Living with Crohn's disease-farts and all!

Part II here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtDgcEK_Td8

Millions of us live with digestive problems such as Crohn's disease and whilst it can be highly embarrassing, the more we start talking about it, the less awkwardness there will eventually be.

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My book 'Pill After Pill-poems from a schizophrenic mind' is out now in paperback http://bit.ly/zFDzYT and ebook http://bit.ly/xMjHie

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Автор Amanda Jones (1 месяц)

With respect to relationships let me give you some words of wisdom. There
are plenty of people who will like/love you regardless of whether or not
you have Crohn's. Yes, there are plenty of people as well who will not take
the time to understand what you're dealing with and they're just not the
right people for you. Can't tell if you're in a relationship now (based on
video) but here's a little bit of advice. If you are, the sooner you
discuss it with that person the better. If that person is potentially the
right person for you it will only increase your bond. It will also relieve
a lot of stress - especially on dates. If the person is unwilling to be
with you or even take the time to learn what you're dealing with then
you've saved yourself a lot of wasted time.

Now, knowing when to discuss your condition when entering a new
relationship can be trickier. In the end it really comes down to two
things. 1. When you're comfortable and 2. Whether or not the person you're
with is the right one for you. They're either going to like/love and accept
you regardless of whether you tell them on the first date or later on.

I'm sure many will argue that bringing it up on a first date or second
might be too soon and there are some valid points to that. Some perceive
that as opening up too quickly and potentially scaring people off not
necessarily because they're grossed out or don't want to be with you but
because they might perceive that as opening up too quickly and trying to
rush into a serious relationship too soon.

In the end, there's no right answer, only what you feel is right.
Regardless of when you tell them or how you tell them if that person you're
with is the right person for you (either at that stage in your life as or
as a spouse) they will see past it.

Best of luck

Автор Thaila Skye (1 месяц)
I originally found your channel via this video. And then I watched your
other videos. And then I saw the FindMike campaign film and just sat
sobbing for about ten minutes. (In a good way... if that makes sense?)
I have Crohn's disease, and my bowel perforated, so I had to have ostomy
surgery (and make videos about it). So many conditions (whether it's a
physical illness or mental illness) are hardly ever talked about openly
because people are embarrassed or scared, or just don't understand.
I'm so glad you are doing what you're doing, and I'm proud to be doing what
I'm doing too. Because if it helps someone recognise symptoms, whether it's
in themselves or in others, it can save a life.
Keep fighting, you're doing great. <3 xTxx 

Автор Lucy Jordan (4 месяца)
I know how you feel - especially getting intimate it scared me so much - I
wasn't until about one and a half years after diagnosis. You just have to
tell them if it's going to be an issue, which means making sure you're not
TMIing (too much information) and get to know them first. Absolutely feel
your pain though, every time I leave the house it really panics me, and
going anywhere further than my town absolutely terrifies me. Even if
something doesn't go wrong you're always scared that it might. I remember
breaking down once in a pharmacy because they hadn't got the antibiotics I
needed and I was so exhausted from trying about 7 others, the overwhelming
feeling is the worst. Though it makes it easier knowing other people go
through similar things. 

Автор Patti Jo Neronha (1 месяц)
What courage... I am also a Crohnie... Thank you for sharing

Автор Alyssa Callaghan (1 месяц)
you're very attractive

Автор Gillian Dilkes (1 месяц)
you seem to be taking the piss. Is that you on the right column oh yes it
is. with all those other conditions. surely not. shame on you and shame on
me if i am wrong

Автор kwixotic (1 месяц)
You might know of a thing called flat d deodorizer which doesn't work as
well as the maker makes it out to be. However, it does prevent a residual
smell in one's underpants. Apparently, Crohn's is more common in the UK
than I thought and of course common in the North American continent.

Автор patricia terrell (2 месяца)
Everything that you said hits home. I feel exactly the same way and mask it
with humor. 

Автор sage willow (3 месяца)
you are beautiful ...farts and all!

Автор livin abox (4 месяца)
2 years ago i was throwing up poo, id had guts ache for 2 weeks and it was
horrible. I googled it and then realized some thing was badly wrong. I went
to the hospital and told them the story and within 24 hours i had an
operation that saved my life. Yep running in the loo 6 times a day aint fun
so i know where you are coming from. 

Автор xValetinax (5 месяцев)
2 questions: How would you recommend supporting someone with Crohns? Do you
think someone's mental health can affect the control they have over

Автор valeriodujmovic (6 месяцев)
GINGER ROOT can cure all of the digestive problems ! Start the morning
with some warm water, half lemon squeezed in it, teaspoon of real honey,
cinnamon and some GINGER ROOT ! GINGER ROOT RULES !!! It will take a few
weeks for the symptoms to go away. Plus everything that ''torteinlunde'' is
saying down there. 

