Polaris Sportsman XP 850 vs Yamaha Grizzly 700

This is the un-edited segment of the free Polaris DVD. This is a shootout comparison of the Sportsman XP 850 and Yamaha Grizzly 700.

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Автор MercedesFTW ( назад)
Polaris make snowracers for kids hahah plastic garbage

Автор Simon Rogers ( назад)
Put the Polaris against a can am

Автор Grizzly Rider 700 ( назад)
Polaris is garbage I would rather have 1 grizzly than 5 sportsman. the
grizzly would out last all five polaris.

Автор Reid Harris ( назад)
The reason the grizzly stopped to put in 4wd/4wddifflock because he didn't
want to brake the atv,I'd take a grizz over a Polaris any day

Автор Reid Harris ( назад)
Put that damn thing against a can am 1000

Автор Tianna Barakat ( назад)
its funny how all the latest comments against polaris are all based on the
facts stated in the dhy motorsports video on the comparison of these two
quads. pretty cute how no one really knows how much better a polaris is,
yet they just state all the biased facts in the dhy video.

Автор Tomas Fjellstad ( назад)
they needed a polaris with 150'cc more engine than the yamaha to beat it.

Автор Ethan Davy ( назад)
it's not really fair to compare since the polaris has 250 more cc than the

Автор colin gillett ( назад)
Polaris is definitely one of the worst atv brands out there

Автор Halmen Dale ( назад)
This comparison is not fair because sportsman xp 850 has 77hp in turn
Grizzly 700 has about 48 hp.

Автор Mike Sharpe ( назад)
First, it's spelled "won" not "one". Cant take the advise seriously from
someone who doesn't know the difference.

Secondly, polaris is 3 wheel drive until it senses slippage, then it spins
the 4th wheel. Dont need a machine deciding when 4x4 should mean 4x4, and
then only after its started slipping.

Grizzly is true 4x4 with push button diff lock. That means the rider
chooses when its needed, and the ability to do so before you're sliding
down backwards in steep terrain.

Polaris is for idiots who need a machine to think for them. Unfortunately,
it can only think once something has gone wrong. Gimmicky computer crap for
city boy retards that cant ride. Nobody that knows how to ride buys a

Автор Mike Sharpe ( назад)
Polaris is for suckers. Not even a true 4x4 system. 

Автор Hayden Gudmundson ( назад)
Seriously you guys know who brought engine brakes and eps into Atv
world..... Guess which one lasts longer..... Guess which one is not full of
electronic computer shit... I hope you guessed right that's yamaha.

Автор Lance Bolton ( назад)
I like how the polaris was a 850 they couldn't compare a sportsman 500 to a
grizzly 550 at least that would be more fair. They just don't want the
polaris to look bad 

Автор Lance Bolton ( назад)
Still will always be with yamaha had a polaris and never will again 

Автор Josef Chvojka ( назад)
Jste zasraná organizace imperialistickejch idiotů. Tohle není žádnej test
nebo souboj, ale reklama na shnilej Polaris. Je to hnus. Jděte do prdele!

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
Landy Burkland has no idea what he's talking about. Polaris doesn't
require a "shift" to AWD. It wouldn't make any difference or help to stop
to shift for that "split second". It doesn't require it, it doesn't need
to stop. Just an angry person ranting on the internet behind a keyboard
having absolutely no idea how something works.

Автор Landy Burkland (1885 лет назад)
the guy on the polaris stopped for that split sec to shift to awd FUCK

Автор Jeffrey Beckmann ( назад)
So the yamaha sucks?......lol 

Автор AlmightyBanger ( назад)
Okay, how about build quality, lower A Arm protection and protection for
electronics? Oh, and I can see the brake lines on the back practically
dangling, wouldn't want to snag those on a branch or root...

