Why You Can Change The World

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“One of the things that separates confident from diffident people is their sense of how feasible it might be to change the status quo. Broadly-speaking, the unconfident believe that history is over; the confident trust that it is still in the process of being made – one day possibly by themselves…”

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Natalia Biegaj

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Автор D Lovelle ( назад)
Sure one CAN change the world, but the difficult question is why bother?
Change will occur regardless of how one feels about it or what they do (or
don't do) to trigger it.

Автор Dunia Jilbab ( назад)
amazing :)

Автор Valen Volk ( назад)
Great video, more like this for the do'ers of the world! Please less about
the mainstream static consumer conditions / position.

Автор Naturens Väktare ( назад)
Discussions lead to arguments, argmuents leads to politics, and from
politics come change. Change is happening all the time. As a matter of
fact, change isn't always the right answer to all questions.

Автор Jauckor ( назад)
I saw a change in you.

– Deftones

Автор Georgi Ion ( назад)
Sorry, but by from I heard here, these dissidents or whatever seem really
narrow-minded to me. The reason something didn't happen yet is because it
can't or shouldn't happen? History is in the past, it's not something
happening right now? What kind of mentality is that?

Автор Aurobindo Ghosh ( назад)
how long will it take for the world to be destroyed if everyone thinks of
changing the world!

Автор unclegramps ( назад)
gorgeous animation

Автор Potenti4lz ( назад)
Startups are so hard and stressful though and have like a 5% success

Автор Abdul Ghani ( назад)
its not that change is finished. its that its inevitable. even who am i to
think that i have the right to change anyone lifes?

Автор Oliver Rowland ( назад)
Glad you mentioned how we age and die. I have many friends involved in
longevity activism and research, and I do think one day we may even live
indefinitely in good health and biological youthfulness, however thinking
that, there are fears that come in of us possibly missing out on it, like
in your video about why people are negative about the future. But at the
same time it'll only happen if people believe it can and take actions now.

Автор a-d ( назад)
Yes, what they said in school is true. You can be anything you want.
Granted, they don't mention the second line. "But there's a price."

Still, it leaves a noticeable downside. Two actually, though the second is
probably just laziness on my part.
One: You can be whatever you want, but so can everyone else. How many jerks
do you know?

Two: You can stop anything. Change anything.
Why aren't you?

Suicide is an attempt to kill yourself.
Take poison.

Suicide is also putting yourself in a situation likely to kill you.
Attack a cop with a gun.

Suicide is noticing that something will kill you, but staying where you are.
A train is coming down the tracks and you shrug, staying where you are.

What is old age?

Автор BoysFromTheBurg ( назад)
Really eye opening video. Thank you for sharing

Автор Wot Wot ( назад)
Now to put this into practice. I invite everyone to read Albert Einstein's
article "Why Socialism?"


Автор Y B ( назад)
So far, the course of the entire history sums up at "Getting bigger".
That's it.
Whatever good is found, is throw aside for the sake of more.
Any actual advancement, is used only for the sake of managing to grow ever

I do not wish for this form of continuum... I want something that'll
actually advance this world as a whole, not only give humans a larger dick
to screw everything around it with.

My thoughts and ideas do not fit this current wave... Hence, I can hardly
see them ever making any difference.

Humans desire to be at the top, and crush everything ells at the bottom.
Unity and mutuality, aren't in their best interests...
Conquest, domination, submission... These seems to rule the motivation of

History favors the victor, not the benevolent.

Автор GhostlyTeehee ( назад)
This is the nicest comment section of all time

Автор E H ( назад)
This made me cry

Автор Pan Damasque ( назад)
Under what kind of rock one has to live to (as of December 2016) think that
history has ended?! WTF? History is not just ongoing, it's speeding up so
much it makes us diffident about our strength not to be trampled by its

Автор M Pinchers ( назад)
Finally a video of yours that doesn't make me want to slit my wrist after
watching it!

Автор ABC ( назад)
Extremely beneficial and beautiful. Thanks a lot for this wonderful video.

Автор If Your Reading This Remind Me To Get Back To Work ( назад)
Most people want to change the world when they can't even change themselves

Автор Helene Perlas ( назад)

Автор Kaiser68 ( назад)
Please tell me I can buy that "History is now and England" mug. I want

Автор Omar Rivera Santiago ( назад)
¡No mames! Al fin pusieron subtitulos en español. No es que no hable inglés
pero hay palabras que no entiendo. :v

Автор Nero Zeon ( назад)
I still don't understand. So, how to change the world?

