Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion

grand funk railroad's track from their album greatest hits

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Длительность: 2:51
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Автор Elaine Boyette ( назад)
best song ever, by grand funk railroad.

Автор Billy Astrove ( назад)
We dance this in my preschool classroom

Автор Jim Walker ( назад)
Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote this song for their babysitter - Little Eva

Автор John Reichard ( назад)
Little Eva her signature song. This good also.

Автор Petie Stewart ( назад)
some body take me roller skatin, hehee,,,,,, i love it, this is when music was music

Автор Bill Rabara ( назад)
What a sloppy performance. I guess it's no surprise grand funk couldn't rise into the first tier

Автор Thomas Cox ( назад)
Lunch Time..Pizza, fried burrito's and some fine long beach babe's was some of the best memories ever...North Town...! NTS

Автор Lisa Roden ( назад)
who lives bto ,?

Автор Thebosslady Richardson ( назад)
127 people can sit down and read and Learn what good music is

Автор ChainsawChuck13 ( назад)
Why do I feel like this would be the perfect song for tankslapping on a snowy, deserted backroad?

Автор Neil McCall ( назад)
Perstist that Auld

Автор ClassicTVMan1981X ( назад)
This was Grand Funk's second number 1 hit!

Автор john meek ( назад)
this is the best version first heard in townsville australia when i joined the army 1972

Автор Frank Kishoon ( назад)
This sends me right back in time...and I mean the best times !!!...

Автор Jill Reed ( назад)
Best version by far!

Автор lecisz ( назад)

Автор Lady Deplorable ( назад)
One of Michigans best bands! It's a Trump jam now ! Classic.

Автор Christine Sieja ( назад)
just love this song, so many memories, would always dance to this at the rollor rink

Автор bill mimms ( назад)
Aside from the obvious, "Ask Todd Rundgren!," does anyone have any idea how that lead guitar solo was made?

Автор Don Goodyear ( назад)
Rockin song remember it well during the summer of 1974. wish I could go back in a heartbeat!

Автор Greg Fjestad ( назад)
what a great song,makes you forget the original.the memorable,scratchy guitar riff;hilarious.I bet Little Eva is shaking her head somewhere!

Автор Greg Fjestad ( назад)
what a great song,makes you forget the original.the memorable,scratchy guitar riff;hilarious.I bet Little Eva is shaking her head somewhere!

Автор Dustin Verrett ( назад)
The real question is, what is the locomotion?

Автор Carole Ann Davis ( назад)
Simply luv this!!!!!!!!!

Автор harleybynature ( назад)
It was in my head, had to come here and get my fix... damn loco motion.

Автор Fabrice Plaschy ( назад)
I prefer the Ritz's version

Автор Volker Fisher ( назад)
The worst lead vocals ever!! He's too flat the whole song.

Автор FishHeadSalad ( назад)
Little Eva all over again.
Yet...this version kicks ass!

Автор Barbara Sanford ( назад)
best days of my life the 70

Автор Barbara Sanford ( назад)
i miss being a kid.

Автор eieiei88 ( назад)
Kylie minogue's version is the best

Автор Mike Buma ( назад)
My Favorite band ever!

Автор Judy Ginquitti ( назад)
got to see them tonite in Vernon downs racetrack in rome  new York they still sound great

Автор LORI STEWART ( назад)
How can 125 people give this a thumbs down???!!!!!!😳

Автор LORI STEWART ( назад)
This is Grand Funk singing this..... They recorded this in just one take in the studio ......😄

Автор Ob Bop ( назад)

Автор Spencer Monroe ( назад)
Mcjuggernuggets. Lol.

Автор michael Chirchirillo ( назад)
I was 7 in '74

Автор jeffrey luciana ( назад)
Yea, junior high dance. All the girls sit on this side of the bleachers and all the boys sit on that side (except for this song)

Автор matt8863 ( назад)
Released...May 1974.

Автор Machine Gun Nest ( назад)
@ 1:19 There's allied aircraft fighters -cutting trains in half destroying enemy railroad lines  dive bombing ground installations..

Автор Dawny Weiser ( назад)
My mom and dad had the 45 back in 1974. Played it often.

Автор Elio Lopez ( назад)
GFR was a GREAT band. IMO this is still the best version of this song ever recorded.

Автор David Campbell ( назад)
anybody else remember doing a train skate to this song at your local skating rink?

Автор James Pritchett ( назад)
that has got to be a Gibson bass, an eb somethin' er other.. that gnarly tone ala' felix papilarrdi  or jack bruce.

Автор Blaire Ronzel ( назад)
I'll be anyone 100 bucks that's is Todd Rundgren doing the guitar solo.

Автор Debra Bordelon ( назад)
let's do the lovecomotion jody with me

Автор CaroLouWho ( назад)
Most fun I've had in a long time was singing along to this with my sweetie in his car, not caring if we were good or if people in other cars were side-eyeing us, just having a blast. Memories are made of this.

Автор laela1 ( назад)
best version of Locomotion!!! great guitar here!!!

Автор Keith Mangold ( назад)
Mark, Don and Mel.......nuff said

Автор Machine Gun Nest ( назад)
. @ 1:19 Theres Allied Aircraft Straffeing Gound Installations Fighters cutting . Trains in half Destroying Enemy RAILROAD LINES

Автор Suely P. Coriolano ( назад)
I will love this rock song forever.

