TEH -R31 Review and Build On A Budget Project

TEH-R31 Review and Build. Trying to show a way of building a belt drive and brushless drift car for the budget minded. If you buy this chassis please buy the metal solid spool for the rear and either a solid spool also for the front or a metal 1 way. These have been the weak point of these chassis.

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Автор wafi isham ( назад)
Im just wanna ask is that teh r31 is a clone r31 street jam...

Автор Andrew Smart ( назад)
Can I ask, can this be used as a tourer, not as A drift?

Автор Sharan Devakumar ( назад)
Killersushi, what battery do you use for the car? I am not sure what I
should use for a XERUN V2 combo and I don't want to destroy my drifter.

Автор Emeric Bedard ( назад)
How cost you the shipping for all your car

Автор TrevorJones418 ( назад)
Im having trouble finding some of these parts at the price you found them.
Can you comment the links to where you found these parts thanks.

Автор Daniel K ( назад)
I can't seem to find the assembled version...But this is a sweet setup 

Автор nuffstuff77 ( назад)
Killersushi99, I want to get into RC Drift. How can I get started? I don't
have any knowledge about anything. I've been watching your videos and they
have been very helpful. Do I just need what you outlined in this video to
get started? Where can I get a good shell? Looking for a Subaru wrx
hatchback she'll maybe... Paint? Headlights? Etc. What are some of the
vendors you shop at for tires, rims, shells, suspension, belts, esc,
servos, etc. do you just shop at a hobby store or online?should I build or
should I buy something that can go straight out of the box? Sorry for long
comment. Looking forward to your reply.

Автор RC Drift Evolution ( назад)
Thanks for doing this video, I am considering this chassis for myself
(mainly so that I wont be tempted to upgrade to much and will focus on my
driving finally :) ). Also it serves the purpose that the new guys coming
into One Ten Drift Network dont see me as out of reach. (Ive been drifting
for 7 years now). What I would like to know however, is how this unit does
out of the box without the mods.

Автор gwan yu tjiook ( назад)
Is it possible to use the r31-16fm conversion on the teh?

Автор BreakIt Twice ( назад)
Wicked vid dude.. Informative!!

Автор HyperionCorporation ( назад)
go with sakura

Автор ADFX-01 Nixon ( назад)
I was planning to buy the ota R31rml long wheelbase r31 by the original SJ,
is longer wheelbase greater at drifting? The wheelbase is 275mm - 290mm

Автор Akhtar Hussain ( назад)
Also, any thoughts on this one? "1/10 RC On-Road White WOLF Counter
Steering DRIFT Racing Car Chassis Kit" from R2Hobbies

Автор Akhtar Hussain ( назад)
Hey Killersushi, I'm a noob getting into drifting and really enjoy your
videos. I have a noob question, you've run and reviewed both the TEH-R31
and the Sakura D3. Which one would you say is better to start with? I've
seen that they are both reasonably cheap and I have electronics already so
that isn't an issue.

Автор Bubblymonkey833 ( назад)
Can u make another one of these videos

Автор Blakk Yonii ( назад)
thanks anyway 

Автор Blakk Yonii ( назад)
hey man got a question, here is a vid I watched on the R31-16FM chassis, at
3:14 on the vid, the camber arms are attched to a pisten thingy I was
wondering if u knew what they are called.....the vid called (R31-16FM-A-GO
converted to"RWD") ......you'd be a great help....cheers 

Автор LegendArtistry ( назад)
What size pinion gear are you running?

Автор kyler anderson ( назад)
hey, i love your vids. I need some help. ive looked around and cant find a
good cheap drift chassis kit for around 100. if you could help me that
would be great. thank you

Автор ADFX-01 Nixon ( назад)
is the Carbon Parts needed? if i only buy alloy parts, is it enough?

Автор jimmy bradford ( назад)
i just ordered a r31 from r2hobbies and its been 2 days an the status still
says packing and i ordered with the fastes shipping so about how long did
it take for yours to ship out from their warehouse? i used paypal also i
tried contactin r2 but hve not got a reply yet. thanks snd llove the vids

Автор Blakk Yonii ( назад)
were can you buy a carbon fibre chasis for a Sakura D3? thanks

Автор Jacob heibel ( назад)
Nvm... r2 hobbies. i cant seem to find the servo's and other parts you had
listed though

Автор Jacob heibel ( назад)
Where did you order everything from?