Автор trex kiro ( назад)
I want to destroy this world.

Автор Ramsey -G ( назад)
See, I don't care. I'm tired.

Автор João de Carvalho ( назад)
Which planet are you living? Science and technology change the world decade
after decade.

Автор Marios Spyrou ( назад)
In other words, history is always being written so take your chances and
keep in mind that there is always something out there worth exploring,
discovering and creating.'' History is written by the tenacious and

Автор satyamev Jayate ( назад)
Wow I don't know but after seeing that awesome video I can die peacefully

Автор James Craver ( назад)
The visual style in this video is adorable 😊

Автор Yarah el gerzawY ( назад)
I LOVE this video! By far the best one you have made sol!

Автор Geoffrey ( назад)
tai lopez can change the world

Автор Marshall Curtis ( назад)
In the course of history, values do change. False values give way to true
values and vice versa. The difference is, all true values that have given
way to false values will someday return to stay. This of course, is still a

Автор DEEEZZZ ( назад)
trust me. i know about deep learning and I have failed so much that the
algorithm written in my brain is just deep learning on failing over and
over again. each time it gets littlle bit worse. I am not changing shit
other than making this world a more fucked up place than it already
is..fuck out here

Автор Dario Kosugi ( назад)
the video is so trippy though. I love it.

Автор Innasafa ( назад)
THIS IS INSPIRING! thank you sol, as always :)

Автор Barra Convery ( назад)
"Every moment in time is a pinprick in eternity" - Marcus Aurelius
Definitely one of the most thought provoking and insightful quotes
regarding our humble lives :)

Автор John Gonzalez ( назад)
The biggest problem in the world is predominance of hidden structures of
power that influence nearly every aspect of our lives. The spy agencies,
the secret societies, the bankers, wealthy individuals, etc.

Changing the world is a very moot point when the average person and groups
of people have to deal with entire "armies" of people who work on behalf of
these hidden power structures.

In my own personal experience, I have met individuals in nearly all walks
of life in nearly every post, from the very bottom, to professors,
researchers, scientists, who are under the control of the surveillance
state. Heck most of the scientists who get mainstream publicity got that
publicity because they worked with the power elite. This means what ever
they espouse must be supported and in many times guided by the power elite.

If you truly wish to be the school of life Alain de Botton, you must be
honest with your viewers and tell them about the hidden structures of

Автор chiplanay ( назад)
" You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be
able to solve all of the world's problems at once but don't ever
underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that
courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own. "

Автор EGR2 Thinkerer ( назад)
The greatest destroyer of ecology. The greatest source of waste, depletion
and pollution. The greatest purveyor of violence, war, crime, poverty,
animal abuse and inhumanity. The greatest generator of personal and social
neurosis, mental disorders, depression, anxiety. Not to mention the
greatest source of social paralysis, stopping us from moving into new
methodologies for personal health, global sustainability and progress on
this planet, is not some corrupt government or legislation.
Not some rogue corporation or banking cartel.
Not some flaw of human nature and not some secret cabal that controls the
It is the socioeconomic system itself at its very foundation.”
― Peter Joseph

Автор semih oguzcan ( назад)
Hell yes, Resource Based Economy for a better future! :)

Автор Zayn Pasha ( назад)
Hi Im Muslim.

Автор BlazBomber Ex Kamen ( назад)
Remember democracy? Trump won.

Автор Pranav L ( назад)
Hello SOL! This is only the first video I've watched but it has already
given a direction to my life and career. Thanks! It was interesting to
understand our reluctance to change and basically 'how we hear what we want
to hear'...

Автор Owen Thomas ( назад)
if you're in the UK you can hear Jeremy Irons read the four quartets from
this video. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b086ldlr

Автор nimajnebenneb ( назад)

Автор shirin sidharta ( назад)
Did anyone think of hamilton?

Автор D: ( назад)
You can't change the world. What fucking bullshit is this?

