Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion

grand funk railroad's track from their album greatest hits

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Автор kevin vandine ( назад)
cool beat lol

Автор Antonio Marino ( назад)

Автор Billy King ( назад)
#8 this week in 1974.

Автор regina riddle ( назад)
This version I heard when I was about 8 yrs old. I love this song.

Автор Marty Lawson ( назад)
Def best version but a little eye candy doesnt hurt on Kylies

Автор xaenon ( назад)
Ah, the 70s. Truly, a different era. A WONDERFUL era.

Автор diana sherman ( назад)
Love these songs. Brings back a lot of memories

Автор ratchaphong phoksupat ( назад)

Автор Jerry Garcia (jammenjerry6) ( назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: https://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI

Автор LA Lady Steelers 15 ( назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: https://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI

Автор Celio Esteves ( назад)

Автор Bob Brocculeri ( назад)
I believe this is the only song to be a number one hit 3 separate times. In
the 60s 70s and 80 s. Carole king tune

Автор RaritanRiverRailroadFan4 ( назад)
Yeah this is my favorite version as well.

Автор ranatlas ( назад)
Produced by Todd Rundgren.... a wizard/true star!

Автор sandinyourshoes ( назад)
Classic Funk! I am so glad this has the guitar solo. The radio edit that
drops it is very disappointing.

Автор bobo bob ( назад)
Going to see the some old school this weekend.

Автор Alan Winter ( назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: http://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI

Автор PILLO CEPILLO (1754 года назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: http://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI

Автор Brandon Haymaker ( назад)
Im calling it, this is going to be in guardians of the galaxy 2

Автор Rita Holden ( назад)
OH YEAH!!!!!

Автор Stokley Caine ( назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: http://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI
Got to do the Locomotion this morning brrr 15 below

Автор James Kendall ( назад)
Just digin this jam not heavy philosophy just makes this rythmless white
boy wanna shake the money maker!

Автор AMBULANCE MAN ( назад)

Автор Dennis Uribe ( назад)
Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion: http://youtu.be/jxyU4W8iyeI

Автор Bruno Figueiredo ( назад)

Автор kobraf150 (944 года назад)
Okay, Little Eva's version you may hear once in a blue moon on an oldies
station, Kylie's you hear at about 1/3 of every wedding, but this version
is all over the classic rock stations! Good song, 3 good recordings but
this is the best one.

Автор Acorns AustinHQ ( назад)
OMG Wii music made this song stay in my heart!

Автор Jan Gidget Gillihan ( назад)
My first concert was Grand Funk Railroad

Автор Julia Linda ( назад)
Fajna piosenka, zwykle nie przepadam za Rockiem ale ta jest spoko. 

Автор HouseofBurgessesLR ( назад)
Awesome cover. Still have my original 45. SO Seventies.

Автор John Williams ( назад)
love this song

Автор Bill McClure ( назад)
lots of fun dancing to this song--back in the day

Автор C Randolph ( назад)
Kylie's version is far superior. 

Автор Luigui vesper ( назад)
Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now
(c'mon baby do the loco-motion)
I know you'll get to like it
If you give it a chance now
(c'mon baby do the loco-motion)
My little baby sister can do it with ease
It's easier than learning your a b c's
So come on, come on,
Do the loco-motion with me


Автор Greg Kelley ( назад)
My Music Roots!!!!!

Автор Jorge Arturo Pelcastre ( назад)

Автор Danja ( назад)
I do this song on karaoke nights (Kylie, I love you ... but seeing as I
sing tenor, your range is WAAAAY too high for me :( ).

Автор Groovy Reflections ( назад)
Grand Funk did an oldie in 1974 Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion

Автор Barry Miller ( назад)
Check out Carole King's version. Being that she wrote the song, she's got
her unique take on it.

Автор Bras Oscar de Souza Júnior ( назад)

Автор maxmo1109 ( назад)
Far and away, the best version of this song!

Автор Emily M ( назад)
I like Little Eva's version~ , but I like GFR's more!! #throwbackthursday

Автор kate b ( назад)
Get moving on your way to the weekend!! Grand Funk Railroad - The

Автор kathy simpson ( назад)
used to do the dance with my girls ... good times :)

Автор scott finch ( назад)

Автор rustykenpo ( назад)
Best version of this great song!!

Автор Philip SIXTY SIX ( назад)

Автор lamonstra ( назад)
RIP Gerry Goffin.

Автор pegster6 ( назад)
Always loved this version best! 

Автор TheRumphumper ( назад)
Sorry Kylie, but this is one Aussie that thinks this version shits all over
yours! Still love you though.