Автор Tristian Gash ( назад)
would that be okay for my sakura d3 hobbywing esc motor combo could you
recommend any thing thanks

Автор BoOmBoXrEvIEw ( назад)
Hey oes come with cs out of th box?

Автор Jair The Millionaire ( назад)
You did say R31 was more complex, can you expand? And what's the other site
you speak of that carries R31-16fm parts. I just know of broadtech

Автор Jair The Millionaire ( назад)
I love the fact that you did a price breakdown. This is the first one I
have ever seen do that. Great job. I'm just on the fence about the D3 and
the R31-16fm. Been battling it for 2 months. But I think I'm going to go
the R31. I just like the setup a little more for me. But then again I sold
my DIB and currently rock my fully mod sprint 2. Bar far most favorite
chassis. Took lots of money, lots of time, nothing original but it kicks
all else that I have driven. I just want a FM now.

Автор savageracing101 ( назад)
where did you get the chassis i cant find it 

Автор Nils Selickis ( назад)
Id teh-r31 copy of ota r-31 ?

Автор DoondaGaga ( назад)
0:49 Listen closely 

Автор Evol Villain RC ( назад)
Do you prefer this rig or the Sakura D3?

Автор PonchoTRON ( назад)
As I thought thanks very much. Great video.

Автор PonchoTRON ( назад)
Do you need to buy both the base and the upgrade kit or does the carbon
fibre kit come with all the chassis parts needed?

Автор arice de guzman ( назад)
is this 1/10 scale car.? 

Автор arice de guzman ( назад)
hey, where can i get this car, and whats the battery dimensions,,,>? 

Автор Tyler Murray ( назад)
Is there any particular brands that you would recommend taking a look at?

Автор Tyler Murray ( назад)
Hey have you ever made a video on what kinda motors to put in a drift car.
Or do you know any producers that have made a video like that. Thanks of
your help in advance.

Автор Tito Nogueira (1823 года назад)
I totally get what u mean. I can't rally any tomy drifter on any ground
type for two main reasons: Not enough height, and no suspension to be able
to have it softer But that's the reason why I like it, since it's so small,
u can drive it at your home in a smaller track dat u can fit in 1/2 a room.
But it's possible to rally a drifter like this, if you use white flower
pretending to be snow for example. But the real trick is to have a VERY
hard slippery surface with pinseal grain texture

Автор Tito Nogueira ( назад)
interesting. Hey, what about Tomy drift with gx buggy's proportional
throttle controll? Check out GX DRIFT on youtube. You'll find two 350z
drift mini cars. Just remember you can upgrade them with more oversteer! I
recommend using mini 4wd pink crown gears! :)

Автор Chino Lee ( назад)
complete setup?

Автор 04sti20 (1290 лет назад)
One more question. What's a safe fdr? Like what's the number to stay under

Автор 04sti20 ( назад)
That's how I feel. Everyone's different. And by you buying all that still
hasn't changed you drifting style so really it's not the weight.

Автор 04sti20 ( назад)
I agree 100%, I just want to make sure before I buy it that it's really
good considering how cheaply priced it is. Yours is awesome. And your
videos have helped me a lot. I own two cars now that I'm both going to sell
because I spend too much on them and barley get to use them. I wanted
something new and with less down time guessing what to buy for it because
the guy who had it before me hacked it up. Thanks again for your help,
can't wait to get the r31 now and bling it out like yours. Keep up

Автор 04sti20 ( назад)
Yea I know what you mean I do the same thing. Why does everyone on the
forums bash this chassis so much? It seems like a decent chassis for the
money and if I did what you did to it, the upgrades, it'll be even better

Автор 04sti20 (1563 года назад)
Ok cool. Your videos are awesome by the way. Is your car countersteered? Do
you know if this is the same? You bought the teh-r31 and the carbon chassis
for it but r2 hobbies sell the carbon chassis already assembled for 168$
but they're not in stock. I was just going to order both as you did I

Автор 04sti20 ( назад)
So any ota r31 parts will fit this chassis? I have two drift chassis's but
it's always hard to find parts and they're not a real drift chassis's, at
one time they were on road cars so that makes it harder to set up with
weights and stuff. I really like what you did and want to sell mine to do
the same.

