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Автор RVR2 (20 дней)
I used a finishing nail, ground down and bent on a 45 degree angle and it
worked! Thanks!

Автор Damien Aubuchon (4 месяца)
This guy really has alot of videos... doing the same lock And an easy ass
lock at that. Want credibility? Pick an abus or an anerican

Автор David Dunham jr (6 месяцев)
Works like a charm !

Автор bigmack0033 (1 год)
I just bought this lock and found this video. I tried opening it with a
dental pick I have since it seems like it would work and is fairly strong.
I really don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. You say 'kinda push it
back on it', but I don't know what that means as the direction of "back"
can be any direction really (It seems like you're motioning to the left).
Also you're turning it, but really don't say that is necessary or not.
Mine's newer and made in China. Not sure if anything was changed inside. I
also don't want to overly bend my pick or break the locking mechanism. I
was only curious to see if it was that easy. For my purposes, I may one day
forget the combo and this would become necessary. Another thing is that for
mine it's not as easy to insert anything. It looks like you can easily push
something in, but mine just doesn't have that level of clearance. How far
do you have to push the pick into it? And is it moving it to the left while
turning it clockwise?

Sidenote - The first padlock I ever "picked", (and by that I mean
destroyed) was a standard masterlock combination dial. A thin flat-head
screwdriver can pry the dial off and just inserting it into the upper left
corner via the small hole you can break the lock so it'll open. (Won't ever
lock again). Of course taking the dial off breaks it first anyway. The
brand belwith made me laugh a bit when I did that on it. It was harder to
get the dial off, but after that the internal pieces just kinda fell out.
The outer dial held it all together.

Автор Raul Sousa (1 год)
Indid it but now i can't close it know :(

Автор Lockpicker1973 (1 год)
You are bypassing this locking mechanism not picking the lock

Автор Jose Francisco Medeiros (1 год)
Ray, Thank you for the tip and video, I was able to open my Master 175
combination lock, I just couldn't remember the combination it had. Now that
it is open how can I reset the combination, even when I set the numbers to
all Zero 0-0-0-0 and use the reset key, it will not let me turn the key to
place the lock in reset mode. Any suggestions?

Автор Lifesbountychaser (2 года)
I've got a lock like this but it has three combinations and there is not
enough room to stick anything in. Any ideas?

Автор scrabbytoy1 (1 год)
The person asking for the correct #'s I think might have been Nancy Pelosi.
Whether is you or another Vid, there was mention that in some of these
exact same locks, master had made some minor changes BUT, wheel # 3 would
always work. Not that it matters that much but have you heard that goofy
rumor? Also, have you ever used padlock (not auto) "jiggler" keys? I.e., I
was thinking on getting a quality set but, didn't know whether they
actually worked like in the Vids or were a waste of $.

Автор Video Québec (2 года)
are you able to re-set the combo with the key after ? or do you have to
have the correct code to re-set it

Автор Shagstar123 (2 года)
I no but get pissed at almost everything so I get violant

Автор coopsida (2 года)
Yo I was tryin it and the tumblr got stuck and won't even move pls help

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
dude you have no idea what you are taking about, go what someone else's
videos instead! maybe once you learn how to do this you can come back to
the big boys! where did you get the idea of a digital keypad?

Автор Hydrophile44 (2 года)
Fair enough.

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
now you see why i call it that :-)

Автор me (3 года)
No, it's another brand. I meant that this only works if the lock has really
wide gaps.

Автор soapywtr (2 года)
My lock got scrambled and now I cannot lock please help

Автор SanAntonio78210 (2 года)
Master Lock my ass!

Автор Raymond Hamby (1 год)
you need a hug and to talk to somebody!

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
i agree that this is bypassing but i titled it that because when people
look up how to open a lock they will type "lock picking", i want people to
be able to find my videos!

Автор Jordan Flint (3 года)
Well, as keithhamby24 put it, "a very god explanation".