Автор Aaron Gillespie ( назад)
this song sucks its crapy its stupid i hate everyone hates do the loco
motion to fircing stupid and dumb who even litsens to this crap not me i
listen to better musin firc this

Автор Helen Cryan ( назад)
I love this song brings back memories

Автор Steve Ingram ( назад)
Hello, hallelujah and how's your mom and welcome to another week in the
most awesomest of awesome communities, Everything Music!!! I'm your host
and in-house spam eradicator for the week as we swing through the world of
music with a machete, expanding musical consciousness with Nazi jack boots
that scream "hey, man, listen to this!"

And what a fine week it was. Congrats to Pete of +GALLEY SLAVES for another
well selected 5 To 1 Countdown.

Don't get too excited, but in just moments, a community member will share
with you the greatest song ever. This one.... well, it's good, but it's not
that one. Just wait..... any minute now..... in the meantime though... 

Автор nikla102 ( назад)
Huge request to make this my song avail in all Countries plez?? Love
"Locomotion" - the making of it In the studio version I believe... 

Автор Kayy Tbh ( назад)
I remember dancing to this in 8th grade Show Choir, those were the days

Автор john meek ( назад)
is is the best version 

Автор Ashley Ovathray ( назад)
Bringing you the song stylings of work radio.

Автор A_______A ( назад)
One of the best roller skate songs.

Автор mspixiedust100 ( назад)
This song ROCKS and DANG they are HOT. Bought the 45 and I'm buying it

Автор MrsSilverkittygirl ( назад)
This is wonderful! I have been looking for this song forever!!!! Who could
be upset listening to this song? No ONE! Play on, play on.

Автор Andrew Forrer ( назад)
still a bad ass song......

Автор Laura Rodriguez ( назад)
hola, este puño siempre lo llevare en mi corazon ya que me recuerda que mi
hermano lo pinto en la entrada de su dormitorio, y vivira en mi memoria por
siempre y para siempre

Автор Serge Mouravski ( назад)

Автор eieiei88 ( назад)
Best version of locomotion. Kylie Minogue's is not that bad either.

Автор dominick carpenella ( назад)
great just great.

Автор Reid Mason ( назад)
Easily the best version of this song. Kylie Minogue wishes her cover was a
tenth as good as this.

Автор Steve Bonin ( назад)
Thought of this today and it felt like Friday Music

Автор Nola Ross ( назад)
Im with you. music is dead nowadays....they dont make music like this

Автор joypink17 ( назад)
7th heaven sent me here.....

Автор Ian Watchmann ( назад)
I'm surprised this wasn't on the LoZ: spirit tracks commercial.

Автор Tom Chappelow ( назад)
I like their version more

Автор xlted1 ( назад)
Ah. So i see. Thanks for that. Now keep rockin' to this track, and don't

Автор GandSAfan ( назад)
Before that, they were part of Terry Knight and The Pack.

Автор GandSAfan ( назад)
Mark and Don were originally with Flint-based Terry Knight and The Pack.
Mel later joined them from Question Mark and The Mysterians.

Автор BarneyWoland ( назад)
Old rock classic.

Автор 4string59 ( назад)
Actually, this song was written by Carole King & Gerry Goffin for Little
Eva...who was their babysitter at the time.

Автор 4string59 ( назад)
One of Goffin & Kings' best. And they wrote a ton of 'em.

Автор Luigi Colantuono ( назад)

Автор WalterJacksonFreeman ( назад)
what u thought the monkey was for show?

Автор Coni Brooks ( назад)
Just seen them in Arizona, got autographs, they still sound awesome. Love u

Автор frusciante319 ( назад)
also kinda sounds like frampton

Автор Hoodrat ( назад)
Playing this with my school orchestra

Автор Svetla Arizanova ( назад)

Автор 1985OldSkool ( назад)

Автор geoff relf ( назад)
man I grew up with band,my bro had a tape player in his eh panel van & use
to play it all the time

Автор artsyspicey ( назад)
A classic! Gets you moving!

Автор CARL TUCKER JR ( назад)
smile with a hug

Автор Michael lonigro ( назад)

Автор WalterJacksonFreeman ( назад)
1 2 3 4

Автор CARL TUCKER JR ( назад)
man i love music 

Автор wolfclass Lincoln ( назад)
yea, come on baby

Автор taiji beast ( назад)
Thats a bit of a stretch

Автор Vitaee13 ( назад)
Never made that connection before, but now that you mention it, yeah this
does sound Led Zeppelin-ish.

Автор Blah22710 ( назад)
ROFL nice.

Автор Marlene Ansley ( назад)
Little Eva was the one that did the original song. This is good too!

Автор Lisa Antunes ( назад)

Автор Carla Hillstrom ( назад)

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