Northern Cree-Earth Angel

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 7:26
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&& Anotha one!


Автор Donte Charging Eagle (4 месяца)
I sing this at hand drum contests, usually top 3.

Автор Neil Cornelius (3 месяца)
I can sing this stuff!

Автор Mason Currie (8 месяцев)
love to dance at powwows

Автор Tenise Dayrider (7 месяцев)
My boyfriend used to sing this to me, now I play it for my our son. Such a
beautiful song

Автор Caroline Wesley (7 месяцев)
Amazing, and peaceful!!!!

Автор Kyra Bilagody (7 месяцев)
Beautiful ❤

Автор Burggdj Jung (7 месяцев)
This is for my

Автор Jordan Youngman (10 месяцев)
Native Sounds

Автор John A. Packard J.r (1 год)
Song goes out to Damien Greger

Автор iamearthbornami (1 месяц)
Love and Happiness all weekend long dear G+ friends

Автор Trinda Carter (2 года)

Автор Tee Tenkro (1 год)
This song is so beautiful, full stop. I wish i could see Northern Cree
perform this brilliant song of their's. The Native American culture has
opened my eyes to alot of things that i wished i knew when i was younger,
cause their my inspiration in my work!! so im thankful and grateful to them
and this amazing song. DEFINITELY SHOULD DO A PERFORMANCE in Sydney,
Australia ♥

Автор kaalaax (2 года)
been there done that back in 1990, we where the 1st one to dance(grass) pow
wow across russia and upper mongolia, from L'vov to Sakhalin island more
than 30 clties...more so in siberia. if you know your native history, then
you know you are not an monkey like those other one say...lol the "day of
purification" is soon here, get ready for the ride of your life...HEHE

Автор darlene powder (2 года)
i love your songs, i listen too them on you tube all the time, but would
love too buy them all. need input pls on where too get them.

Автор robert blatt (1 год)
this song means alot to me

Автор samuel ybarra (2 года)
great song

Автор Savanah Blackbird (1 год)
Amazing song !!! #ProudNative!!!

Автор homefryable (2 года)
there shouldn't be any beefs between Native's right.?! Sometimes We can't
help it.lol

Автор daniel zaragoza (2 года)
will one of you ppl be my angel

Автор kaalaax (2 года)
ok ok...this is Northern Cree's page...hehehe HiHi to my bro's up north

Автор Nate Creel (2 года)

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
ps: The reason Culloden stand's out is because it was the Highland Gaelic
"Wounded Knee". This last stand was the creation of Charles Edward Stuart.
(Bonnie Prince Charlie of world fame!). It was a hasty move, but brave
beyond compare! He is like Crazy Horse to us! He gave Scotland it's finest
hour of history! Even though they beat us into the ground. Gaelic language
was banned 80 years! No one could have guns or swords or traditional
clothing! The English watched every move!

Автор Lexi Rose (2 года)
I love Northern Cree, but I can't stand their backup singer... She always
sings above them and not with them.

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
Canada. (East Coast).

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
Who's the traditional dude's? A SikSika told me that SikSika believe in
only one Creator. No other dietie's are there. Is Cree culture the same?
..Celtic culture is packed with dietie's! Raven's have an important role
too. Watch>>"Eluveitie - Quoth The Raven"<<...ps: What role doe's Raven
have in Cree culture?

Автор iremembersky (2 года)
I just checked, and Amazon has it up for download/sale. I'd rather buy more
directly from the artist, but via Amazon may be the only way, I'm not sure.

Автор tyler jacknife (1 год)

Автор kaalaax (2 года)
you know, thats the Great and Special thing about us Natives, we have great
diversity in how we understand this world, "Mother earth". "diversity" is
the KEY to life, like the land with all its life. where i am from we pray
to the buzzard, but i do not expect other tribes to as they dont have that
story, the land differs like how we differ but we one and all are
"Hano"(the "good people", the one creator(we know creators name but can not
say it here) gave us that name.