Автор Charles Burch ( назад)
mise the 70's!!

Автор death2pc ( назад)
Thanks Todd (Rundgren) for scoring, directing and producing this version...........................  It's the best.

Автор nitro21553 ( назад)

Автор Julian ( назад)
Yeah, this is a remake song that never gave credit to the original singer, but it's a good remake.

Автор CL Rbg ( назад)

Автор John Jarquin ( назад)
this song should've been called "Do The Locomotive"

Автор BlitztheDragon ( назад)
Dance crazes: America's greatest weakness.

Автор Jessica bennett ( назад)
i love this song and plus i am clapping ty for sharing:)

Автор john meek ( назад)
still love its the best

Автор James Lawson ( назад)
Can somebody say "all aboard the loco-motion!'? Because I would!

Автор SudokuBrony ( назад)
Of all the versions I've heard this one's my favorite!

Автор tinderviddles ( назад)
By this time in 1974 wasn't the band simply called "Grand Funk"?? I thought I read somewhere that they went through some legal battles with one of the founding members then shortened the name of the band after the issues were settled.

Автор roberto borrego ( назад)
cuando tienes planes para ir de rumba este tema ufff¡¡ prende y bieeen.

Автор Brittany Lavalley ( назад)
loved it

Автор William Fuller ( назад)
They are coming to Wichita,Ks sometime this month.

Автор Machine Gun Nest ( назад)
they should hit you with the leed twice::::::::::::::::::::::::

Автор Rainbow Dash 4Ever ( назад)
This song has become one of my favorites.

Автор Ellen Felker ( назад)
This one was great at dances! So exciting; total blast!!

Автор KingKylenides (95 лет назад)
When you work retail.. and they start playing non-stop Christmas music at work... then this comes on. It's your best friend. Thank god for classics.

Epic head bob moment.

Автор Sensible Soul ( назад)
Great Karaoke material.....

Автор Machine Gun Nest ( назад)
@1:19- Theres Allied Aircraft Straffeing Ground installations Cutting Trains in Half Destroying Enemy RAILROAD LINES

Автор Terilei Iokua ( назад)
great music. ...

Автор Alice in Chains LS4 ( назад)
1973 when WLS(Chicago,ILL.) still played music. This song was the first rock I really ever heard,LOVE at first listen

Автор Anthony Burnam ( назад)
The tone of the bass this guy gets has always lit me up. Sweet version of a sweet song. Bass like Jack Bruce of Cream, Chris Squire of Yes and Arion Salazar currently doing godknows what but did play with Third Eye Blind until after Blue came out I think. I hope that damn Salazar is OK or he gonna be WITH Jack and Chris. Be careful Arion. Please be careful.

Автор marc dewey ( назад)
This song is good,but Grand Funk had lots of other songs that are much better.

Автор smilinachya ( назад)
I remember I was 7 years old when I hear this song back in '74/'75 when it came out. It would be my very first record (a 45).

Автор Machine Gun Nest ( назад)
///>>>>>> @ 1:19  There's World War 2 allied aircraft fighter Planes Straffing ground installations, Fighters cutting Trains in half.   Destroying Enemy RAILROAD LINES -

Автор cf brend ( назад)
this song was on Thomas and the magic railroad.

Автор john meek ( назад)
the best version i love

Автор peridot greene ( назад)
if not for this version, i would not like/listen to this song. ♥grand funk r.r. rocks it! ☻☺ they are FANTASTIC, & no one else comes close!♥ i always listen 3x consecutively x^D

Автор Stephen French ( назад)
Used to listen to this song at the skating rink in Tally Florida.
Along with simple Simon says wooly bully,and Dancing Queen by Abba

Автор Bradley Allen ( назад)
Being a huge music fan as well as a hopeless hockey addict, let me point out that this was Bob Probert's favorite song which he even had played at his wedding!  Maybe he especially appreciated Grand Funk Railroad because he and the band's lead singer both did time!

Автор Jack Keesee ( назад)
Fantastic! CLASSIC guitar riff!

Автор Michael Bowie ( назад)
Next Version!

Автор Karen Casale ( назад)
Love this

Автор Michael Glickman ( назад)
For those wondering, the band members are lead vocalist-guitarist-harmonica and guitarron player Mark Farner, bassist Mel Schacher, drummer-percussionist-backing vocalist Don Brewer, and organist-clavinetist-pianist-moog synthesist-mellotron player-backing vocalist Craig Frost.

Автор Rodney Wise ( назад)
Classic song. I never knew who made it. Now I know Grand Funk rail road.

Автор xfilesCRAZY ( назад)

Автор Marty Lawson ( назад)
Def best version but a little eye candy doesnt hurt on Kylies

Автор xaenon ( назад)
Ah, the 70s. Truly, a different era. A WONDERFUL era.

Автор diana sherman ( назад)
Love these songs. Brings back a lot of memories

Автор พระรัชชพงษ์ ( назад)

Автор Bob Brocculeri ( назад)
I believe this is the only song to be a number one hit 3 separate times. In the 60s 70s and 80 s. Carole king tune

Автор RaritanRiverRailroadFan4 ( назад)
Yeah this is my favorite version as well.

Автор grimley ( назад)
Produced by Todd Rundgren.... a wizard/true star!

Автор sandinyourshoes ( назад)
Classic Funk!  I am so glad this has the guitar solo.  The radio edit that drops it is very disappointing.

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