Norfolk & Western 611

One of the last times that the 611 made a run from Roanoke, VA up to Northern Virginia. April 1990.

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Автор Victor Koyano ( назад)
#611 was restored and toured in 2016,I believe.A rare model was made also
in Oscale.Too bad the video music covered the locomotive sounds....

Автор Midwestern Railfan2002 ( назад)
I love this locomotive its a beauty I also really miss 1218 ALOT. Wish 1218
could do a doubleheader with 611 again.

Автор Patrick Wilson ( назад)
Pretty good. You know I have an ho electric model of this engine, and it
still works just fine. I've also got several passenger cars to go with it.

Автор arrowguy173 ( назад)
Nice vid.

Автор Moparmadman69 ( назад)
Nice vid. It's a damn shame that NS gave up on steam without exploring
other avenues besides public excurison. In my opinion NS should run steam
like the UP, execpt use 1218 to pull some freight trains ;-)

Автор Keith Moffat ( назад)
I hope that's true.......

Автор nssd70m2 ( назад)
Nice! Iv'e heard my dad playing this song so many times. Now when I hear it
,I will think of this train. 5/5!

Автор North Wind Wolf ( назад)
It is very sad that NS Dropped the fires in 611 and 1218. Any Chance you
could post the video without the music?

Автор WhyAyeMann ( назад)
dude... epic.

Автор LIVSTM ( назад)
Yes - Performed by Pat Metheny. Its credited at the end of the video.

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