Rice planting in the Philippines

From seed preparation until rice mill. Have a look how rice is produced in the provinces of the Philippines. I am a German who is living in Tigaon, Camarines Sur, the hometown of my Filipina wife. We are engaged in agriculture and try to find out new ways to boost production and income for our workers and neighbours.

Have also a look to our other videos about vegetable and calamansi farming in Bicol.

Mabuhay and regards from

Jochen Binikowski

have a look to our project - homepage


Update: By September 2010 we are planning a new video because in the meantime there have been many new features at the farm.

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Автор J3AN P3T3R ( назад)
Are you still making any profits despite all the contractors ?

Автор Jeralie Estardo ( назад)
Sir Jochen,have a good day, Can I use your video for the purposes of my
study about rice production.If its OK can you email me back as one of the
requirements of my study. And I'll put your name in
acknowledgement.Maraming Salamat po.

Автор Abril Abril ( назад)
I just keep thinking that the 21st century farming in PH is still the same
old/traditional way. while neighboring countries advances and using
machinery. calling the attention of our authority please. farming
industrialization is urgently needed as we always complain about smuggling
and rice dependency to other nation.

Автор aklanpinoy1l ( назад)
hope you grow more rice and hoped that you always have great outcome of
rice, comes harvest time. love me some "staple food" = rice!! thank you,
farmers! thank you, philippines, go, go, go!!!

Автор Malaki Talaga ( назад)
kasta ah ti pilipino masipag 

Автор catherine joy cataytay ( назад)
hi joseph.....im happy to read ur msg....that ur interested to plant
rice...anyway wer in the philippines u want to visit?

Автор Joseph Alex Anderson ( назад)
I'm going to be in the Philippines over Christmas this year, looking
forward to it. However I think for rice planting, I think i'm gonna be off
by a bit... 

Автор Miguel Rossi Seabra ( назад)
how has the charcoal done? compared to the others,,

Автор burgerpatty ( назад)
approximately how much do you earn per hectare planting and selling rice?
(net please) 

Автор Lim chor hen ( назад)
good to see this development, I would like to impart small mini ricemill to
increase their income, can contact me like_song55@yahoo.com.

Автор Raiann Bauer ( назад)
klasse video. mabuhay! 

Автор Bill Gorman ( назад)
Why the pesticide. Did you stand too close to a chemical salesman?

Автор taleofsixstrings ( назад)
so when farmers do population control who will help them grow their fields?
will they have enough hands to help them? population control is
anti-poor.... that is why countries like japan are doomed because in just a
few years they will have so many old people and not enough young to sustain

Автор taleofsixstrings ( назад)
thank you for this video. please keep up the good work! farmers, thank you
very much !

Автор MegaPrincess1606 ( назад)
thank you rice farmers!!! 

Автор Godrescuedme ( назад)
thank you for the rice planters! nice video!

Автор Zhack Charles ( назад)
hardworking filipinos. 

Автор RagingBubuli ( назад)
Is it possible to plant a Rice via hydroponics?

Автор 2007okay ( назад)

Автор Thiwakorn Surin ( назад)
see from thailand and laos very good step for planting rice

Автор bluemoondiadochi ( назад)
oh yeah, just remembered; for spraying the field a solution of garlic could
work, it's used in gardening. also, isn't burning rice husks a big waste?
don't they contain good nutrients as feed for cattle? or they could be
pressed into bricketts and sold for fire.

Автор bluemoondiadochi ( назад)
danke! a nice video, and a good idea to use nitrofixing bacteria. have you
heard of a method of rice growing there you also put in a certain fish and
ducks to eat pests! i am interested in plowing with buffaloes and plow
design. do you have any info how they are trained and how the plow is made?

Автор effendychai ( назад)
how much rice does the harvest for 1 acre ?

Автор hiphopolopulus ( назад)
kaya dapat ni isang butil ng kanin, hindi matatapon and hindi masasayang.

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