Brawl Hacks - Giant Growing Sonic/Super Sonic v.s. Mario and Yoshi

For theemomunksterz.

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Автор Christine Ngouambe ( назад)
How did sonic get so big?

Автор Timothy Haley ( назад)
why you gotta do the homie yosh like that

Автор NightWingman Awesomness ( назад)
is that possible?

Автор teemo army ( назад)
3:55 It's Godzilla !!!!!

Автор Emmanuel Sanchez ( назад)
sonic sucks

Автор Darth Maul ( назад)
Sonic on steroids everyone XD

Автор juanxito :D ( назад)
fantastico 10000

Автор Lucy Morales ( назад)
How did you play as gronig sonic

Автор MsCallumT ( назад)

Автор Josephine Pabatao ( назад)

Автор Watuo will159 ( назад)
specail brawl

Автор Pancho Cespedes ( назад)

Автор sherece brunn ( назад)
im sure Yoshi and Mario will last for 12 seconds

Автор Sonic the speed ( назад)

Автор SuperMarioAaron ( назад)
Why did you put it in slow mega smash?

Автор shadow the hedgehog ( назад)
Awesome sonic has his super form for long I wish I will do that in ssbb

Автор Daniela Wendling ( назад)

Автор Neirys Pacheco ( назад)
Un. Momento

Автор be a boss like Christopher ( назад)
How do u do that?

Автор Tyler Lee ( назад)
This Is cool 

Автор Educated Isabella12 ( назад)
i dont think geting too many mushroom coind help in this hacks cause if you
get many it can be super duper hard to fight eveyone in this hack

Автор Matthew Louis ( назад)
Bruhh lol

Автор Tatianna Fallas (1330 лет назад)
Eeggman nightmare 100000000 sonics

Автор fayeurlon gaming ( назад)
hello gooddddddd hack

Автор The Eleventh Doctor ( назад)
I'm his 5906th. SUBSCRIBR! 😀 I feelz, so. Special 😃

Автор E-123 Omega ( назад)
Eggman's worst nightmare

Автор Kareem Codling ( назад)
Knuckles silver and tails we gotta get the hell out of here

Автор Kikyo the Flame ( назад)
Sonic doesn't need that

Автор DarkSonic5666 ( назад)
Sonic ate Mega Mushroom with Chilidog for Error xD

Автор hanamccaff05 ( назад)
That would be fun to play as

Автор Rafael Watterson ( назад)
00:40 tails knuckles and silver appeared!

Автор Rafael Watterson ( назад)
01:45 the voice is the go go go sonic!

Автор BlackyCedric ( назад)
I have a video of him.

Автор dtslayer 9000 ( назад)
Get super giant shadow

Автор tailsrules500 ( назад)
Mario:Come on we gotta beat him Yoshi! Silver:Its no use!*In background*

Автор Michelle Pessanha ( назад)
hacker loser! you die

Автор RedHeadedChanteuse ( назад)

Автор Thelma Ocenar ( назад)

Автор Amy Rose ( назад)
Go Sonic!!!

Автор son ario ( назад)
lol mario stepping up the size!

Автор son ario ( назад)
giant dinosor on the loose!!!!!!!!

Автор son ario ( назад)
oh god giant super LOL

Автор son ario ( назад)
dont you get ticked wen you die!?!

Автор son ario ( назад)
well if it was sonario but enyawase it was awaeosom

Автор Tyrique Georges ( назад)
Lol Yoshi got bigger than u

Автор HoneytataStudios ( назад)
what are you doing here!?

Автор King Fedora ( назад)

Автор Gamer Flare ( назад)
Give me the code?

Автор Bettye Camp ( назад)

Автор Bettye Camp ( назад)

Автор nae yolo ( назад)

Автор Deimeltor alpaca ( назад)
1:44 Go Go Sonic!!

Автор Michael Gabriel ( назад)
3:51 O_O

Автор SamuelPvPEr28122002 ( назад)

Автор Fagner Kisner ( назад)
sonic lol

Автор bm4604 ( назад)
yoshi try to take him on in his giant form but lost

Автор bm4604 ( назад)
mario touch super sonic hand he went flying

Автор TheUltrasayain ( назад)
Overkill much?

Автор jimmycrew1 ( назад)
creepy haha

Автор Alma Martinez ( назад)
Now that's just exaggerating too much. I hope you understand what are the
consequences of a whole company going bankrupt.