Автор luke tomlin (7 месяцев)
watched your video about your crohn's and your worries about finding a
partner! My ex, and an ex who remains a great friend still, had crohn's!
All the same problems as you described! I just wanted to say please don't
worry, my ex and I just laughed about it and we worked fine together ;) you
are good looking and have great personality and presence - that is what
matters above anything else! Just be honest from the start, there are
plenty of people out there for you who understand and can except other
peoples issues. Keep up the great work you do :) 

Автор Brandon Gamer (7 месяцев)
I went to docs today because of symptoms and they said. I've got 2 go to
hospital 2morrow but if I got it I could be like my footballing hero darren

Автор jessica feldman (7 месяцев)
I have post infecious IBS since 2012 its ruined and taken over my life and
I can 100% relate to this though its so different I am constantly running
to the loo and your so brave Jonny I am so proud to even know you take care
hun xxxxxxxx always here if you wanna talk if you remember me I was 2 years
below you xxxx

Автор joseph mengele (1 год)
thank you for sharing your story. hang in there, mate.

Автор Tess M (1 год)
Thank you for putting this video up...its nice to hear someone actually
talk about crohns in a honest way - and about how it effects your life, not
just about the condition. I'm 22 and was diagnosed with crohns earlier this
year, and currently struggling to find a suitable treatment for me. I've
failed on one already. I hope you are dealing with it ok currently, and
continue to :)

Автор RLCDesigns (1 год)
wow... you have Crohn's as well... Its HELL love your channel friend

Автор Michael Munger (1 год)
Hey buddy.. Seeing this video you posted really meant a lot because I am
going through basically the same and it's hard not feeling completely
alone. Always worrying about what you're putting into your body and never
knowing if it will get any better can be very discouraging but I think the
first and most important step is being honest and open about what's going
on and that's what you did. You seem like an amazing guy and I hope it all
works out and I think you'll come out of this.

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
I am sorry to read your message. Try and keep positive and definitely keep
fighting, i know it's really difficult. I hope the people around you are
understanding and supportive. At my worst times, i wanted to give up and
hide from the world so it's inspiring to hear that you keep going and try
to keep your head up. Hope things improve for you soon. Be well my friend.

Автор VideoZion (1 год)
Very sincere and honest, tell yourself you are blessed, and I see, because
of your positive and hopeful attitude that you can overcome the sadness
that this condition has caused you, me and everyone else. I was diagnosed
last fall, and this fall I am doing better, after doing lots of testing
with naturopathic doctors. I've been changing my diet and supplementing,
and I hope you can find some good resources out there to point you in a
good direction. Healingwell (dot) com forums are amazing!

Автор Jeff Wood (2 года)
I can tell by your voice that you are still trying to wrap your arms around
the concept of having Crohn's and all that comes with it. Talking about
it...even just via video will help you tremendously. Hopefully you are
better now talking about the disease and dealing with it. Last November, my
15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's. Her case ended up being
one of the worst that the Doctors at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh had
ever seen.

Автор hoppin henry (1 год)
I have crohns to found out I had it a 3 months ago and was in hospital for
2 months and had 3 kidney stones and a stint at the same time on pantasa
and remicade every 8 weeks next time is march 14

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
Thanks...wish all the best to your Mum...tell her to keep strong! It is
tough! She's lucky to have you!

Автор Gracie Wright (1 год)
you are very inspirational, and humble. i was diagnosed three years ago and
i still struggle sometimes balancing social life, relationships and also
work. This is very helpful!

Автор Tohellwithgoogleplus (1 год)
Aww sugar): I just wanna give you a hug!

Автор AngloAm (1 год)
If somebody loves you, they won't mind you burping and parping through the
day. You can shove a rose up there, or get bismuth or activated charcoal
things to help keep fresh. And they certainly won't mind you having to use
the toilet seven or eight times. In fact, if they really care about you,
they'll get some comfort from your wind and your tummy turmoil, because if
it stops then they will worry about what's changed. Would you refuse to
love somebody because they had Crohn's?

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
You're not alone...and hopefully you will meet someone that understands and
loves you for who you are. I'm sure that person is out there. The
embarassment is harder for girls though like you say. But remember you
can't help it..don't feel angry at yourself, try and be kind to yourself. I
know its hard and i really feel your pain. Keep strong and keep fighting :)

Автор andaymartyn (1 год)
please see a naturopath for your stomach problems

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
it is nacc..look them up on google

Автор torteinlunde (1 год)
You should be able to control most of these symptoms by changing the food
you are eating. This can be different from person to person, but my advice
is; do not eat cheese, mils or any diary products, eat more vegetables and
fruits (fruits best blended as in a smoothie), eat less red meat, more fish
(except for salmon which have tor be of the best quality to work), do not
eat sugar (especially refined), keep off animal fat. All these advices are
about eating healthy (except the diary products?).