Автор Mark Reynera ( назад)
I recently bought an R31, I got the CS pulleys, Im having trouble trying to
fit the spur holder to lock onto a 19t pulley? Also I only have the stock
belts, when i try attaching them it seems too loose at the front and the
rear is so tight I cant even put the SJ diff covers back on. :( Help

Автор TheOriginalRevilez ( назад)
What kind of battery do you have and how much does it hold?

Автор WhoodaPooda (2041 год назад)
What other kits would you recommend that are cheap

Автор subconnect ( назад)
what tooth pinion would i need for my motor?

Автор Chino Lee ( назад)
is it cs ready?? 

Автор cristian paringit ( назад)
Hi there. in the description of your video, you mentioned about the spool
thingy. Im planning to buy this same kit. will it last even without
changing into metal spool? im new to drifting and i have no idea about
drifting yet especially the car and its parts itself.

Автор Cody Dripz ( назад)
Thanks for the video, this really helped out a lot. I have been looking for
a low priced good quality drift car and i have finally found it. CF
TEH-R31! Thanks again for the great video.

Автор Tim Jiang ( назад)
thank you sooooooo much i'm sorry if i'm annoying you with too many
questions. :)

Автор Tim Jiang ( назад)
with the motor or the chassis

Автор Tim Jiang ( назад)
sorry if I'm asking too many questions but did you have to buy a pinion
gear to fit on the your motor or did the pinion gear come with the chassis

Автор todd1196 ( назад)
Hey man I just purchased the HPI Falken Tire Mustang E10 Drift and I was
wondering if you know of any where I can get a new body and upgrades for
it. Thanks!

Автор Tim Jiang ( назад)
@killersushi99 I found a cheap nimh on Ebay but the dimensions are bigger
than the battery cabin. also is shipping very expensive to Australia from
radio shack?

Автор Tim Jiang ( назад)
What battery did you use because I can't find a battery that fits in the
battery cabin. Could you please recommend one over 3000mah?

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
ok, i'm planing to get the chassis in 4-5 month's or so, at the moment i'm
using a maverick strada dc evo with a savox sc-1258tg, can i use the servo
in the teh-r31, so i don't need to get a new one?

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
ok, i found both solid axle and front one-way at broadtech, but wich
suspension should i use? the hop-up from r2 or eagle racing aftermarket
from broadtech?

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
By the way does the teh-r31 come with locked rear diff and front one-way?

Автор TheOriginalRevilez ( назад)
Ok thank you

Автор TheOriginalRevilez ( назад)
I'm new to RC drifting what is the best toe, camber and ride height
settings? Please get back to me thank you

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
So, one-way front is for counter-steer setup, then?

Автор Hobby Fun ( назад)
and the tamiya gb-01

Автор Hobby Fun ( назад)
so what about the sukara zero s

Автор Hobby Fun ( назад)
what about the m-04? because a guy is selling them to me for $60

Автор Hobby Fun ( назад)
i looked and still never saw it and would you say it is better than the
tamiya m-03 or m-04?

Автор Hobby Fun ( назад)
i cant find it online where do you get it nd what is the price

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
is there any diffenrence between a one-way and a locked diff?

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
do you ususaly run with a locked front diff?

Автор Vincent Koh ( назад)
Iam malaysian . i own stock tamiya ta05 .i buy a 10.5 turn brushless motor
,authum usa servo ,nimh5000 battery&sanwa mt-4 rc remote control . my limit
budget is rm2500.Is this worth ? 

Автор R8TEDM ( назад)
Ive been watching your channel for 6 months now and I finally bit the
bullet and ordered the TEH-R31 with the Scorpion CF upgrade. I then went to
Broad Tech and ordered just about every upgrade they have for the TEH. LOL
Now I need to pick a body. Debating between a Tuerno with Mesh wheels or
the VIP look. Anyway thanks for the GREAT vids!! I look forward to your
next video. Thanks

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
sup buddy, if i was to purchase a complete kit with engine online what site
would you suggest me to go for? i am more interested in trucks this time
but i need a reasonable price since i am just a student :)

Автор King Verbani ( назад)
im there but all the esc/motor combos are 80+..

