20 CRAZIEST THINGS ABOUT ROMAN ATWOOD You Did Not Know! (RomanAtwood & RomanAtwoodVlogs)

Take a look at the best unknown facts about Roman Atwood you did not know! Featuring facts about his son Noah Atwood, wife Brittany Smith, his Nissan GTR, his encounters with police and many other interesting things!

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Автор JohnnyGaming ( назад)
roman was in jackass

Автор Liz Crisanti ( назад)
Yes I do😃😃😃😃

Автор Noodle Tube ( назад)
Britney is Romans girl friend not wief

Автор David Williams ( назад)
I wasn't watching Roman Atwood for one year but I decided I was going to
watch him for 10 months

Автор Anne Gledhill ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Daniel's World ( назад)
Roman also when,t threw a goth stage in high school

Автор Brandon Huante ( назад)
this is cracy

Автор oswald rabbit ( назад)

Автор Mali Metaj ( назад)

Автор Mali Metaj ( назад)
that it s not really

Автор Christopher Ondrusek ( назад)
sorry I'm just shocked it but I'm not dying of cancer I'm in the hospital
so please give me like what I Am SE

Автор DJS GAMING ( назад)
Roman Atwood is also in am movie called natural born pranksters btw

Автор Reda Smith ( назад)
I don't like Roman Atwood

Автор gamer lopez ( назад)
he had a car and it blew up into Camaro

Автор XxTriple Jay05xX ( назад)
Yeah dumbass brittney isn't his wife. Get all of your facts right before
you upload them.

Автор Colton Heald ( назад)

Автор pikachu Miranda ( назад)
he smoke weed

Автор Jessica Parker ( назад)
I was about to tell my friends they give you like9000 likes maybe that one
now you're going to get zero likes

Автор Ibraheem Ghaffar ( назад)
britteny is actually RomanAtWoods girlfriend not wife

Автор Fabian Perez ( назад)
He's crazy

Автор RomanAtwood ( назад)
Britney isn't his wife

Автор RomanAtwood ( назад)
and his girlfriend's pregnant ,😱

Автор RomanAtwood ( назад)
he has a peircing in his tongue I think

Автор Sharughan Raasenthiran ( назад)
Mate they now have 2 kids of their own. Brittney is not his wife. They
won't get married because Roman is scared he would have to go through want
happened with him and Noahs mum. He doesn't want the other two kids to go
through want Noah is going through

Автор Hayden Parker ( назад)
I know about the carbonised poisoning.

Автор Hayden Parker ( назад)
I know about robbing a fake ATM.

Автор Som Chat ( назад)
fuck you

Автор edgar starwars ( назад)

Автор Ashton Edwards ( назад)
most people hear ringing in there ears and its ofensive

Автор harvey jeff ( назад)
they are gf and bf

Автор harvey jeff ( назад)

Автор Candi Esterly ( назад)
he was born in 1983

Автор Shelby moyles ( назад)

Ya dad :)love you

Автор Mitchell Grant ( назад)
roman is not married to Britney

Автор Steve Gamer66g ( назад)
Brittany is not his wife its his girlfriend

Автор fariz ergashov ( назад)
Fuck you douche back

Автор Chuck Zhang ( назад)
I'm sure Brittney is only his gf

Автор Savion Goslee ( назад)

Автор Maw Lat ( назад)
In the car accident he also burnt his skin and was all red

Автор Ethan Weiler ( назад)
One thing I now he sucks

Автор Ashton_ Gordon ( назад)
Roman atwood and Brittney Smith, aren't married

Автор Marcus Crawford ( назад)
Brittney is his girlfriend

Britney is not his wife she is his girlfriend there not marryed

Автор sugar cookie ( назад)
u sound like Dracula

Автор Allahu Akbar ( назад)

Автор Allahu Akbar ( назад)
He makes 8million

Автор Kyle Gommel ( назад)
the dud sons xD

Автор Jarrdapuss J ( назад)
A etch empire

Автор Edge ( назад)
I know this has nothing to do with the vid but im just saying this cause
noone else is,According to famous birthdays Roman atwood's girl friend is
25 and they started dating in 2008 that MEANS ROMANATWOOD WAS DATING A
UNDER AGED GIRL well who cares

Автор Edge ( назад)

Автор connorCDR ( назад)
he is not married to britney, they are boyfriend and girlfriend!

