Driver San Francisco - Drifting, Crashing and Jumping

Some more fun with Driver San Francisco

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Автор ArččiYYss ( назад)
Window 8?

Автор Bay Başgan ( назад)
very bad

Автор SKURA ( назад)
Nice bro.

Автор Mox raiss ( назад)
good but ur drift need some work ;)

Автор Vandromme Kévin ( назад)
Recherche joueurs en ligne pour faire les trophées en ligne sur ps3. Voilà
mon ID: knvd62660

Автор Bawlerz ( назад)
Good work

Автор ------ Ivory ----- ( назад)
u drift is shit

Автор Pepe The Frog ( назад)
Im the 1,000th subscriber

Автор Ikac ( назад)
i now how to km/h 

Автор Motaz Mostafa ( назад)
Man u really suck . I got 1679 points in one drift noob

Автор Tom Loader ( назад)
i mean days

Автор Tom Loader ( назад)
you dont have alot of money i have like over a million and the best cars in
the game and all that in a few weeks

Автор IG Gameplays ( назад)

Автор #Ayoub -_- ( назад)
Driver SF Is Was My Best Games Ever !! But The Problem Is Not Get Any
Update And Any New Cars!!!

Автор El Anime xD ( назад)
Here in Spain for PC is 14.45€

Автор John Walker ( назад)
Wow you are bad

Автор Launker Mods ( назад)
What is the menu Of Cars?

Автор mgparks172000 ( назад)
Do you use a wheel?

Автор richie baby ( назад)
i was thinking of getting gta 5 but this looks way better

Автор FullscreenGroups ( назад)
Hello. We sent you a message regarding your video. It would be great if you
could take a look at it and get back to us as soon as possible or email us
at clips@fullscreen.net Kind Regards

Автор Jens Thalau ( назад)
you can"t even drift a R8 just dumb

Автор Jens Thalau ( назад)
dude you realy suck at drifting

Автор jayveion moore ( назад)
Ah man he was so close

Автор Elias Silva ( назад)

Автор Joar F. ( назад)
i'm using it as often i can :)

Автор Lexar tm ( назад)
Why do you people never use the cockpit view, aka. the view any racing game
should be played in?

Автор David Agayev ( назад)
youtube.com/watch?v=VA6vP3Stt7g music and drive

Автор 1AKaz2x . ( назад)
Shut up and enjoy CrushyDrift))

Автор dylan hendriks ( назад)
i have $1.824.771.053

Автор dylan hendriks ( назад)
you are the worst drifter that i have ever seen in my life man !

Автор Passaretti DaLi ( назад)
really u must learn how u drift -___-

Автор Passaretti DaLi ( назад)
01:50 failed :3

Автор saleh alo ( назад)
check for my channel to learn how drift

Автор Michael Carey ( назад)
how much does everyone have on this game coz I have like almost $55,000,000

Автор Michael Carey ( назад)
dude can u really drift

Автор Daniel Guevara Marlez ( назад)
Oh snap ... Mortal Kombat has changed a lot :/

Автор DESTROYER999998 ( назад)
yes he can, its called oversteer.

Автор DESTROYER999998 ( назад)
Yeah but you cant do the missions again. Only challenges i think.

Автор Jake Mcdoodle ( назад)
You can drive

Автор Ahmo Lumbreras ( назад)
the Corvette can't drift get the Nissan r35 and you will know what's the dk

Автор Nurys Paulino ( назад)

Автор xJeanie Horror ( назад)
ahahah nice one lol

Автор Said Hussein ( назад)
wow tokyo drift

Автор Артем Кухтин ( назад)
лох печальный

Автор Mohammad Elshehhi ( назад)
I'm a millionaire in this game

Автор Digipak はそれを切り開く ( назад)
this vid is called Drifting, Crashing and Jumping coz u can't do a real
drift :)

Автор Teh Golden Doge ( назад)
And no he is not roman

Автор Teh Golden Doge ( назад)
Show off

Автор jezperD ( назад)
Driver San fransisco

Автор Ramanpr33t ( назад)
Are u using mods?

Автор Ramanpr33t ( назад)
Are u using mods?

Автор Dub Burden ( назад)
wat is dis game on..

