Do You Wanna Touch Me - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Compilation of movie scenes with Do You Wanna Touch Me by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Actresses include Olivia d'Abo, Christina Ricci, Cameron Diaz, Brigitte Nielsen, Bo Derek, Halle Berry, Goldie Hawn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nancy Allen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denise Richards, Angelina Jolie, Kim Cattrall, Fabiana Udenio, Elizabeth Hurley, Julie Michaels and Deborah Shelton.

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Автор leh ( назад)
someone pls list the movies

Автор ethan walker ( назад)
this is stupid david starr theme for czw

Автор Freakazoid ( назад)
Good Lord Elizabeth Hurley

Автор game cute ( назад)
0;23 what movie?

Автор 1234videosful ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Siffre ( назад)
Me at the beginnig of the video
" what an ugly woman ... What kind of disgusting things can be behind the
door ?"
And then ... Everything went better than planned ^^

Автор Casper Krog Frederiksen (TISSEMAND21) ( назад)
02:03 ?

Автор Mashfiq Anwar ( назад)
wat's the movie @ 2;20

Автор Fabio Punk ( назад)
I feel better now - just need a shower ...

Автор Alejandro Gutierrez Gandara ( назад)
What a beautiful video

Автор IceCreamFrost ( назад)
Who is the actress at 1:37

Автор Mikhaila Shetler ( назад)
I freaking love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catwoman does it for me EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Michelle's smoking HOT
Great video 

Автор smoke9206 ( назад)
What's the title of first movie, 0:00 - 0:20 ?

Автор Darlene Falardeau ( назад)

Автор N Megrelando ( назад)
0:44 whats the movie???

Автор James McKeon ( назад)
Yes, there is. But I think that might be a minority opinion.

Автор ken l ( назад)
Ok thanks , now the first clip in the beginning where all the girls are in
a dorm or some room, I seen this before but what movie ,,?

Автор William Stryker ( назад)
blacksnake moan, and that was Christina ricci

Автор ken l ( назад)
What movie is it where the young girl was being followed by the john deer
tractor ?

Автор Draško Ćalušić ( назад)
caterine zeta jones is on 2:01

Автор richard leiva ( назад)
is there more to life other than being ridicuosly too good looking?

Автор Paul Rozaire ( назад)
American Pie <3

Автор curligemini ( назад)
Is that Coach beiste in the beginning? From Glee?

Автор You68688 ( назад)
My nigga :D

Автор wick3528 ( назад)
nice ladies

Автор rmordica ( назад)
its 'The Mask' with Cameron Diaz

Автор ipurley85 ( назад)
thank you dude!!! i thought #11 looked like Nancy Allen but i was like, She
did a provocative movie?? NO WAY!! lol! proved me wrong... :D

Автор William Stryker ( назад)
I reaaaalllllly like this

Автор ice chrysalis ( назад)

Автор SuperSwan07 ( назад)
Actually the Cameron Diaz scene is from The Mask :)

Автор Budvar Kilmister ( назад)
Chris Cole brought me here :)

Автор Dane Latouch ( назад)
Esta comunidad debe de ser cristiana porque no le veo nada sexual

Автор GrandMasterSuperPhD ( назад)
I think i just found the cure for Male Homosexuality.....

Автор finemutant ( назад)
I love Joan Jett

Автор betamaxxx ( назад)
2:27 - Nancy Allen - yes please

Автор ElaBueLoRocKnRoll ( назад)
In the beginning was that a jail or a brothel? haha

Автор ihatecancer1000 ( назад)
Cameron Diaz was actually in "The Mask"

Автор Julissa Munguía ( назад)
number 8 is actually "The mask" (the movie)

Автор Adam Duncan ( назад)
Where is Jennifer Connolly in Career Opportunities?

Автор Moonstar Productions ( назад)
sexy ass right there

Автор Arnaud Linthoudt ( назад)
Version BMX?? .com/watch?v=onezhuFKcyM

Автор autentyk ( назад)
for real? rhethorical questions are meant to be left alone.

Автор troy p ( назад)
could be droolin a little wooo hooo

Автор troy p ( назад)
hell yea

Автор kzinn100 ( назад)
Southernese fer "Should Have

Автор kzinn100 ( назад)
Then go to the light my child,GO TO THE LIGHT !!!!And find everlasting piece

Автор kzinn100 ( назад)
refom school girls,trash from the 80s,ILL take out the trash every nite

Автор ccassandra9 ( назад)
OMG I totally forgot about that movie Body Double. That was a pretty good
movie if I recall.

