Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free Running Parkour,Skateboarding And Surfing

Update : The video showing how to get this mod is on my channel..look for it lol The Tricking Mod link has changed 'cuz the other one got deleted
This is the good one :http://www.filestube.com/f87cbfff448bc2c103ea,g/Tricking-MOD.html

You guys know my other video,Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free Running And Basejumping ? Ehh,now I upload something like that,but in this one I'M SURFING AND SKATEBOARDING ! Rate,Comment and subscribe.Enjoy it.

Skateboard Download Link Mod

Surf Board Download Link Mod

the surfboard is next to the garage to groove street C-J.

1.To take press TAB

2.To put in the back press A or E (change waepon controll)

3.To put on the car press ENTER

4.To take the surfboard of the car press TAB

5.To use (in the water) press TAB

First you need img tool and cleo 3

Cleo 3 : http://cleo.sannybuilder.com/cleo3.exe
Or: http://www.mediafire.com/?w5ju5unynwg

- Download and install

Img tool: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/downloa... - Download and install

Parkour mod number 1: http://www.filestube.com/f87cbfff448bc2c103ea,g/Tricking-MOD.html

Parkour mod number 2: http://rghost.ru/479478


In number 1 , the file inside cleo folder

You put in gta sa/Cleo 3 folder

Now open img tool, click file , open, and go gta sa/models/gta 3

After add tricking.ifp

And add ped.ifp to gta sa/anim

In number 2, put install dancing.ifp with img tool, u must replace with img tool .

Maybe you can understand this easily

1. First install CLEO Library (cleo.sannybuilder.com)

2. Open IMGTool, load gta3.img, press CTRL+A, and select tricking.ifp.

3. Copy ped.ifp into GTA San Andreas\anim.

4. Copy Tricking.cs into GTA San Andreas\cleo.

Available tricks :
1 - backflip
2 - frontflip
3 - sideflip
4 - gainer
5 - folha
6 - cork
7 - webster
8 - fulltwist
9 - round off flashkick
0 - backhandspring
t - backhandspring + backflip
y - palmflip
u - wallflip
i - cork + folha
o - popup layout
p - jump and dive ;)
g - frontflip + aerial + fulltwist
h - handstand
j - backhandspring + backhandspring + backhandspring + fulltwist + backflip + fulltwist + fulltwist + backflip
k - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backhandspring + flashkick
l - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backflip + backflip + backflip
b - wall sideflip
n - wall frontflip
m - backspring
, - aerial

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Автор James Johnson ( назад)
/( )\ WTF NIGGA !


Автор Mohamed AdeEL ( назад)

Автор moonis hakro ( назад)
this not a mod this is a dog barking because of a music

Автор B_ Rabbit ( назад)
cops can't do thats shit kakakakaka
fuck da police....

Автор Boon Hock Ng ( назад)

Автор FlutMan5 ( назад)
how use skate

Автор nona yaso ( назад)
مانان بتشقلب

Автор Kyo Shisuke ( назад)
better put autoroll mod with the parkour mod.. it will make you look like a pro..

Автор Kyo Shisuke ( назад)
failed parkour... fall down when landing..

Автор eugenia tanasi ( назад)
2:05 *

Автор eugenia tanasi ( назад)

Автор Chris P ( назад)

Автор OyunClub ( назад)

Автор OyunClub ( назад)

Автор Raj Kumar ( назад)
how do you are doing that

Автор Rafael Venancio ( назад)
como consigo o skate ???

Автор ralf mejilla ( назад)
Hello , where can i find skateboard ?

Автор roderick jr nucup ( назад)
can't freaking land good

Автор MLG X PHANTOM ( назад)
Look at money 1:15

Автор Victor ( назад)
That parkour mod is the ugliest shit ever

Автор kabir vasandi ( назад)
hey do u know where the skateboard is located

Автор mihai radoi ( назад)
its mod is dick install free story mod... for frerunning and more

Автор Vijay Soni ( назад)
Kese kartw hai

Автор Clownᴅoirto ( назад)
and the best bugs 

Автор Pulver CZ ( назад)
hacker parkour

Автор joao teixeira ( назад)
so many fails -_-

Автор неkет ™ ( назад)
Гавно вощееееее моя оценка кол

Автор Mihajlo Vranjes ( назад)
noob u use mod

Автор NarutoSonic attackgamer ( назад)
Dafuq u suck lol u can't even land perfect

Автор satanaii destepti ( назад)
how to instaling dancing ifp?

Автор satanaii destepti ( назад)
Where do dancing.ifp

Автор Chuối Hột! ( назад)
how to install the Surfing Mod???

Автор Dragolijus ( назад)
Surfingboard LOL i just can make it on a fucking boat,just need a anim.

Автор Pearly ( назад)
How U Make The Tricks???

Автор sachin ( назад)
how you are skating man ????????????????? : (

Автор Md Siddiqur Rahman ( назад)
Stop it with the bs spam web links on here. Surely people need to view evidence that money has been produced with one of these techniques. I have not observed that any place except the Zutore Cash System page (Google it.) Do I possess a mansion? Fuck no. Although I have packed in my job to attempt this web marketing business as I adhered to the recommendations on the Zutore internet page. Does all the bs irritate anyone else? No? Only me personally then.