Автор Ron Begaye (1 год)
A FEATHER in St Petersburge, FL.

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
music note: Have you heard of Falco? He was a trippy cat! Watch>."Falco-Der

Автор John Vandegriff (2 года)
In response to 6AXL66, women are prone to naturally sing higher than that
of a native man. It is just how their voices are, especially that of Cree
women. Each tribal men and women seem to have different pitches in their

Автор ITOHMANSKI DayChief (1 год)
Top 10 this makes one of the best pow wow songs ever

Автор b shane (2 года)

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
Sure, lot's! Both Gaelic and Danish/Norwegian. On the Gaelic side, I owe
alot to the Salteaux people. They kept the Dakota's and prarie wolve's from
the Gaelic "Red River" settlement in the 1820's in what would be Manitoba.
Without them, that settlement would have been destroyed. Lord Selkirk set
it all up. Which lead's to The Clearances. Another long but sad typically
Celtic story. We gain victory from loss! Everyone loves Bagpipes! :)

Автор Jenna Veronica (1 год)
Love love this <3 wish there was a love like this

Автор calindn1000 (2 года)
by far the bestes song i have ever heard from northern cree and they have
some gooder ones, but this one made the wifey cry...heeeechaaa!! gotta
learn this one...

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
ps: I wuz born here, but long ago watching the AIM guy's,(Morely, 1979,
etc), showed me the path to my own ancestory because if they rediscovered
everything so could I,( Vercingetorix. Boudicca. Kenneth MacAlpin. etc).
And I look at everyone elses culture's too..Watch>>"Al Qaynah - Ground Zero
Pilgrims "<<.....(They're a mix of Afghani, etc, musician's, but it's too
risky to record in Afghanistan, Talib's would get them).

Автор Boobowa Amos (2 года)
so sweet - sounds like " we are who we are" at times - that's it - wherever
we are

Автор willafilla (1 год)
How Beautiful is this...gives me goose bumps!

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
It's a good page too! Northern Cree tapes are world wide!...Anyway watch
this, its funny! >>"Stephen,my irishman"<< (Our old way was rough but free
and wild! The clan's ruled!)

Автор Knightsoul Luv (2 года)
I don't know, I'm half Cree & Ojibwe, and I have my beliefs. lol :P

Автор LAS23Q (2 года)
I LOVE IT!!!!! The entire cd is pretty tight!! Keep it coming guys!

Автор kaalaax (2 года)
peace to all my "Hano" brothers and sisters!

Автор kaalaax (2 года)
ok ok...do you know anything about your peoples history?

Автор Brandon Taylor (2 года)
This is very relaxing and makes me proud to be native...even tho im Chahta
cant hate these cree boyz bring it home!!

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
Footenote: The Clearances. 1790's to 1820's. Highland Scotland. Imagine
Cree leaders losing a bad war, then theyre son's go to Ottawa and get into
gambelling and wine and lose expensive women! As the son's of the Gaelic
lords did after Culloden in 1745. They run up big debts! And they sell Cree
lands to sheep herders for profit! Then Cree were forced to leave theyre
homes and driven onto the beach! To be taken by ships to a far away land.
That is the Gaelic tragedy. One of them.

Автор Kayla TwoThunders (2 года)
omg, all the men sound so BEAUTIFUL, i love this

Автор chase asapace (1 год)
It's an awesome song thanks northern Cree and women sound fantastic!!

Автор Jourdan Watson (1 год)
Beautiful song :)

Автор acerb45666555 (2 года)
I wuz visiting the Central Asian's,(Mongol's), and found out they have
shaman's too same as Cree and the other more traditional tribe's. You guy's
have to connect to compare storie's. Moscow,(old Soviet regime), bossed
them and London bossed you guy's. They were forced onto "Collective's" and
you were forced on reserve's, it's the same sad deal.

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