And why must the drive belt have to slip? Looking at videos comparing the
yamaha to the Sportsman in the real world that'll result in burning it out
if too much friction is caused when applying throttle at a stop :/

Автор Hunter Trahan ( назад)
Grizzly is the worst bike ever built.i have a 850 xp with 29.5 outlaw 2s
gorrilla axles and a 4 inch lift gorrila rad relocate kit and big gun
exaust that wud shit on any grizzy u put in front of me.i also have a stock
can-am outlander 1000xt that wud shit all over ur garbage ass grizzy.the
newest grizzy looks like 1900s remake of the first 1.there trash.u just
hate to see it get beat cuz its the cheaoest bike and ur to broke to get
somethin good so u get all butthurt wen u see urs lose hahahaha.i no im
right dont tll me

Автор josh keenan ( назад)
haha that's funny, I'd take a grizzly over any polaris product, I like my
atv's to last

Автор Ben Parreno ( назад)
i dont like that break line in the rear just hanging like that, needs some
sort of covers in the back, to protect everything

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
If you watch that video, I posted a message in the video....Yamaha didn't
have a 550 in 2008 when the video was filmed. Yamaha only made a 500
Grizzly. In 2009, they came out with the 550.

Автор DdGrIzZ lY ( назад)
why doesnt popo do a 550 grizzly vs 550 sportsman?

Автор Patrick McGehee ( назад)
They are comparing each companies best atvs so happens polaris

Автор WarlordHitman98 ( назад)
Btw, everyone saying that polaris needs the 150 cc difference, no it is
just because polaris doesnt make 700s anymore and it would be more unfair
if they compared a 2012 to a 2006

Автор AHAMAY47 ( назад)
Anyone notice the brake line hanging under the a-arm?

Автор 2010mfgc2400 ( назад)
If all you people love Yamaha so damn much take your rice loving ass down
to the airport and get a one way ticket to Japan get the hell out of the
USA and don't come back. All you pricks are the same, all kinds of products
made here in the USA and all you do is praise the foreign companies. The
bastards come over here, start a war by bombing pearl harbor and you
ignorant bastards praise them. If you don't like America and its industry
get out. Go live amongst the people you support.

Автор wally willis ( назад)
This is a load of shitthe

Автор dylan thomas ( назад)
The Polaris may have a bigger engine, but the grizzly has a overall better
and more reliable build quality. The Polaris has a clutch that slips every
time you go from a dead stop to moving which means you will eat up your
belt really quick,my step-brother had this problem every 4 maby 5 months.
The grizzly has a clutch that never slips, and all the wires on the grizzly
are water proof, while the Polaris is not. 

Автор woolfman2 ( назад)
are you kidding me polaris sucks get a yamaha check out yamahas point of
view on the sportsman on yamaha outdoors

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
1) Polaris doesn't make a 700 XP...they only make an 850 and 550. 2) you're
not understanding the point. Polaris is testing their biggest ATV against
Yamaha's biggest ATV. That's the whole point....Yamaha doesn't make an ATV
to compete against it.

Автор 1483samurai ( назад)
If you are going to test machines against each other you need to match the
weight. 773 lbs 850 Polaris to Yamaha's wet weigh of 648 is a 125 lbs
difference. The machines will handle very differently. I am very happy that
Polaris finally got rid of the strut suspension. Worst kind of suspension
that was ever installed on a ATV. I would really like to see Steel or
Aluminum racks on the Polaris. Plastic just breaks. A quieter ATV with the
same power to weight ratio would be awesome.

Автор Flying High ( назад)
polaris does have 700cc quad.... but they chose their 850 to go against the
grizzly 700 just so they can win -.-

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
Tell that to the X games. 

Автор Landy Burkland ( назад)
wow polaris sux last time i checked extreme began with an E NOT AN X
fucking idiots 

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
The Polaris AWD doesn't have a "limp mode". So I don't know what your
friend is talking about. There are only 3 reasons it wouldn't work...1) The
wire to the AWD has been ripped off 2) The POD has water in it and shorted
out 3) A fuse blew. The plastic jug is only an overflow...just like a car.
The coolant is stored in the radiator.

Автор harold flores ( назад)
La polaris es desechable. jajaja no sirve. que las prueben aqui en Honduras
que hay montañas de respeto. la grizzly les gana a todas. esa comparacion
es pura promocion

Автор Dan// ( назад)
150cc engine difference. Yamaha is SO much better.