Автор Felipe Player™ ( назад)
Really Cool!
Muito bom!

Автор SnokeZ ( назад)
Not my mod, also pretty old video so it's a given that I've made ton of mistakes .

Автор Shane Kanigan ( назад)
surfing with no waves?

Автор Marcopolo Garcete ( назад)
1:12 se machuco mais se levanto com estilo

Автор Cigarette Gamer ( назад)
awesome now are there any mods that make him white?

Автор Скрилекс Дабстеп ( назад)
1:11 LoL

Автор SnokeZ ( назад)
I can only agree to this after the 3 years that have passes since I uploaded this .

Автор suprqt ( назад)
So what do you think about GTA V?

Автор Peki Lud ( назад)
hahahh you sucks

Автор Niko Bellic ( назад)
It was a joke....cause he was fat.

Автор Chandler191Offical ( назад)
No it's carl.

Автор SmecherasulCelMare Bossul ( назад)
da =)))) is roman

Автор parkour bogdi ( назад)

Автор GTAV BonusHD ( назад)
Thank's for the upload.

Автор Martin Herreros ( назад)
i can do it without cheats

Автор Rabbid Ralph ( назад)
i liked this comment because of the legend of zelda moon

Автор MrBrash ( назад)
ai só tem mods de parkour q precisa do cleo cara o meu não da com cleu quando entro no gta aparece o gta_exe parou de funcionar

Автор OldAccount ( назад)

Автор Kenter Kalbri ( назад)
I know its a mod,but i mean how to you select it in the game?

Автор MrKill9r ( назад)
it's a mod

Автор Kenter Kalbri ( назад)
Where is the skateboard located at?

Автор Anthony ( назад)
Eminem- The Way I Am and Eminem- Drug Ballad

Автор Gustavo Ribeiro ( назад)

Автор მეგო ტურაშვილი ( назад)
mod or chet :D:D:D:DDD:D:D:D

Автор jim Soto ( назад)
eminem song plz

Автор Вук Симић ( назад)
Umm flying?

Автор lukman omar ( назад)
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Автор KubaW0W ( назад)
ihufsdgsuivrsvfsudxzfgv dfsgvdbhurdfguhbghuidhbdfdfhbifriuhbfr

Автор kajtek rola ( назад)

Автор niki nikos ( назад)

Автор kajtek rola ( назад)

Автор kajtek rola ( назад)

Автор AndreyVictor10 E nois ( назад)
como e que faz

Автор mccrystallmeth ( назад)
This video is so 2004, I looked at my wrists and they were covered with Livestrong bracelets.

Автор LuxaryOne ` ( назад)
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Автор Андрей Кудрявцев ( назад)

Автор maycol ChukO ChaVeZ ( назад)
elegante tui video :DD

Автор mora elmasry ( назад)
Possible tell me you are parallel work, Di movements it

Автор mora elmasry ( назад)
ممكن تقول لى انت بتعمل الحركات دى ازى

Автор David Santos ( назад)
foi o pior vídeo que eu já vi vai pa puta que te pario que puta de vídeo fodas es uma merda e so não te chamo filho da puta porque a tua mae nunca me traiu

@gfueiir yeah i agree def a top 10 also... if your bored check this good time waster! ==> tr.im\49wmj

Автор 5nake432 ( назад)
I think skateboards were used after they were made though, probably, I dunno, lets google if skateboards are still used today.

Автор 5nake432 ( назад)
I guess that better explains the Skatepark that has no real use.

Автор Daddy Production. ( назад)
Я хочу представить вам замечательный сервер версии samp(0.3x) [RPG]-Samp Stories:Episode TWO.
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Автор Колян Беликов ( назад)
Boy moron

Автор naruto austrilla ( назад)
... I love only Power :3

Автор Wrench ( назад)
what is the title if the song of the rap?

Автор gamer4ever ( назад)
what hell is this

Автор Robert Georgian ( назад)

Автор Niko Bellic ( назад)
Roman? ;-;

Автор austin tow ( назад)
why didnt they I would play that game and grind rails and hop El toro and ollie 58 stairs

Автор Ryan Rictor ( назад)
Can i get my virus in Red?! -.-

Автор Ryan Rictor ( назад)
Woah.. calm your tits, bro. .-.

Автор Tipo ouannes ( назад)
COOL haha

Автор Leonardo Augusto ( назад)

Автор heyeveryoneimcool ( назад)
And one year later; just look at all those people that agreed with you!

Автор Takashi Kenji ( назад)
how to do it

Автор Johan AC ( назад)
great song by great artist.

Автор Black Madruga ( назад)
cade a onda

Автор Black Madruga ( назад)
que mod e esse

Автор travis hawkins ( назад)
this stupid

Автор CowSlayer49 ( назад)

Автор 4Oglox3991 ( назад)
Please make a skate mod for GTA V in the future.

Автор Gio Tibon ( назад)
how ?

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