Автор Katie JoanneH (11 месяцев)
you're cute, hope things get better!

Автор Soph S (1 год)
I'm 19 I have just recently been diagnosed with crohns disease (about 7
months) so still learning to deal with it, but honestly when ya gotta go
you gotta go! It is a bit shameful but honestly who gives a shit man! i've
just learnt to deal with nature ;) and I know what ya mean about tired! I
have just recently had achey joints/bones so getting tested for arthritis
:( do you have the same prob with that? any who cares bro, if ya got gas ya
got gas nothing you can do about it :)

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
Sent you a message.

Автор TransOstoMe (1 год)
I can't figure out how to send you a personal message, so here goes: I have
yet to watch all of your vids but I intend to this weekend. Some striking
commonalities: you're the G, I'm the T (lgbtq), I have a long history of
battling mental illness, I recently had a colostomy intended to be
permanent, I hate silence & believe complacency kills, I'm a writer,
beautiful people like you don't just happen mate. I hope to start making
vids talking about ALL of life b/c mine can't be compartmentalized.

Автор Amelia Mullin (1 год)
I was diagnosed with Crohns aged 13 and I find it so hard to accept, the
fact you have the guts to make a video like this explaining exactly what it
does and how it makes you feel! You are an inspiration :D

Автор Ostomy Toronto (1 год)
Great video! Thanks for being so informative and genuine.

Автор andaymartyn (1 год)
before the procedure of getting the seton stitches in my arse I had the
best week of health my body has ever experienced within the 7 years or so
that I've now had crohns.. during that week I had also done research on the
side affects of the standard 3 medications that you're given for crohns
disease, *Imuran, prednisone and mesasel* and found that the infection was
a side affect from the prednisone.. by the day of my procedure after being
taken off the prednisone my infection had (continued)

Автор Salome Halle (11 месяцев)
Thanks so much for making this I have colitis and you have inspired me to
talk more about my fears....thanks for sharing makes such a difference to
hear others feel the same way...I feel like less of a freak....I often feel
like it is my fault I am sick...I must have done something wrong if I could
just figure out what I could make it right maybe....I must be in the
bargaining stage of grief....acceptance must be around the corner
now....hurry up acceptance I am ready for you...:)

Автор Sandra D (1 год)
I know how you feel, hold on!!!

Автор Zombie (2 года)
I was diagnosed in 2010 with Crohn's, I've been put on medications and
everything. The meds help to an extent but not a lot. :/ I've had to go to
the ER twice now and get some vicadin because the pain and cramps are so
bad :/ It affected me so much that I dropped outta school, which was a
mistake, and am afraid to go back or find a job. It's hard with friends
because they think I'm over exagerating how bad it really is. They don't
understand what I go through. And it sucks. It really does.

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
Thank-you! I've no doubt you'll find the right person too Elizabeth. I
believe there is someone out there for everyone. They will be understanding
and kind and accepting of everything..i hope you meet that man soon :)

Автор Asia Julia (1 год)
I hope U will find somebody who will love U and your disease. You are
superhundsome and seem like lovely person! I know your pain and problems. I
have the same. Be brave!

Автор percussion9393 (1 год)
if its that tough then why havent you farted in this video?..

Автор Chrysalis M (1 год)
Can they remove part of the left hand colon without having a bag inserted,
anyone know? Personally Id rather have this diseased part removed, I'm not
thin though, is this unusual? I tend to have constipation and (i think)
blockages as opposed to constant diarehea, it alternates, though I am
taking painkillers with codeine for the pain which can constipate. Cant eat
very much at once though, little and often. Anyone else have similar

Автор Chrysalis M (1 год)
Ah well not many people can claim to have endured anal probing all the way
round their colon without being taken into a spaceship.

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
Ah thanks for your message, this means a lot to me. You keep
fighting...don't let the crohns or UC defeat you...you are stronger!

Автор Jonny Benjamin 1 (1 год)
Thanks for your message. I hope you're doing ok. Sounds like you have been
through a huge deal, especially with the colostomy recently. I do hope you
start making videos soon, I know for sure they will inspire a lot of people
in their own battles. Keep strong and keep fighting :)

Автор Bud Puppy (1 год)
Dear Jonny - I am Bud Puppy's Mama and I subbed you. I was sick for 5 years
and the doctors kept insisting I had Crohn's - after SEVERAL colonoscopies,
bone marrow biopsies, kidney biopsies, etc. - FINALLY - they discovered
that I actually have Porphyria - VERY RARE. Anyway, ONE of the symptoms is
CONSTANT colic-like CRAP! I have decided I am PROUD of my farts - the
louder the better - the stinkier the better. Keep you head up. Look up
Porphyria and sub me - BUD PUPPY!

Автор John Dough (1 год)
There is no way you fart. You are too beautiful

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