Автор Misael Diaz ( назад)
what has to be done to turn from 50/50 to counter steer? 

Автор King Verbani (1701 год назад)
im looking at the hobbywing websitebut im not finding the motor/esc combo.
Is there anyway you can copy/paste the website on here? 

Автор King Verbani ( назад)
Wow, quick reply, im glad i subscribed :) I was going to order mine from
ebay, not the actual website. Why the 9 turn over the 13turn? Just for the
speed or is there something im not aware of?

Автор King Verbani ( назад)
Hey killersushi great video. I just ordered the teh-r31 and i was just
about to order the ezrun combo as well ( HOBBYWING eZRun 13T/3650-M 3000Kv
Sensorless Brushless Motor + 35A-SL ESC + LED Card ).. Im not sure which
battery to go with, which would you suggest?

Автор mzondi1970 ( назад)
Yea but your carbon one looks pretty sweet...lol

Автор mzondi1970 ( назад)
Thanks....i bought a AE b4.1..couldnt pass it up. I want a drift car to but
where i live is in a rural area so not many places to drift. Plus a few of
my friends run at local tracks. No tracks for drift. The AE is from a
friend as well so its all ready assembled but i like the look of your
carbon teh r31. I know its a knock off but do u think parts will be around
awhile for it like a losi,hpi or ae car? I dont want to drop 500+ on a car
thats mainly going to be for toying around.. Thanks again

Автор mzondi1970 ( назад)
I see the date on the video a few months ago. How is the fly sky still
working for you? I was thinking about gettting one for the car i just

Автор mzondi1970 ( назад)
U make great videos. I havent bought a car yet but i was wonderig, couldnt
you get a RTR from tamiya or hpi for the same money? No hate at all on your
choice just a general question

Автор thecryinggroom ( назад)
i was looking at the xerun 3300 kv 10.5t on hobbyparts for like $112
shipped! cant go wrong with that set up and it is a sensord motor. also i
saw that you had the Cap pack on xerun is it really worth getting caps for

Автор DigitalErra ( назад)
Hey KS99, I love your vids always so informative. I wanted to know how that
hobbywing motor esc combo held up? in one of your newer videos I looks like
you swapped it out? I want to by hobbywing due to price point? Thanx once

Автор WhoodaPooda ( назад)
i have the same motor and esc :)

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
oh k sure ill get the brushless soon, what company do you recommend for a
brushless motor? do you think a 30 minute charge for a 4500 mAh battery is
normal or was it a fault by the dealer. 

Автор RideCS ( назад)
Hey, where did you get the manual? I can't find it.......

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
OMG, really? 3800 mAh battery for 40 minutes? i have a 4500 mAh battery
(Hi-Energy NimH) it runs only for 10 minutes maximum from a 30 minute
charge ( told to me by the dealer) :S :S :S whats wrong here? yes i got my
shaft repaired its pretty strong now and it must last for years :)

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
killershushi99, nice video brother. i have teh r31 too but everything is
stock in it(brushed motor). after the first 20 minutes of play the front
gear shaft broke into half i had to make that exact shaft from a smith.
there is a small pulley on this shaft that moves the small belt. On the
pulley is a circular plastic piece that holds this belt from slipping over
the pulley, that came out too. i had to glue it. other than it its fine
now. how long does your car run for? 

Автор Lm3755 ( назад)
nice channel, can't wait to brag of being one of your first subscribers

Автор miaxix888 ( назад)
0.50 sec, i think someone's yelling !

Автор lucas raphael ( назад)
ok thanks 

Автор lucas raphael (970 лет назад)
On which site have to control

Автор AetherWolf ( назад)
@Synthtik nevermind, just noticed the spool note :)

Автор AetherWolf ( назад)
As a quick note, you will want to immediately upgrade the front
diff(including front diff cups.) They break very easy, mine broke on the
first run, Oh well, gives me a good reason to get a oneway front diff :)

Автор Andy Yeow ( назад)
erm... i mean can i buy this TEH - R31 with online? (pre fixed) 

Автор Andy Yeow ( назад)
hmm can you give me a link for buying with online ? because i need pre
fixed that i need to make the all part with my self... i just need the link
that full set.... to buy

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