Автор luke fowler ( назад)
Good driver

Автор Evgeniyaslim ( назад)
only a very long time to boot

Автор garunisu ( назад)
very bad

Автор Mike Theunissen ( назад)
You can't. The game doesn't support wheels. I've tried to play this with my
G27 but no.

Автор BaYa_xCouGaRz YT ( назад)
6:00-6:05 o_O

Автор microtest ( назад)

Автор killerofzombies89 ( назад)
Now i know,Can you shut up you retard.

Автор RageDev ( назад)
@MrJdmania2000 k

Автор leo bot ( назад)
are you retarded?

Автор MrJdmania2000 ( назад)
Mate your mumma failedat at 1:58 in the morning cuz that's the time she had
sex with a male prostitute and 9 months later you were born ultimate fail

Автор DRIFTMANIA100 ( назад)
hey this guy stole mu driving style maaan :D

Автор Dainty Snow Leopard ( назад)
Does anyone want to play Driver SF with me.I love jumping and doing crazy
things and I need to level up.add me on xbox: reto60

Автор Zöchi is a Homo ^^ ( назад)
The nissan sounds like a porsche

Автор Jon Snow The Crow ( назад)
0:20 Reminded me of good old San Andreas`s Garage door sound <3

Автор SuperNes1996 ( назад)

Автор douglas costa silva ( назад)
kara em 6:47 vc foi esperto kkk

Автор AP's Underground Music ( назад)
Your a badass driver till 2:19

Автор RageDev ( назад)
I have a new video of Driver San Francisco! Click on my channel name to
view it!

Автор Maciek Marecki ( назад)
i will drift better than you man this is easy MAN but nice cars and good
drift good job MAN

Автор Yessenia Roman ( назад)
Si vueno es el juego dungeon rampage

Автор venelin venelinov ( назад)
Driver San Francisco

Автор Finn's Gaming (1884 года назад)
its in the name of the vid

Автор Иван Хасанов ( назад)

Автор Me Like Moto (1009 лет назад)

Автор Adam Allen ( назад)
o i thot this was mario

Автор afrim lajqi ( назад)
you must be stupid the title says all

Автор nayim hasnain ( назад)
your just stupid- disliking a video means that it does not meat the
description or title. you clicked on the link- if you have nothing good to
say dont say it because no one wants to hear about the ignorant kid who
didnt read the description and title before watching the video!

Автор SpiriDuss gaming ( назад)
Driver san francisco

Автор RageDev ( назад)
This is why the video is called drifting, CRASHING and jumping

Автор handsome926 ( назад)
1:58 fail :) dislike

Автор censink ( назад)
you made me cry at 3:09.

Автор 420fuckthatshit ( назад)
yo dumbass momma

Автор Daniel Robert ( назад)
for drifting use ZR1 its better

Автор Richard Klein ( назад)
super drift :D 2:20 :D my corvete oh noooo

Автор TheBigmac700 ( назад)
REALLY!????? OMG, THINK I BROKE THE RECORD! I had one with a 792m!!!!!!!!!!

Автор RageDev ( назад)
Mortal Kombat

Автор killerofzombies89 ( назад)
What's the game called?

Автор RageDev ( назад)
Sure, It is fun, you can still drive around San Francisco at speed!

Автор Jan M ( назад)
Is the game still fun after completing the career?

Автор zach shortridge ( назад)
8:43 Holy shit im surprised the world didnt explode

Автор shaik faruk ( назад)
w0w NyC drifting...

Автор jeez people ( назад)
super dooper oober close call at 5:18

Автор Csaba Turi ( назад)
This game crap!

Автор Guter Kamerad ( назад)
It's funny because the last driver I played for ps2 had a way better
vehicle damage system and even physics. You could get out of the car and
shoot too.

Автор SneaKyPeaky ( назад)
i made 300 m whit hudson :D really

Автор Mark Allayban ( назад)
The game looks like Crash Time 4

Автор RageDev ( назад)
Yes but if you have a look at the upload date this was one of the longest
drifts back then...

Автор NaelGaming ( назад)
thats not the longest drift. i personally made way higher than you and .
thh world record is abuot 600meters

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