Автор Alma Martinez ( назад)
Not really, just because many people like something/someone it doesn't mean
they're good, just take a look a Justin Beiber.

Автор ТНЕ Артемтемтем ( назад)
Mario LOL

Автор Candy 캔디 ( назад)
Watching mario die is funny

Автор Billgee Gaming ( назад)
You're too Slow and Small!

Автор VicariousZealot8710 ( назад)
honestly, im with booyakasha, i have bought many mario games and my most
appealing would be mario galaxy. that one. With sonic i can enjoy the needs
of speed, adventure, platforming, and with that, i actually need to find
several items before i can unlock his powers, which i find gives a purpose
to play the game. while mario you can just find powers willy nilly, i walk
to the right, and there is my power. and also, super sonic has a limit,
which can be filled with rings, mario just till your hit

Автор VicariousZealot8710 ( назад)
sonic was right, "too easy! piece a cake!" after all for half of it all he
did was fly around.

Автор kevin bustamnte ( назад)

Автор Michael Meyers ( назад)
That was kinda laggy

Автор Hudsonman5060 ( назад)
Not even Mario can do that

Автор xneu ( назад)
i think its just the grow mushroom or maybe not.....

Автор Ricewarrior01 ( назад)
Because your message implies that there are a lot of people who buy Mario
games but end up not liking them. Which can be true, but the same could be
said about Sonic games as well thus that whole point is kind of moot since
both share the same problems. Also, popular generally means a getting a
good opinion from the majority.

Автор dbzlover27 ( назад)
super sonic is so horribly OP in this game, it's freakin ridiculous. You
literally cannot hurt him. At least with other characters, it's balanced
and you can occasionally dodge their moves. But because of the lame ass
fanboys bugging Nintendo, they just had to make him overpowered and stupid.
They need to get rid of sonic, permanently. I hope Sega goes bankrupt.

Автор matheus s souza ( назад)
esse video é uma bosta porque fisa gigante é facil

Автор LALO KING ( назад)
no like :C

Автор Ricewarrior01 ( назад)
Are you assuming that only applies to Mario games?

Автор Ricewarrior01 ( назад)
Yeah it does. Mario's games sell more thus making him more popular thus
making him better than Sonic by public opinion.

Автор qtippz ( назад)

Автор Star Panikku ( назад)
It's really creepy how Sonic floats around like that, kicking butt

Автор John TheGamer ( назад)
giant+growing + with brawl ball crazy hand vs sonic and sonic and sonic
that will be crazy :s

Автор CyberWolf38 ( назад)
Okay but how about when he does his spin jump? In games like Sonic
Unleashed, Sonic turns into a ball and gets this blue aura around him
implying his spin jump has some sort of energy around him that destroys
anything it touches and as for other games, He spins so fast that cut
through everything.

Автор ssbbmaster12345 ( назад)
XD Sonic Spin... cool story bro.

Автор Mr-Shadow ( назад)
Yes daddy :)

Автор Ricewarrior01 ( назад)
Because his games sell more.

Автор CyberWolf38 ( назад)
guessing you didn't see the death battle between Sonic and Mario on

Автор Byron Arclight ( назад)
Sonic is the fastest thing and can cut through titanium with a Sonic spin.
so what would happen if Sonic ran behind Mario so fast he wouldnt notice
and did a Sonic Spin? it would cut through mario like BUTTER. Dr.Eggmans
robot metal sonic witch is pretty much sonic can also beat Bowser the same
way he beat mario (exept he flies) he would just cut through bowser like
butter. This fact proves sonic is better than mario.

Автор Jayden Lewis ( назад)

Автор Patrick- Jason ( назад)
Don't mess with blondes, kids.

Автор S.B.combo ( назад)
sonic is dinosaur

Автор ssbbmaster12345 ( назад)
Stay in school, kids, it'll get you far in life.

Автор rain newholy ( назад)
hahaha sonic won mario is a big loser in 3rd place.

Автор rain newholy ( назад)
how did you do that?

Автор daiana pose ( назад)

Автор Kaylee Phillips ( назад)
If you don't have this video already could you possibly make one of these
videos with one of the pokemon?

Автор Leandro75083 ( назад)
see that you understand nothing, right? Mario is better than Sonic

Автор HBFresh ( назад)
4:40 ...your welcome

Автор Angie Yonzon ( назад)
He just glitched through the ground

Автор Dany recarte ( назад)
thats a big sonic

Автор angie warren ( назад)
mario an yoshi go go go

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