Автор Gallagher Rutledge ( назад)
"Old people did not know enough once, perchance, to fetch fresh fuel to
keep the fire a-going; new people put a little dry wood under a pot, and
are whirled round the globe with the speed of birds..." H.D. Thoreau

Автор Ivy Howell ( назад)
Existential crisis time yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Автор Sophie Laggan ( назад)
Thank you for producing such wonderful videos - you constantly provide me
with inspiration and a sense of solidarity. I am putting together a new
blog about change makers - would you mind if I used this video on the site?

Автор Aitor Morgado ( назад)
I guess that too many people stay inactive and hopeless due to this feeling
of being too small to change things. Sometimes, even if you can't change
the big things, you can change the smallest ones and this can improve
people's lives. If we all help each other, trying to be our better selves,
the world will benefit from that.

Автор Dwijiri (Dwij) Basumatary ( назад)
I LOVE THIS. This topic feels so fresh compared to the few previous ones.
Good job, SoL!

Автор Friendly Metroid ( назад)
Hi SOL, I was wondering if your animators are free to interpret the script
as they choose or if it planned out and decided on. They always feel like
they were downloaded from someone's mind at the moment our host speaks.

Автор Vegano Vitor ( назад)
I love everything about this video. It makes me feel very confident and
very sure that my work as a vegan activist is worthy. Thank you, The School
of Life =]

Автор Telepcanin 28 ( назад)

Автор LightiningHb ( назад)
Neoliberalism and austherity economics thrive by presenting themselves as
an imutable force of nature. It is applied today as if the destruction and
inequality it created were not all around us to be seen. As if the world we
want and need should not be different than how it is.
Fighting its destructive economical ideology is one simple way we can
change the world. Some propose socialism is the alternative, to replace
capitalism itself. I don't have an answer yet, but I can at least diagnose
the problem we face.

Автор Yaseen Mohamed ( назад)
Shamley Green?! Same village where Richard Branson grew up!

Автор vivek verma ( назад)
Just what I needed to Hear!!

Автор Maya Thomas ( назад)
We were born to make history

Автор Carlos Ramirez ( назад)
Can you guys do a segment on Religion.

Автор Varun Chitale ( назад)
Your voice is so soothing😄

Автор Atlas B ( назад)
We were born to make history!
Yes, we were born to make history!


Автор Brad Pitt ( назад)
Here's something that will NEVER happen. A world without money, trade,
politic or competition. Prove me wrong, dumbass.

Автор Chaeru Utama ( назад)
watching this in my procrastinationland.

Автор inquisitive871 ( назад)
This channel is a self help guide for highbrow people. Lol

Автор Ican FeeLIt ( назад)
how do you have any subscribers at all? so fucken dull

Автор Jeremy Wadsley ( назад)
I don't wanna change the world. I wanna cringe the world 😉

Автор ahmed elbarky ( назад)
nice one :)

Автор NeoN Atary ( назад)
what makes me really sad is that some people really don't believe they can
change history! so they keep telling others they can't . telling their
children they can't change the world. I think telling children thet they
can't change the world is the worst because they believe it . unfortunately
I have been told I can't change the world. not directly, but , I know
people don't expect me to be that important . however I still hope to
change history .

Автор K20civicsirturbo ( назад)
This video was some bullshit and I like this channel

Автор coolvidstv ( назад)
nothing humans do matter to the world in the end we as humans will become
extinct and everything we have ever done wont matter.

jk your gay.

Автор Jiho Jun ( назад)
The volume in this video needs to increase. I leave my volumes at max and
still i can hardly hear anything ::/

Автор Turtlefoot69 ( назад)
Consciousness creates reality, i used to have hell everyday until i changed
my mindset and lifestyle, now its so much better and i notice when i lose
myself again, i automatically notice and attract more darkness until i pick
myself back up again. Simple universal knowledge.