Автор gunsndrums1 ( назад)
the easiest thing to spot to know that its fixed is the 150cc difference in
the motor

Автор Josh Fox ( назад)
Polaris sucks I know guys that had them for one year and they basically
fell apart

Автор Zak Roughley ( назад)
polaris is shit. i hit a rock at about 15 kmh on the hawkeye 300 and bent
the frame. yamaha ftw 

Автор Brian Durham ( назад)
fuck polaris cvt its the biggest peace of shit 

Автор Brian Durham ( назад)
ill take grizzly over polaris but i love can am thay are the only ones ill

Автор sportsman1328 ( назад)
after the grizzly pulled it packed down the ground fooooorrrr the crapy

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
Obviously someone modified the ATV. And....if it was a brand new machine,
that leaked gas in the first 5 minutes....that's a warranty fix...and
obviously not normal. Your story has as many holes as the gas line.

Автор Max Bockelmann ( назад)
FUCK POLARIS! my dad has a sportsman 500, i just rode it for about 5
fucking minutes and now its leaking gas everywhere. when i took the side
panel off to see whats going on i saw all the exposed wires, and with all
those wires im surprised that they dont fail and set the atv on fire. I
will never buy anything from polaris, im sticking the yamaha. This video is

Автор Charles Darwin ( назад)
@khower I mean when drive slow like rocky hill, Polaris "slip" when Grizzly
go nice and smooth 1,36 feet forward without stop and slip. Wont need help
with math 26(tyre size) * 3,14(to get circumference) * 0,2(your 20%) =
16,328 inc = goes forward 1,36 feet if not slip. When drive 25mph where you
need diff lock.

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Darwinisti Let me help you with your math and the definition of slip. Slip
means, the rear wheels have no traction, therefore not moving forward. If
the vehicle is stopped in sand/mud/snow, and you pinned the throttle, you
would move 0 feet before the locker would engage. While moving, it would
vary depending on speed. Let's take 25MPH. You would travel 36.65 feet in 1
second. If the rear lost traction for 1/5 any tire revolution in that 36
ft, the front would lock. Not detectable.

Автор Charles Darwin ( назад)
@khower So with Polaris have to go forward 1,36 feet before locker start
locking or actually only spin the dirt. Yes i can feel that if i drive very

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Darwinisti And..I know what I'm talking about. Buy any of the Mountains
and Mud DVD's. I'm in MM2 through MM7...there's barely a road on them. :)

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Darwinisti It is 20%. It's mechanical action, that sends an electric
current to magnet that activates the mechanical locker. 1/5 of 1 revolution
is not any amount that you can feel as a rider. The rear wheels are always
locked. The front wheels are locked via a mechanical sprague carrier.

Автор Charles Darwin ( назад)
@khower No, i did not confusing Polaris with CanAm. That 20% sounds like
marketing talk, maybe system start working after 20% slip, anyway there is
places where even 20% slip sucks. If you don't know what i'm talking about,
just stay on the road like before. Buy from rotax? What's the point and who
cares? Bigger is better was message of that video.

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Darwinisti I've ridden both...The Diff Lock...both have their advantages.
The main Polaris advantage, is momentum. When riding and you expect to get
through, but don't...manually locking the diff...you're already stopped. I
think you're confusing Polaris with CanAm. CanAm is WAY slow. Polaris is
automatically locks in the front when the rear wheels slip 1/5 of 1 turn or
20%. It happens very fast. CanAm...Great motor...but they don't make
it...they buy it from Rotax.

Автор Charles Darwin ( назад)
@Darwinisti Towing with light machine = couple sand bags From those two i
would choose Grizzly, it have better feedback from steering and it wont
have plastic racks, Polaris have too short belt life and too big turning
radius, heavy and clumsy in tight place.

