Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion

grand funk railroad's track from their album greatest hits

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Автор Anthony Burnam ( назад)
The tone of the bass this guy gets has always lit me up. Sweet version of a
sweet song. Bass like Jack Bruce of Cream, Chris Squire of Yes and Arion
Salazar currently doing godknows what but did play with Third Eye Blind
until after Blue came out I think. I hope that damn Salazar is OK or he
gonna be WITH Jack and Chris. Be careful Arion. Please be careful.

Автор marc dewey ( назад)
This song is good,but Grand Funk had lots of other songs that are much

Автор smilinachya ( назад)
I remember I was 7 years old when I hear this song back in '74/'75 when it
came out. It would be my very first record (a 45).

Автор james marshall ( назад)
/// @ 1:19 There's World War 2 allied Fighter Planes Straffing ground
installations, Fighters cutting Trains in half. Destroying Enemy RAILROAD

Автор CF Brend ( назад)
this song was on Thomas and the magic railroad.

Автор john meek ( назад)
the best version i love

Автор peridot greene ( назад)
if not for this version, i would not like/listen to this song. ♥grand funk
r.r. rocks it! ☻☺ they are FANTASTIC, & no one else comes close!♥ i always
listen 3x consecutively x^D

Автор Stephen French ( назад)
Used to listen to this song at the skating rink in Tally Florida.
Along with simple Simon says wooly bully,and Dancing Queen by Abba

Автор Bradley Allen ( назад)
Being a huge music fan as well as a hopeless hockey addict, let me point
out that this was Bob Probert's favorite song which he even had played at
his wedding! Maybe he especially appreciated Grand Funk Railroad because
he and the band's lead singer both did time!

Автор Jack Keesee ( назад)
Fantastic! CLASSIC guitar riff!

Автор Michael Bowie ( назад)
Next Version!

Автор Karen Casale ( назад)
Love this

Автор Chevelle “Chev” T-W (1497 лет назад)
My Girl 2 anyone?

Автор Michael Glickman ( назад)
For those wondering, the band members are lead vocalist-guitarist-harmonica
and guitarron player Mark Farner, bassist Mel Schacher,
drummer-percussionist-backing vocalist Don Brewer, and
organist-clavinetist-pianist-moog synthesist-mellotron player-backing
vocalist Craig Frost.

Автор Rodney Wise ( назад)
Classic song. I never knew who made it. Now I know Grand Funk rail road.

Автор CheerLife06 ( назад)

Автор Marty Lawson ( назад)
Def best version but a little eye candy doesnt hurt on Kylies

Автор xaenon ( назад)
Ah, the 70s. Truly, a different era. A WONDERFUL era.

Автор diana sherman ( назад)
Love these songs. Brings back a lot of memories

Автор ratchaphong phoksupat ( назад)

Автор Bob Brocculeri ( назад)
I believe this is the only song to be a number one hit 3 separate times. In
the 60s 70s and 80 s. Carole king tune

Автор RaritanRiverRailroadFan4 ( назад)
Yeah this is my favorite version as well.

Автор ranatlas ( назад)
Produced by Todd Rundgren.... a wizard/true star!

Автор sandinyourshoes ( назад)
Classic Funk! I am so glad this has the guitar solo. The radio edit that
drops it is very disappointing.

Автор bobo bob ( назад)
Going to see the some old school this weekend.

Автор Brandon Haymaker ( назад)
Im calling it, this is going to be in guardians of the galaxy 2

Автор Rita Holden ( назад)
OH YEAH!!!!!

Автор James Kendall ( назад)
Just digin this jam not heavy philosophy just makes this rythmless white
boy wanna shake the money maker!

Автор AMBULANCE MAN ( назад)

Автор kobraf150 (943 года назад)
Okay, Little Eva's version you may hear once in a blue moon on an oldies
station, Kylie's you hear at about 1/3 of every wedding, but this version
is all over the classic rock stations! Good song, 3 good recordings but
this is the best one.

Автор Acorns AustinHQ ( назад)
OMG Wii music made this song stay in my heart!

Автор Nola Ross ( назад)
Im with you. music is dead nowadays....they dont make music like this

Автор joypink17 ( назад)
7th heaven sent me here.....