Автор Carson Bernabee ( назад)
brittney is not Romans wife just his gf

Автор kittenlover312 ( назад)
you know whats funny brittny and roman arent married and he said they are

Автор KeeganPlays ( назад)
Roman and Brittany are not married they're still dating

Автор Anthony Pulley ( назад)
hes rich

Автор BossLife23 ( назад)
Actually you didn't completely fill out the details on #6. Roman's ex-wife
thought that roman was doing to dangerous stunts at the time so Shanna
Atwood took FULL custody of him. But roman later posted a vlog about going
to court for custody of noah and he won. Now they share him. Shanna on the
week, Roman on the weekend's.

Автор Reynaldo Valdez ( назад)
i dont kno buthead

Автор Ryan Root ( назад)
Britney isn't his wife. She's his girlfriend

Автор Michael Navarro ( назад)
I am glad that he didn't die

Автор ichiebansot ( назад)
My dream car is the Nissan GT-R and Skyline R34 and they have been for

Автор Levi Dowell ( назад)
Brittney is not his wife it's his girlfriend

Автор Levi Dowell ( назад)
Add a public comment...

Автор KEVDAWG H ( назад)
Brittney is not his wife dumbass

Автор Steve Man ( назад)
Britney is not his wife they aren't Mared

Автор Ghost Hound ( назад)
He said dudesons wrong its like dood sons

Автор MathewGaming ( назад)

Автор Idiotic Seal ( назад)
Britney is his girlfriend

Автор lukaking 00000 ( назад)
poz me plsss

Автор bradley0130 ( назад)
you called his current girlfriend his wife.

Автор chris smith ( назад)
he is frainds with tanner

Автор Jack boss James ( назад)
Stop saying crap about Roman he is better than you

Автор The Diamond Miner Vlogs ( назад)
I knew all!!!

Автор kuanyee kee ( назад)
The third one is a prank!!

Автор Supman138 ( назад)
The dadsons it's the dudsons

Автор Drew Daly ( назад)
i know all of this lol but good vid.

Автор Brooke Hayne ( назад)
Roman and Brittney are not married they are girlfriend and boyfriend

Автор M&L ( назад)
Brittany isn't his wife it's his girlfriend

Автор T-roy ( назад)
Bro do you're research befor a video about someone half this crap was not

Автор Ryan Heidahi ( назад)

Автор FromHero2 Zero ( назад)
you called brit his wife

Автор George Karamanukyan ( назад)
Brittney isn't romans wife she is he is her boyfriend

Автор Vincent Santos ( назад)
that is not Roman atwoods GTR burning

Автор Marshal _MJ ( назад)
So he still alive ?

Автор THE MACE!!!//AWESOME GUY!!! ( назад)
I like roman atwood videos you don't seem to care!!!😡👎👎👎👎👎👎

Автор CS G4mer ( назад)
I knew about the fire

Автор Magnus Bakken ( назад)
Knew all of them

Автор Unknown Tvr4 ( назад)
He's not married to Brittney yet

Автор Michael Gough ( назад)
most of this video is rude did you even ask before you made the video

Автор Rubbye The Dog ( назад)

Автор Trevdog Johnson ( назад)
Brit is not his wife she is his girl friend

Автор Goalie 425 ( назад)
Shut up

Автор Extreme Ben13 ( назад)
Roman isn't married to Britaney

Автор Gaming With Matt ( назад)
he is not married to brittney

Автор Sarah Emerson ( назад)
suk a dik bitch

Автор Teghroop Virk ( назад)
girl friend

Автор bigbeast444555 ( назад)
He isn't married

Автор Bennett Wilke ( назад)
He is not married to Britt yet. If you are going to do a top ten get your
facts right

Автор Roush Rides ( назад)
Click bait ^^

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