.....your
dumb,....fagget spartans are only greeks

Автор Max Maxium (4 года)
@tab1977 Where can I find this artifact. If I held it, could I use it to
serve God. If I had the artifact, I'd want to use it for peace, but would
still honour Jesus as I would be a channel of his peace--not the messiah.

Автор asnuffer5001 (4 года)
Allah & Catholic church is devil babel worship of the ancient mysteries!
Learn something before you speak!!! Says, ME- The Defender of mankind,
destiny warrior of the spear to extinguish!

Автор DruTraneX (1 год)
Knights Templar worship Baphomet.

Автор alfaqu (6 лет)
fuck yunanistan and evil's confederation

Автор 613bo (4 года)
I have not come to bring peace ..but a sword

Автор Hush Whisper (3 года)
Hitler did not have it. Nor is it now in any building. It is in the ground
sealed in wax inside a clay jar along with another item. The vatican gave
it to John W. Booth to kill Lincoln with and then Booth gave it to
Elizabeth Quesenberry as a Gift before He died. This is why they tore up
Ford Theater looking for it. History lies about the current weapon, that
claims to have killed Lincoln.

Автор elo1155 (7 лет)
FUCK turkey and Ataturk

Автор ararmaya (4 года)
By believing in the bible, you cannot, as an Armenian, believe in your
TOTAL HISTORY, which is more than 14,000 years old! The bible, or the whole
Semitic mythology, is an attempt to erase history of old civilizations and
make the Semitic history (relatively, young compared histories of other
civilizations) the oldest. How can Armenians, being the oldest civilized
people, accept a Jewish myth and that the Jewish God sent a son? The
problem is Armenians need to read more about their history.

Автор João Farinhote (7 лет)
Thatys why you are now a 3rd world country begging to join EU and
imigrating like thousands to Europe every year...

Автор Melisende Baldwin (3 года)
@pluto4847 You do not need any kind of artifact to serve GOD. The
channeling can happen only through your heart, soul and devotion. Melisende

Автор Melisende Baldwin (3 года)
@mark12345678965 Templars never worshiped stones. They were true Christians
who's biggest success was their devotion to Christ and the faithful.

Автор HyeThugz (7 лет)
TurkishSpartan: theres no such thing as a turkish spartan.....your
dumb,....fagget! spartans are only greeks

Автор Noblerace (7 лет)
turky where is your history barbarian mongols? who killed and destroyed
everything on their way

Автор crawhip2 (5 лет)
Wasn't Vartan Mamikonian a military saint ?

Автор Mariam818 (7 лет)
turky is a bed bird we eat them at thanks giveing at usa. there our diner
at diner tabel.

Автор Ali Baba (4 года)
the so called cristians those are blood suckerds,they are not the followers
of the prophet jesus,they are against all religion,as we can see now they
are still killing people who follow the religion,look at the irak people
and pelastine etc.this is devils style and they are follow satan.

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