Автор Tubs - Minecraft ( назад)
it all a lie, no one red head can do so much, she is the leader of the
illuminati and she will find you and beat your your ass for ruining her
plains of world take over if you try to make a difference. Just like how
president JFK was shot, also bush did 9-11, The world is ending in 2018
becuase Trump got a bit to trigger happy with the nukes, you heard it hear
first folks

okay to be honest, I get that this video is supposed to be inspiring and
shit but what one normal powerless person do to change the world? for
example a boy from Ohio who has no ties to really anything of importance or
value really make a difference? no because my parents and grandparents and
all the people around me in fucking Ohio haven't done anything with their
lives and if I try to do something when I'm fucking 40 il labeled as a
fucking psychotic redneck from fucking farmland.. what power does someone
have you intellteictical British God of the Internet? and no I'm confident
but I'm just being honest.. I do believe history is still going and there
is new shit but honestly look how history has fucked over so many people in
the past? all those enslaved people and peasants who's to say I can make a

Автор Ramsey -G ( назад)
I think is not that the society is over,is humanity is boring and over, we
tend to focus on the outside world more than we focus on ourself, who we
are and why we do the things we do. Human instinct is maybe what separate
us from true happiness, so that I belief there is hardly anything that is
gonna change, changes is only for our amusement make things dope and
interesting, our purpose of doing things don't change so there is hardly
nothing changes, people are always changing, confuse and angry, just like a
machine we are still in the possess, for so the real advance don't come
from changing the "outside", but the inside. #everythingyouhavewilllose

Автор allisontpowell ( назад)
beautifully done

Автор DRIIB2 :D ( назад)
If you have money then you have more chance of changing the world

Автор temoc reteria ( назад)
I think most people, myself included, don't care if we "make history". We
just want to live our own lives

Автор wyatt cowan ( назад)
I know who to change the world
Remember no Russian

Автор MALIRIPPA ( назад)
only way to change the world is being kind and hoping it will pass on,

Автор StevenUniverse Freak ( назад)
I made history

I ate a gas station taco

Автор Sapphire X Chaos ( назад)
yeah sure let me go on twitter and say hey guys let's be nice AND THE WORLD
CHANGES! no...

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
Why you can't* change the world.

Автор Paladiesh ( назад)
Strongly disagree. It's not just about history and things being set in
stone. A reasonable cause for fear in the creative is caused by the sheer
number of people out there these days. Coming up with something original
becomes statistically less and less probable.
Another issue for a lot of us is basically money or in other words - fear
of failure and a sense of insecurity about one's future. Starting a new
business, pioneering new art forms or at least sitting down to write a book
are all investments of time and money and many people ask themselves "what
if I fail". A lot of us are afraid of ending up on the street with nothing
to show for it y'know. A very sad and selfish thought, but it's perpetually
there ...

Автор Kate Parker ( назад)
Thank you. I have been feeling lately that creativity means less and less
in a saturated world, but this reminder - that change is constant - is so
reassuring and inspiring at the same time.

Автор Bleu Jason ( назад)
You think I can change the world I'm currently in college study web
development specialist spend time playing video game more than I spent time
doing my homework I masterbate a lot some time I try to stop but when I'm
thinking about find a good quality video and a hot babe touch herself there
no turning back after I'm done the feeling gone I fucking regret it. Today
my dad throw all of my sisters stuff out because she pregnant for a little
shit she was in love with a guy that could give her any thing I guess she
don't want that now every one would be happy if she pregnant for him I'm
feeling bad for her she was my fucking sister growing up together I'm not
going to see her anymore she don't got a job and a fucking high school
diploma now why condom exist u wanna have sex use one don't be a retard
it's ok to masterbate I know the pussey is good after u done fuck that
pussey it was just a fucking feeling MAKE SURE YOU READY TO HAVE A BABY
like having money in the banks MONEY is the most fucking think u need to
survive in this bloody fuck up WORLD.

Автор nate barns ( назад)
Humans dont change the world it changes us.

Автор Michael Zeitler ( назад)
SJW's think they can change the world by screaming at white males

Автор Peter Bruce ( назад)
that was confusing

Автор AvangionQ ( назад)
We're living through the golden age of technology. I'd argue that societal
change for the better is happening more rapidly now than at any point in
history. In two or three decades, with the advent of automation and
personal 3D printing, we might even begin the post-resource age ... that
is, if we can figure out how to cope with accelerating global warming. All
I'm trying to say, if you see a change you want to make in the world, make
it your life's work, and maybe you'll live to see it happen.

Автор Windex ( назад)
once time is "speeded" up

Автор Michelle ( назад)
Wow... thank you for this video,

Автор dartagnanx1 ( назад)
who are you awesome people?

Автор Mark Arandjus ( назад)
Wait, eating the eyeballs of sheep is not a thing anymore? Well this was s

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