Автор Rebel Justice ( назад)
Gotta love that Christina Ricci

Автор alex maiden ( назад)
joan jett is the only woman ill EVER touch

Автор john85212 ( назад)
on # 8 you have the wrong movie. it was the Mask. back when Cameron had a
chest worth looking at.

Автор 乇丂ノズム ­ ( назад)
0:05 Entering to heaven °w° ♥This must be the sexiest video EVER :') Thanks
for posting, dude! Sweet baby Jesus♥

Автор Mare Pallase ( назад)

Автор 9thregen ( назад)
So, you mean to tell me there was music along with this video? I must have
been distracted :) Thanks.

Автор You68688 ( назад)
Thank you Jesus

Автор 12161euclid ( назад)
absolutely! her "fast times" topless scene is probably the best reveal in
movie history. she was stunning.

Автор my feet are asleep ( назад)
The Runaways

Автор Joey Bridwell ( назад)
#8 is the "MASK"- ... not lair lair

Автор BADTREKK VAPOR ( назад)
awesome band

Автор Zebonka ( назад)
I like em fucking NASTY

Автор Ray Mew ( назад)
What is the 1st film called?

Автор nappybiscuit ( назад)
"Lord, I have seen the light!"

Автор JoeyCymbals ( назад)
1st movie title is...?

Автор stansell1 ( назад)
Where" Phoebe Cates?!?!

Автор rina j ( назад)

Автор Flynn Hancock ( назад)

Автор bat115 ( назад)

Автор eq2Bonesmasher ( назад)
Denise Richard's in a semi-transparent swim suit, yummy!

Автор arlichar11 ( назад)
love it

Автор leonard Vinci ( назад)
Les Femmes nous ferons toujours rever , et on les regardera tout le temps
avec envie parce que c'est la nature .

Автор Lee Masterson ( назад)
I.. I wanna touch her

Автор triplexxxsatyr ( назад)
"Black Snake Moan." That's Christina Ricci.

Автор triplexxxsatyr ( назад)
This is too fucking awesome for words. Or penises. Or vajayjays. Whatever.
I'm gonna fap to Olivia d'Abo.

Автор TheDoopliss2 ( назад)
Uhh... Heading into it, actually.

Автор Έχωτο Θέμαμου ( назад)
Which movie is at 1:04 ? Please tell me

Автор MarineReconinDe ( назад)
Very well done!!!

Автор Debbie Ghostley ( назад)
Women Rule!

Автор Nitin Gandhi ( назад)
Can please someone tell me the names of all the movies that are the part of
this song?

Автор smartian2222 ( назад)
Road House?! I guess it has been a long time since I have seen that movie
because I don't remember that scene or her at all! I better watch it again.
Thank you so much for all of that great information. It is terrible that
she had such a tragedy happen right before this scene. That scene with
Patrick turned out great! He looks so young, fit and handsome, I hate to
think of him as gone...

Автор autentyk ( назад)
was what? a bad idea to drop out of school?

Автор TheDoopliss2 ( назад)
It was?

Автор Marty.R Woodcock ( назад)
Doubt it. Anyone with half a brain cell knows what TheDoopliss2 was saying.
It's not as if it's written in some cryptic tongue. A bit of research would
tell you Bayonetta is an X Box game. TheDoopliss2 was merely stating this
song could fit the game. Why was that so difficult to understand? I'm
wondering which one of you dropped out. My bet is TheDoopliss2 at least
finished high school.

Автор autentyk ( назад)
Maybe that he/she dropped out of school?

Автор foxbat945 ( назад)
Thanks for the correction. The suit he wore looked like the one in Liar
Liar so I thought it was from that movie. Good call.

Автор Simone Cauzzi ( назад)
Well, Great!! Thank U! Awesome video...

Автор foxbat945 ( назад)
Movies listed as you have asked. First one was a tough one to find as I had
never seen it. That and Dressed to kill.

Автор foxbat945 ( назад)
15) Batman Returns - Michelle Pfieffer 16) Bedazzled - Elizabeth Hurley 17)
Austin Powers - Fabiana Udenio 18) Lara Croft - Angelina Jollie 19) Die
Another Day - Halle Berry 20) Wild Things - Denise Richards

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