Автор Charles Darwin ( назад)
I have no Polaris and Yamaha but this video is crap for idiots Towing = if
tyres same heavier wins(power enough both of them) and if not that is
extreme pull, nothing to do with real life jobs what can do with atv.
Acceleration = I think Can-am 1000XT is best atv(if power is only
indicator) and we dont have to buy or think nothing else. Why even compare
2 different class atv how much power they have Differential lock = Ondemand
model is sometimes too slow and then Grizzly lock is better

Автор andrew sigo ( назад)
any person watch some of my 850 videos they self destruct there so shitty I
am going to get a grizzly next

Автор Bill Youngblood ( назад)
Piece of Junk. Funny they don't mention it weighs 150 lbs more than a
Grizzly (Hence the better traction for pulling the sled, who pulls weight
sleds anyway?. The CVT eats belts faster than the Grizzly. How about the
brakes? 3 brakes on Sportsman, 4 on Grizzly. The on demand blows compared
to On Command. And before the fan boys start yapping, I have both sitting
in my garage right now, ask me which one is more reliable. It isn't the

Автор MrChevypower ( назад)
I just bought a Touring 850, i love it! These Grizzly boys are an
interesting bunch. Go out and ride any ATV, just ride something. I would
have more fun on a 250cc 4x2 than most of these babies would on any big
bore. I got the 850 because I like the comfort and it has a very good 4x4
system. My wife and I also wanted a 2 seater. That rules out the Grizzly.
It was also nice to support an American company, though that was just a

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@78megachevy I see what you are saying, but the point of the video was to
show Polaris' largest cc quad...against the competition. So that was the
point, to show Yamaha didn't have an 800 or 850. 

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@BAMITsJACOB They did against the CanAm.

Автор Jake Ryan ( назад)
ever notice how when someone is trying to show off a quad, they put it up
against the grizzly to make theres look so good but they dont put it up
against the canam outlander or the kawasaki brute force

Автор 78megachevy ( назад)
I would like to see them use the same cc motor and not ones that are
different. That would seem fair to me

Автор TheGwgiest ( назад)
do i own either atv "or any for that matter" no, do i understand engines,
yes... a bigbore if im not mistaken is anything over 600cc per cyl... so if
the sportsman is 850 2cyl then its 425cc each which IMO removes it from the
"big bore" catagory... the griz is 686cc single jug im pretty sure if both
atvs are given equal oppertunity to perform they will do just fine in real
life scenerios id rather see them perform in various terrain "sand, dirt,
grass, gravel" where it is likely to be used 

Автор BrandonSlade91 ( назад)
"lets head out the the sportsman shootout" id like to know if the guy that
was saying all that shit about these quads can even ride one.....i would
like to punch him in the fucking face. 

Автор cody ( назад)
@thumper54505 indeed, i just hope more people agree with us lol

Автор thumper54505 ( назад)
@rockman12367 i agree with u, we should just ride. and that every machine
has problems. my favorite brand is yamaha, but im not saying it wont break
down once in a while. every quad has its pros and cons, these tests just
show the pros.

Автор cody ( назад)
@thumper54505 its called a polaris , im a polaris man but i like grizzly to
but i wouldnt buy one every machine has problems no matter what , i drove a
list of atvs did comparisions doing the same mud wholes stock machines they
all are great. im not trying to sound harsh or anything im just stateing my
opinion. i think everyone should just get on their machines and ride. i
just thought i should share sorry to link it directly to your comment

Автор thumper54505 ( назад)
@Mrgmail15 i know, ive seen them. polaris riggs the tests, want proof 1 is
it so hard to push 2 buttons to engage 4wd lock 2 so what if the racks can
hold more they are more of trays than racks 3 the griz could beat that
piece of crap with 4 wheels anyday in a drag race. 4 they are utility
quads, not sport quads so why does speed even matter

Автор 1122aalleexx ( назад)
that guy annoys me

Автор andrew sigo ( назад)
my 850 has spent over 50 days in the shop for a total of 3 brake downs and
it is only 7 months old and for some of you Polaris guys that don't believe
me i got a video on my page showing the hole in my motor because the rod
was put in yong in the bike