Автор lamanchamediatube (2 года)
shit dude, i own this lock and use it to secure my storage unit, damn!

Автор Raymond Hamby (3 года)
is your lock the exact same as mine? if so you should be able to work
something in there. the gaps will widen as you do. if your lock is
different then ill help you find another way.

Автор Raymond Hamby (1 год)
man im so glad I could help you out! thanks for watching and thanks for the

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
thank you for your view and for your nice comment its always nice and
refreshing to hear that there are some people who still rnjoy what i do nd
im glad you liked th video. i have alot of other lock picking videos on my
chanel if youd like to see them, also please sub to my channel if you loike

Автор Raymond Hamby (1 год)
im so glad i could help you out! if you want to repay me just subscribe to
my channel for other videos. check them out! im my video was the one to
help you out!

Автор robinsteal4u2 (1 год)
Yes I noticed that, thanks for reminding me... Any way do you have an
answer to my first question?

Автор SpeeDim (2 года)
lockpicking promoted to level 100

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
you will have to play with it, wiggle the numbers around and push the
shackle in and out, it will eventually work right!

Автор Hydrophile44 (2 года)
I still think of this as bypassing, not proper picking, but I guess, since
it is a combination lock with tumblers, (instead of buttons), it's as close
to picking as one can get. Either way, it's great method to use to open
these locks, and fast. I use an over-sized hairpin, that I filed and cut
specifically for this lock. Works like a charm every time. Also does a
great job of bypassing some small, Master extruded brass pin-tumbler locks.
Works fast on those, too.

Автор coopsida (2 года)
I was tryin it and the tumblr got stuck pls help

Автор Raymond Hamby (3 года)
ok and that means what my family cant watch my videos and comment on them???

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
you missed the purpose of this video, it isnt to cause damage or steal

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
yes you can, all this does is move the shackel out of the way allowing you
to be able to open it

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
these videos are for opening your own lock and being able to reuse it, not
for cutting the lock and stealing anything!

Автор future0fAmerica (2 года)
Thanks for the help on the bypass and I understand why you classified it as
"lock - pick" there are still some people that appreciate videos such as
yours and I'm one of em'.. Thanks again -

Автор Raymond Hamby (3 года)
ive dont this exact same thing with several different brands of locks like
this just find something small enough to fit. it will work. check out my
other videos on lock picking and sub please

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
yes im aware this is a bypass and not actually picking but i call it pick
on my videos because thats what alot of people reconize it as. also i named
the video that because that wya more people could find the video than if i
called it bypass a lock.

Автор Dianasauras Recks (1 год)
Thank you SO SO MUCH!^o^ I was on the interwebz looking at the same videos
over...and over... I thought my bobby pin woulda done the trick?
.__________. Well, the WHOLE FUCKING TIME IT WAS UPSIDE DOWN. So thank you
^_^)/ ~ !

Автор Raymond Hamby (1 год)
im so glad my video was the one to help you out! if you want to repay me
please subscribe to my channel!

Автор rhodasherri (3 года)
nice video. i can use my lock now!

Автор me (3 года)
may lock doesn't have those gaps, you cannot insert anything there

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
tell me about it!

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
premiere pro cs6

Автор lhamby2203 (3 года)
this is my favorite video of yours!

Автор Raymond Hamby (3 года)
ok you are not making any sense!

Автор flatbrokefilmz (3 года)
holy this helped me so much, now i can use my lock again! thank you so
much!!! subbed!

Автор Shunta Hamby (3 года)
one of the best lock picking videos on youtube. a very god explanantion. i
also seen ur other video where you pick the brinks number lock and that was
very helpful as well! i subscribed!

Автор Raymond Hamby (1 год)
this isn't a video on how to get the right numbers its only how to bypass
the lock!

Автор Raymond Hamby (2 года)
you will have to explain what you mean by the tumblers got stuck?

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