Mini top hats inspired by Minzy of 2 NE 1. These are for sale and if you want to get your very own mini top hats, just msg me for inquiries ;)

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Автор katresa holifield (4 года)
too cute, she better get it

Автор fmandwc2 (5 лет)
does she come with???? She's freaking adorable

Автор monique siguenza (5 лет)
HOw did you made this cute mini top hat... kinda love it....

Автор PandoraChun (5 лет)
how much is 6 i want one!!

Автор Christie D (5 лет)
:O so pretty the hats!! can you make a tutorial on how to make the black

Автор coltnava (5 лет)
aww... all mini hats are sold out :)

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