Автор KICKERMAN124 ( назад)
@Dodge08effie thats what we call it in the south DUMBASS if you gonna talk
about dumb people you spelled obviously WRONG

Автор Dodge08effie ( назад)
@KICKERMAN124 you obviosly have no brains and dont know what you are
talking about because you said bike when clearly there ATV's you

Автор Nick Martens ( назад)
if polaris didnt rig these tests the grizzly would win :)

Автор VladMXR ( назад)

Автор littledrummerboy738 ( назад)
@Newyorklumberjack I understand. its all personal opinion of course. Im not
against cat. I just have had a few polaris' as well as most other companies
and i just prefer it. im good with everything except suzuki. thats all ive
had bad luck with 

Автор cummcolt ( назад)
Whats that thing that goes acrossed the screen at 2:05?

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@gjlavers It's there.

Автор KICKERMAN124 ( назад)
Let somebody who know how to ride test the two bike and then ill be happy 

Автор thumper54505 ( назад)
this is bull!!!!!! everybody knows that yamaha could beat that 4-wheeled
thing they call a quad any day of the week as long as craparis doesnt rig
the test

Автор 700grizzly08 ( назад)
lol. i pull these big couches home all the time with my grizzly.this is

Автор Calvin Wirfel ( назад)
wat the crap! yamaha could beat e freakin polaris anyday

Автор Joey McClane ( назад)
@atvobsession i have a 2008 outlander 650 and it does great in rock

Автор atvobsession ( назад)
@YamaGrizz09 My friend Angelo uses the Kodiak 450. It works really well.
The only places it has a hard time, where we don't, is big rocks where
ground clearance counts. Other than that....it's fine. I'm not one of the
guys that says Brand X SUCKS!! Only 2 brands don't work well Rock
crawling.....1) Can Am (the diff lock sucks) and Honda (it has no diff

Автор rob hac ( назад)
distance test, 18 quad length in 10 seconds? I want to see a drag race .
And with over 20% more engine displacement for the tests, its like
comparing a corvette with a V8 to a grandam with a V6

Автор zachinnes1 ( назад)
now lets see yamaha do this comparossin :D

Автор DieterCorporation ( назад)
@oscar17211 not where I live...

Автор Justin ( назад)
its about time yamaha lost there always trying to beat on another company
yamaha grizzly 450 vs honda rancher 420 yamaha won im just saying that its
good that polaris won

Автор DieterCorporation ( назад)
@oscar17211 ok polaris is the best! I know I have a grizzly and it's not
bad but the sportsman is for rich man!!! the guy isn't neutral! he prefers
polaris, a real reviewer should prefer none.

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@MrGalloway96 Not when this was filmed.

Автор Cameron Pollett ( назад)

Автор sLiChEs13 ( назад)
Why dose eveyone comment on my comments ? 

Автор Grizzlyboy7 ( назад)
Ya sorry i should have done some research before i said anything

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Grizzlyboy7 Sorry. I have posted many many many times in here...I even
added a text box in the video to explain that at filming, Yamaha didn't
make a 550..therefore...the 450 was all Polaris had available. It just gets
old...I apologize.

Автор Grizzlyboy7 ( назад)
@khower why you getting so mad all i was wondering is why they did that. im
not saying that polaris sucks because they dont and they are the one of the
most high rated atvs out there but im not a big fan of how they test their
atv against others. Anyways we all have a preference and mines the grizzly 

Автор Ken's Channel ( назад)
@Grizzlyboy7 You clearly aren't getting it. That is the whole point of the
video..."hey..we're Polaris and we make a 550. Yamaha...doesn't. They only
make a 450, and we smoke it.". That's the reason they made it. Now, Yamaha
makes a 550. I'm sure there's a video around here somewhere for that...I
don't have it.

Автор Grizzlyboy7 ( назад)
Ok dude i know that. Im saying polaris needs to test something even. And
theres another video that tests a 550 sportsman xp and a 450 grizzly. Is
that fair? NO!!!!

Автор LDGreene9 ( назад)
@Grizzlyboy7 yamaha doesnt have anything bigger smart one

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