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Автор Henley Lam (1 год)

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
@nicjai China's traditional culture? If I want to see traditional culture,
I would go to Taiwan. Yeah China builds all these Confucian Institutes
around the world. We're just sitting here laughing at you. You don't even
know how to write proper Chinese and now you're teaching it? As for
Mandarin, according to your own Chinese government researchers, Taiwanese
(Minnan language) is the true ancient Han language. So now you're not even
speaking proper Chinese! And you're teaching it? Funny!

Автор 23492727 (4 года)

Автор 胡 競年 (3 года)

Автор JKan (3 года)
@ThumbsUpFag Maybe you shouldn't be so offensive, if you weren't so
offensive, i wouldn't be so defensive. Natural instinct? Oh and i'm pretty
sure you don't. Now you just got piss at, be pissed.

Автор badboyblue99 (4 года)
pretty face and hot bod :)

Автор 曹 凱傑 (3 года)

Автор ThumbsUpFag (3 года)
@skyking166 Trolololol , i advise you stop replying to me since u replied
in the 1st place Chink? nice video's ;D and ofci have friends no need to go
so Defensive :)

Автор JKan (3 года)
@ThumbsUpFag haha ur's so funny. I know you're lonely... why don't you stop
trying to get attention on youtube, and actually try in real life? I know
how you feel. Your life must sucks. Trust me, you'd be a lot better of
trying to make friend in real life than being a hater online to get

Автор dante5046 (3 года)

Автор dhwlovewts (3 года)
妳/你是女孩子? 妳/你也會自己拍裸體照片? 什麼呀.....《=_=》

Автор nicjai (4 года)
@raininthesouth dude..come on~ i dun have to lie abt tat ! come to
vancouver..i will introduce my fds to u~ i know china has been doing lots
of stupid things...but how about the traditoinal cutlure, the country view,
the history...none of those attacts you ? there are more people learning
mandarin these days, but they are not going to taiwan after. they go to
china. there are alots of things besides politic or government in china is
expressing people from the world. dun hate,makes u old faster.

Автор 0916249 (3 года)

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
@nicjai Oh so you do know China has been doing "stupid things". Like
getting into scraps with every country from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam,
Philippines, India, to U.S. That's just in one month too. Mainland Chinese
have gotten Hong Kong people so mad they're now having protests on the
streets every single day. Why are they mad? Cause 45% of the babies born in
Hong Kong are now Chinese babies. There are no beds for HK mothers. The
Chinese are buying up all the baby formulas and salt!

Автор cococly (4 года)
I have seen these pictures for more than a year now? what's speical about
it LOL

Автор 五 樓 (3 года)

Автор fdddog01 (3 года)

Автор MrLosun (4 года)
@raininthesouth It is still not as ugly as taiwanese bitch. Wipe off the
powder and plastic from the bitch's face, It is impossible to recognize the
face even her mother

Автор Ming Wah Leung (3 года)

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
@nicjai As for your imaginary "Taiwanese friends" who support unification.
Tell me, what do they look like? Do they have wings? tails? and a long nose
like Pinocchio? You do know why Pinocchio has a long nose right? Don't lie.
It's hateful to lie.

Автор Wenjie Liu (3 года)

Автор W1313iY (4 года)

Автор Jack Wai (3 года)
屌唔到既系 係臭既 所以d人咪反對lo

Автор longman leung (3 года)
she has her right to do something she wants

Автор lovona09 (4 года)
wat a shameful ugly bitch, change her job to be a postitute

Автор horse atsea (4 года)

Автор AstonPharmacy (4 года)
any link, brother?

Автор e79317699 (3 года)

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
@MrLosun Answer is clear. The airline company already announced she is not
their employee. Since it was posted on a Chinese website, who do you think
this woman is? Chinese, of course. Chinese women will do anything for
money. The whole world knows that. China is a nation with no morals.
Everything can be fake. Everything can be sold. Shame on you all for
building a nation of moral corruption.

Автор scann5000 (3 года)

Автор goders69 (3 года)
@babu22111 No1 is stopping you hey but nowadays, there are tonnes of girls
doing the same thing. Let's put it this way: day 1: oh man. she looks hot
day 2: nth special day 3: for god sake. hasn't she got better things to do??

Автор 小 老虎仔 (3 года)

Автор JKan (3 года)
@ThumbsUpFag dude, stop trying to talk to me or anyone online. It's not
working. Find a friend in life bro.

Автор nicjai (4 года)
@raininthesouth Since u hate China so much, i really want to see your
facial expression when taiwan became part of China again. In fact, there
are lots of taiwanese would be very happy about it, like most of my frds.
Shame on you all for building a nation of HATE. oh, sorry not "all
taiwanese", but just you raininthesouth. what kind of name is that
"raininthesouth"...i fuckinyourmouth...lol !

Автор yvette74731 (3 года)

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
@nicjai Oh I am sorry, is it politically incorrect to hate China? China has
nearly 2000 missiles pointed at Taiwan. I can't wait for Taiwan to become a
part of China too. That will be the day when we Taiwanese can sell China's
state secrets to the Americans. Only problem is, China might fall apart
before then. Your inflation rate is now over 5%, ouch... You do know the
U.S. is now waging a food war against China don't you? Who says we are the
only ones that hate the Chinese?

Автор JBLaOHeI (3 года)
日本的 拍电影都拍了多久了。。。就几张照片有什么大惊小怪。。。而且还加了马赛克。。。。。。。

Автор ThumbsUpFag (3 года)
@skyking166 Good Assumption but your far off :) , Obviously you take
offense? ching chong ling long? eat dog ?

Автор raininthesouth (4 года)
Chinese trying to slander Taiwanese. Yet another cheap Chinese bitch
pretending to be Taiwanese. No wonder so ugly...

Автор Winch Kea (4 года)

Автор ThumbsUpFag (3 года)
ching chong ting tong ling long eat dog cat ching chong

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