Автор Ian Watchmann ( назад)
I'm surprised this wasn't on the LoZ: spirit tracks commercial.

Автор Tom Chappelow ( назад)
I like their version more

Автор xlted1 ( назад)
Ah. So i see. Thanks for that. Now keep rockin' to this track, and don't

Автор GandSAfan ( назад)
Before that, they were part of Terry Knight and The Pack.

Автор GandSAfan ( назад)
Mark and Don were originally with Flint-based Terry Knight and The Pack.
Mel later joined them from Question Mark and The Mysterians.

Автор BarneyWoland ( назад)
Old rock classic.

Автор 4string59 ( назад)
Actually, this song was written by Carole King & Gerry Goffin for Little
Eva...who was their babysitter at the time.

Автор 4string59 ( назад)
One of Goffin & Kings' best. And they wrote a ton of 'em.

Автор WalterJacksonFreeman ( назад)
what u thought the monkey was for show?

Автор Coni Brooks ( назад)
Just seen them in Arizona, got autographs, they still sound awesome. Love u

Автор frusciante319 ( назад)
also kinda sounds like frampton

Автор Hoodrat ( назад)
Playing this with my school orchestra

Автор 1985OldSkool ( назад)

Автор geoff relf ( назад)
man I grew up with band,my bro had a tape player in his eh panel van & use
to play it all the time

Автор artsyspicey ( назад)
A classic! Gets you moving!

Автор WalterJacksonFreeman ( назад)
1 2 3 4

Автор wolfclass Lincoln ( назад)
yea, come on baby

Автор taiji beast ( назад)
Thats a bit of a stretch

Автор Vitaee13 ( назад)
Never made that connection before, but now that you mention it, yeah this
does sound Led Zeppelin-ish.

Автор Blah22710 ( назад)
ROFL nice.

Автор Marlene Ansley ( назад)
Little Eva was the one that did the original song. This is good too!

Автор mary k ( назад)
Am I crazy or is this version of "Locomotion" a little bit "Led
Zeppelin-ish?" Maybe I'm projecting because I've just been listening to LZ
music, but I'd love to hear Robert Plant sing this song. And the guitar
solo here strikes me as similar to what Page would play.

Автор calvin3464 ( назад)
This song is outstanding! :D

Автор armando buenpito ( назад)
riding the Caboose? or perhaps Doggy style?

Автор armando buenpito ( назад)
This version reminds me of roller skating back in the day.

Автор bamamamacat ( назад)
This song makes me happy.

Автор TheFlyingFoodTester ( назад)
this is one of the catchiest songs ever

Автор Michael Shaver ( назад)
The BEST cover version of a hit I've ever heard, full stop! I get blisters
on my fingers just LISTENING to the damned guitar solo! Yeah, it's that

Автор ihave2rocks ( назад)
45 rpm record lol.

Автор badskroy71 ( назад)
70s version >> 60s version (They're both good though)

Автор thespeez ( назад)
Excellent east-coast swing (jitterbug) dance number

Автор Nasher188 ( назад)
The guitar solo you're hearing is not the actual signal. It's an analogue
tape delay with the repeats tuned off. They're playing with the speed knob
to get those "whooshing" sounds. In other words,it's tape copy of the
original guitar signal.

Автор TheRumphumper ( назад)
It's easier to learn than your ABCs! Best ever version of this classic by a
long way.

Автор lone ranger ( назад)
classic wedding song

Автор a rabbid bunneh ( назад)
i have this in my pants ohhhhh gee willickers my balls are gone

Автор WittowBudduh ( назад)
My name is Mark! :D

Автор Paula M ( назад)
I am doing the same thing. Dance and repeat.

Автор frank smith ( назад)
im swinging lol

Автор Tommy Graham ( назад)
I miss Mark, Don & Mel.....69-71, who's with me?

Автор MaxiMaxi_TheGreat ( назад)
Ive been playing it since this morning as I got up and I felt like a beat
that went through me so I got up and did my dance for this song! Hip-hip

Автор MaxiMaxi_TheGreat ( назад)
Really? Now Im playing this over and over now and I am luvin it!!

Автор reddog4d9 ( назад)
got to catch em all pokemon

Автор Grace Johnson ( назад)
i feel so out of place reading the comments from people so much
longer-lived than i ._.

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